Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2313 Raw 2420 : End of the Commotion

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Chapter 2313 Raw 2420 : End of the Commotion

The Ninth Prince’s group might be inferior, but with Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Slayer, Xiao Suo’s Scarlet Blood War Banner, the Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai, and the dynasty’s Dragon Vein drawn out by Qin Zhuolin, the Thirteenth Prince’s group had to reconsider whether they should fight this battle or not.

For the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s group, not fighting would be for the best. When considering the overall strength, there was still a clear difference.

The other party had double the number of fighters and Great Desolate Eon bloodlines. If they activated their bloodlines and fought to the death, the Ninth Prince’s side would definitely lose.

However, the Thirteenth Prince’s side would have to carefully consider the consequences of forcing a battle.

The Thirteenth Prince needed to win. However, it would end up as a miserable victory.

After the battle, none of the guests except for Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King could guarantee surviving the battle fully intact.

However, the Thirteenth Prince was one of the hot favorites to become the crown prince. A battle now would consign him to a supporting role, no longer able to become the crown prince.

Within a moment, Wang Yi thought of various possibilities. His expression turned scarily sullen.

He had never imagined that he would fall to a point where he found advancing and retreating difficult.

The Ninth Prince’s guests repeatedly showed great strength. The people outside watching from the palace felt that the Thirteenth Prince should not fight this battle.

However, the more problematic thing was that Xiao Chen had ruthlessly trampled on Qin Ming.

It could be said that the Thirteenth Prince would find it hard to accept if he retreated.

Simply put, this embarrassing situation gave him no way out that allowed him to keep his pride.

Just think about it, a group of people ferociously charged over and then sneaked away. How laughable!

“Thirteenth Younger Brother, do you still think we need to fight?” Wang Yan said. When he saw the Thirteenth Prince’s expression, he knew what Wang Yi was thinking.

Wang Yi said coldly, “It is possible to get me to retreat. However, you need to account for injuring my guests. Otherwise, I will not retreat even if I have to die.”

“I’m afraid that you have no choice now,” Wang Yan said calmly.

At Wang Yan’s words, Wang Yi looked around, and what he saw caused his expression to change slightly.

During this delay, several princes had rushed over in secret, waiting for the two sides to fight and exhaust themselves before reaping the rewards.

This made sense.

The battle between Xiao Chen and Qin Ming had startled the surroundings. The other princes thought that some incredible treasure had appeared. With so many Sovereign Emperors gathered and facing each other now, it would be impossible to stay hidden, given the mysterious phenomena created.

After closing his eyes for a while, Sikong Shu opened them and said, “Thirteenth Highness, we need to go. Otherwise, it will be very problematic.”

“I’ll settle this account with you in the future.”

At this point, no matter how unwilling Wang Yi was, he had to leave.

The Thirteenth Prince was not foolish enough to start a huge battle with Wang Yan while the other princes watched.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The Thirteenth Prince’s group came and left like the wind. They withdrew their auras and quickly left.

It looked somewhat comical and inconceivable. However, in reality, the battle was destined not to continue when Xiao Chen drew the Heavenly Slayer Saber.

When Xiao Suo charged over with the Scarlet Blood War Banner, it cut off Wang Yi’s final hope.

Once the Thirteenth Prince’s group was far away, a trace of blood leaked out from between Xiao Chen’s lips, and his complexion paled.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Yan asked, quickly stepping forward when he saw this scene.

“It is because of that saber, right?” Hao Kai asked, raising his eyebrows as he watched Xiao Chen sheathe Heavenly Slayer.

Xiao Chen did not deny it, not saying anything.

The reason went without saying. If one drew Heavenly Slayer and brought out the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent, one would get injured if one did not kill.

However, Xiao Chen sought this result, not resenting it.

If he wanted a fight, he would have used the Tyrant Saber. He would only use Heavenly Slayer to be certain of killing the other party.

Xiao Chen drew Heavenly Slayer only to deter the other party.

While Xiao Chen did not fear a huge battle, who knew whether Wang Yan and the others would survive?

The other side had Sikong Shu, the Silver Dragon King, and a group of outstanding talents with Great Desolate Eon bloodlines. Their overall strength was much stronger than that of the Ninth Prince’s side.

“I’m fine. This is a land of trouble; we should quickly leave as well.”

Xiao Chen looked around. There were at least eight princes hidden in the surroundings, accompanied by a few experts.

Wang Yan looked around and nodded. “Let’s go. We should walk deeper into Black Wind Ridge.”

Xiao Chen gave this a quick thought and understood what Wang Yan intended.

Given Black Wind Ridge’s fame, they could avoid all the trouble if they went further in.

After Wang Yan’s group left:

“How unfortunate. To think they did not fight.”

The Eighth Prince Wang Feng shook his head, regretting the outcome as he stood up. The Divine Sword Pavilion’s Dao Yan, the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son Wenren Yu, Mu Yunzhu, and Gu Yuhan all felt disappointed as well.

A huge battle would have been incredibly ideal.

The Ninth Prince would have been defeated, and the Thirteenth Prince would have been out of the running to be crown prince, limited to maximizing his benefits.

“However, Ninth Brother’s strength surpassed my expectations. Senior Dao Yan, I cannot help you kill Xiao Chen this time. Sorry,” Wang Feng said somewhat apologetically as he withdrew his gaze.

The murderous intent in Dao Yan’s eyes vanished. He smiled and said, “What is Your Highness saying? In my heart, nothing else is more important than making Your Highness the crown prince. Personal grudges are nothing.”

Wang Feng felt very satisfied with Dao Yan’s respect for him. He nodded and looked at the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son, who carried a guqin on his back. “Brother Wenren, what is your expert opinion?”

“Haha! You are the main character in this succession race. We will follow the Eighth Prince’s instructions.”

Wenren Yu only came for the Ethereal Immortal Palace; he did not care about anything else.

Wang Feng knew Wenren Yu’s thoughts, but he did not expose him. It would be fine if Wenren Yi could help him for now. When Wang Feng was about to leave, he looked around and saw a group of people heading towards him.

The leader of that group was the low-profiled Sixth Prince Wang Ming.

This person was much more low-key than the Ninth Prince Wang Yan; Wang Feng found him somewhat unfathomable.

“Sixth Elder Brother.”

Wang Feng performed a cupped-fist salute in a guise of respect for his elder brother as he greeted him.

Holy Son, that is Yan Cangming…from the Underworld God Hall. We fought him at the Final Blood Battlefield. His Death Dao Domain is very terrifying. Mu Yunzhu secretly sent a voice projection while his expression changed slightly when he saw Zhen Yuan and Yan Cangming behind Wang Ming.

There’s no need to care about him.

As Mu Yunzhu and Wenren Yu communicated in secret, Wenren Yu’s gaze happened to meet Yan Cangming’s. The two exchanged casual smiles as though a battle of life and death had never happened between them.

Wang Ming nodded and said softly, “Eighth Younger Brother, did you ever consider that Ninth Brother’s destination is actually the Black Wind Ridge forbidden land?”


Wang Feng felt slightly stunned. “What do you mean? Could it be that Ninth Brother is not going further in to avoid us?”

“Haha, who knows? Since it is a forbidden land, there must be something incredible that might help him in the second round. Otherwise, Thirteenth Brother would not charge over as well. They must have discovered something.”

Wang Ming laughed. Although he said that, he did not lead his group deeper into Black Wind Ridge. After greeting Wang Feng and the others, he left silently with the Abyssal Underworld Sovereign Emperors.

“This fellow is really scheming. The Thirteenth Prince already left, and he still tried to lure me deeper into Black Wind Ridge to start a conflict with Ninth Brother,” Wang Feng said with disgust in his voice. His expression immediately changed when Wang Ming’s group left.

Wang Feng sneaked a glance at Black Wind Ridge’s depths, frowning heavily and feeling suspicious. There can’t really be something, right?

“Your Highness, the people by the Sixth Prince are somewhat strange.”

As Dao Yan watched the other group leave, he said with a somewhat grave expression, “If I guessed right, they should be people from the Abyssal Underworld. The Sixth Prince is taking an unorthodox path; he will succeed or die trying.”

If the Sixth Prince failed to become the crown prince, the imperial ancestral temple would pursue the matter after this.

Wang Feng recovered his wits and said somewhat angrily, “All of them hid so deeply during normal times. They only revealed themselves upon entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. They are all no-good.”

Wenren Yu laughed in his heart when he heard this.

Those who have two faces, as you do, are also no-good.

It could only be said that the truly ambitious princes were not to be trifled with.

The hidden princes continuously revealed themselves.

If the Thirteenth Prince were here, he would definitely rejoice at not attacking earlier. Otherwise, he would have ended up with nothing.

Ultimately, none of the other princes chose to go deeper into Black Wind Ridge.

The face-off between the Ninth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince ended.

This commotion caused the Thirteenth Prince to suffer a loss, leaving him dejected and depressed. It also displayed the Ninth Prince’s strength and accumulations, which generated more interest in the Ninth Prince.

As the commotion ended, the first round of the succession race slowly reached its conclusion.

Half of the forty-odd princes would be eliminated, ejected from the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb with their guests.