Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2302 Raw 2409 : Can’t Do Anything against Me

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Chapter 2302 Raw 2409 : Can’t Do Anything against Me

“Come. Let me see what qualifications you have to make me scram.”

The indifference in Xiao Chen’s eyes and the calm expression on his face enraged Tuoba Yun.

Since when did the younger generation dare to be so arrogant before him?

“Fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain and sixth-layer Thunder Dao Domain. That’s a pretty good merger. However, you are too naive to think that you can fight me with just that. Let me show you what a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor is!”

Tuoba Yun felt his pride challenged. If he could endure this, he would betray his heart for the Martial Dao.


Right after Tuoba Yun spoke, five light rings appeared behind him. Each light ring represented a Divine Vein. Furthermore, these light rings were pure and dense. They seemed as sturdy as the ancient world, fully displaying his deep and strong cultivation.

This showed that Tuoba Yun’s Divine Energy surpassed that of ordinary Sovereign Emperors. Like Xiao Chen, he had used countless resources to refine his Divine Energy several times. While his Cultivation Technique could not compare to the Ten Thousand Dragons Art, it would not be that much inferior, given the Heavenly Wolf Empire’s accumulations.

Tuoba Yun came from the royal line of the Heavenly Wolf Empire. He possessed excellent talent and a strong bloodline and received ample resources. Furthermore, he did not let these go to waste. He was the kind of outstanding talent that had a higher starting point but still could endure bitter cultivation.

Even if Tuoba Yun did not have any fortuitous encounters, such a person would be significantly stronger than ordinary 5-Vein Sovereign Emperors after centuries of accumulations.


Tuoba Yun’s sea-like Divine Energy surged, making his aura flourish. After snorting coldly, he brought out his Thunder Dao Domain as well.

Tuoba Yun only possessed a fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain. However, it was not weaker than Xiao Chen’s when supported by Divine Energy.

As thunder roared, strong winds howled.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Tuoba Yun’s aura swelled like a colossal wave. Just the shock waves alone caused the many Thunder Devils and Flame Devils to explode.

What a strong might!

“Withdraw,” Xiao Chen murmured and quickly retracted the radiated double-layer Dao Domain into the Alloy Dragon Armor to support it. When the other party’s surging aura arrived, he punched.

Electricity and ice burst forth as Xiao Chen broke a hole in the other party’s aura.

Then, Xiao Chen used the opening to leap out, moving like a roaming dragon as he avoided damage.

“This is just the beginning, brat!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen did not dare to clash head-on, Tuoba Yun smiled coldly and filled the entire place with his Dao Domain.

The five light rings behind Tuoba Yun flickered as he pressed over to Xiao Chen, throwing a palm strike.


The instant Tuoba Yun launched his palm strike, the five light rings coalesced into a white wolf howling at the sky.

“Heavenly Wolf Biting the Sun!”

[TL Note: This Martial Technique’s name is a reference to the Chinese legend of a Heavenly Wolf biting the sun and eating it, causing an eclipse.]

“Supreme Dragon Fist, Raging at the Unfair Heaven!”

Xiao Chen did not panic in the face of danger. The Ten Thousand Dragons Art circulated quickly. Many dragons leaped out of his Divine Energy Sea as boundless Divine Energy turned into surging rage blasting out.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Thousands of dragon images continuously charged out of the fist light, forcefully blocking Tuoba Yun’s attack.


Tuoba Yun revealed a sinister smile. The instant he came in contact with Xiao Chen’s attack, he changed his move. The previous move was just a feint. He tightly clenched his left hand and punched at Xiao Chen’s chest.

“You are too inexperienced to be fighting me. This is my true killing move.”


When Tuoba Yun’s fist light landed on the Alloy Dragon Armor, it produced a loud sound like it hit a metal mountain.

The motifs on the armor flickered with electricity, looking dazzling.

“Azure Dragon Divine Body, awaken!” Xiao Chen shouted and activated his Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art. His body awakened within the Alloy Dragon Armor, forming an inner layer of armor and dissipating most of the force that penetrated the Alloy Dragon Armor.

“Candle Dragon Eyes!”

Swaying candle flames lit up in Xiao Chen’s eyes, and an icy demonic flame instantly landed on Tuoba Yun’s body, burning fiercely.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Tuoba Yun grunted as he quickly moved back. Electric light burst out of his body. Releasing an extreme electric light from the inside out, he forced out the icy flame, expending a large amount of Divine Energy.

After suffering a disadvantage, Tuoba Yun was incredibly enraged. He roared furiously, “Heavenly Wolf Swallowing the Moon!”

[TL Note: You probably guessed it. The Chinese blamed the lunar eclipse on the Heavenly Wolf as well.]

The five Divine Energy rings materialized a huge Heavenly Wolf that leaped out with its massive jaws open, lunging towards Xiao Chen.

That gaping maw looked boundlessly vast, like it could swallow the rivers, the setting sun, the stars, and the bright moon.

“Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram!”

Xiao Chen moved like the cool breeze, flitting up and down. When he waved his hand, a painting unfurled.


That ferocious evil hound with an overwhelming aura, which even dared to consume the sun and the moon, crashed into the painting and bounced back as if it had crashed into a metal plate.

[TL Note: Since the Chinese blamed the Heavenly Wolf for the disappearing sun or moon during eclipses, the Heavenly Wolf is generally seen as an evil omen.]

A painting separated life and death. No matter how powerful you are, you can’t do anything against me.

“What the heck?!”

Blood leaked out of Tuoba Yun’s mouth. He felt incredible pain in his teeth. That Heavenly Wolf earlier was connected to his soul. When the Heavenly Wolf crashed into the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram, it felt like an ordinary person crashing into an iron plate. This gave him an intense toothache, putting him in a miserable state.

After tumbling in the air several times, Tuoba Yun wanted to take a clearer look at the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram. However, he found that Xiao Chen had already withdrawn it.

“Thunder Monarch Spear!”

Xiao Chen opened his palm. Supported by the Thunder Dao Domain, the Five Element Divine Lightning coalesced into a short spear shining with bright light.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Many Thunder Monarch Spears formed in Xiao Chen’s hand and shot out like arrows.

This continued as Xiao Chen executed the Divine Firmament Nine Changes Movement Technique, covering the entire place with Thunder Monarch Spears materialized from the Five Element Divine Lightning.

When the Thunder Monarch Spears landed on the walls, they penetrated deeply, creating spider-web-like cracks, despite the restrictions protecting the walls.

After suffering repeated setbacks, Tuoba Yun could not dodge, even if he wanted to, when suddenly faced with such overwhelming, lightning-quick attacks; several Thunder Monarch Spears stabbed him.

The electric light exploded, provoking a miserable cry of agony.

While Tuoba Yun appeared to be in a wretched state, he had not sustained truly severe injuries. After all, he still had his deep 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor cultivation.

If he were a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, each Thunder Monarch Spear alone could have killed him, scattering his soul.

However, such torment nearly made Tuoba Yun go crazy. Several times, he wanted to execute a killing move and fight a battle of life and death with Xiao Chen.

However, Tuoba Yun discovered that Xiao Chen kept moving around. Despite the purple electric marks Xiao Chen left behind, Tuoba Yun could not determine Xiao Chen’s true position.

“Damn it! If you dare to, stop hiding!” Tuoba Yun roared in utter frustration as he shattered the Thunder Monarch Spears.

“As you wish!”

Thousands of electric figures gathered. When Xiao Chen revealed his true body, he drew Heavenly Slayer.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, Entering Hell!”

Xiao Chen used a Medial Grade Soul Tool to execute Entering Hell, a powerful killing move. In that instant, hell arrived in the mortal realm. He held an evil dragon of hell, materialized by Heavenly Slayer, that looked down on the world, wanting to swallow up the mortal realm.


The scene of the mortal realm being destroyed and hell arriving terrified Tuoba Yun. He could not help cursing.

With a wave of his hand, Tuoba Yun called out a spiked club that flickered with a dull black light to clash with Xiao Chen’s saber strike.

The various mysterious phenomena shattered amid the light, dazzling the entire place.

When everything scattered, Xiao Chen appeared, hovering in the air, wearing the Alloy Dragon Armor, and holding Heavenly Slayer.

Tuoba Yun stood on the ground, holding the spiked club giving off dull black light. He huffed and panted, looking weakly at the calm and indifferent Xiao Chen in the sky.

Tuoba Yun felt that he clearly was stronger than the other party, but he ended up suffering various small losses and could not injure the other party.

Instead, he got played, reduced to a miserable state, covered in wounds. He felt completely helpless.

“I give up. How about we can work together to obtain this thunder flame inheritance? However, I want seventy percent, as I killed that Thunder Flame Devil,” Tuoba Yan offered coldly as he looked at Xiao Chen.

“Sure, give me that Thunder Flame Pearl, and you can have seventy percent,” Xiao Chen replied calmly.

“Scram! Only in your dreams. This is a rare Thunder Flame Pearl.”

“In that case, sixty-forty; sixty for me and forty for you. Otherwise, end of negotiations. You can continue trying; see if you can injure me.” Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm, appearing somewhat cold and unfeeling.

Sixty-forty. Furthermore, sixty for Xiao Chen and forty for Tuoba Yun.

Tuoba Yun’s heart crumbled. Since when could a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor confidently and forcefully say such things to him?

However, when he looked at Xiao Chen’s calm face, Tuoba Yun sighed. If he persisted, he might not benefit.

In any case, I already obtained the Thunder Flame Pearl. I’ll just leave it be.

After consoling himself, Tuoba Yun said after some thought, “Alright, I promise you.”

“Lead the way,” Xiao Chen said, pointing to the inheritance palace’s depths, where a final bronze door covered in restrictions was.

This was it for now.

In the end, Tuoba Yun was a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Although Xiao Chen did not fear the other party, he could not guarantee he would escape severe injury if he wanted to kill the other party. This was just the early days of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s opening; he could not take such risks.

Being able to gain some benefits from the other party was already sufficient.

One should not get blinded by greed.

Carrying the spiked club, Tuoba Yun felt very sullen and wronged. He was a Heavenly Wolf Empire Royal Clan expert, but he seemed like a lackey to be ordered around before Xiao Chen.