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Chapter 2304 Raw 2411 : Leaving Easily

At the location of the thunder flame inheritance:

After the number of dragon images around the jade strip in Xiao Chen’s hand reached three, it stopped increasing.

There clearly was still plenty of Dragon Essence left in the water-like thunder flame in the surroundings. However, Xiao Chen could not collect any more.

Perhaps that remnant will can control the Dragon Essence and wants to preserve Dragon Essence for the next succession race.

“This is enough.”

The thunder flame inheritance was a peak-quality Superior Grade inheritance. Xiao Chen had played a small trick to send Tuoba Yun away, which allowed himself to monopolize the treasures and resources here.

This was already an astronomical harvest; there was nothing to be dissatisfied with.

I almost forgot.

Xiao Chen took out two jade strips from his storage ring. These heavy jade strips also contained vast Dragon Essence.

Qin Yu and Qin Liang left these jade strips. Earlier in this round, the two had relied on their bloodlines’ advantage to sweep through the place fearlessly with Tuoba Yun.

They had conquered many inheritances and clearly reaped a big harvest.


Xiao Chen transferred the Dragon Essence in the two jade strips into his own. In that instant, his jade strip flared with dazzling light.

The jade strip looked crystalline, transparent, resplendent, and dazzling. The dazzling radiance moved the heart.

Another dragon image appeared around the jade strip, making Xiao Chen smile with joy.

The later it got, the harder it would be to collect dragon images around the jade strip.

This four-dragon jade strip equaled ten one-dragon jade strips.

Xiao Chen had already reaped such a harvest in less than ten days. His collected Dragon Essence absolutely would be the most.

“It is time to leave.”

Xiao Chen put away the jade strip and headed out of this inheritance palace.

“Ka ca!”

The instant Xiao Chen stepped out, the shattered bronze door reformed behind him.

He contemplated the mysterious lightning pattern in the center of the bronze door for a while.

Then, he suddenly attacked without any warning, striking the lightning pattern.

“Bang!” Xiao Chen bounced back.


Xiao Chen was sure that his strike’s force was not weaker than Tuoba Yun’s earlier strike.

Since he could not break the door again, it meant that was not the purpose of the lightning pattern earlier.

Xiao Chen gently caressed the lightning pattern and closed his eyes. He sensed a strong and vast energy gathered in this lightning pattern.

He could not understand the lightning pattern, so he took out a slate and copied the lightning pattern onto it.

Perhaps pondering it would bring him some benefit in the future.

When Xiao Chen turned around, the Sacred Armored Bugs that had been everywhere were all gone already.

The Demon Blood Vulture must have taken them as great nourishment, consuming them all.

A burning scarlet cocoon stood in the center of the hall, leaking indistinct Holy Might.

There seemed to be the silhouette of an ancient Vermilion Bird in the scarlet cocoon upon closer scrutiny.

“It looks like the Demon Blood Vulture made a pretty good harvest. It will probably break through when it wakes up.”

Xiao Chen waved his hand and collected the scarlet cocoon into his storage ring.

“Thud! Thud! Thud!”

Rushed footsteps approached from afar, and a figure appeared like the strong wind. It was Tuoba Yun, who had left and now returned.

“Indeed, you are still here!”

Tuoba Yun was incensed. He looked around and saw that the bronze door behind Xiao Chen had reformed.

This immediately frustrated Tuoba Yun into nearly vomiting blood. “You bastard! To think that you dared to trick me, monopolizing the thunder flame inheritance!”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he ignored the raging Tuoba Yun. He sensed an even more terrifying aura behind Tuoba Yun.


Indeed, nearly right after Tuoba Yun spoke, Dao Yan arrived with two other Divine Sword Pavilion experts.

“Dao Yan?”

Xiao Chen searched his memories slightly and recalled this person. He had once met this person outside the Ninth Prince’s residence.

Dao Yan, the Divine Sword Pavilion’s Vice Pavilion Master, was the strongest guest under the Eighth Prince Wang Feng. That Divine Sword Pavilion expert who tried to assassinate Xiao Chen in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion might be this person.

“What a coincidence. Brother Xiao, unexpectedly, we met here,” Dao Yan said sinisterly when he saw Xiao Chen, showing a smile that did not seem like a smile.

When Tuoba Yun saw this, he could not help feeling nervous. Could Xiao Chen be on good terms with Dao Yan?

However, the next scene allowed Tuoba Yun to relax.

“Are you going to forfeit or beg me to let you go?” Dao Yan threatened indifferently.

“It looks like the Divine Sword Pavilion expert that tried to assassinate me in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion back then was definitely you,” Xiao Chen said while staring at Dao Yan with a calm expression.

“Monarch Yu was one of my final disciples. As his master, I naturally should seek justice for him. However, I do not want to speak of these grudges right now. Hand over the thunder flame inheritance and your jade strip, and I can let you go for now.”

In the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, strength reigned. Dao Yan did not feel any fear and could not be bothered to keep up a pretense.

“Sorry, I can’t agree to that.”

“Then, die!”

Dao Yan snorted coldly, and a strand of sword Qi appeared from nowhere, shooting at Xiao Chen.


In that instant, Xiao Chen froze into an ice sculpture, maintaining his previous posture without moving.

The sword Qi froze everything that it passed as though it was ancient and eternal.

Tuoba Yun’s expression changed wildly in shock. Tenth-layer Dao Domain, ice small world!

Dao Yan actually managed to push his Ice Dao Domain comprehension to the tenth layer. The flowing images turned into ice, eternal and unchanging.

Dao Yan frowned slightly as he swept his gaze around, discovering Xiao Chen somewhere else.

What froze earlier was Xiao Chen’s afterimage. Without saying anything, Dao Yan flicked his finger, and thousands of sword images giving off overwhelming coldness burst out from behind, moving like flowing light.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flickered continuously, endlessly changing positions. Various afterimages continually froze into ice.

Soon, hundreds of afterimages had turned into ice in the hall. The ice pillars formed by the sword images moved about in the air, crisscrossing and looking scary.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen could not dodge all the time. Eventually, a strand of sword Qi struck him. The cold penetrated his Alloy Dragon Armor and injured his body.

Fortunately, he had awakened his Azure Dragon Divine Body and did not instantly die.

Seeing the frost-covered Alloy Dragon Armor, Xiao Chen did not panic, neither did he feel surprised.

While the two spoke, the other party had used that opportunity to spread his ice small world silently throughout this space.

When fighting the other party in this small world, getting struck was just a matter of time.

Dao Yan only opened one Divine Vein more than Tuoba Yun. However, there was a world’s difference in the combat prowess they showed.

The tenth-layer Ice Dao Domain with the ice small world indeed inspired despair.

“You can only blame your own greed for meeting me so early. You overestimated yourself and tried to monopolize a Superior Grade inheritance. I’ll give you one last chance. Will you hand over the thunder flame inheritance or not?”

Seeing that he managed to injure Xiao Chen, Dao Yan issued another threat.

Dao Yan also feared Xiao Chen forfeiting. If Xiao Chen left the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, then Dao Yan would not benefit at all.

“Overestimate myself? I have many flaws but overestimating myself is not one of them. Dao Yan, your strength is still not sufficient to scare me.”

Xiao Chen shook his body and scattered the frost covering him, amid flickering electric light.

The Divine Lightning Talisman slowly emerged from his palm. A corner of the talisman formed by the Immortal Epoch’s Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning peeked out of the sea in his Soul Pool.

The strongest Divine Lightning of the previous epoch burst forth with horrifying lightning-attributed energy with just a corner.


The Divine Energy Talisman in Xiao Chen’s palm soared into the air and instantly shattered Dao Yan’s small world. Then, it continued rising without losing momentum. Amid bursts of boundless electric light, the talisman shattered the small world of the thunder flame inheritance.

“Crack! Crack!”

In that instant, the place turned chaotic. Dao Yan’s ice small world shook. The eternal and unchanging ice pillars in the air shattered, kicking up a terrifying ice storm.

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed as he leaped out through the hole that the Divine Lightning Talisman opened.

The sudden turn of events shocked Dao Yan. He gave chase with a howl, “Trying to leave? It’s not that easy!”

Fiendish Saber inheritance, Water Droplet Destroying the Firmament!

Saber intent coalesced all over Xiao Chen’s body as he flicked his finger. Then, he shot out a water droplet.

This water droplet looked unremarkable in the berserk ice storm. The furious Dao Yan did not notice it, having eyes only for Xiao Chen.


This water droplet landed silently on Dao Yan’s chest. Then, it exploded. Immediately, an unparalleled, berserk saber intent shook the entire palace.

The surrounding ice storm only lasted a moment before the spreading saber intent shredded it into pieces of ice.

Dao Yan vomited blood and crashed to the ground, breaking the restrictions there.

A huge crater opened amid rumbling sounds. The horrifying water-like thunder flame poured in wildly.

Dao Yan held his hand to his chest. When he looked at his hand, he saw blood.

He felt disbelief. Xiao Chen actually managed to injure him significantly.

“Senior Brother, the self-destruct restrictions of this inheritance have activated. We have to leave quickly.”

The expressions of Dao Yan’s junior brothers changed drastically when they saw the surrounding chaotic thunder flame.

As for Tuoba Yun, he had been sent flying by the saber intent. When he saw the surrounding thunder flame, he immediately fled in fright.

“Damn it!”

However, Dao Yan appeared like he had gone crazy. He roared with all his might, and his full head of black hair instantly turned snow-white.

Boundless cold light erupted from his body.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

In the next moment, ice sealed the thunder flame that terrified Tuoba Yun.

Anyone watching outside would see the entire palace covered in frost. Ice sealed the lightning bolts in the sky, making them look like long spears.

This startled the other two from the Divine Sword Pavilion. They had not expected their senior brother to be so strong.

“Xiao Chen, you had better not let me see you again!” Dao Yan said through clenched teeth with a sullen expression.

However, no matter how much Dao Yan fumed, Xiao Chen had already left with the thunder flame inheritance.