Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2311 Raw 2418 : A Pile of Smashed Flesh

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Chapter 2311 Raw 2418 : A Pile of Smashed Flesh

The sound of something breaking came from the ground, loud and clear.

It should be Qin Ming’s nose. Xiao Chen had stomped down on the Dragon God Crown Prince’s face without restraint.

For Qin Ming, just having a broken nose was already a blessing among misfortunes. At least, he still had his head.

Anyhow, the Dragon God Crown Prince was a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor of the Golden Dragon Race. It was quite difficult to crush his head with one stomp.


No one knew what Qin Ming thought, but this scene immediately stupefied Tuoba Yun, who was fighting Senior Feng, and Xiahou Wu and Bai Yunfei, who were fighting Hao Kai, making them show stunned expressions.

This was the Dragon God Crown Prince, an outstanding talent who could easily defeat a regular 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

How could Qin Ming get defeated in such a miserable manner, ending up getting his face trampled without being able to move?


At the sight of this scene, these people’s mental states wavered. Clearly, they could not continue this battle.

Furthermore, there was such a strong Xiao Chen here, so they had to reevaluate the situation.

Tuoba Yun, Xiahou Wu, and Bai Yunfei retreated and stood together. As they watched Xiao Chen trample on Qin Ming, they did not dare to act rashly.

These two Sovereign Emperors had fought, turning the place alternately dark and bright and nearly destroying Black Wind Ridge.

Now, a temporary calm appeared as both sides faced each other.

Xiao Chen did not move, either. He sensed the strong auras of a group of people not far away, rushing over at lightning speed. There was no need to guess; it was the Thirteenth Prince’s group.


A beam of silver light flashed before Xiao Chen’s eyes, moving like a phantom and disappearing in a flash.

Not showing any fear, Xiao Chen tilted his body to the side and threw a palm strike.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The silver light flashed endlessly around Xiao Chen. Every time he launched a palm strike, a berserk dragon roar shook the surroundings.

The two exchanged more than one hundred moves in mere moments.

Others could not even clearly see the appearance of that silver figure. This showed how fast that person was.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression. His Alloy Dragon Armor flickered with a purple electric light from the dragon motifs on his armor. The waves of light looked like roaming dragons hidden in a lake, appearing indistinct.

In reality, the calm Xiao Chen had already spread out his Thunder Dao Domain at some point.

When supported by the Alloy Dragon Armor, Xiao Chen’s sixth-layer Thunder Dao Domain reached the seventh layer.


The newcomer’s Dragon Might soared again, blocking the sky with silver light. The sky looked like a boundless, upside-down silver lake, looking very grand.

Ice Dao Domain!

Xiao Chen snorted coldly as he unleashed his fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain, overlapping the two Dao Domains.

Xiao Chen’s Dao Might soared, reaching the eighth layer.

Everyone already guessed the silver figure’s identity. It definitely was the Silver Dragon King, one of the two super experts by the Thirteenth Prince’s side.

The Silver Dragon King initially thought that the battle would end in an instant. Unexpectedly, it continued for so long.

Furthermore, there did not seem to be a clear victor; Xiao Chen did not appear to be weakening by much.


The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai felt somewhat apprehensive and quite amazed.


At the palace outside, the various powerhouses who saw this scene all felt equally shocked. Since when did a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor possess such strength?


Just at this moment, a transparent fishing line arrived in the air, snaking silently closer while Xiao Chen fought the Silver Dragon King. However, it did not attack Xiao Chen. Instead, it instantly wound a few times around the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming, who was under Xiao Chen’s feet.

“Boom!” The person behind the fishing line wanted to pull Qin Ming out while Xiao Chen was distracted. However, when this person pulled, Qin Ming, whom Xiao Chen was trampling, let out a miserable cry, sounding like a pig being slaughtered.

“Ah! Let go! Let go!”

Everyone startled awake only at this point. It turned out that while Xiao Chen and the Silver Dragon King fought, there was still Qin Ming below, being treated as a sandbag all along.

Everyone felt even more shocked. While Xiao Chen fought the Silver Dragon King, he still could spare the effort to suppress Qin Ming firmly.

Qin Ming’s miserable cry prompted Sikong Shu, who was trying to rescue him secretly, to release the fishing line.


The straw-raincoat-clad, fisherman-like Sikong Shu appeared. He looked at Xiao Chen, who fought the Silver Dragon King, with a cold expression from under his conical bamboo hat.

Sikong Shu and the Silver Dragon King had sensed that something was wrong, so they had rushed ahead of the Thirteenth Prince.

Unexpectedly, they encountered this situation after arriving.

The expected scene of the Ninth Prince Wang Yan being captured did not appear. Instead, they saw the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming being trampled, unable to move.

The contrast to their expectations was so great, it felt unacceptable.

Even more critically, they did not know what fortuitous encounter Xiao Chen had run into that he could burst forth with such strength in such a short period.

Even the Silver Dragon King could not do anything about Xiao Chen, unable to take him down.

Right now, Sikong Shu did not dare to make a move as Xiao Chen trampled on Qin Ming. If he got careless, he might cause Qin Ming’s death.

The Silver Dragon King also felt concerned, not daring to bring out the full power of his 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation. He felt very frustrated, but he could not do anything to Xiao Chen.


A silver light flashed, and the Silver Dragon King revealed himself as he retreated.

Seeing Xiao Chen still trampling on Qin Ming, the Silver Dragon King said furiously, “Xiao Chen, you had best not go overboard. He is Qin Ming, the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s favorite son. This is the succession race. Don’t push this too far…I know you did not intend this. Let go of Qin Ming, and everything can be negotiated.”

The Silver Dragon King said this because he knew that many respected figures of the Yanwu Dynasty could see this scene. The Purple Gold Dragon Emperor could not afford to lose face.

“Is that so? How do you know that I did not do this intentionally? I have already become a traitor. Why would I care about the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor’s face?”

“Ka! Ka!”

As Xiao Chen spoke, he increased the pressure of the foot stepping on Qin Ming’s face, grinding it a few times. This caused Qin Ming so much pain that he could no longer endure, letting out more screams that sounded like a pig being slaughtered.

“If you already knew that today would come, why do all that in the past? What wrong did I do? The Golden Dragon bloodline chased me through most of the Divine Dragon Empire just because I successfully practiced the Supreme Dragon Fist and defeated the Emperor Dragon Fist in front of anyone. Sorry, I cannot accept that!”

There was one thing that Xiao Chen did not say: this fellow also foolishly harbored designs on Liu Ruyue.

Fortunately, Qin Ming failed. Even so, this thorn buried itself in Xiao Chen’s heart.

Since there was a chance to trample on this person, naturally, he would ruthlessly trample on Qin Ming a few more times.

While Xiao Chen did not show his joy or grief, it did not mean that he did not have feelings. It did not mean that he would let anyone treat him as they pleased.

When Xiao Chen spoke in such a way, not giving the Silver Dragon King face, the Silver Dragon King clenched his teeth in anger, wishing he could erupt and kill Xiao Chen.

“Don’t be rash.”

Sikong Shu’s figure flashed, landed beside the Silver Dragon King, and patted the Silver Dragon King’s shoulder. Then, he said, “Trust in Qin Ming. Since he can endure the humiliation and has not forfeited, he definitely has a way out of this.”

No sooner had Sikong Shu finished speaking than Qin Ming, under Xiao Chen’s foot, erupted with a horrifying Great Desolate Eon Dragon Might.

“The pride of the Golden Divine Dragon bloodline cannot be profaned by you! Xiao Chen, I will kill you today.”


The aura that erupted out from Qin Ming seemed even more horrifying than the mere activation of the Great Desolate Eon bloodline. Caught off guard, Xiao Chen bore the brunt of the force, knocked away by a golden dragon image.

The previously trampled Qin Ming stood up slowly. Golden dragon scales appeared on his body and gradually covered his entire body.

“It is not an awakening of the bloodline… This is the Secret Technique of the Golden Dragon Race, the Dragon Transformation Art!”

The Silver Dragon King’s face flushed. Sikong Shu was right. Qin Ming endured for so long because he was preparing in secret. Good. Good. Good. Let Qin Ming use the Dragon Transformation Art to defeat Xiao Chen, breaking out of a cocoon and undergoing a transformation. Who knows, he might be able to break through his limits here.

Thinking this, the Silver Dragon King could not help showing joy, saying “good” in his heart three times.

“Xiao Chen! I will kill you!”

The instant Qin Ming stood up, he released a surging killing Qi from his body as he stared at Xiao Chen, whom he knocked into the air.

Buddhist sect Major Magic Skill! Dharmic World!

A Buddhist swastika appeared on Xiao Chen’s forehead as he exuded Buddhist Might. He formed hand seals with his hands and executed the lost Magic Skill of the Buddhist sect, Dharmic World.

Xiao Chen’s figure immediately trembled and swelled up in the next moment, turning into a thirty-kilometer-tall figure. This execution of Dharmic World was different from before. Now, Xiao Chen had Buddhist Might supporting him, bringing out all the Buddhist Might in the Maheśvara Buddha’s śarīra.

Qin Ming had just stood up after executing the Golden Dragon’s Dragon Transformation Art. Before he could react, the sky suddenly darkened, and a gargantuan foot ruthlessly trampled on him in the next moment.

However, this time, Qin Ming turned into a pile of smashed flesh the instant the foot landed. Then, he fainted. No one knew whether he was alive or not.