Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2312 Raw 2419 : Of the Many Heroes Here, Who Dares to Fight for Supremacy?

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Chapter 2312 Raw 2419 : Of the Many Heroes Here, Who Dares to Fight for Supremacy?


As the Buddhist Might spread out, Xiao Chen stomped Qin Ming into a pile of smashed flesh. Then, he dismissed Dharmic World, recovering his original form. The pile of smashed flesh that was Qin Ming gave off faint golden light as his body slowly mended.

The body of a Sovereign Emperor already surpassed mortality. Unless one’s Divine Seal and soul were destroyed as well, getting one’s body crushed would not be fatal.

Even so, Qin Ming had received severe injuries and could no longer fight.

Aside from suffering from Xiao Chen’s stomp, he also suffered from the rebound of his Secret Technique. Now, his soul entered a deep sleep.

At this moment, Qin Ming was extremely weak. All it took was another stomp, and he could die.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly in the air, knowing that he missed out on a chance to finish off Qin Ming.

Either Sikong Shu or the Silver Dragon King would delay him while the other would take the opportunity to snatch away Qin Ming’s body.

It was unfortunate that Xiao Chen could not get rid of this potential trouble. In the end, the Dragon God Crown Prince had too many trump cards.

Initially, Xiao Chen thought Qin Ming’s strongest trump card would be activating the Great Desolate Eon bloodline. Even so, he was confident of trampling on Qin Ming.

Unexpectedly, the Dragon Might resulting from the Dragon Transformation Art was even more horrifying than activating the bloodline.


With this thought, Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, moving away. He gave up on Qin Ming and returned to the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s side and stood with Senior Feng, Hao Kai, and the Heavenly Book Scholar.

“Damn it!”

Feeling very anxious, the Silver Dragon King quickly snatched Qin Ming’s body back in the time it took for a spark to fly. Worry filled his face.

“Sikong Shu, how is he?” the Silver Dragon King asked nervously as Sikong Shu checked Qin Ming’s injuries.

Sikong Shu showed an unsightly expression under the conical bamboo hat. After letting go, he said, “The situation is bad, but he managed to survive. However, he suffered a rebound after executing the Secret Technique. Hah…perhaps the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor can use the Golden Dragon Race’s accumulations to help him return to his peak.”


This greatly startled the Silver Dragon King. Based on Sikong Shu’s words, even if Qin Ming healed, he might not recover his peak state.

For the proud Qin Ming, such a result would be worse than death.

“Damn it! Thirteenth Highness, kill this group of people!”

The Silver Dragon King felt incredibly enraged. Murderous intent filled his eyes. Now that Qin Ming was already in such a state, there was nothing more to worry about.

Even if Qin Ming suffered severe injuries and lost all combat prowess, there were still the Silver Dragon King and Sikong Shu, two super experts under the Thirteenth Prince, as well as Tuoba Yun, Bai Yunfei, Xiahou Wu, and the nine other Sovereign Emperor outstanding talents. All these people possessed a Great Desolate Eon bloodline, elites chosen out of many Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors.

There was an even more horrifying trump card. All of them could activate their Great Desolate Eon bloodlines.

Once they did so, the horror of that would be unimaginable. Even a Peak Sovereign Emperor would have to flee. Otherwise, only death awaited one.

On the other hand, aside from the somewhat unfathomable Xiao Chen, only the Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai could be considered an expert.

With a reserved expression, Wang Yan stepped forward and looked straight at Wang Yi. “Thirteenth Younger Brother, the succession race has only just started, and you are already trying to push me into a corner. Aren’t you a little too hasty?”

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi did not seem to care. He mocked, “Ninth Brother, don’t tell me you don’t understand the law of the jungle. I’ll be straightforward. I have an old grudge with you. Of all the princes in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, I am not worried about who becomes the crown prince, even if it is First Brother or Eighth Brother. The only one who worries me is you…who knows whether you will take revenge? Although your chances of becoming the crown prince are slim, I have to take precautions.”

Wang Yan sneered in his heart, So, that is the case. However, this is really laughable.

“So, what do you want?”

Wang Yi replied, “Very simple. Hand over half of your Dragon Essence, completely cutting off all possibility of you becoming the crown prince. Then, I will let you go.”

Wang Yan rejected calmly, “Sorry. My guests obtained this Dragon Essence by risking their lives. I cannot give it to you.”

“Then, don’t blame your thirteenth brother for being ruthless, Ninth Brother,” Wang Yi shouted coldly, and the guests behind him immediately erupted with startling killing intent. When fifteen Sovereign Emperors’ killing intent erupted, dark clouds instantly covered the clear sky where stars previously twinkled.

The killing Qi turned substantial. Various Great Desolate Eon beast images indistinctly appeared in the thick, dark clouds.

There were the Silver Dragon, the White Marsh Beast, the Hound Lion, the Heavenly Wolf, and other terrifying Holy Beasts from the Great Desolate Eon.


Wang Yan did not show any weakness. The Thirteenth Prince’s demands were impossible for him, so he would not agree.

If so, he might as well go all out.

Wang Yan drew the Yan Imperial Sword in his hand, and the sword light spread out. A dragon image stained with massacre swam around the sword; he had used the Massacre Dao to activate the Yan Imperial Sword he held. The many sparks in his eyes gathered, looking cold like a grim reaper’s.

Xiao Chen did not say a word. He silently formed the Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal, making his killing intent increase sevenfold.

He praised Wang Yan’s decision deep in his heart. Often, one did not need to make the right decision; one just needed to be decisive.


When the terrifying sevenfold killing intent burst forth, it instantly rent the thick, dark clouds in the sky, creating spiderweb-like tears and preventing the other party’s auras from merging.

Golden flames appeared in Hao Kai’s eyes. A pure Solar True Flame erupted from his body and burned fiercely.

This was a peak 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor from the Golden Crow Empire, someone Ao Jiao specially picked out to help Xiao Chen, enduring great pressure in the process. His strength went without a doubt; even Sikong Shu did not dare underestimate him.

A tense atmosphere spread out in Black Wind Ridge. The terrifying auras generated by so many Sovereign Emperors created terrifying mysterious phenomena in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

The many princes could sense the tension even from five hundred thousand kilometers away. They frowned, not understanding what happened.

Anger flashed in Wang Yi’s eyes. Clearly, he had not expected the Ninth Prince’s team to be so united.

Knowing that they would lose did not blunt their battle hunger in the slightest. Instead, they banded together to fight back.

Given this, even if the Thirteenth Prince defeated the other party, he would suffer heavy casualties in the process.

This situation greatly differed from the result he had in mind; there was no comparison.


“You dare?!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly. The spread-out sevenfold killing suddenly gathered. Using the Seven Kill Seal to support him, he drew Heavenly Slayer, a Medial Grade Soul Tool, immediately after Wang Yi spoke.

Heavenly Slayer was a peak Medial Grade Soul Tool weapon. The blade was forged of Demonic Tribulation Thunder Gold, the handle was made from an ancient Thunder Cliff Tree, and an ancient Thunder Dragon’s true soul was infused into it. Demonic Tribulation Thunder Gold was a Transcendent Grade divine material formed when an ancient Demonic Sovereign underwent his True God tribulation. It could only be found and not sought. This saber was firm, ferocious, and domineering. It contained the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent. Its sharp edge could ignite a Demonic Tribulation Divine Lightning to function as a heavenly punishment. If driven at full power, it could shatter the sky, make the sun and moon lightless, and pull down the stars. Even though it was a Medial Grade Soul Tool, its might was infinitely close to that of a Superior Grade Soul Tool.

It contained the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent. Once one brought out the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent, one would only injure oneself if one did not kill.

Back then, Xiao Chen had simultaneously chopped up the 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor Qin Liang’s body and soul because of this saber.

Now, Xiao Chen drew this saber while using the Seven Kill Seal. In that instant, half the sky turned scarlet.

This forced away the killing intent gathered by Wang Yi’s ten-odd Sovereign Emperors, immediately decreasing the pressure on Xiao Chen’s side.

Usually, Xiao Chen used the Tyrant Saber, which was sufficient to deal with most of his enemies.

Now, Xiao Chen had to draw the Heavenly Slayer Saber Soul Tool.

“It’s the Heavenly Slayer Saber!”

The moment this saber appeared, Sikong Shu and the other Sovereign Emperors forcibly pulled back the killing moves they were prepared to launch.

All those seeing this scene from the palace through the light screen felt startled.

Just at this moment, something strange happened. An ancient, resonant, solemn, and stirring voice rang out as a banner descended from the sky.

“My name is Scarlet Blood. I have a body of scarlet iron with burning-hot blood; for half my life, I went through ups and downs, homeless and miserable; for half my life, I was peerless, traveling around without fear.

“My body is like a sword, filled with a firm and unyielding pride…”


When the banner pole stabbed into the ground, the entire place shook. As the banner flapped, it looked like a scarlet ribbon waving in the air.

Xiao Suo, Wu Meng, and Qin Zhuolin arrived together with the banner.

“Whoosh!” Xiao Suo pulled out the Scarlet Blood War Banner. Then, the banner furled up, and he pointed the tip to the front.


Ten kilometers away, the Thirteenth Prince’s group saw the flash of a scarlet shadow. The tip of the banner seemed to sweep across their eyes, giving off a pressing, chilly killing intent.

Everyone, including Sikong Shu, did not dare to step forward. They had to retreat.

This was the legendary Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s might, which he had gained after sweeping through everything before him, becoming unparalleled and famous. Even though he had already passed away, his blood-stained glory lingered, not scattering.

Even Xiao Chen would have to back off when facing this Scarlet Blood Pirate King’s inherited might when it burst out.

“Drawing the Earth as a Dragon!”

Qin Zhuolin waved casually, and the surrounding terrain changed. A strand of the ancient Dragon Vein hidden in the terrain came out and surrounded Wang Yan’s group.

Warmth spread in the hearts of everyone on the Ninth Prince’s side.

Everyone revealed expressions of joy. Having the Dragon Vein protect them equaled the acknowledgment of this land. They instantly held the geographical advantage.

Now, of the many heroes here, who dared to fight for supremacy?

Damn it! How could it be like this?!

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi’s expression changed as he cursed in his heart. When the Ninth Prince’s guests gathered, the strength that they showed scared him to death.