Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2301 Raw 2408 : Impervious to Desires and Passions

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Chapter 2301 Raw 2408 : Impervious to Desires and Passions

Xiao Chen drove his Divine Seal and infused his Soul Energy into the bow. After he drew back the drawstring and the Heart Flame covered the arrow, he released the arrow.


Nearly at the same time as Xiao Chen released the arrow, the chest of Qin Yu, who was preparing to kill a Thunder Devil, exploded.

A bloody, bowl-sized hole appeared in Qin Yu’s chest. Blood spurted out like a fountain.

The Heart Flame on the arrow entered Qin Yu’s body through the wound, greatly shaking his soul. The Divine Seal in his Soul Pool flickered, dimming. Vast quantities of Soul Energy scattered uncontrollably.


Without needing to think, the Thunder Devil he fought threw a palm strike.

The instant the wriggling purple hand smashed into Qin Yu’s head, lightning fell from the sky.

“Boom!” The already severely injured Qin Yi fell on the spot. His soul dispersed, and all signs of life vanished.

All this happened in the time it took for a spark to fly. Unfortunately, Qin Yu did not even have time to bring out his Great Desolate Eon bloodline or many life-saving treasures. He fell in an instant.

“Second Brother!”

Not far away, Qin Liang felt stunned for a long time when he saw this scene.

This happened too quickly. From when Xiao Chen released the arrow to Qin Yu’s death, only two breaths of time had passed.

Qin Liang could not save Qin Yu despite wanting to. He could only watch as Qin Yu’s corpse was reduced to a pile of mud under the Thunder Devil’s stomping feet, a cruel sight.

After shooting this arrow, Xiao Chen would definitely get exposed unless he left immediately.

Hence, he appeared slowly from the darkness and took off the Death God Mask.

Qin Liang, who startled awake, narrowly dodged the attacks of the Thunder Devils and Flame Devils. When he saw Xiao Chen, he became incensed.

“Xiao Chen! You mixed-blood dragon, to think that you dared to kill my second brother!”

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression, entirely unmoved. Back then, the Golden Dragon Race pursued him nearly to the point of no return in the Divine Dragon Empire.

After escaping with much difficulty, Xiao Chen had met with two assassination attempts, each time coming very close to death.

How could Xiao Chen go easy when he met a Golden Dragon Race expert?

Would Xiao Chen wait for the other party to come and kill him? That was impossible!

“There’s no rush. You will join him soon.”

Xiao Chen activated the Alloy Dragon Armor. Electric light flickered, and the silver armor enveloped his entire body. The purple dragon motifs glowed, and a reverse-scale pendant hung on his forehead.

After he activated the Alloy Dragon Armor, his aura soared. The air he gave off changed.

A withdrawn sharpness appeared. The spreading Dragon Might seemed substantial.

“Humph! I did not come to look for you. To think that you took the initiative to send yourself to me. You must be tired of living.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen did not flee but charged towards him instead, Qin Liang laughed sinisterly. Golden Dragon armor appeared on him, golden and glistening with dragon images flying about, but it was significantly inferior to Xiao Chen’s Alloy Dragon Armor.

Tuoba Yun, who was fighting the Thunder Flame Devil, frowned slightly. He wanted to help, but he could not afford to be careless with the Thunder Flame Devil before him. He could not just free himself so casually.

If Tuoba Yun left and the Thunder Flame Devil returned to its peak, his previous efforts would be wasted.


With this thought, Tuoba Yun decided to go all out, no longer holding back. He prepared to finish off the Thunder Flame Devil quickly before helping Qin Liang deal with Xiao Chen.

In Tuoba Yun’s opinion, had Xiao Chen not sneak-attacked Qin Yu, he might not have succeeded in killing Qin Yu, so Qin Liang should not lose to Xiao Chen at least.

One thought could change many things. It was this thought that determined Qin Liang’s fate.

“Emperor Dragon Fist!”

“Supreme Dragon Fist!”

Xiao Chen and Qin Liang rushed at each other. Immediately, dragon roars rang out, and dragon images flew around.

One side executed the Golden Dragon Race’s consummate skill, the Emperor Dragon Fist. The other side executed the Supreme Dragon Fist.

The Emperor Dragon Fist was known as the strongest offensive technique of the Dragon Race. No Fist Techniques could rival it…provided that the Supreme Dragon Fist did not show up.

In a few breaths of time, Xiao Chen and Qin Liang traded a hundred moves.

In every exchange of punches and moves, Qin Liang ended up disadvantaged. No matter how Qin Liang recovered from each move, he could not gain the upper hand.

Even more critically, Xiao Chen completely suppressed Qin Liang’s Golden Dragon Might. The Golden Dragon in his body did not even dare to raise its head.

Qin Liang immediately felt flustered. The Golden Dragon was the leader of the Divine Dragon bloodlines. Aside from a Heavenly Dragon, what other Dragon Race could suppress the Golden Dragon?

Qin Liang did not know that Xiao Chen possessed the Azure Dragon bloodline. Furthermore, it was conferred the royal Azure Dragon bloodline by the royal genealogical record.

“Insignificant mixed-blood dragon! How dare you be so brazen here?! Get back!” Qin Liang shouted. Giving up on fighting Xiao Chen with Fist Techniques, he took out a sword radiating Emperor Dragon Might. This was an Inferior Grade Soul Tool. More importantly, it contained the Emperor Dragon Might of the Divine Dragon Empire.

Ordinary Inferior Grade Soul Tools were far from comparable to this sword.

The dazzling sword released a bright light that vaguely seemed to have countless dragon images kneeling in worship within it, speaking of a legendary race’s ancient glory.

The Emperor Dragon Might put a mountain-like pressure on Xiao Chen. The thought of submitting actually appeared in his heart.

This was the supreme respect the Dragon Race bloodline had for their Dragon Emperor.

“When meeting this sword, it is like the emperor personally arriving to all Dragon Race disciples. You insignificant mixed-blood dragon, why are you still not kneeling?!”

A cocky expression appeared on Qin Liang’s face. He thought to himself, You are quite incredible to be able to force me to draw this sword.

However, this comes to an end now!


Xiao Chen smiled coldly in his heart. It is just a false holy sword and not the genuine Emperor Dragon Sword.

Xiao Chen did not choose to dodge or flee, advancing instead. Then, he drew the Heavenly Slayer Saber Soul Tool before Qin Liang’s shocked gaze.


When the saber and the sword clashed, Qin Liang, who expected to claim the upper hand, vomited a mouthful of blood and staggered three steps back.

The palm of Qin Liang’s right hand grasping the sword hilt tore. His entire arm numbed.

“That is Heavenly Slayer, a precious Soul Tool of my Dragon Race! It has been lost for a very long time already. Why is it in your hands?!”

“You speak too much.”

Qin Liang, who had been disadvantaged in the first place, panicked. However, Xiao Chen did not give him another opportunity to speak.

Using the might of Heavenly Slayer, Xiao Chen brought out a sharp and berserk aura.

“That’s not good.”

Tuoba Yun, who was currently fighting the Thunder Flame Devil, sensed Heavenly Slayer’s might, and he glanced over to the two’s fight.

This immediately astounded Tuoba Yun. To think that Xiao Chen pushed Qin Liang, a bona fide 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor with the Golden Dragon bloodline, into such dire straits.

Not to mention being covered in wounds, even after Qin Liang activated his bloodline, he remained disadvantaged.

However, the shock waves from the Thunder Flame Devil’s attacks struck Tuoba Yun during this moment of distraction, shaking his mind and causing his Qi and blood to churn.

“Damn it!”

Tuoba Yun wanted to help, but he could not, becoming increasingly flustered. Initially, he wanted to deal with the Thunder Flame Devil quickly, but he ended up injured instead.

“Brother Tuoba, save me!”

After Xiao Chen knocked away the Emperor Dragon Sword in Qin Liang’s hand, the terrified Qin Liang called out for help.

“Resolving the Mundane!”

Whether Tuoba Yun decided to help or not, Xiao Chen did not intend to let Qin Liang live. Even if he had to endure a strike from Tuoba Yun, he had to kill this person today.

Eternity remains after the mundane is resolved!

Heavenly Slayer released an eternal saber light from its blade. Xiao Chen transformed into an expressionless ancient Buddha. All emotions and desires vanished.

This saber strike contained all of Xiao Chen’s obsessions.


After losing the Emperor Dragon Sword, Qin Liang could not survive even if he had nine lives when facing a killing move executed by a Medial Grade Soul Tool.

The instant the saber light chopped down, the defensive move that Qin Liang executed shattered.

Showing a dissatisfied expression with eyes filled with horror, Qin Liang could only helplessly watch as the saber descended towards him.

Then, the saber strike completely chopped apart Qin Liang’s body and soul.

After returning the saber to its sheath, Xiao Chen unhurriedly picked up the imitation Emperor Dragon Sword and the jade strips containing Dragon Essence left by the two Golden Dragons.

“Ka ca!”

Tuoba Yun finally killed the Thunder Flame Devil. Then, he picked up a Thunder Flame Pearl flickering with the light of electricity and fire.

It was difficult for a Thunder Devil and a Flame Devil to merge, what more merge perfectly.

The Thunder Flame Pearl that the Thunder Flame Devil left behind would definitely be a supreme treasure.

After Xiao Chen put away the Emperor Dragon Sword and the jade strips, he happened to meet Tuoba Yun’s gaze when he turned around.

There was no fear in Xiao Chen’s eyes, only calm and indifference.

It seemed like there was nothing to be proud of in killing two 4-Vein Sovereign Emperors.

There was neither joy nor grief, just calm.

Tuoba Yun felt shocked. What a terrifying mental state! Fortunately, I did not risk trying to save Qin Liang earlier.

Otherwise, I would have difficulty facing this youth after sustaining a severe injury during the Thunder Flame Devil’s final struggle for life.

However, now…

He does not show any fear. The other party is very powerful. Even before my deep cultivation, he still stands a chance of victory. Furthermore, he probably still has many unused trump cards.

“Earlier, you had a chance to attack me,” Tuoba Yun said indifferently, refraining from going on the offense, for now. Instead, he calmly observed every detail on Xiao Chen’s body.

Tuoba Yun referred to the moment when Xiao Chen killed Qin Liang. At that time, Tuoba Yun had not finished off the Thunder Flame Devil yet.

However, Xiao Chen did not seize this chance. Instead, he went to pick up the Emperor Dragon Sword and the two’s jade strips.

“There’s no need to. You have been conserving your strength. Even though you decided to kill that Thunder Flame Devil quickly, you still have unused trump cards. Had I made a move, I would have instantly suffered your lightning-quick strike. As a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor, I cannot withstand the peak strike of a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor like you,” Xiao Chen said calmly with an indifferent expression, not showing any openings.

Tuoba Yun’s expression changed slightly. He said coldly, “Since you know you cannot defeat me, then why have you not scrammed yet?!”

“Is that so? I did not say that. Naturally, I’m remaining because I desire the thunder flame inheritance. You are naive to think that you can monopolize it.”

Xiao Chen saw through the other party’s thoughts and showed a mocking expression in his eyes.

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he opened his right hand. A scarlet rose immediately bloomed in his palm.


His peak fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain instantly spread out. Snow flew about, and a chill arrived.

It was not over yet.

The instant the snowflakes flew, Xiao Chen released resplendent electricity from his body. The motifs on the Alloy Dragon Armor glowed.

When supported by the Alloy Dragon Armor, Xiao Chen’s peak fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain advanced by two layers, reaching the terrifying seventh-layer Dao Domain.

When Xiao Chen layered his Ice Dao Domain and Thunder Dao Domain, his Dao Might soared to the level of a ninth-layer Dao Domain.

The instant Xiao Chen opened his hand, his aura skyrocketed. Now, it no longer appeared weaker than Tuoba Yun’s; in fact, it even seemed slightly stronger.

“Come. Let me see what qualifications you have to make me scram.”

Battle hunger blazed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he stared calmly at Tuoba Yun and took the initiative to challenge him.