Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2307 Raw 2414 : Not Retreating Anymore

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Chapter 2307 Raw 2414 : Not Retreating Anymore

Xiao Chen experienced a great increase in strength. His cultivation reached 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, his Thunder Dao Domain reached the sixth layer, his Ice Dao Domain reached the fourth layer, and his Ten Thousand Dragons Art reached the third layer.

Right now, he could be said to have undergone a complete transformation compared to when he first entered the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, utterly different from before.

If Xiao Chen fought with Tuoba Yun again, he would not need to fear getting injured severely by the other party, able to focus on suppressing him.

As for someone of Dao Yan’s level, Xiao Chen could fight boldly and bring out his trump cards. However, the victor would be hard to predict.

Xiao Chen’s figure soared through the air. Four hours later, he arrived at the thunder flame inheritance palace.

He entered through the hole that he opened previously.

The surrounding ice had not scattered yet. Before Dao Yan left, he had lashed out in anger, sealing the wildly surging thunder flame in ice, forming many strange ice pillars in the hall.

There were messy footprints on the ground. Xiao Chen could easily guess that other guests had come over in the meantime.

However, those guests remained blocked outside the bronze door. They could only turn back with no profits.


After observing for a while, Xiao Chen flashed to the ancient door amid electric lights, looking like he teleported.

He reached out and touched the mysterious lightning pattern.

According to the record in the Thunder Flame Art, one needed to cultivate this Cultivation Technique to grasp this seal.

Xiao Chen only had two elemental Great Dao: the Thunder Great Dao and the Ice Great Dao. Clearly, he could not cultivate the Thunder Flame Art and grasp this seal.

This seal could seal off an area. Even Dao Yan would not be able to break it this time. If one tried to break it, one absolutely would not succeed. The seal could be lifted only with one’s smarts.

Xiao Chen pulled his hand back and circulated the Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy in his body. Rings of lightning patterns spread out, crackling and flashing endlessly. When shaken by the Dao Might, the surrounding ice pillars sealing the thunder flame trembled. Then, small ice shards fell off.


Xiao Chen used his Thunder Dao Domain to support himself as he traced a copy of the same lightning pattern with his fingertip before gently touching it to the center of the ancient bronze door. “Bang!”

He went flying back while blood leaked out of his lips, nearly crashing into the ice pillars.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen was agile, allowing him to change his direction.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen moved like a phantom, weaving between the strange ice pillars. Then, he landed before the ancient bronze door again.

“I failed. What went wrong?”

Xiao Chen frowned. He pondered this as he took out the Thunder Flame Art secret manual and studied it again.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen tried a few times but always failed. Now, his body suffered from some light injuries.

No wonder Dao Yan chose to give up. Even Xiao Chen, who had the Thunder Flame Art secret manual, found this so difficult.

“If this still does not work, then I will have to give up,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. He planned to substitute his Universe Origin True Flame for the Fire Dao Domain, using it together with the Thunder Dao Domain to emulate the lightning pattern.

A strand of resplendent Universe Origin True Flame immediately surged up on his palm. His expression remained grave as he stared straight at this flame.

Then, Xiao Chen used the Secret Technique in the Thunder Flame Art to drive the Thunder Dao Domain.

In that instant, crackling electric light appeared around the flame on his palm.

The instant the electricity merged with the flame, the mysterious lightning pattern appeared on his palm before disappearing in a flash.


In a ten-thousandth of a second, Xiao Chen caught hold of that flash and pressed his palm to the lightning pattern on the ancient bronze door.

Waves of light came from the lightning pattern, and talisman scripts appeared on the ancient bronze door. Surging electrical energy spread out from the ancient door.


The entire thunder flame inheritance palace shook continuously amid loud noises, looking like it would collapse.

The previously ice-sealed thunder flame turned lively, and ice shards fell off like snow.

“Creak!” The ancient bronze door opened. Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up.

He pushed off with his feet, charging back inside. He had broken the original owner’s rules.


Before Xiao Chen could do anything, the remnant will that he had seen previously appeared before him.

However, the remnant will’s figure was dim this time, looking extremely weak. It did not show much of a change in emotion at Xiao Chen’s reappearance.

“What’s wrong with you?” Xiao Chen asked; he could see something off with the other party’s state.

The remnant will replied calmly, “When you fought with that person from the Divine Sword Pavilion, you destroyed the restrictions that I left behind back then. Before leaving, that person sealed the rampaging thunder flame in ice. However, that can stabilize things only temporarily.”

Xiao Chen thought about it and quickly understood.

The thunder flame inheritance would be destroyed like the ice inheritance. No one could enter after that.

However, the white-clad Yan Emperor had taken the initiative to destroy the inheritance after passing the inheritance to Xiao Chen. This remnant will before Xiao Chen seemed to be in a passive position, unable to control the destruction of the thunder flame inheritance.

“If that is the case, you might as well hand over all the treasures and Medicinal Pills in this inheritance to me.”

Xiao Chen thought, Since the palace is going to be destroyed, rather than letting everything be buried with you, you might as well be a nice person and give them all to me.

“You are not the person I chose. Even though you managed to enter this palace twice, you are still not the person I am waiting for.”

The remnant will remained calm in the face of Xiao Chen’s thick-skinned request. It added indifferently, “Aside from the Dragon Essence, I cannot leave anything else behind. The other treasures will be destroyed as well. Do your best.”


Right after the remnant will spoke, it vanished. At the same time, the entire palace went out of control. The palace exploded with the thunder flame’s berserk charge, looking like fireworks in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, an eye-catching sight.

Xiao Chen felt slightly depressed. If he were a prince, perhaps this might have turned out differently.

However, since he already came, he could not return empty-handed.

Xiao Chen had anticipated such a result. He valued the vast Dragon Essence hidden in the thunder flame more.

The Dragon Essence in this palace far surpassed that of the other inheritances that Xiao Chen knew of.

Back then, the remnant will had control over it, preventing Xiao Chen from absorbing too much. Now, Xiao Chen could absorb without restraint.


The thunder flame inheritance, a peak-quality Superior Grade inheritance, exploded. When several people saw it, they found it a pity.

This inheritance would no longer be available in future succession races.

As explosions burst out of the inheritance palace like fireworks, no one knew that Xiao Chen remained inside, happily collecting vast amounts of Dragon Essence.


The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb was boundlessly vast, but many princes and guests could see the shock waves from the thunder flame inheritance’s destruction. Of course, there were also plenty of princes and guests that did not notice it.

For example, the Ninth Prince Wang Yan and the people with him were unaware of it.

“Your Highness, this is Black Wind Ridge, a forbidden land of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. Aside from the lingering sinister winds and baleful aura, there are no inheritances or Dragon Essence here. This is a relatively ideal hiding place,” the Heavenly Book Scholar said to Wang Yan as he pointed out the surroundings.

It was very difficult to find a desolate land like this in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, an ancient land of blessings.

Black clouds hung in the sky here, and the cold, sinister winds blew endlessly. The Spiritual Energy was sparse, and weeds grew everywhere.

Wang Yan maintained a calm expression as he looked into the distance. The cold, sinister winds howled like ghosts in the boundless darkness.

“If this person wants to eradicate me, he will still give chase despite this horrifying forbidden land.”

Wang Yan did not show any worry or anxiety, just some puzzlement.

Who is it? This is just the first round, but that person already impatiently wants to eliminate me.

The Heavenly Book Scholar remained silent for a while. He knew that Wang Yan was right. He consoled, “Your Highness, there is no need to worry. With our current strength, there is actually no need to be so cautious. However, we do not have to expose our strength during the first round and suffer heavy casualties.”

Wang Yan smiled faintly and said, “You might think that, but others might not. The more we give way, the more they will push. I understand those brothers of mine very well.”

Just at this moment, Senior Feng frowned and said, “Your Highness, I’m afraid we will have to leave again.”

The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai looked around and said, “I sense a few strong auras.”

Wang Yan narrowed his eyes, withdrawing his gaze from the depths of Black Wind Ridge. Then, he said indifferently, “We are not leaving. I want to see who exactly is so overbearing!”

After repeatedly giving way, this already crossed Wang Yan’s bottom line.

Wang Yan frequently guarded the borders and led troops in clashes. He had never been a person afraid of death.

In the imperial capital, he kept his sharpness withdrawn, not clashing with others.

However, it seemed that some people had forgotten that he cultivated the most cold-blooded and ruthless Great Dao, the Massacre Great Dao.