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Chapter 2310 Raw 2417 : Noisy

“I’ll return a punch to you as well, Only I Am Supreme!”

What is supreme? In the entire world, only I am honored!

When Xiao Chen punched, an unruly aura that declared himself supreme burst out of his body.

Qin Ming’s expression changed slightly. Unexpectedly, the other party could receive two punches from him and still easily launch such a move.

“Emperor Dragon Fist, King Ruling the World!”

However, Qin Ming lived up to his reputation. In an instant, he countered with the strongest move of the Emperor Dragon Fist.


The two punches collided, producing a deafening sound that shook the place.


A dragon image came out from both of their bodies. The dragons glared at each other as they roared furiously.

Dragon images covered the sky, immediately turning half the sky golden and the other half azure.

“Ka ca!”

Blood leaked out of a corner of Qin Ming’s mouth after Xiao Chen forced him back a step. A bewildered expression appeared in his eyes.

I possess the might of the Emperor Dragon. Why can this person force me back?

Qin Ming roared, and the Royal Might of the Divine Dragon Empire burst out of his body.

As Qin Ming’s father was the current Dragon Emperor, he possessed some of the Dragon Emperor’s Dragon Might. Ordinary Dragon Race cultivators would find it hard to stand stably before him.

However, Xiao Chen not only remained standing, but he even used Only I Am Supreme to knock him back.

The Emperor Dragon Might looked substantial as it spread out from Qin Ming’s body. The many powerhouses in the palace could clearly sense the pure royal Dragon Might through the light screen.

This was a pure royal Dragon Might from the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. Any Dragon Race powerhouse would become afraid when seeing this Dragon Might.

Xiao Chen maintained an indifferent expression, not showing any fear.

The royal Azure Dragon bloodline flowed in Xiao Chen’s body. His name was entered into the royal genealogical record that had been inherited for countless epochs.

Xiao Chen gave off an ancient royal aura from his body. This so-called pure Emperor Dragon Might of Qin Ming’s appeared immature before him.

The Emperor Dragon Might did not work on Xiao Chen at all. No matter how Qin Ming struggled, he would lose if he failed in this exchange.


Xiao Chen knocked Qin Ming back again. The Golden Dragon Race’s Emperor Dragon Fist lost to him again.

“Demon Blood Vulture, go and help Senior Hao Kai.”

Xiao Chen issued a command to the Blood-Phoenix-like Demon Blood Vulture. It let out a screech and flew at the electric white python.

“Here’s your sword, catch!”

Xiao Chen showed a relaxed expression as he turned around and tossed the Yan Imperial Sword in his hand to the Ninth Prince Wang Yan.

Wang Yan, who was on the ground, grabbed hold of the Yan Imperial Sword, appearing stunned. He had not expected Xiao Chen to arrive so quickly.

“Xiao Chen.”

Qin Ming, who fell to the ground, wiped the blood off his lips and smiled faintly.

Qin Ming did not feel dispirited or discouraged from the setback of his earlier loss. Instead, his eyes shone with intense excitement.

“I almost thought that you would not be coming over. Do you think that the Ninth Prince is the one that I want to kill?”

Qin Ming said coldly, “From the very start, my target has always been you, the Dragon Race traitor Xiao Chen!”

The moment Qin Ming spoke, Wang Yan’s expression changed slightly in sudden understanding.

No wonder this person appeared disappointed when he saw me canceling the summons.

His target was Xiao Chen all along.

Suddenly, Wang Yan thought of how Xiao Chen once encountered an assassination at the mirror-like lake.

It seemed that Xiao Chen had an irreconcilable conflict with the Golden Dragon Race.

“How noisy!

“Firmament’s Rage!”

Xiao Chen extended his hand, and a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon’s rage spread in the sky.

A colossal, towering hand formed in the air. Electricity flickered in its palm as saber lights surged out.

There seemed to be a world within the palm, containing spatial energy.


The sudden appearance of the gigantic palm startled Qin Ming. He quickly stopped speaking and leaped away hastily.

Five enormous finger marks appeared on the ground. Qin Ming, who had soared into the air, inhaled sharply.

When Qin Ming looked up to check where Xiao Chen was, he suddenly discovered a flash of purple light. Then, Xiao Chen appeared before him and punched.


Qin Ming rushed to deal with Xiao Chen’s punch. His arm numbed upon impact. Then, the immense force traveled up his arm and shocked half of his body immobile.

“Damn it! Why is this force so violent?”

Qin Ming felt astonished in his heart. He could not imagine why a punch from Xiao Chen was so horrifying.

The other party clearly had a similar cultivation to him. However, the force of this punch matched that of a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen continuously executed the Supreme Dragon Fist. Be it Dao Domain, Soul Energy, Cultivation Technique, and mental state, he was slightly superior to Qin Ming.

Qin Ming was powerless to fight back. He could not even bring out the might and pressure of his Emperor Dragon Fist.

In reality, the Emperor Dragon Fist was a Martial Technique where the stronger it got, the stronger it could grow. However, regathering its might and pressure would be hard if it suffered a setback; then, bringing out its true might would be impossible.

Before Wang Yan and the Heavenly Book Scholar, Qin Ming appeared incredibly strong. Qin Ming suppressed the two as he beat them up; they could not retaliate at all.

Finally, Qin Ming got to experience being firmly suppressed by an offensive technique like the Emperor Dragon Fist.

Fist lights burst out, and dragon images flickered.

The menacing fist lights howled, forcing back all the approaching turbid air, leaving Qin Ming feeling stifled.

The endless attacks felt like a rock pressing on his chest with great pressure.


After one hundred moves, Xiao Chen’s fist broke through the defensive shield made of Dragon Might and landed on Qin Ming’s chin.

Broken teeth and blood spurted into the air.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

I’ll attack while you are down!

Xiao Chen’s fist lights moved like the wind and rain, flying out relentlessly as he struck Qin Ming’s chest.

Fist images flashed. One hundred punches, one thousand punches, ten thousand punches. All this surged out in no time.

“Crack! Crack!” Xiao Chen shattered Qin Ming’s armor, reducing it to shards flying through the air.

His fist lights broke an Inferior Grade Soul Tool.

This demonstrated how terrifying the force Xiao Chen brought out in this instant was.


Back at the palace, when the various feudal lords and powerhouses saw this scene, they were all startled into silence.

Earlier, Qin Ming made a great display of the Emperor Dragon Fist, showing them why it was the strongest offensive Fist Technique in the world.

When Qin Ming executed it, he pushed Wang Yan to the point of being unable to draw the sword.

The strong attacks had been like a storm, inspiring marvel.

Now, when Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist, he showed everyone the berserk power of a Sovereign Emperor.

These powerhouses even felt that the Emperor Dragon Fist was not worth mentioning next to the Supreme Dragon Fist.

The berserk fist lights sent Qin Ming tumbling through the air, looking like a broken kite.


The instant Xiao Chen’s force scattered, Qin Ming roared, “Divine Dragon Secret Technique, Caging Berserk Dragons!”

Then, he formed hand seals. Black dragon images suddenly appeared from the sky and ground.

The black dragon images gave off a heavy resentment, crisscrossing each other amid flickering lights.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

As the black dragons intertwined, they formed a cage that trapped Xiao Chen.

The instant the cage formed, time and space seemed to freeze. The dragon pillars flickered with the power of ancient restrictions.

Furthermore, the cage continuously shrank. Soon, it looked like it would thoroughly restrain Xiao Chen’s body and enter his soul.


Before Qin Ming could show a smile, Xiao Chen summoned his Divine Lightning Talisman and broke this restriction.

When Qin Ming, who was still falling, saw Xiao Chen break the cage, he charged back up. A ruthless look flashed in his eyes as he shouted, “Die!”

Light burst out of his forehead, and a flash of sword light appeared.


The instant the sword light appeared, the world turned dark, and a horrifying aura encased the surroundings. The entire Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb could sense this terrifying sword intent.

An intense murderous intent flashed in Qin Ming’s eyes. This was a sword light that the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor left in his sea of consciousness, equal to a peak strike of the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor.

Qin Ming could use this to kill a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor easily at a crucial moment.

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression as he unhurriedly took out his Heavenly Alliance medallion.

A sword light appeared from Xiao Chen’s medallion. The darkened world immediately turned bright.

Two sword lights that would inspire horror in Peak Sovereign Emperors clashed, pushing against each other before disappearing silently.

As the two forces were equal, they canceled each other out.

Otherwise, if one sword light exploded, its shock waves would destroy the surrounding space.

“This is never-ending.”

“Ka ca!”

Qin Ming lived up to being the Dragon God Crown Prince; he had endless trump cards. Xiao Chen got fed up with this. He activated his Alloy Dragon Armor and used it to support his sixth-layer Thunder Dao Domain.

Then, Xiao Chen turned into a beam of light, moving at a speed unimaginable for Qin Ming, and stomping down on him.



Xiao Chen did not want to hear Qin Ming speak, so he stepped forward and stomped down on Qin Ming’s mouth, shoving his head into the ground.