Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2291 Raw 2398 : Xiao Suo Makes a Move

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Chapter 2291 Raw 2398 : Xiao Suo Makes a Move

When the Yan Emperor suddenly raised the matter that everyone kept quiet about but knew, he caused a huge commotion.

After all, the identity of a Demonic Dao cultivator was rather sensitive.

However, Yan City was the top city of the world. It could even be said to be the center of the entire Great Thousand Realms. Although the Tianwu Dynasty and the Shenwu Dynasty were stronger, the Universe Origin Sect and the Profound Heaven Holy Land controlled them, so they were not as open as the Yanwu Dynasty.

It would not be too surprising to meet Demonic Dao cultivators in Yan City.

Demonic Dao cultivators participated in every succession race. This was an open secret. Strictly speaking, Xiao Chen was half a Demonic Dao cultivator, so it would be hard for him to pursue this matter.

The Yanwu Dynasty also kept an eye closed to this matter. After all, these Demonic Dao cultivators would not dare to cause trouble.

The Demonic Dao cultivators understood their limits and would not go overboard.

However, this round seemed somewhat extraordinary.

As the Ethereal Immortal Palace might appear during this succession race, it attracted the attention of many Demonic Dao factions. Practically all the eight super factions showed up. The number of Demonic Dao cultivators here far surpassed that of the previous succession races.

Aside from targeting the Demonic Dao Hall and the Underworld God Hall, the Yan Emperor’s words also contained some hidden meaning—a warning to the other super factions.

In the end, this place was the Yanwu Dynasty. Those people might have powerful backgrounds and should not be offended. However, they should not go overboard, either, thinking that the Yan Emperor was unaware of them.

On one of the royal platforms, Xiao Chen said, “Ninth Prince, it looks like you worried for nothing.”

Some doubt flashed in Wang Yan’s eyes. After some thought, he said, “I thought that my royal father did not know about it. It looks like he is in control of the matter of First Brother colluding with the demonic dynasty. However, why? The other party is the Xuewu Dynasty, our great enemy.”

The Heavenly Book Scholar explained, “Your Highness, this matter involves the appearance of the Ethereal Immortal Palace, hence also the only Transcendent Grade Soul Tool in the world. If the Yan Emperor chased away all of the people of the Demonic Dao Hall and the Underworld God Hall, they would not let this matter rest. Just think, what would happen then?”

Wang Yan was not stupid; he quickly understood what the Heavenly Book Scholar said. “If that happened, the succession race might not be able to continue. The Faux God experts of the Underworld God Hall and the Demonic Dao Hall might personally charge over and attack the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. The other super factions would take advantage, stirring up the muddy waters.”

With this thought, Wang Yan felt a chill run down his spine. Given such circumstances, he could anticipate a calamity.

It might even endanger the entire Yanwu Dynasty’s foundations.

The Heavenly Book Scholar nodded and said, “That’s right. Hence, he might as well go with the flow rather than block them. The current situation is actually the best.”

Xiao Chen felt admiration for the Yan Emperor’s extraordinary boldness and ken.

The Ninth Prince was still too young. As he frequently fought external enemies at the borders, the world to him was either black or white. Today’s matter taught him something about ruling.

After speaking, the Yan Emperor remained hovering in the air and announced loudly, “The competition for slots begins now. Draw your swords!”

Right after speaking, the Yan Emperor vanished.


Clangor rang out from the royal platforms. These were the sounds of swords being drawn.

Every prince had a replica of the Yan Imperial Sword in his hands.

Although these extremely special Soul Tools were replicas, they connected to the original. They could even summon the original Yan Imperial Sword in times of danger.

What was even more special was that every Yan Imperial Sword replica contained a prince’s Dao.

For example, the Ninth Prince spent most of his time guarding the border, killing demons. What he used was the Massacre Dao.

After the succession race ended, only one Yan Imperial Sword replica would remain.

This Yan Imperial Sword replica would receive the inheritance and the prince’s own Dao to become the supreme sacred sword, ruling the Yanwu Dynasty.


After Wang Yan drew his Yan Imperial Sword, it turned into a beam of light shooting forward and stabbed into the front of the royal platform.

The Luck contained in the sword turned substantial, manifesting as a thirty-meter-long dragon image coiled around the royal platform.

Dragons immediately contested each other in the sky of the drill ground. As the dragons roared, a Dragon Might spread out, blocking the sky and sun.

Mysterious phenomena appeared as clouds roiled above the imperial palace.

The First Prince had the strongest Luck. His dragon image was sixty meters long. It calmly coiled around the royal platform, unleashing a might without rage. This shocked the surroundings, showing the air of an expert.

Next were the Eighth Prince Wang Feng and the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi.

These two’s dragon images were fifty-three meters long. Their dragon images reared up, taunting the First Prince’s dragon image in obvious hostility.

Most of the other princes were like the Ninth Prince, possessing thirty-meter-long dragon images. Only a few princes showed weaker Luck, which was very obvious in the contest between dragons.

Without surprise, these princes with weaker Luck would be targeted for swallowing up.

Others would definitely target them during the contest for slots, becoming priority opponents.

“How surprising! The Ninth Prince’s dragon image is thirty meters long. When did his Luck become so strong?”

“Indeed. The Ninth Prince has always had a weaker presence. He also did not show any obvious ambition for the throne. To think that his accumulations are so deep.”

“However, that is all. The truly strong ones are still the First Prince, the Eighth Prince, and the Thirteenth Prince. Their manifestations of the Luck are indeed extraordinary, far surpassing the other princes

“Did you notice the Sixth Prince Wang Ming? His dragon image looks small, but in reality, it coiled around several times. It is actually forty-three meters long. This person hid very deeply.”

“I would not have noticed if you did not mention it. The Sixth Prince keeps himself well concealed. He is just choosing not to make waves. However, once he does, he will shock everyone.”

“Quick, look! The competition for slots is starting. The Eighth Prince is making the first move, challenging the Nineteenth Prince.”

The various powerhouses in the palace in the clouds, who were initially paying attention to the Sixth Prince Wang Ming, turned their heads to look.

The Eighth Prince Wang Feng took the lead and sent out his guest first, challenging the Nineteenth Prince.

The Nineteenth Prince’s dragon image was only twenty-six meters long. Clearly, he could not send out any strong guests.

After smiling bitterly, the Nineteenth Prince said helplessly, “I have no intention to fight to be the crown prince. I only want to try my luck in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. Even so, he is not letting me off.”

The Nineteenth Prince chose to concede instead of fearlessly resisting, letting the other party win.

So, the Nineteenth Prince lost a slot. It was not that he did not want to fight; he wanted to keep his strong guests to fight the other princes.

As he clearly could not defeat the strong Eighth Prince, there was no need for pointless effort.

The Eighth Prince started off with a victory, gaining one slot. This initiated the competition for slots.

Somewhat messy battles took place in the arenas in the drill ground at the same time.

Every royal platform had an arena before it. A challenger had to jump into the arena and stake their prince’s banner. The rules were straightforward.

“Senior Feng, should we take the initiative to battle or wait for others to challenge us?” Wang Yan asked Senior Feng, the oldest among his guests. Senior Feng was a military expert with a deep cultivation and rich experience.

Senior Feng looked around and replied after some thought, “Our accumulations are slightly weaker. It is best not to take the initiative to expose our strength; just wait for others to challenge us.”

“Senior Hao Kai, what do you think?”

Wang Yan looked around and fixed his gaze on the Golden Crow Empire’s Hao Kai. Hao Kai’s cultivation was similar to Senior Feng’s, a 5-Vein Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor. He also possessed the Golden Crow bloodline. Not considering experience, he might be even stronger than Senior Feng.

“I have no objections. I will listen to the prince’s instructions.”

Then, Wang Yan sought out advice from Xiao Chen and the Heavenly Book Scholar. The two of them also did not want to take the initiative to challenge others, agreeing with the other two’s opinion.

“Someone is coming.”

Xiao Chen looked over and saw a banner land on the arena in front of the Ninth Prince’s royal platform.

“I am Duanmu Huanghun. On the Fourteenth Prince’s order, I am here to challenge the Ninth Prince for a slot.”

A middle-aged man wearing embroidered clothes approached. When he spoke, he did not reveal his sharpness. However, he was a 4-Vein Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor.

Wang Yan smiled and said, “So, it is an expert from the Duanmu Clan. Who would like to face the challenge?”

“Let me go.” Xiao Suo stepped forward and asked to take the challenge.

“I am also willing to take down this person on behalf of the Ninth Prince.”

Another youth among Wang Yan’s guests stepped forward. He radiated sharpness and strong battle hunger.

This person was Jin Mingxiu, an outstanding talent that Wang Yan took the initiative to recruit using the Misty Rain Pavilion’s resources. Su Ye had personally recommended him.

Wang Yan laughed softly and said, “Mingxiu, there’s no rush. Since Captain Xiao volunteered first, let Captain Xiao have this battle.”

Jin Mingxiu felt somewhat unconvinced. However, he still withdrew in obedience.


Xiao Suo’s figure flashed, and he landed heavily on the arena. Then, he looked calmly at the other party.

Some doubt flashed in Duanmu Huanghun’s eyes; he had expected the Ninth Prince to send out Senior Feng or Hao Kai. Even if not these two, perhaps, Xiao Chen, whose name had shaken the imperial capital.

Unexpectedly, the Ninth Prince underestimated Duanmu Huanghun, sending only a nameless 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“It looks like the Ninth Prince does not aspire to become the crown prince. I will accept this slot, then.”

Seeing that his opponent was not Xiao Chen, Senior Xiao, or Hao Kai, Duanmu Huanghun no longer remained withdrawn and reserved, turning somewhat arrogant.

Xiao Suo smiled. This smile was like a horrifying wave churning a sea of blood. He looked experienced and knowledgeable, his might soaring without revealing sharpness.

A scarlet mark on Xiao Suo’s forehead gave off a dazzling light.

When Xiao Suo waved, the Scarlet Blood War Banner appeared. Then, he charged forward with a berserk and bloodthirsty aura, not saying anything.

This stunned Duanmu Huanghun. Unexpectedly, this unknown person possessed such tyranny.

When Duanmu Huanghun startled awake, the Scarlet Blood War Banner had already swept over.

The scarlet war banner appeared like rising waves pushing forward with endless energy.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Duanmu Huanghun threw three palm strikes. Each palm strike scattered a wave.

However, the next waves were stronger than the previous. The Scarlet Blood War Banner’s attack surged forward relentlessly.

In Xiao Suo’s hand, the legend of the Scarlet Blood Pirate King resurfaced.

After ten moves, Xiao Suo pushed Duanmu Huanghun to the arena’s edge, with nowhere left to retreat.

Just as Duanmu Huanghun took out his life Soul Tool to go all out against the berserk waves, Xiao Suo gave a war cry, and a blood sea churned. Xiao Suo stood on top of a wave with the war banner furled up, then thrust it down like a spear.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The light that Duanmu Huanghun formed out of Great Dao Energy shattered layer by layer. The Scarlet Blood War Banner seemed to sweep through everything without any resistance, crushing the opponent’s defenses.

“I admit defeat.”

Seeing Xiao Suo’s berserk aura pressing near horrified Duanmu Huanghun.

He felt that if he continued, he would definitely lose and even suffer severe injuries, so he admitted defeat.

“Thank you for going easy on me.”

Xiao Suo had defeated his opponent in ten moves. Then, he collected the Fourteenth Prince’s banner before returning to the royal platform.


Wang Yan appeared delighted as he praised. His eyes brimmed with excitement.

Xiao Suo helped the Ninth Prince show sharpness in this battle, preventing others from continuing to underestimate him.