Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2292 Raw 2399 : Horror and Despair

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Chapter 2292 Raw 2399 : Horror and Despair

Defeating the opponent in ten moves and claiming their banner.

It looked like it was just ten simple moves. However, only Duanmu Huanghun understood the pressure that he faced.

The arenas were small worlds, containing a vast independent space that could support a huge battle between Sovereign Emperors.

Before Duanmu Huanghun could bring out his full strength, Xiao Suo forced him to admit defeat.

However, Duanmu Huanghun wholeheartedly admitted defeat without any complaints.

Others would find it hard to understand the oppressive tyranny that Xiao Suo showed when he unleashed his terrifying baleful aura, leaped up into the air, and charged downwards with the war banner.

Xiao Suo’s aura did not feel like that of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“Is the banner in your hand the Scarlet Blood War Banner that the legendary Scarlet Blood Pirate King left behind back then?” Duanmu Huanghun loudly asked Xiao Suo, who had already returned to the royal platform, from the arena. He felt some dissatisfaction, as he had an Inferior Grade Soul Tool. However, he got careless at the start and did not take it out.

This was the only point of dissatisfaction. If Duanmu Huanghun had taken out his life Soul Tool at the start, he might have had an even chance of victory.

However, if the other party held the Scarlet Blood War Banner, then Duanmu Huanghun’s life Soul Tool would not matter.

“You have pretty good eyes.” Xiao Suo did not deny it, which could be considered an answer to the other party.

After Duanmu Huanghun heard that, the dissatisfaction in his eyes vanished. He knew that he had not stood a chance in the first place.

Even if Duanmu Huanghun had taken out his life Soul Tool at the start, the result would still have been the same. He just would not have lost in such a dramatic fashion.

Due to Xiao Chen, no matter how low-key the Ninth Prince was, he would still attract a lot of attention.

Such a clear-cut victory, defeating the opponent in ten moves, immediately stirred up a commotion.

“To think that it’s the Scarlet Blood War Banner!”

“What a fellow! No wonder the Ninth Prince possesses a thirty-meter-long dragon image. He hid himself well.”

“With the Scarlet Blood War Banner in hand, it is not hard to understand a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor defeating a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor.

When the Yan Emperor saw the Ninth Prince’s performance from the palace in the sky, his eyes lit up. He smiled at the people beside him and said, “Little Ninth is doing pretty well. Aside from Xiao Chen, he managed to recruit such a guest.”

The Royal Clan Elders by the Yan Emperor felt somewhat surprised as well, so they kept an eye out for the Ninth Prince.

On his royal platform, the Ninth Prince smiled and said, “Xiao Suo, well done!”

Xiao Suo remained indifferent to the praise. He said humbly, “It is just due to the advantage of my Soul Tool. The Ninth Prince has overpraised me.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar laughed softly and said, “Captain Xiao is very humble. Not just anyone can make the Scarlet Blood War Banner release light. As far as I know, after the Scarlet Blood Pirate King died, it had at least three other masters. None of them could bring out its wondrous effects; it was as good as scrap metal. That is why it ended up lost in time.”

The guests at the Fourteenth Prince’s royal platform in the distance showed somewhat upset expressions.

Duanmu Huanghun returned with a loss; that meant that they lost one slot. One of them would not be able to enter the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

However, the Fourteenth Prince Wang Li only showed a contemplative expression and no concern over the loss.

After a while, he looked at the Eighth Prince Wang Feng and shrugged helplessly.

In reality, it was the Eighth Prince’s idea for Wang Li to send out Duanmu Huanghun. He wanted to test the Ninth Prince’s strength.

It would have been fine if they had not tested the Ninth Prince out. After testing, Wang Feng felt startled.

“Little Ninth…you hid very deeply,” Wang Feng muttered to himself as he looked at the Ninth Prince’s platform. “I have to keep my guard up against Little Ninth after we enter the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb; I cannot underestimate him.”

“Eighth Prince, should I send someone out to help you suppress the Ninth Prince’s momentum?” the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son Wenren Yu asked softly with a faint smile.

The two people flanking Wenren Yu were none other than the Profound Heaven Holy Land’s strongest disciples, Gu Yuhan and Mu Yunzhu.

Now, the two were extraordinary, having achieved success. Their strength had already improved significantly.

After a while, Wang Feng said calmly, “There’s no need. We have not reached the point of falling out with each other. It is best not to offend him if possible. Hey…”

Wang Feng turned away midway, looking in the First Prince Wang Fei’s direction.

“I am the Heavenly Wolf Empire’s Tuoba Yao. On orders from the Thirteenth Prince, I am here to challenge the First Prince for a slot!”

On an arena, an outstanding talent of the Heavenly Wolf Empire, one of the eight great empires, held up a banner and pointed it at Wang Fei.

Right after Tuoba Yao spoke, the entire drill ground momentarily fell silent. Nearly everyone looked over.

Wang Feng smiled and said, “Little Thirteenth is really bold. However, it is good that he is testing First Brother out. I want to know what trump cards First Brother has, or if he is just relying on empty fame.”

Although the First Prince showed a strong Luck, he remained withdrawn and silent.

Since the start of the competition for the slots, the First Prince had not taken the initiative to battle. No one dared to take the initiative to challenge him, either.

However, someone finally could no longer wait to make a move on the First Prince.

Tuoba Yao had purple hair, dark skin, and a stout figure. He exuded the wildness of wolves and had subdued electric flashes in his eyes. As he smiled, he looked very wild.


Wang Fei showed a sullen expression as he tightly gripped the armrest. He said coldly, “They are trying to take advantage of my weakness. Zuo Yu…”

The evil-eyed man hidden in the shadows behind Wang Fei advised calmly, “First Prince, don’t get angry. We do not need Commander Zuo to deal with such a dancing clown. Who is willing to help the First Prince to regain some prestige?”

A person shrouded in blood and shadow and dressed in black stepped forward.

This person looked at Ming Xuan, appearing to seek Ming Xuan’s opinion. Ming Xuan nodded slightly, not saying anything.

“Lord Xi, let me do it.”

“Oh, if Mister Gong is willing to make a move, then victory is assured,” the mysterious, evil-eyed, black-clad man said with soft laughter. He seemed quite interested in this mysterious man shrouded in blood and shadow.


Mister Gong’s figure flashed, and he landed on the arena. Then, he looked at Tuoba Yao and said, “I will be your opponent for this round.”

Tuoba Yao frowned slightly. He asked coldly, “Acting all mysterious, who are you?”

Mister Gong’s voice sounded somewhat hoarse as he replied indifferently, “The person who will defeat you!”


Countless Bloodsucking Vines came out from the ground, looking like venomous snakes as they soared into the air and left scarlet afterimages. Then, they charged at Tuoba Yao.

The speed of the Bloodsucking Vines was flabbergasting.

Even more horrifying was that every Bloodsucking Vine seemed alive. They made complicated movements at any moment, covering the entire vast small world of the arena in vines within mere moments.

This already seemed like a special domain similar to a small world. When everyone saw this, some horror flashed in their eyes.

Typically, such a special domain would be found with strong ferocious beasts, rarely with cultivators.

Soon, it looked like the Bloodsucking Vines would form a barrier, sealing the place off from the world.

A strange look flashed in Tuoba Yao’s eyes. He said sullenly, “Paltry tricks. I’ll defeat you in one move!”

A golden light flashed in Tuoba Yao’s eyes as he activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. The aura of the 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Tuoba Yao soared wildly. When he howled, thunderclouds churned, instantly emanating a startling Dao Might.

With the Great Desolate Eon bloodline’s support, Tuoba Yao’s Thunder Dao Domain reached peak fifth layer.

Tuoba Yao released electric light from his entire body. His Great Desolate Eon bloodline appeared extraordinary; the moment he activated it, his might seemed even stronger than that of a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“You are too inexperienced to be playing with lightning before me!” Mister Gong laughed coldly. Then, scarlet electric light suddenly burst out of his body.

The spread-out Bloodsucking Vines all shone with a blood-flame-like electric light. This strange, scarlet electric light instantly suppressed Tuoba Yao’s fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain that earlier seemed unblockable.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Millions of venomous-snake-like Bloodsucking Vines surged over in an overwhelming wave, breaking through Tuoba Yao’s Dao Domain and biting him.


A miserable cry rang out in the arena. Tuoba Yao fell to his knees, letting out a miserable shriek that sent chills down everyone’s spine.

Xiao Chen showed a grave expression, seeing something even more horrifying. These Bloodsucking Vines seemed to be sucking away Tuoba Yao’s bloodline power.

Nourished by the bloodline power, Mister Gong’s blood-flame-like electric light became even stranger.

“I…admit defeat!”

Tuoba Yao said these words with some difficulty. It was like doing so drained all his energy.


The instant the Bloodsucking Vines returned, Tuoba Yao fell to the ground. He appeared dispirited, no longer showing the sharpness and wildness he had before. It was like he was another person after losing most of his spirit and energy.

The entire place fell deathly silent. Everyone’s eyes filled with shock and horror. This Mister Gong possessed terrifying strength.

He was not so strong that he was terrifying. However, his technique was so evil that it inspired fear.

Be it the small-world-like Bloodsucking Vine domain, the blood-flame-like electricity, or the Bloodsucking Vines sucking blood, they all seemed extremely horrifying and inconceivable.

With Mister Gong’s move, everyone saw how terrifying the First Prince was. The First Prince lived up to his sixty-meter-long dragon image.

The disguised Yan Cangming behind the Sixth Prince Wang Ming sighed, “The Black Lotus Church’s Holy Son and the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter have not made their move yet. Furthermore, there is still that person… The Demonic Dao Hall’s strength is still unfathomable.”

“Young Master Yan, what’s wrong? You seem lacking in confidence,” Wang Li asked softly with a slight frown.

Yan Cangming replied indifferently, “You have not seen the horror of that person. This Mister Gong inspires horror, but that person inspires despair.”