Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2293 Raw 2400 : Entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb

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Chapter 2293 Raw 2400 : Entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb

“This Mister Gong inspires horror, but that person inspires despair.”

When the Sixth Prince Wang Ming heard that, he felt slightly startled. “You feel despair too?”

Before Yan Cangming could answer, Zhen Yuan said softly, “Sixth Prince, there is no need to worry. The strongest might not necessarily be the winner in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. There are many variables there; no one can predict the end. Otherwise, we would not have come on this trip.”

There was another thing that Zhen Yuan did not say: if that person inspired despair, Yan Cangming was despair itself.

Wang Ming showed an expression of deep thought. Then, he said indifferently, “I hope it goes as you say.”

Mister Gong caused a huge commotion. The battles on the other arenas seemed rather dull in comparison.

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi showed a slightly unsightly expression on his royal platform.

“This is the strength of a Heavenly Wolf Empire outstanding talent?”

The Heavenly Wolf Empire guests all showed embarrassed expressions. No one dared to speak for a while.

Sikong Shu said indifferently, “Thirteenth Prince, don’t get anxious. At least we managed to probe the First Prince’s true situation. He did not lose much of his accumulations because of the failed wedding. This might be a good thing for us.”

A gleam flashed in Wang Yi’s eyes. Then, he smiled after a while. “That’s true…I guess Eighth Brother is feeling down now.”

As Wang Yi spoke, he sensed a gaze on him. When he turned his head, he saw that it was the Eighth Prince Wang Feng’s.

When the two princes locked gazes, they reached a common understanding, communicating with just their eyes.

Before the First Prince was defeated, the two would not attack each other, achieving a simple alliance. All this happened without words.

At the Ninth Prince’s royal platform, Wang Yan asked, “What does everyone think?”

Senior Feng sighed softly, “Unfathomable. This old man senses several auras that inspire terror in me from the First Prince’s royal platform. I can tell that the man shrouded in blood and shadows is not the First Prince’s strongest guest.”

The Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai said, “I sense the same thing as well.

The others expressed similar views, feeling somewhat worried about the strength that the First Prince showed.

“Lord Xiao, what about you?”


Xiao Chen seemed like he awoke from a dream. After a pause, he said, “We will just follow fate. Now that he showed his sharpness, the most worried ones are not us but the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince. This is absolutely a good thing for us.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar nodded and said, “That’s right. Our strength is not as simple as it appears on the surface.”

After Xiao Chen and the Heavenly Book Scholar expressed their opinions, the Ninth Prince’s guests felt more assured.

The competition for the slots proceeded orderly. Under the Heavenly Book Scholar’s suggestion, the Ninth Prince purposely lost the next match before winning the third.

Hence, the competition for the slots ended.

Some people rejoiced, and some people grieved. The weak princes lost significant Luck, and the strong princes gained more Luck on their Yan Imperial Swords.

The strong grew stronger, and the weak grew weaker.


Wang Yan stretched out his hand and sheathed his Yan Imperial Sword in its scabbard. Then, his thirty-meter-long dragon image turned into a flash of golden light and vanished.

“Many thanks to everyone this time. We will enter the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb soon. I hope that everyone will work together and assist me.”

“We will definitely do our best.”

The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb would open soon. These simple words functioned as a pep talk before the start of the trip.


After a while, a bright light appeared at the drill ground. The many platforms started rising.

“The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb is opening. Princes, please lead your guests inside, following the order of the royal platforms.”

The Yan Emperor’s voice rang out. Then, the First Prince soared into the air with his many guests and entered the Dao Door.

“That is…”

Xiao Chen possessed sharp eyes. He seemed to have seen a familiar figure being helplessly forced in among the First Prince’s many guests.

Jiang He?

If Xiao Chen saw right, that figure belonged to Jiang He, whom he had not seen in a long time. How could Jiang He have become the First Prince’s guest?

Before Xiao Chen had time to think, the Ninth Prince’s turn arrived.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The ten soared into the air and entered the light door one by one. Light and shadows flashed as time and space spun.

When Xiao Chen opened his eyes again, he found himself in a vast snowy region.

Snow flew about, and strong winds howled. A cold wave arrived ferociously, making one shiver.

A boundless pressure that seemed to come from the Great Desolate Eon pervaded the place, existing everywhere. Xiao Chen had never felt this ancient aura so clearly before.

When Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon bloodline sensed this aura, it turned incredibly excited within his body, raring to go.

Even more wondrous was that Xiao Chen could not control the Ten Thousand Dragons Art; it circulated automatically.

Waves surged in Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy Sea, materializing many golden dragon images that wildly absorbed the Great Desolate Eon aura.

This strange change significantly reduced the pressure on Xiao Chen.

There was no one in Xiao Chen’s surroundings.

Everyone, do not panic. Just at this moment, the Ninth Prince’s voice rang out in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness.

Upon entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, you will be sent to a random place in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s periphery. There will not be any danger for now. If you want to gather with me, you can use the jade strip that I passed to you earlier.

Before coming, Wang Yan had handed all his guests a jade strip, saying that it would be useful later.

Now that they had entered the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, it was time to use the jade strip.

Xiao Chen took out the jade strip, which gave off a faint light. As he grasped it in his hand, it mitigated a significant portion of the coldness.

Senior Feng, Senior Hao Kai, and Chang Ji, make your preparations. I will use the Yan Imperial Sword to bring you to my side. As for the others, you may move independently if you want. If you want to come to me, just let me know.

Xiao Chen pondered this. It looks like the Ninth Prince can forcibly pull people over to him. This should be a form of protection.

After some thought, Xiao Chen chose to stay. There was no rush to gather with the Ninth Prince for now.

Great. Everyone is here. As for the remaining guests, please listen to what I have to say before making your move. During the succession race’s first round, we need to collect Dragon Essence. We can enter the second round only after we have sufficient Dragon Essence. The Dragon Essence that you collect will gather in my Yan Imperial Sword and raise my Luck.

Feeling confused, Xiao Chen asked, Dragon Essence?

The so-called Dragon Essence can be understood as a physical manifestation of Luck. The ancestor vein of the dynasty’s Dragon Veins is hidden here. All the ferocious beasts born here and the inheritances of the past Yan Emperors all contain Dragon Essence. The treasures and Soul Tools in the inheritance will contain Dragon Essence as well. Everyone can keep the treasures and Soul Tools you collect; just remember to store the collected Dragon Essence in your jade strips.

The Ninth Prince’s voice rang out again, resolving Xiao Chen’s questions. This filled Xiao Chen with anticipation for this Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Everyone could keep the treasures and Soul Tools. No wonder outsiders had all rushed to come in.

The first round will last for one month. I hope that everyone will help me collect more Dragon Essence. Without sufficient Dragon Essence, I will not be able to take part in the second round. At that time, everyone, including myself, will be forced to leave. Also, if you run into any danger, you can crush the jade strip to leave the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Then, Wang Yan seemed to recall something and added, Also, one more thing. This place has existed since ancient times. That resulted in intense spatial pressures. If you have sufficient Dragon Essence in the jade strips, you will be able to acclimatize to this place better and bring out all your strength. Alright, that’s it.

As Xiao Chen held the jade strip, he muttered to himself, “Spatial pressure?”

The Ten Thousand Dragons Art circulated in his body, and dragon images gave off light in his Divine Energy Sea. Hence, Xiao Chen did not feel much spatial pressure.

However, when he held the jade strip, some of the chills eased off.

When Xiao Chen pressed the jade strip to his forehead, a three-dimensional map appeared in his mind. This was a rough map of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

Xiao Chen put down the jade strip and looked around before soaring into the air.


In that instant, it felt like countless chains shattered. Xiao Chen really felt a lot of pressure now.

As he stood at the top of a snow mound, he opened his Heavenly Eye and took in the sights of the surrounding fifty thousand kilometers.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen darted swiftly up and down in the air like a swallow before landing firmly.

After some observation, he had a rough idea of his location in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

This place was indeed somewhat strange. His Movement Techniques and cultivation were all restricted. Even the range of his Heavenly Eye was significantly shorter.

“According to the information on the map, I should be near the inheritance that the five-hundredth Yan Emperor left behind.”

Xiao Chen analyzed in his heart, This Yan Emperor is rather special. He is exceptionally skilled with the Ice Great Dao, hence the heavy snow and cold Qi eternally filling this inheritance land.

The inheritances in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb were left after the past Yan Emperors died. They were based on the Cultivation Techniques of these Yan Emperors, giving different kinds of inheritances.

Since this inheritance is at the periphery, it should not bring me much of a pleasant surprise.

“Anyhow, I should not ask for too much. I am already pretty lucky, starting quite near an inheritance.”

A brilliant light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he said, “Since that is the case, I have to monopolize this inheritance.”