Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2306 Raw 2413 : Great Increase in Strength

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Chapter 2306 Raw 2413 : Great Increase in Strength

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed in the succession race taking place in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

The intense competition reached a white-hot stage.

After the first round, one-half of the princes would be eliminated.

Even if one did not intend to fight to become the crown prince, one would have a much greater chance of obtaining valuable treasures and inheritances in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb by surviving for a few rounds.

Clearly, no one wanted to be eliminated in the first round.

The Ninth Prince Wang Yan, the Heavenly Book Scholar, Hao Kai, and Senior Feng stood in an ancient pine forest, tabulating their collected Dragon Essence.

“Your Highness, as of now, our collected Dragon Essence should be sufficient to survive this round,” the Heavenly Book Scholar said after he counted the Dragon Essence the others collected.

Wang Yan nodded and said, “It looks like we do not have to take too many risks in the remaining time.”

“Ninth Prince, I’ve been feeling that something is not quite right over the past few days. There always seemed to be someone nearby searching for us in the darkness,” Senior Feng said with a grave expression, showing some worry on his face.

The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai said calmly, “I felt it as well. However, Senior Feng’s accomplishments in the Wind Great Dao are pretty good, quickly shaking off these people.”

“I was just lucky. With such repeated searches, we will be exposed sooner or later,” Senior Feng said sincerely, not taking credit for the accomplishment.

Wang Yan narrowed his eyes and said, “I sensed it as well. Hence, we should not go and seek out inheritances during the remaining time. To play safe, we should hole up somewhere and hide for the rest of this round. Chang Ji, what do you think?”

Seeing that the Ninth Prince sought out his opinion, the Heavenly Book Scholar answered calmly, “We do not know the exact situation. We don’t even know who the enemy is. It is best to maintain a low profile.”

“It is settled, then.”

After the Ninth Prince Wang Yan made up his mind, he asked, “As of now, which of our guests are still in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb?”

The Heavenly Book Scholar thought for a while and said, “Two of them ran into some surprises. As of now, only Xiao Suo, Qin Zhuolin, Wu Meng, and the independently moving Xiao Chen remain. Is Your Highness thinking of summoning them over?”

Since the group already sensed someone secretly searching them out, calling the guests over would be the best method.

Who knew, Wang Yan did not do that. He only asked casually about them.

“There’s no need. For them, the fortuitous encounters of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb might change their entire life. I am not in desperate straits yet, so there is no need to summon them over. Furthermore, summoning them over would drain a significant amount of Dragon Essence.”

After looking at the Heavenly Book Scholar, Wang Yan added, “I’ll leave my safety to the three of you.”

“Your Highness, rest assured.”

Wang Yan had already noticed that a prince was searching for him in secret. However, he did not know who it was.

Wang Yan did not feel overly anxious, remaining calm. He now already showed the calm of a ruler.


On a certain desolate mountain in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb:

Xiao Chen, who directly refined the Heavenly Cloud Fruit, had an Azure Dragon image practically layered over his physical body.

Dragon images appeared in the surroundings, roaring endlessly. This was the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture with the Azure Dragon as supreme.

The Great Desolate Eon aura spread in Xiao Chen’s body. The breakthrough of the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture’s second layer was at its most crucial moment.

Suddenly, something strange happened.

The Great Desolate Eon aura from the Heavenly Cloud Fruit poured into the Azure Dragon. The initially faint dragon image turned increasingly substantial.

Azure light erupted, and the Dragon Might soared.

“Boom!” The dragon images, except for the Azure Dragon, shattered and turned into drops of spiritual blood.

The thousands of drops of spiritual blood looking like dew hovered in the air.

In the next moment, the thousands of spiritual blood entered the Azure Dragon image.

The faintly visible dragon image turned substantial and three-dimensional. Then, it seemed to come to life, looking very vivid.

An ancient Great Desolate Eon aura traveled through time and space, coming from the distant past and arriving in the present.

An ancient dragon domain seemed to manifest behind him, hidden in thick mist. A multitude of dragons roared and howled loudly. The instant Xiao Chen opened his eyes, an Azure Dragon head peeked out. If the dragon eyes stared at a person, that person would definitely feel a heavy pressure.

Xiao Chen vaguely felt a force calling out to him.

The Azure Dragon bloodline buried deep in Xiao Chen’s body completely awakened. An impatient berserk energy filled his body, and his blood felt as hot as lava.

When the ancient dragons called out to him, his dragon blood ignited and blazed intensely.

Xiao Chen could no longer endure. When he looked around, he saw the sky shatter. His vision penetrated through time and space through that shattered corner, and he saw an ancient dragon nation.

Swarms of dragons roared, and ten thousand dragons howled.

Berserk dragons filled the sky and ground. Many living dragons formed a fabulous nation.

Suddenly, a dragon image among the countless dragons raised its head.

Then, this dragon looked over, gazing at the future and meeting Xiao Chen’s eyes.

Xiao Chen was stunned. He felt deeply touched in his soul, his entire body trembling.

Then, he suddenly startled awake. Everything seemed normal; there was nothing there. It was like everything from earlier was an ephemeral illusion, disappearing in an instant.

However, that scene was simply too shocking. Just one look had imprinted it in the depths of his soul.

At this moment, Xiao Chen seemed to understand why the many Dragon Race seniors wanted to start a Divine Dragon Dynasty.

It was because the previous Dragon Race had a glorious history. They were like the many stars illuminating an age.

Xiao Chen shook his head and stopped thinking about the shock he just experienced.

Returning to reality, Xiao Chen muttered to himself, “The Ten Thousand Dragons Art should have broken through to the third layer. However, I lack the incantation and circulation method for the third layer, so I cannot cultivate it for now. However, this change surpassed my expectations.”

Ten Thousand Dragons Picture!

A dragon picture appeared behind Xiao Chen with a thought.

However, this dragon picture looked starkly different from before, practically no longer the same.

Previously, it was a grand scene of the Azure Dragon fighting for supremacy among ten thousand dragons. Now, the vast background only had the Azure Dragon. Previously, there were too many dragon images. Even the Azure Dragon had just been a vague silhouette barely distinct from the other dragons.

Now, the Azure Dragon appeared clear, with scales, claws, and other fine details and missing nothing. The dragon eyes seemed spirited, showing a subdued spirituality. It was like a living Azure Dragon.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly as he circulated the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. The picture immediately shattered.

The Azure Dragon came out of the grand picture, appearing to have arrived from the distant past and coiling around him.

Dragon Might spread out around Xiao Chen. This was a genuine Azure Dragon’s Dragon Might from the Great Desolate Eon.

The cultivation of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art sought to regress one’s bloodline to one’s progenitor’s, step by step. Anyone with a Dragon Race bloodline could cultivate it. Upon reaching the third layer, one would materialize a Divine Dragon of one’s bloodline.

If one went further, the Divine Dragon could revert to its progenitor, turning into a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon.

Xiao Chen felt satisfied with the current Divine Dragon’s Dragon Might. He murmured, “This will reduce the stress when I execute the Nine Heavens God Demon Body Unsealing Technique.”

A Heavenly Cloud Fruit allowed Xiao Chen to break through to 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor and his Ten Thousand Dragons Art to break through to the third layer.

This could be considered killing two birds with one stone, a great increase in strength.

Then, Xiao Chen took out the Thunder Immortal Dew. Without thinking, he gulped it down.

That remnant will was right. This Thunder Immortal Dew had similar effects to Origin Liquid, pure without side effects.

It functioned to improve the Dao Domain. After Xiao Chen consumed the Thunder Immortal Dew, he felt his peak fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain grow rapidly. Then, it erupted and broke through peak fifth layer, advancing to the sixth layer.

Xiao Chen’s cultivation, Cultivation Technique, and Dao Domain had all broken through.

All this was like a dream. However, it was not too exaggerated. After all, before entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, Xiao Chen’s cultivation, Cultivation Technique, and Dao Domain had already reached their bottlenecks.

Now that Xiao Chen made repeated breakthroughs, it would be difficult for his strength to soar again within a short period.

The benefits from monopolizing a Superior Grade inheritance somewhat surprised Xiao Chen.

There was still the Thunder Flame Art. That clashed with his Cultivation Technique, so he did not plan to cultivate it.

However, there was no problem with reading it.

The instant Xiao Chen flipped open the cover, he frowned slightly, stunned for a while.

A lightning pattern entered his eyes, one that was exactly the same as the mysterious lightning pattern on the ancient bronze door.

As Xiao Chen flipped through the pages, his expression grew increasingly graver. After a while, he closed the book with a snap.

This lightning pattern was a seal known as the Thunder Cloud Lock.

Only someone who grasped the Thunder Great Dao and the Fire Great Dao could grasp this Sealing Technique and materialize the lightning pattern.

“I do not need to grasp the lightning pattern. However, would understanding its principles help me open that bronze door again?”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up as he thought of various possibilities.

He would try it first before making further plans. Immediately acting on his thoughts, he soared into the air and rushed back to the thunder flame inheritance.