Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2298 Raw 2405 : Openings and Schemes

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Chapter 2298 Raw 2405 : Openings and Schemes

The person that appeared from the sun slightly surprised the evil-eyed man. To think that the evil-eyed man did not grasp the true position of the other party.

The evil-eyed man could not help feeling suspicious, as he felt very confident in his perception.

Did this person move instantly, or was he hidden in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s sun from the start?

Zhen Yuan and Yan Cangming exchanged looks. They both saw shock in each other’s eyes.

At the same time, they understood why the evil-eyed man suddenly withdrew his move. It should be because of this person.

The evil-eyed man’s background and strength were incredibly horrifying. His Eye Techniques inspired despair in others.

“I am certain that you were not among the various princes’ guests. I am quite curious who you are,” the evil-eyed man said indifferently, quickly recovering his calm.

“The Xuewu Dynasty’s First Prince went missing for more than one hundred years and recently resurfaced in the Demonic Dao Hall in the past decade. Rumor has it that he possesses an innate demonic eye that can make others sink into boundless horror. It can consume all things in the world, even bloodlines and souls.”

The new arrival did not answer the evil-eyed man. After a pause, he continued, “This prince only has a single-character name, Xi. Now, he has been installed as the Xuewu Dynasty’s crown prince by the Demonic Dao Hall. Nevertheless, he maintains a low profile. Even within the Xuewu Dynasty, few know about him.”

“Haha! It looks like you understand me quite well.”

The evil-eyed man did not deny anything. He smiled and said, “However, I also know who you are already. You are Chu Chaoyun, the Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son, the genius who comprehended the Primal Chaos Great Dao. This resolved my confusion on why I could not determine your position.

“I’ll be nosy and ask another question. Your Primal Chaos Great Dao can confound space, but can it confound time?”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “Try guessing?”

“There’s no need to guess. If you cannot, then…die!”

The scarlet cross in the evil-eyed man’s left eye appeared. Chu Chaoyun’s expression immediately changed as his figure slowly blurred in the air.

Yan Cangming felt slightly surprised, suddenly understanding something. Then, he swept his gaze around.

Yan Cangming saw Chu Chaoyun’s figure appear at where the evil-eyed man initially thought Chu Chaoyun was. However, when Chu Chaoyun just appeared, his figure turned blurry again.

Where is he?

Yan Cangming looked around again. Every time he discovered Chu Chaoyun, space strangely got confounded, and Chu Chaoyun vanished again.

Chu Chaoyun’s figure continuously turned blurry and slowly got farther away.

“Haha! You can’t escape. Since I already discovered your secret, how could I let you off?” The evil-eyed man snorted coldly. Then, he shifted his gaze to the front. The scarlet cross in his left eye flickered with light, then seemed to project on the ground as it spun wildly.


The surrounding space twisted. There were no blind spots around; the left eye sucked in everything.

No matter how Chu Chaoyun’s figure flickered in the twisted space, he could not escape. The many blurry figures in the twisted space continuously moved towards the evil-eyed man’s left eye, pulled by the suction, as there were no blind spots.

The evil-eyed man stood in place, wildly using his left eye to consume everything in the space around him.

Chu Chaoyun’s expression changed. He gave up on running, his many figures in the twisted space merging, revealing his true body.

At the same time, he quickly formed hand seals with both hands, showing a grave expression. At a critical moment, his body released a weak light. That was the Primal Chaos Dao Domain.

The instant Chu Chaoyun brought out the Primal Chaos Dao Domain, divine characters appeared in his eyes. Resplendent golden light flared in them, and a bright radiance like that of the Heavenly Flame covered his entire body. The ancient aura that the flame gave off appeared after transcending countless epochs.


The flames moved along the twisted space, looking like bursts of light as they entered the evil-eyed man’s left eye.

In that instant, the surrounding twisted space recovered. Some blood leaked out of Chu Chaoyun’s lips as he took the opportunity to move far away.

The evil-eyed man’s expression did not change as he looked coldly in the direction Chu Chaoyun had taken. Everywhere his eye swept through, space turned chaotic and layered over each other. However, he could not lock on to Chu Chaoyun’s figure.

“Consider yourself lucky!”

The evil-eyed man shifted his gaze, fixing it on Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan, who were not far away. Then, his expression immediately changed into a smile. “How embarrassing. To think that I could not even trap that insignificant Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son. I have embarrassed myself before Brother Yan.”

The strength that Chu Chaoyun showed was not just ordinarily horrifying. Just being able to confound space would already give Yan Cangming a headache. However, Chu Chaoyun still could only flee before the evil-eyed man.

While the evil-eyed man called it embarrassing, neither Yan Cangming nor Zhen Yuan would think him weak.

Yan Cangming said softly, “Lord Xi is joking. This Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son could not even retaliate before Lord Xi, only able to flee. Lord Xi probably has not even brought out a thousandth of his strength.”

The evil-eyed man guffawed endlessly. This strange laughter seemed utterly unfathomable.

Yan Cangming laughed awkwardly, but he felt a lack of confidence in his heart. He did not know what this evil-eyed man was thinking.

“Brother Yan, you are a smart person. That’s why I like making friends with you. Understandably, misunderstandings happen between friends.”

The evil-eyed man stopped smiling and gave Yan Cangming a look replete with hidden meaning.

Yan Cangming nodded and said, “Lord Xi is right.”

“Very well, I will cut to the chase. I will not forcibly demand the Ethereal Immortal Palace key you hold. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you what to do, right?” the evil-eyed man said calmly in an unquestionable tone.

After some thought, Yan Cangming said, “If the Ethereal Immortal Palace appears, I will definitely support Lord Xi.”

The evil-eyed man smiled faintly and did not say anything more on the topic. Then, his gaze shifted and fixed on Zhen Yuan.

A playful look appeared in his eyes as he murmured, “I sense a horrifying existence in your body… How genuinely interesting!”

After saying that, he shook his head and left.

The evil-eyed man’s final words stunned Yan Cangming. Yan Cangming sent a voice projection, Zhen Yuan, could he have discovered your secret?

“It’s hard to say. However, he is skilled in the Fear Dao; he could even be called fear incarnate. It is hard to guarantee that he did not discover anything. Still, he definitely will not discover the Black Dragon King’s secret.”

“That is alright, then… Did you notice it?”


“He got injured.”

Zhen Yuan’s expression changed slightly. Frowning at Yan Cangming, he asked, “Are you sure?”

Yan Cangming’s earlier respectful attitude for the evil-eyed man vanished. He said coldly, “I saw it very clearly. Earlier, that Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son did not turn frantic in the face of danger. At the moment of life and death, he forcibly brought out the Primal Chaos Dao Domain and used the Universe Origin True Flame to exert the might of a True God Flame. Xi’s Heaven Swallowing Demonic Eye is said to be capable of consuming all things in the world. However, that Universe Origin True Flame is also said to be capable of burning all things in the world to ashes.”

Zhen Yuan’s eyes lit up. “That is excellent news… I was feeling that he was some sort of undefeatable existence, that even if I used my full power, I could only severely injure him.”

Yan Cangming said, “This is one of his means. He wants to present an undefeatable image to everyone who comes in contact with him, planting a seed of fear. The longer one comes in contact with him, the more they cannot defeat him. We should thank this Universe Origin Sect’s Holy Son for breaking this seed in our hearts.”

Zhen Yuan sighed, “Fear is something that no one can understand.”

“Haha! Let’s not care about that. All we need to know is that he has openings. Let’s go and meet with the Sixth Prince.”


Yan Cangming and Zhen Yuan immediately left, not lingering.


On the other side, the evil-eyed man who had gone far away closed his eyes amid the yellow sand and muttered to himself, “Chu Chaoyun…”

His left eye leaked black blood that flowed along his half-face mask.

“Plop!” When the blood landed on the yellow sand, the drop of black blood consumed all the Spiritual Energy and lifeforce within five thousand kilometers. The yellow sand turned completely lifeless, the surrounding five thousand kilometers transforming into a black desert.

If one saw this, one would think that the black blood assimilated the desert.

When the evil-eyed man opened his eyes again, golden flames came out of his left eye.

The evil-eyed man’s pale complexion slowly recovered. As he looked at this flame, he revealed an expression of hate in his eyes.

“Yan Cangming, you had best not be presumptuous.”

After snorting coldly, the evil-eyed man soared into the air, turned into a black cloud, and vanished into the horizon.