Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2299 Raw 2406 : Thunder Flame Inheritance

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Chapter 2299 Raw 2406 : Thunder Flame Inheritance

Two days later, at the summit of a snow mountain:

Xiao Chen finished refining the scarlet rose. When he opened his eyes, the Dao Might coming from him soared.

First Layer. Second Layer. Third Layer! Fourth Layer!

Xiao Chen’s Ice Great Dao increased by two layers, reaching the fourth layer.

The ice inheritance brought boundless benefits, far surpassing Xiao Chen’s expectations and greatly benefiting him.

His eyes showed a scene filled with many flowers. Heavy snow started falling before him. With a thought, the radiated Dao Might turned into a cold light that withdrew.

The cold light coalesced into a vibrant scarlet rose in his hand.

Then, the rose in his hand scattered with a casual wave, turning into a flurry of petals dancing in the air.

Xiao Chen’s lips curled up in a satisfied smile.

By relying on the white-clad Yan Emperor’s inheritance, he could instantly control this fourth-layer Dao Domain, releasing it and unleashing it as he pleased.

Xiao Chen could coalesce the fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain into a rose in his hand with one thought.

Then, he could easily scatter the fourth-layer Ice Dao Domain with a slight movement, turning it into a rain of petals and forming a special force field.

“It is time to search for other inheritances.”

After tasting the benefits, Xiao Chen decided to redouble his efforts, continuing to look for inheritances.

Either Xiao Chen did not go searching, or if he did, he would seek out Superior Grade inheritances. That way, he would benefit a lot.

However, it would be hard to avoid huge battles later on.

Five days had already passed in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Most of the guests would have acclimatized to the spatial pressure of this place. Furthermore, they would have collected some Dragon Essence. They would not be like in the initial stage, where they could not bring out even fifty percent of their strength.

Xiao Chen executed his Heavenly Eye, and a vertical eye flew out from his forehead and hovered in the air.

Using his Heavenly Eye, he looked into the distance. He could see many scenes that others could not.

He could see which inheritances were being conquered and which ones had no one. This would allow him to avoid trouble and save him a lot of time.

After a while, Xiao Chen withdrew his Heavenly Eye. Then, he grasped the jade strip and checked the map of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

The past Yan Emperors left the inheritances in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. The closer one got to the center, the more dangerous it would be. However, the grade of the inheritances would increase correspondingly.

Most importantly, the local ferocious beasts were even stronger.

Aside from this, there were many other forbidden lands in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

These so-called forbidden lands were the places that even the imperial ancestral temple had not figured out. One would most likely die after entering.

Where should I go?

Unlike the princes’ jade strips, Xiao Chen’s jade strip did not contain much extra information.

For example, the First Prince knew about a Superior Grade inheritance that others did not know about and could easily choose.

It was not that easy for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s choice would be crucial.

This is it, then. Target: thunder flame inheritance. Earlier, I saw some princes’ guests coming out from there with dispirited expressions. They must have failed to conquer it.

Using the information from the Heavenly Eye, Xiao Chen made his choice.

All of the Yanwu Dynasty’s past Yan Emperors were swordsmen, and most of them were skilled with the Fire Dao. Several of the genius Yan Emperors grasped two Great Dao simultaneously and could even perfectly merge them.

[TL Note: The Yan in Yanwu means flames.]

This was how the thunder flame inheritance came about, a merger of the Thunder Dao and Fire Dao.

The Demon Blood Vulture appeared. Xiao Chen leaped into the air and landed on it.

Four days later, the thunder flame inheritance appeared in Xiao Chen’s vision.

On the surface, it was a grand palace. There were many signs of battle nearby. Clearly, this thunder flame was a fat piece of meat with several princes targeting it.

However, it seemed like it was a tough bone to chew.

Thunderclouds covered the sky above the palace. Occasionally, lightning struck.

When the lightning landed, it immediately burned, hence the five thousand kilometers of charred land surrounding the palace.

Without a certain level of strength, it would be difficult to enter.

“Someone is coming?”

Xiao Chen frowned. In the next moment, he vanished, leaving only a purple electric mark.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Soon, three figures descended from the sky. The horrifying might of Sovereign Emperors instantly spread out.

Xiao Chen observed from his hiding place. The three were guests of the Thirteenth Prince.

Two of them were middle-aged men exuding the aura of Golden Dragons. Their cultivations were at the horrifying 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

These two’s names were Qin Yu and Qin Liang; they were cousins of the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming’s father.

The last person was even stronger, a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

This person’s eyes looked feral; he was the Heavenly Wolf Empire’s Tuoba Yun.

The Thirteenth Prince’s guests had split into three groups and moved about.

These three made up one group. They had already conquered several inheritances.

Then, they targeted this thunder flame inheritance that several people had failed to obtain.

“Didn’t there seem to be someone earlier?”

Tuoba Yun maintained a calm expression as he cautiously sized up the place, secretly using his Soul Energy to check the surroundings.

Qin Yu said, “I saw it too but only vaguely. It seemed similar to a certain person.”

A sinister gleam flashed in Qin Liang’s eyes. He snorted coldly. “It’s Xiao Chen, the person that the Purple Gold Dragon Emperor ordered to be killed! He must have sensed our arrival and gone in ahead of us or hidden.”

“In that case, there is no need to care. He is just a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor. He cannot do anything against us.”

Tuoba Yun was a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor, so he was qualified to say such things.

“Right. If he dares to show up, hehe…”

The three did not say anything more. They headed to the palace while ignoring the thunder flame that descended from the sky.

“This is a little problematic!”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. These three people were Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors. This was especially so for Tuoba Yun, a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

The most critical aspect was that two of them were Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors of the Golden Dragon Race.

Xiao Chen had a deep grudge with the Golden Dragon Race, nearly to the point where neither could live while the other was alive.

The Golden Dragon Race cultivators saw Xiao Chen as a thorn in their flesh, wishing that they could quickly get rid of him.

“I can’t be bothered with so much. I have to obtain the thunder flame inheritance.”

A cold look flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. As for the two Golden Dragon Race Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors, he had to kill them at all costs once he made a move.

He gently pushed off with his feet, then entered within five thousand kilometers of the palace.

Moving as nimbly as a swallow, Xiao Chen traveled freely through the countless thunder flames.

Soon, he entered the palace. Indeed, there was a small world inside.

There was only a metal-chain suspension bridge connecting the two sides in the vast space, while a horrifying, pitch-black deep abyss gaped below.

No one knew where the bridge led.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The sound of the metal chains rattling echoed endlessly in the dark space.

Immediately, thunder roared in the depths of Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness, shocking him.

Fortunately, his Divine Seal was very strong and did not get affected. As he walked on the bridge, he did not get flustered.

After crossing the bridge, Xiao Chen stepped into a passageway.

Then, he turned his head back to look. Due to the lanterns’ illumination on the walls, he saw green thunder flames burning under the metal chains, with piles of white bones floating on the surface of the thunder flames.

These were the Sovereign Emperors who had fallen off the metal-chain suspension bridge.

This looked like a simple road. To think that so many experienced people had died by falling here.

The thought of a bona fide Sovereign Emperor dying here inspired sighs.

The body of a Sovereign Emperor was already comparable to divine materials. Having been burned by this thunder flame for thousands of years, the bones gave off a jade-green light.

“Did I hear something?”

Soft footsteps padded ahead, slightly startling Xiao Chen.

“Damn it! We reached the last step after so much difficulty. To think that we ran into the Thirteenth Prince’s guests here.”

“Let’s just go. It is already good that those three Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors did not rob us.”

“Hehe! I guess it’s because they have already conquered a lot of inheritances, so they did not care about what we have.”

After a while, a group of people appeared in front of Xiao Chen.

These people showed sorrowful expressions, appearing extremely upset.

There were several people in the group, at least ten. They probably found attempting this inheritance individually too difficult and chose to work together after failing, despite being guests of different princes.

Who could have known that they would meet Tuoba Yun and the other two and get chased out?

Before absolute strength, they had no choice but to submit.

“Xiao Chen?”

Someone recognized Xiao Chen. At first, he felt slightly startled and stunned.

Nearly all of the princes’ guests had heard of Xiao Chen’s name.

Thus, it was not strange that someone recognized him.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly. He just said softly, “Excuse me,” before continuing forward.

Xiao Chen only made it halfway when someone suddenly shouted coldly, “Stand still!”

“Do you have any advice for me?”

“There is no advice. I heard that you have a Medial Grade Soul Tool. I guess that you probably have profited a lot in this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. We just want to check it out.”

The person who spoke was a purple-clad, middle-aged man. Greed flashed in his eyes.

Right after that person spoke, the others showed playful expressions in their eyes.

Although they worked with different princes, they could be considered an alliance that faced death together. Even if a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor had a Medial Grade Soul Tool, it should be easy for them to deal with such a person. The advantage of numbers counted for something.