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Chapter 2305 Raw 2412 : Feasible Plan

Using the Divine Lightning Talisman to support his Thunder Dao Domain, Xiao Chen continuously broke through two layers of small worlds and left the inheritance palace.


Xiao Chen’s figure flickered, leaving behind purple electric marks as he moved quickly.

One hour later, feeling confident that there was no one on his tail, Xiao Chen pushed off the air and landed as steady as a swallow.

Maintaining high-altitude flight in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb was a significant drain on Divine Energy, a big problem. Since there was no more threat, there was no need to continue wasting Divine Energy.

Xiao Chen had arrived at a barren plain with scattered ferocious beasts roaming about. He occasionally saw some guests searching for inheritances in the distance.

This place could be considered safe.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen’s figure moved up and down as he leaped about. A while later, he landed on a desolate mountain.

After scanning the surroundings with his Spiritual Sense and cautiously verifying his conclusion, he laid a simple concealment formation according to the surrounding environment.

Xiao Chen completely relaxed only after all that.

Amid flickering electric light, the Alloy Dragon Armor turned into a mercury-like, flowing light and returned to his gloves.

When Xiao Chen saw that the wound on his chest had yet to heal, he frowned slightly.

A Sovereign Emperor who comprehended a tenth-layer Dao Domain was much stronger than Xiao Chen expected. This one strand of sword Qi equaled the peak strike of a regular Sovereign Emperor.

Upon reaching the tenth-layer Dao Domain, the Great Dao Energy had undergone a qualitative change.

Before reaching such a level, others would find it very difficult to understand the tenth-layer Dao Domain’s horrifying might.

Unfortunately, the Dao Domain grew increasingly harder to improve the further one went.

Even if Dao Yan possessed excellent talent in the Ice Dao and possessed extraordinary comprehension ability, he had still spent more than three centuries to make such a breakthrough.

Without a tremendous fortuitous encounter, one could only rely on time to raise one’s Dao Domain to the tenth layer and form a small world. It could be a century or a millennium, slowly comprehending it over time.

However, there would be fewer than three such experts like Dao Yan in the entire Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

“Let’s check the harvest first.”

A Great Desolate Eon Heavenly Cloud Fruit, a bottle of Thunder Immortal Dew, and the Thunder Flame Art, a peak Divine-Vein-Realm-level Cultivation Technique.

Heavenly Cloud Fruit!

The pure-white Heavenly Cloud Fruit had some green leaves on it, showed a withdrawn radiance, and contained incredibly surging Spiritual Energy. However, none of the Spiritual Energy leaked out.

Xiao Chen sent in his Spiritual Energy and found a vast space within the fruit. There were the scars of time left everywhere, and it looked crystalline and transparent, filled with a pure Great Desolate Eon aura.

Xiao Chen suspected that this fruit could help him break through not only peak 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor but even the second layer of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

The Great Desolate Eon aura contained within the fruit was crucial for the Ten Thousand Dragons Art to transcend the limits.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Art’s cultivation sought to revert one’s bloodline to one’s progenitor’s, slowly improving one’s bloodline.

When the Ten Thousand Dragons Art broke through to the fifth layer, it could transform into the Ancestor Dragon Art.

Xiao Chen withdrew his Spiritual Sense and thought to himself, How unfortunate. If I could pass this to the Third Palace Master to refine into a Medicinal Pill, he definitely would perfectly bring out its medicinal nature.

Directly refining it here is somewhat wasteful.

However, I have no choice. If I want to survive in this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, I have to keep growing stronger.

This was especially so after Xiao Chen ran into Dao Yan. That drove home the inadequacy of his strength.

He did not want to run into the other party and get forced to run again.

Others might feel that being able to escape Dao Yan easily was incredible, but to Xiao Chen, it was nothing to be proud of.

Without hesitation, Xiao Chen directly consumed the Heavenly Cloud Fruit.

The Heavenly Cloud Fruit immediately melted upon entering his mouth. Then, the vast Spiritual Energy erupted and gushed around inside his body like a raging river.

If one’s cultivation was insufficient and one’s physical body was not strong enough, one would explode and die the instant one consumed the fruit.

Xiao Chen had the Azure Dragon Divine Body, and he dual cultivated righteous and demonic. Naturally, he did not fear exploding.

Xiao Chen calmly sensed the explosive energy coming from the Heavenly Cloud Fruit.

He did not rush or feel joy or grief, just calmly circulated the Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

As the Ten Thousand Dragons Art circulated, the Spiritual Energy and Great Desolate Eon aura gushed through his two Divine Veins and poured into his Divine Energy Sea.


The instant the Spiritual Energy of the Heavenly Cloud Fruit entered the Divine Energy Sea, it kicked up ferocious waves. Then, a horrifying aura burst out of Xiao Chen’s body.

“Crack!” Some kind of limit broke in his body; then, a new Divine Vein opened.

Xiao Chen had already come close to breaking through at the black mountain back then. Now, he finally advanced to 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

However, the Spiritual Energy and Great Desolate Eon aura from the Heavenly Cloud Fruit did not stop pouring in.

Xiao Chen focused, not daring to relax.

Breaking through in cultivation was something expected.

Xiao Chen had long reached the limits of 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor. This breakthrough was just meeting the right conditions. What was more important was the Ten Thousand Dragons Art’s breakthrough; that was the crux.

If Xiao Chen did not grab hold of this opportunity, it would probably be hard for him to find another opportunity to break through in the entire Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.


As Xiao Chen refined the fruit, the depressed Tuoba Yun returned to the Thirteenth Prince’s side.

“Tuoba Yun, you returned at a good time. What happened to my father’s cousins?” the Dragon God Crown Prince, Qin Ming, asked as soon as he saw Tuoba Yun.

As they were all from the Golden Dragon Race’s Royal Clan, they had a bloodline connection.

Qin Ming vaguely sensed that his father’s two cousins had run into mishaps.

When Tuoba Yun returned alone, Qin Ming’s expression immediately turned sullen.

“Sorry, Brother Qin Yu and Brother Qin Liang died at Xiao Chen’s hands.”

Tuoba Yun spoke matter-of-factly, as the two’s deaths did not have much to do with him.

As for his deal with Xiao Chen, that was just a temporary cooperation after the two died.

Tuoba Yun did not do anything wrong. Aside from the cooperation, he told Qin Ming everything in detail.

“They died, just like that? My father’s cousins were both 4-Vein Sovereign Emperors. Furthermore, they had the Emperor Dragon Sword. Even if they could not defeat Xiao Chen, they should not have died.”

Clearly, Qin Ming did not expect Tuoba Yun to bring him the worst news.

“What’s wrong? You don’t believe me?”

Tuoba Yun felt depressed in the first place. When he saw Qin Ming take such an attitude, he immediately felt upset.

As the Dragon God Crown Prince, you hold a noble position in the Divine Dragon Empire. However, I am from the Heavenly Wolf Empire’s Royal Clan. You hold no authority over me.

Qin Ming stared at Tuoba Yun with a sullen expression. The pressure of the Golden Dragon pressed down.

This brat…

Tuoba Yun felt some pressure, which gave him a huge shock. Unexpectedly, Qin Ming possessed such terrifying Dragon Might at such a young age. This was unexpected and startling.

The straw-raincoat-clad Sikong Shu frowned and said, “Brother Tuoba should be telling the truth.

“Xiao Chen, right? While we were in Yan City, we did not dare to make a move on him openly. Now that we are in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, it is not his turn to be arrogant.”

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi smiled faintly and said, “Brother Qin, there is no need to get angry. I will help you to take revenge.”

Qin Ming startled to his senses. He knew that this was not the time for anger. “Sorry, I offended Brother Tuoba earlier. Your Highness, there is no need to kick up a big fuss over this. I will deal with him myself.”

“It is just a minor matter. In the end, I am also somewhat responsible for Qin Yu’s and Qin Liang’s deaths.” Tuoba Yun released his bated breath when he saw the situation and expressed his apologies.

However, Wang Yi showed no intention to leave things lying. He smiled and said, “That’s not really so. Brother Qin, just think. Is there any chance to kill him after leaving the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb?”

Qin Ming’s eyes wandered as he thought about it. It was truly difficult to kill Xiao Chen outside. That was clear from the past two failed assassination attempts.

“Your Highness, what ingenious plan do you have? It is not easy to find a person in this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb,” Qin Ming asked when he saw Wang Yi speaking confidently and straightforwardly. He might as well hear Wang Yi out.

Wang Yi took two steps and said, “It is not easy to find guests, but it is easy to find princes.”

Qin Ming’s eyes lit up in understanding.

In the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, regardless of whether the princes’ Yan Imperial Swords were sheathed or not, the vast Dragon Essence they contained had a clear difference from that of the guests.

“As long as we find the Ninth Prince, we do not have to fear Xiao Chen not showing up. At that time, Qin Ming will have his chance to make a move.”

Right after Wang Yi spoke, Bai Yunfei and Xiahou Wu both felt tempted.

Such a scheme was indeed an opportunity to force out Xiao Chen.

Wang Yi continued, “Even if Xiao Chen does not show up, it does not matter. We can take that opportunity to destroy Wang Yan and take his Dragon Essence.”

Perhaps this was Wang Yi’s true motive.

Qin Ming did not say anything. Like Bai Yunfei and the others, they all looked at Sikong Shu.

“This is a feasible plan.” Sikong Shu spoke slowly, only saying these few words.