Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2296 Raw 2403 : Coming like Flowing Water and Leaving like the Wind

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Chapter 2296 Raw 2403 : Coming like Flowing Water and Leaving like the Wind


A perfectly preserved ancient palace exploded. All the restrictions and formations there crumbled in an instant.

Just from the looks of the two 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor ice statues, it was clear how horrifying the force of the explosion was.

This shocked the Tenth Prince and the other guests, causing their expressions to change dramatically.

The gray-robed man leading the group bore the brunt of the force and suffered heavy injuries.

“What’s going on?”

As the group felt confused, a beam of scarlet light shot out of the roiling dust cloud.

“Xiao Chen!”

The gray-clad man on the ground immediately flew into a rage. The surging energy in his body burst out at full power just then.


The surging fire-attributed energy in his body was like a volcanic eruption. The instant he soared up, he dyed half the sky flaming red. This sudden burst of power looked very mighty.

“It’s Senior Rong’s Lava Dao Domain!”

The Tenth Prince and the other three guests immediately revealed expressions of joy. They were very clear about this. This gray-clad man just normally held himself back. However, when he erupted, he was like a volcano that had built up energy for ten thousand years. Even a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor could not bear it.

“Xiao Chen…stay behind!”

The erupted power was indeed startling, able to block Xiao Chen.

However, Xiao Chen, who was sniffing the rose’s fragrance on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, maintained a calm expression, without the slightest ripple.


Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows slightly. Then, he executed Firmament’s Rage, a Dragon’s Gate’s Secret Technique with the raise of his hand.


The rage of a Great Desolate Eon Ancestor Dragon traveled through time and space and arrived in the surroundings. A gigantic, towering hand, with electric light bursting out from the palm, materialized a small world with the support of the Five Element Divine Lightning and Xiao Chen’s Dao Domains.

“Pa!” Xiao Chen did not give the gray-clad man any space to dodge. Just as the gray-clad man charged over and was preparing to launch his attack, Xiao Chen pressed his palm down towards the gray-clad man.

Thousands of saber wounds appeared on the gray-clad man’s body. Electric light flickered on every saber wound, crackling as it entered his body.

After being smashed deeply into the snow, the gray-clad man let out a miserable shriek, in so much pain that he wanted to die.

“Damn it! My ice inheritance! No one can steal my ice inheritance!”

Seeing that Xiao Chen wanted to leave right away after smacking down the gray-clad man, the Tenth Prince seemed to go berserk. He felt extremely upset. He had arrived at this ice inheritance first. From the moment he first saw it, he had determined that the ice inheritance belonged to him.


The Tenth Prince drew his Yan Imperial Sword, and a flash of sword light illuminated the place.

A dragon image wound around the sword, supporting it with Luck. The spatial pressure in this place weakened significantly.

The surrounding space vibrated vaguely. It seemed like many cultivators would arrive after traveling through space.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly on the Demon Blood Vulture. The Tenth Prince was going to summon all his guests to surround Xiao Chen.

This is never-ending!

Xiao Chen, who was already far away, showed a murderous intent on his face.

As he soared into the air, he turned around and left behind a purple electric mark. Then, he appeared before the Tenth Prince in the next moment as if he teleported.

“Block him! Block him! When I bring over all my guests, he will die,” the Tenth Prince shouted anxiously as horror flashed in his eyes.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The remaining three guests appeared before the Tenth Prince, trying to block Xiao Chen’s charge.

However, Xiao Chen was wearing the Alloy Dragon Armor. His combat prowess soared. He showed no intention of holding anything back.

Xiao Chen executed the Supreme Dragon Fist without even thinking.


The Ten Thousand Dragons Art, which never stopped circulating since he entered the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, erupted at this moment.

The many golden dragon images swimming about in Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy Sea charged out of his body, exuding a supreme Dragon Might.

The vast and mighty group of dragons wanders the world, entering the sky and the sea. Who is honored?

The group of dragons is leaderless in the four seas and eight cardinal directions. The world is unfair, and the evil dragon rules. Why is he honored? Fate is unfavorable; life is like paper…what is supreme? In the entire world, only I am honored.

As the Supreme Dragon Fist’s incantation circulated, supported by the Ten Thousand Dragons Art, Xiao Chen brought out the Heavenly Dragon’s mysteries to their limits.

One punch called Leaderless Dragons.

One punch called Commanding the Dragons.

One punch called Regretless Heavenly Dragon.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen defeated a person with each punch. After the three punches, the three remaining guests of the Tenth Prince could no longer fight back, beaten up with their internal organs ruptured. Their Divine Seals shattered and scattered as flowing light.


The Tenth Prince felt flabbergasted, showing a stunned expression. He was stupefied when he saw Xiao Chen charging over.

Xiao Chen withdrew his fist and grabbed the hilt over his shoulder with his right hand. Then, he expressionlessly drew his saber.


When he drew the Tyrant Saber, a flash of saber light soared out and shocked the world. It completely eclipsed the light from the Tenth Prince’s Yan Imperial Sword. Then, it mercilessly continued chopping towards the Tenth Prince.

The saber intent burst out like a mountain flash flood or a tsunami, directly shattering the treasure armor the Tenth Prince wore.

Then, the saber light left a terrifying, fifteen-centimeter-long saber wound on the Tenth Prince’s chest, from which blood spurted out like a fountain.


Xiao Chen sent the Tenth Prince flying. After the Tenth Prince landed, Xiao Chen stomped down on the Tenth Prince’s chest before he could get up, arriving like a phantom.

Xiao Chen’s foot happened to land on the wound on the Tenth Prince’s chest, eliciting a miserable scream that was painful to hear.

The Yan Imperial Sword had already fallen out of the Tenth Prince’s hand. Right now, he was in so much agony that he could not think at all.

If he could choose again, he would not have interfered but let Xiao Chen leave.

However, there were no ifs in this world. The Tenth Prince had wanted to summon his guests to surround Xiao Chen, to make Xiao Chen suffer the worst pain and horror ever.


The moonlight shone on the saber as Xiao Chen returned it to its scabbard. His movements were like a stream of clear, flowing spring water in the air.

“You can scram. Forfeit on your own initiative.”

Of course, Xiao Chen could not kill a prince. At the very least, he could not kill the Tenth Prince. However, letting the Tenth Prince off easy was not his style.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t…”

The Tenth Prince endured the intense pain as he looked up at Xiao Chen. When he met Xiao Chen’s eyes, he felt like a mountain’s height separated them, placing boundless pressure on him.

The Tenth Prince thought about how he might be the first person to drop out in this succession race.

At that time, the many feudal lords and Noble Clans would see him as the one who lost miserably and got kicked out first.

The very thought inspired fear in the Tenth Prince. He found such embarrassment unbearable.

“I have Dragon Essence. Over the past few days, Senior Rong and the others helped me hunt several ferocious beasts in the snowy region, collecting some Dragon Essence. If you are willing, I can give it all to you.”

Left without any ideas, the Tenth Prince thought of the only thing that could get Xiao Chen to let him off.

However, the Tenth Prince did not see any change in Xiao Chen’s expression. Sweat continuously dripped off the Tenth Prince’s forehead.

“I…never mind. I can also give a fifth of the Dragon Essence in my Yan Imperial Sword. That’s all I can give. Alright, one-quarter… Damn it! One-third, is that acceptable now?”


Xiao Chen said calmly and indifferently, “If you are not willing, I can send you away now.”

In theory, others could not force a prince to leave if the prince did not forfeit. However, Xiao Chen was stepping on the Tenth Prince. He had at least one hundred ways to make the other party forfeit.

“Alright, I agree!”

The Tenth Prince felt extremely unwilling. However, he could not do anything but agree. “Move your foot first.”


The instant Xiao Chen moved his foot, the Tenth Prince got up and consumed a Medicinal Pill.

Xiao Chen did not fear the Tenth Prince regretting his promise and reneging on it, so he waited quietly.

Dragon Essence was something manifested by Luck. In other words, it was Luck.

Every prince possessed Luck, which was stored in the Yan Imperial Sword. The Dragon Essence that the guests collected would also eventually gather in the prince’s Yan Imperial Sword.

After the Tenth Prince transferred half the Dragon Essence in his Yan Imperial Sword into Xiao Chen’s jade strip, the thirty-meter-tall dragon image around his sword immediately shrank by half.

Invisibly, the Tenth Prince’s guests elsewhere all felt the spatial pressure they faced suddenly increase.

The jade strip in Xiao Chen’s palm was crystalline and transparent, looking like the most beautiful jade in the world. A flowing light within the jade strip appeared like a spring, nourishing a dragon image.

Xiao Chen gently grasped the jade strip, and warmth filled his body. The cold from the snowy region vanished.

The spatial pressure also decreased.

Xiao Chen immediately understood. Dragon Essence could decrease the spatial pressure. As time elapsed, the advantage of the Great Desolate Eon bloodlines would dwindle.

“Many thanks.”

Xiao Chen spread his arms wide and soared into the air, looking like a tyrannical flying dragon. His voice echoed in the air. When he started descending, a beam of red light tore through the sky and caught him before turning into a blood-flame-like, flowing light that left with the wind.

Coming like flowing water and leaving like the wind…

The Tenth Prince sat on the ground, feeling disappointed. The wound on his chest no longer hurt, but who knew when he could resolve the shadow in his heart?

The Tenth Prince wiped off the sweat on his forehead, soaking half of his sleeve.