Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2300 Raw 2407 : Making up for Losses

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Chapter 2300 Raw 2407 : Making up for Losses

The purple-clad, middle-aged man was called Zhang Ping. He was a guest of the Eighteenth Prince and was a peak 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

[TL Note: This Zhang Ping is definitely not the same Zhang Ping, who appeared in IMDC 2238 (Raw 2345). Their cultivations differed by a lot, and there was not that much time between then and now, so this Zhang Ping can only be a different one.]

Those who could cultivate to Sovereign Emperor before the age of five hundred were all incredible people.

Those who could cultivate to 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor were outstanding talents, who could be considered experts within the imperial capital Yan City. However, they were only average among the many princes’ guests.

Since these people were chased away by the Thirteenth Prince’s guests, they felt resentment in their hearts. Xiao Chen’s sudden appearance immediately gave them wicked ideas.

Instigated by Zhang Ye, greed arose in these peoples’ hearts. When they saw that they held the advantage in numbers, they became even more ferocious.

“What’s wrong? Is Young Master Xiao unwilling? In that case, don’t blame us for being bullies. I believe that given your young age, you will not be willing to get forced out of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb so early, right?” the purple-clad middle-aged Zhang Ping said with a wicked smile. He thought that he had caught hold of Xiao Chen’s weakness and that Xiao Chen would not dare resist.

When Xiao Chen heard this, he smiled instead of getting angry. After some thought, he said, “After being delayed by you lot, I probably will not get much benefit out of this thunder flame inheritance. Never mind, I will recoup my losses from you.”

“Brat, you must be dreaming!”

A man with a fiery temper charged out of the crowd. This person was a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor with a tough and stocky build. With one look, he clearly cultivated a special body tempering Cultivation Technique.

“This lord will teach you a lesson. Star Breaking Fist!”


The instant this man clenched his fist, he shot out an explosive force. A swift, saber-like wind howled.

However, this man’s fist light moved even faster than the swift wind. He moved like lightning, directly throwing a punch.

As it was named, the Star Breaking Fist could shatter a small star in the outer regions when practiced to the peak.

Given this man’s cultivation, he clearly had practiced this Fist Technique to its peak. If he were in the outer regions, he could shatter a star, which would look wildly exaggerated.

Swaying candle flames appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he instantly executed the Candle Dragon Eyes.

The image of a Candle Dragon head appeared behind Xiao Chen and opened its eyes. Invisible ice flames penetrated that man’s body.

Before Xiao Chen, that man’s explosive speed slowed.

“Kneel!” Xiao Chen shouted coldly when that man got close. Then, he raised his leg and shattered that man’s kneecaps.

“Plop!” That man fell to his knees before Xiao Chen and let out a miserable cry.

The ice flames spread throughout that man’s limbs, bones, internal organs, and Soul Pool, submerging him in unbearable pain that made him wish for death. Xiao Chen, who already possessed the fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain, showed extraordinary might when executing the Candle Dragon Eyes.

With one kick, Xiao Chen subdued a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Horror flashed in the eyes of the other guests, who felt shocked. Xiao Chen’s strength far surpassed their expectations.

“I forfeit!”

The man kneeling on the ground could not stand the pain from the ice flame. However, he could not treat his injuries in peace before Xiao Chen. Thus, he could only forfeit.

“Everyone, hand over a treasure and transfer half of your Dragon Essence. Otherwise, all of you can forget about leaving,” Xiao Chen demanded coldly as his gaze swept over these guests who wanted to rob him.

“Everyone, do not panic. No matter how strong he is, he is alone. If we all attack together, even if a few of us die, we still can subdue him!” the purple-clad, middle-aged man who first spoke shouted quickly when he saw the situation, wanting to boost morale.

The purple-clad man was right. Xiao Chen could not defeat so many Sovereign Emperors. However, he had forgotten one thing: if Xiao Chen wanted to leave, even if there were double the Sovereign Emperors around, they could not keep him here.

Xiao Chen held an undefeatable position.

However, these people had come with different princes and only had a shallow friendship. How could they risk death to surround Xiao Chen?

That was just wishful thinking.

Damn it! Zhang Ping raged in his heart. He knew that if he did not take the lead in fighting to delay Xiao Chen, the others would not make a move.

“Xiao Chen, don’t be arrogant!”


A saber light appeared. Zhang Ping took the lead and charged towards Xiao Chen.

Sharp saber lights instantly covered Xiao Chen. Zhang Ping did not dare to get careless, so he held nothing back.

Zhang Ping merged his Divine Energy, Soul Energy, Dao Domain, and everything he learned into his saber lights.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

However, Zhang Ping should never have executed a Saber Technique before someone who comprehended the Saber Great Dao. That was like making a fool of himself before an expert.

“You have not even comprehended the Saber Great Dao, and you dare to use the saber before me? Who gave you this courage?” Xiao Chen mocked, not making a move. He casually weaved around the saber lights, which were full of openings to him.

Xiao Chen simply strolled through the saber move that looked boundlessly ferocious and tyrannical to others, not letting any of the saber lights even touch his clothes.

Seeing some people trying to sneak away, Xiao Chen no longer delayed. He placed his right hand on the hilt above his shoulder and said coldly, “That is not how you use a saber.”


Xiao Chen drew the Tyrant Saber. When supported by the Saber Dao Domain, he easily shattered Zhang Ping’s saber move the instant he drew his saber, then chopped down.

“Dang!” Xiao Chen knocked away the saber in Zhang Ping’s hand.

Before the huge force, Zhang Ping could not resist at all, instantly falling to the ground.

“You can remain lying down.”

Xiao Chen did not even look. He spun the Tyrant Saber around and stabbed it down backhandedly.

Zhang Ping let out a startled scream as the Tyrant Saber stabbed through his chest, pinning him to the ground.

Simultaneously, the God Shadow Bow appeared in Xiao Chen’s hand. He brought out his Divine Seal and drew back on the drawstring. Then, he released, shooting an arrow.

The arrow pierced through the chests of two Sovereign Emperors who had sneaked away and stepped on to the metal-chain suspension bridge. Of course, they fell.

Even 5-Vein Sovereign Emperors could not withstand the horrifying thunder flames below. Naturally, only death awaited those two.

“Does anyone still want to leave? The bow in my hand is named God Shadow. Even Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors would find it hard to block an arrow from it. There is only one path back. If you dare to, you can give it a try.”

Xiao Chen spoke casually. His tone did not sound like one of a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

This sight stupefied this group of guests.

Xiao Chen had easily taken down two 3-Vein Sovereign Emperors with the raise of his hand. Such combat prowess already rivaled a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor’s.

“Let me go. I’ll give you a precious treasure. This is my jade strip.”

Zhang Ping fell into utter despair. Although he grasped the Tyrant Saber, whose blade flickered with electric light, with both hands, he could not pull it out of his chest, failing to budge it in the slightest.

Zhang Ping was the first to submit to Xiao Chen. At first, he said that Xiao Chen would be unwilling to leave the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. In the end, he was the one who was unwilling to leave.

With the example of Zhang Ping and the physical body cultivator and the threat of the God Shadow Bow, this group of people had to submit.

These people tried to take advantage but ended up getting taken advantage of. They felt so much regret that their intestines turned green. They even cursed eighteen generations of Zhang Ping’s ancestry in their hearts.

Everything was going well. Just let Xiao Chen pass. Why did you stop him?

When this group of people left, Xiao Chen looked at his significantly filled jade strip and showed a satisfied smile.

Another dragon image had appeared around the jade strip.

Xiao Chen had also obtained a pile of treasures. There were precious Great Desolate Eon herbs, ancient divine materials, and ferocious beast souls, a rich harvest.

Even if he did not obtain the thunder flame inheritance on this trip, he had already reaped a rich harvest.

I will not cross those who do not cross me. Those who cross me, I will repay tenfold.

Xiao Chen calmly put these precious treasures away. Tightly grasping the jade strip, he turned and headed towards the depths of the palace.

As he considered the God Shadow Bow in his hand, he entered deep thought. Then, he took out the Death God Mask and wore it.

In that instant, Xiao Chen’s aura vanished as he merged into the darkness.

Two 4-Vein Sovereign Emperors and one 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor of noble heritage, excellent talent, and Great Desolate Eon bloodlines. The rabble just now could not compare to these three. There was a huge difference in strength.

If Xiao Chen could finish off or severely injure one of them, fighting them would be easier.


In the depths of the thunder flame inheritance:

Tuoba Yun, Qin Yu, and Qin Liang were fighting a pack of Thunder Devils and Flame Devils. These were spirits naturally born in the world, not things of physical flesh. They do not possess high intelligence but were very difficult to eliminate. Their offensive power was even more horrifying.

The most problematic thing was that if they were not killed with one hit, the Thunder Devils and Flame Devils would recover quickly.

This allowed the thunder flame inheritance to block the attacks of many princes and remain unconquered.

However, the results would be hard to say with these three’s arrival.

The three lived up to being elite Sovereign Emperors carefully selected from the eight great empires. They did not appear weak before the many Thunder Devils and Flame Devils, practically killing one with every move. Some strong ones could not be killed with one hit. For such opponents, another person would quickly follow up, displaying tacit cooperation.

As for that Heavenly Wolf Empire’s Tuoba Yun, he was even more incredible. He fought a mutated ferocious Devil alone.

This ferocious Devil seemed to be a fusion of a Thunder Devil and a Flame Devil. Half its body flickered with electric light, and the other half had surging flames.

This being merged flames and thunder, switching freely between the two. When using two Dao Domains, it could bring out a Dao Might close to that of a ninth-layer Dao Domain.

Even so, Tuoba Yun faced this mutated ferocious Devil with great ease, appearing very calm.

It seemed like Tuoba Yan did not need to put in much effort. He wanted to wait for Qin Yu and Qin Liang to deal with the other ferocious devils first, then work together to kill this mutated ferocious Devil.

As the three immersed themselves in battle, they did not notice that a figure in the darkness had been observing them for a long time already.

I cannot touch Tuoba Yun; he clearly has energy to spare, and the God Shadow Bow might not hit him. I can only target Qin Yu and Qin Liang.

Xiao Chen, the hidden observer, made up his mind. As he drew back on the drawstring, his Heart Flame burned and covered the arrow.