Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2309 Raw 2416 : Huge Battle in All Directions

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Chapter 2309 Raw 2416 : Huge Battle in All Directions

Given that the Thirteenth Prince’s group was rushing towards Black Wind Ridge at full speed, everyone could sense the situation’s severity.

At the same time, the Ninth Prince’s supporters in the palace felt worried.

The Thirteenth Prince’s guests were outstanding talents from the eight great empires with Great Desolate Eon bloodlines. During the first round, they held the upper hand and were riding on their momentum.

Among the many princes, the Thirteenth Prince’s strength appeared to rank within the top three. However, some princes were not as weak as they appeared. Even so, he definitely could rank within the top five.

As for the Ninth Prince Wang Yan, he spent most of his time at the borders, having practically no support in the imperial capital.

Most of the guests he had recruited came due to their connection to Xiao Chen or the Misty Rain Pavilion’s resources.

The two differed greatly in strength.

In Black Wind Ridge, huge battles took place.

The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai contended against two alone, fighting Xiahou Wu and Bai Yunfei, as well as the difficult-to-handle electric white python.

As Hao Kai held a suppressive advantage with his cultivation, Xiahou Wu and Bai Yunfei did not dare to clash head-on.

However, those two were outstanding talents with startling comprehension abilities and high intellect. With their strong accumulations, they managed to delay Hao Kai, preventing him from helping the others.

Furthermore, there was the unpredictable white python. If one did not pay attention, it could inflict severe injuries.

No matter how angry Hao Kai felt, he could not shake off the two quickly to help the Ninth Prince.

As for Senior Feng and Tuoba Yun, both of them already went all out.

They both used their Inferior Grade Soul Tools and fought with everything they had. Dao Domain clashed with Dao Domain, Soul Tool with Soul Tool. However, they could not determine a victor. If there were no external assistance, it would be hard for a victor to emerge.

However, as time passed, the advantage would become evident when the Thirteenth Prince’s group arrived.

Time did not stand on Senior Feng’s side. If they continued fighting, it would be hard to prevent a change in mental state.


At the palace, the various feudal lords, powerhouses, and Noble Clan representatives paid attention to the most crucial battle: the one between Qin Ming and the Ninth Prince Wang Yan.

Qin Ming’s strength went without a doubt; he had long been famous, called the strongest among the eight great empires’ outstanding talents, and nurtured to be the next Dragon Emperor by the Golden Dragon bloodline.

Qin Ming also had not let his resources go to waste.

His various exploits since his debut had gained him the nickname Dragon God Crown Prince, and he had lived up to that reputation.

Although the Ninth Prince Wang Yan spent most of his time fighting at the borders and leading troops, his talent, bloodline, and resources were inferior. He had only one advantage: the Yan Imperial Sword in his hand. That allowed him to bring out a strength that surpassed that of the other outstanding talents. The Dragon Essence in the sword could be transformed into his own combat prowess.

Qin Ming and Wang Yan locked gazes, fighting with their auras and searching for openings.

Qin Ming had an indifferent expression, showing neither joy nor grief. His Emperor Dragon Might soared into the clouds and transformed into a huge Golden Dragon coiling in the sky and looking down from above, looking down at all life.

His clothes flapped in the wind. His full head of long hair moved without any wind. His handsome face was sharply defined as if carved by an expert, showing a boundless sharpness.

As Wang Yan held his Yan Imperial Sword, he narrowed his eyes at the heavy pressure.

Wang Yan’s cultivation was lower than the other party’s, only a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Furthermore, the other party possessed a Divine Dragon bloodline, so Wang Yan’s aura was much weaker in comparison.

If not for the Yan Imperial Sword, Wang Yan would have fallen already.

However, Wang Yan did not show any cowardice in his black eyes but calm and determination. Boundless killing intent transformed into a ferocious wild beast hiding in the depths of his eyes.

This was the Massacre Dao.

Even if one could not defeat one’s enemy, one would not cower. After one determined who the enemy was, one would fight relentlessly to the death.

Qin Ming felt this determination, which deterred him from making a rash move; he only used his aura to suppress Wang Yan.

“Sha! Sha!”

While the two faced off, Qin Ming unhurriedly took a step forward.

This step happened very slowly, feeling like time slowed down with this step. The surrounding scene also seemed affected, slowing down as well.


Wang Yan could only grasp his sword handle, unable to draw the sword.

Although Qin Ming’s pace was slow, he did not show any openings. When he raised his foot, it seemed to contain a great power, inspiring gravity.

However, if Wang Yan did not draw his sword, he might no longer have a chance to do so when the other party brought down his foot.

Wang Yan needed to draw this sword.

Killing intent slowly gathered like thousands of sparks in Wang Yan’s eyes.

Just as Wang Yan nearly finished gathering his killing intent and drew his Yan Imperial Sword, Qin Ming suddenly sped up his descending foot.


When Qin Ming was slow, time seemed to come to a stop. When he was fast, the apparently close boundless starry sky above seemed to change, becoming like a spinning painting.


Dragon roars rang out in the surroundings, and the starry sky changed. However, Wang Yan still had not drawn his sword when Qin Ming’s foot landed.

An Emperor Dragon Might immediately burst out from Qin Ming’s foot.

“The nobleman is like a dragon, hard and unyielding, always seeking to improve oneself!” Qin Ming shouted, and a visible, golden Emperor Dragon Might swept through the place.

Before the sparks materialized by Wang Yan’s killing intent could gather in his eyes, Qin Ming knocked him into the air, shattering his aura.

“The ground is sturdy and sweet-tempered; the nobleman takes charge of it with virtue.”


The ground trembled and exploded. Thousands of dragon images burst out, and Qin Ming soared into the air.

Qin Ming moved at a shocking speed, arriving before Wang Yan out of nowhere and executing the Emperor Dragon Fist.

The expression of Wang Yan in midair changed slightly. He had to give up on drawing his sword. He gripped the handle with one hand and the scabbard with the other, holding it horizontally in front of him.

Then, Wang Yan infused his Divine Energy along with his Massacre Dao into his sword. The Dragon Essence in the sword soared, and a dragon image wound around the scabbard.


Wang Yan vomited a mouthful of blood. His arm went numb, and he nearly dropped his Yan Imperial Sword.

The power of this punch knocked Wang Yan farther away.

Before Wang Yan landed, Qin Ming pressed forward expressionlessly and kept launching attacks.

Immediately, Qin Ming fully unleashed the might of the Golden Divine Dragon.

Golden dragon images covered the entire place, blocking out the sky and the sun. The offensive power of the strongest Emperor Dragon Fist pressed Wang Yan to the point where he could not catch his breath.


Back at the palace, the crowd could feel the pressing and shocking fist light through the huge light screen.

The strength of the Emperor Dragon Fist went without a doubt.


Brilliant fist lights flew out, howling like the wind. With every punch, dragon images roared furiously.

Wang Yan gritted his teeth and did his best to endure. Dragon images flashed as Qin Ming repeatedly punched. However, all Wang Yan could see were bursts of golden light as the fist lights were too fast.

Qin Ming made up his mind not to give Wang Yan any chance whatsoever to draw the sword. Normally, a person who cultivated the Massacre Dao did not draw the sword. However, when one did, one would burst forth with shocking offensive power, no matter how injured.


At the palace in the clouds, the Yan Emperor frowned slightly. However, he could not do anything.

Wang Yan could forfeit. However, if he did not, even the Yan Emperor could not say anything about it if someone beat him to death.


“This stops here!” Qin Ming shouted, still sporting an indifferent expression, when he saw Wang Yan reveal a huge opening. The countless dragon figures spreading out in this place gathered in Qin Ming’s fist light as he punched.

Wang Yan no longer held the Yan Imperial Sword. The sword had left his hand, flying high in the air.

However, Qin Ming’s explosive fist light pressed on, mercilessly punching Wang Yan’s chest.

“Your Highness!” Senior Feng, who had been fighting Tuoba Yun at the side, could not help exclaiming when he saw this scene, an anxious expression on his face.

Wang Yan appeared sluggish, looking somewhat dully at his treasure that got tossed up in the air.

Wang Yan did not care about the fist lights that Qin Ming continued to rain down on him. He only had eyes for his sword.

“Dang it!”

The Heavenly Book Scholar was behind, severely injured, and could not move. He felt extremely nervous, and his eyes turned moist. He shouted anxiously, “Your Highness, forfeit! Forfeit! Forfeit!”

If the Ninth Prince still did not forfeit, he would be close to death when this punch landed.

Wang Yan looked at the Yan Imperial Sword high in the air. He thought about many things during this instant.

Wang Yan thought about his mother’s miserable death when he was young. He thought about how he offended his thirteenth brother and got forced to leave the imperial capital helplessly. He thought about the cruelty of the killing of the battlefield. He thought about Xiao Chen’s harsh words to him…What use are you to me?

Should I forfeit?

Absolutely not!

Wang Yan’s killing intent materialized as sparks in his eyes again. The flames of his killing intent blazed in his eyes. Then, a terrifying killing intent erupted from his body. The instant Qin Ming landed a punch on his chest, Wang Yan used his finger as a sword and stabbed Qin Ming’s chest.

“Pu ci!”

A bloody, bowl-sized hole appeared in the Ninth Prince’s chest as the punch sent him flying.

Qin Ming did not move a step. However, when he landed, he held his hand to his chest.

Blood covered Qin Ming’s hand. There was a hole in his chest, and blood spurted out from it like a fountain. Wang Yan’s final sword strike had also pierced through his Dragon Might.

“You are seeking death!”

Qin Ming became enraged. A cold light flashed in his eyes as he charged over again.

However, just at this moment, a scarlet light akin to burning flames arrived in the sky.

A figure leaped into the air and grabbed the Yan Imperial Sword before landing like a meteor. He then shielded Wang Yan and met this punch.


When the two fists clashed, that person did not budge at all. Dragon roars appeared from his body, not fearing the Emperor Dragon Might that covered the place.

“Emperor Dragon Fist, Driving Dragons into the Air!”

Qin Ming’s expression changed slightly. When he punched, dragons heeded his call and soared into the air.

“Supreme Dragon First, Leaderless Dragons!”

The person who came did not get flustered, counterpunching instead. The instant the two punches met, the dragons that Qin Ming commanded turned into light and shadow scattering, becoming like headless flies in the air.

“Emperor Dragon Fist, Dragons Bowing Their Heads!”

Qin Ming felt incensed. This was the first time such a thing happened. When the dragon images scattered, he punched again, forcefully making thousands of dragon images reappear and gather in his fist light to charge forward.

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Raging at the Unfair Heaven!”

While Qin Ming raged, the person who had arrived was even more irate, furious at the unfair heaven that let the evil dragon rule. Since heaven was unfair, he would shatter heaven and regain justice.


When this person punched, the bowing dragons shattered. The sky turned clear, and the vast starry sky appeared again.

Bathed in starlight, Xiao Chen said softly, “I’ll return a punch to you as well, Only I Am Supreme!”

What is supreme? In the entire world, only I am honored!