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Chapter 2308 Raw 2415 : Critical Momen

No further retreat.

Repeatedly giving way crossed Wang Yan’s bottom line, but the greater reason for his decision was that capture was inevitable.

As long as one held a Yan Imperial Sword in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, one could be sensed by the other princes.

Regardless of where Wang Yan hid, it was only a matter of time before he got caught, unless he gave up on the succession race.

Given so, Wang Yan might as well face his pursuers.

Right after Wang Yan spoke, roiling dark clouds instantly spread out in the sky without any prior signs.

A flash of golden light lit up the surroundings. When the four looked over, there was a golden dragon image soaring through the sky. A tyrannical Dragon Might layered the sky, encasing this place.

Immediately, a heavy pressure pressed on everyone, making their heart sink.

“The Dragon God Crown Prince, Qin Ming!” Hao Kai murmured as his expression changed slightly. He recognized the figure in the air with one glance.

“What’s wrong?” Senior Feng asked. He did not know much about Qin Ming.

After some thought, Hao Kai explained, “This Qin Ming is the favorite son of the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor. He possesses a Grade 7 Golden Dragon bloodline. Almost no one in the younger generation of our eight great empires can outshine him. He is considered the person most likely to become the next Dragon Emperor. Hence, he is nicknamed the Dragon God Crown Prince—”


Before Hao Kai finished speaking, a wolf howl rang out in the north. A dull light erupted as Tuoba Yun walked over with heavy footsteps while holding his spiked club, approaching with deliberation.

“Rumble…!” The ground shook with every step.

Tuoba Yun brought out his 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation to its limits. From afar, he felt like a tall mountain giving off heavy pressure.


The ground five thousand kilometers in front exploded. A mountain-like white snake flickering with resplendent electric light emerged from the ground, with a handsome, white-clad person standing on its head.

Roaring sounds came from the south. When the four turned to look, the image of a huge Great Desolate Eon Holy Beast soared into the sky.

It was the Hound Lion Empire’s crown prince, Xiahou Wu. He used his bloodline to bring out the ferocious might of the Hound Lion Empire.

“Little Thirteenth!”

Wang Yan frowned slightly. Although he had not seen the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi, these four appeared. In that case, only the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi could have sent out these four from behind the scenes to press him into a corner, giving chase to the Black Wind Ridge forbidden land.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Golden light encased Qin Ming, and dragon images flew around him as he descended slowly from the sky. Bai Yunfei, Xiahou Wu, and Tuoba Yun stood side by side, looking down at Wang Yan and the others from midair.

“Xiao Chen is not here.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar, Wang Yan, and the others were obvious to see at Black Wind Ridge. Xiao Chen was not among them.

Disappointment flashed in Qin Ming’s eyes. As he swept his gaze around, it landed on Wang Yan. Then, he said, “Attack.”

Qin Ming did not bother saying anything else. After he verified Xiao Chen’s absence, he chose to attack immediately.

“Protect His Highness!”

The Heavenly Book Scholar’s expression changed. His figure flashed, and he shielded Wang Yan.

“You think you can protect him?”

Qin Ming led the charge, executing a move from the Emperor Dragon Fist. When the Dragon Might soared, the golden dragon image looked resplendent and dazzling.

“Pu ci!”

The Heavenly Book Scholar received a blow from the Fist Technique said to have the strongest offensive power. Then, he vomited blood.

While the Heavenly Book Scholar’s cultivation was not low, his forte was divination. There was a clear difference between him and a heaven-defying outstanding talent like Qin Ming in a fight.


On the other side, Tuoba Yun faced Senior Feng. These two Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors quickly started fighting each other. They brought out their Dao Domains and auras. In just three moves, the battle already turned incredibly intense; every move was shocking.

This was especially so since the two used Soul Tools. Tuoba Yun held his dull-black-light, spiked wolf club, and Senior Feng held a long, black whip that could control the wind.

The two were about equal. Furthermore, they had Soul Tools.

Mysterious phenomena appeared, and the world trembled. The might displayed was flabbergasting.

As for Xiahou Wu, Bai Yunfei, and the white python with the strength of a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor, they surrounded the strongest, Hao Kai.

Hao Kai was a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor with the Golden Crow bloodline. Although he held the upper hand, he could not help the others.

Strong winds howled angrily in Black Wind Ridge as dragon roars resounded.

The clouds in the sky scattered, showing the vast starry sky. It looked like one could touch the sky by just stretching out one’s hands.

Out of the three battles, Hao Kai and Senior Feng did fine.

The Heavenly Book Scholar was in the worst situation. He faced pressure from the Dragon God Crown Prince alone. After just a while, wounds covered him.

He knew that he could not defeat his enemy, but he had no choice but to fight.

The Heavenly Book Scholar needed to buy time for Wang Yan, so Wang Yan could use his Dragon Essence to summon Xiao Chen and others.

Given the Heavenly Book Scholar’s intellect, he could naturally tell that these four were just the vanguard. The Thirteenth Prince’s true force was still rushing over. At that time, they would be like fish caught in a net.

The Heavenly Book Scholar needed to hold on.


“Emperor Dragon Fist, Peerless in the World!”

Qin Ming appeared indifferent, not showing any emotion in his eyes. Then, he executed another move from the Emperor Dragon Fist.

Dragons bowed as Qin Ming transformed into the Golden Divine Dragon. Then, he leaped down from the group of dragons and unleashed an explosive fist light. The resplendent light was even more dazzling than the sun. The might of the Emperor Dragon burst out to the limit, making the bowing dragons kneel.

This punch was peerless in the world, making dragons kneel.

The Heavenly Book Scholar used the folding fan in his hand to materialize many images, bringing out plums, orchids, bamboo, and chrysanthemums. He showed a Righteous Qi that coexisted with heaven.

However, these images shattered like dreams and glass on contact with Qin Ming’s fist light.

A bleeding, bowl-sized hole appeared in the Heavenly Book Scholar as he felt from the air like a broken kite.

“Damn it!”

Wang Yan, who was draining his Dragon Essence to summon Xiao Chen and the others, had to interrupt his summoning when he saw this scene.

If Wang Yan still did not make a move, Qin Ming might kill the Heavenly Book Scholar.


Wang Yan’s figure flashed, moving like a phantom. Then, he caught the Heavenly Book Scholar and slowly descended.

Qin Ming showed a regretful expression. He said softly, “You abandoned the summoning? Had I known, I would have taken it easier. However, it can’t be helped. I only used half my strength.”

“Your Highness, why did you give up?”

Despair darkened the Heavenly Book Scholar’s eyes. Given this, when the Thirteenth Prince’s main force arrived, the Ninth Prince Wang Yan’s time in the succession race would come to an end.

“So what if I give up? I cannot just watch you die.”

Not bringing Xiao Chen and the others here was practically giving up on his bid for the crown prince position.

“Chang Ji, rest well.”

Wang Yan transferred a strand of Dragon Essence to the Heavenly Book Scholar to nourish his heart and lungs. Then, he restrained the Heavenly Book Scholar to keep him from moving and stood up to face Qin Ming alone.

Wang Yan’s eyes turned cold as he gathered killing Qi.

In the instant the two’s gazes met, Qin Ming felt slightly startled. This prince before him seemed to be much stronger than he expected.


The huge light screen in the palace showed the Thirteenth Prince and his guests charging towards Black Wind Ridge with heavy murderous intent.

This sight startled the many feudal lords and Noble Clans’ Clan Heads present.

“The Thirteenth Prince is heading to Black Wind Ridge.”

“He is trying to eradicate the Ninth Prince, not just simply rob him of his Dragon Essence.”

“I heard that the Thirteenth Prince and the Ninth Prince have a grudge against each other.”

“This is just the first round, and he is going to be so ruthless. Is this too much?”

“Hah… The Ninth Prince is going to be unlucky. How unfortunate, how unfortunate…”

Initially, the feudal lords and powerhouses thought that this would just be a simple robbery. However, when they saw the Thirteenth Prince leading all his guests to Black Wind Ridge, they knew that there was more to this.

Outside the drill ground, Mo Chen, Ao Jiao, Su Ye, and the other people from the Misty Rain Pavilion looked somewhat worried when they saw this scene.


In the thunder flame inheritance:

Xiao Chen’s jade strip had nine dragon images around it. He had absorbed all of the vast Dragon Essence in this inheritance.


Just at this moment, Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He sensed Wang Yan’s summons coming from his jade strip.

However, when he was about to ask about it, the call got cut off. This seemed very suspicious.

“Oh no, something happened to the Ninth Prince.”

Xiao Chen’s expression immediately changed. He grabbed the jade strip and turned into a beam of flowing light flying away.

Just when Xiao Chen felt helpless about not being able to rush over in time, cracking sounds came from his storage ring.

The Demon Blood Vulture was breaking out of its cocoon.


Elsewhere, Xiao Suo and the others sensed trouble as well.

“I have a Secret Technique that will allow us to rush over quickly. Close up. I hope we make it in time.”

Xiao Suo took out the Scarlet Blood War Banner with a grave expression, telling Wu Meng and Qin Zhuolin to gather around quickly.