Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2290 Raw 2397 : Yan Emperor Appears

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Chapter 2290 Raw 2397 : Yan Emperor Appears

This was a great age of contention; everyone was like a dragon.

As all the princes set off for the imperial palace, the various territories of the Yanwu Dynasty, including those in the outer regions, could sense the wheels of fate turning. A certain power seemed to startle awake the Luck of the dynasty from a deep sleep.

A vast, substantial Dragon Might appeared as towering mountains with precipitous ridges above the Yanwu Dynasty’s imperial palace, where Luck gathered.

A sacred sword stabbed into the mountains. This was the sacred sword that represented the Yan Emperor’s throne and authority.

The princes possessing great Luck could even see the treasure sword that ordinary Sovereign Emperors could not see.

A fiery light flared in their eyes. As long as they could grasp the sword in the end, they would become the crown prince and eventually ascend the Yan Emperor’s throne.

The imperial palace was where the dragon Qi was densest.

There was a vast drill ground surrounded by glittering golden palaces.

One hundred eight feudal lords, the Noble Clans’ Clan Heads, the various sects’ Sect Masters, and many experts gathered in a palace in the clouds, ready to watch the final competition for slots.

When the sun rose to its highest at noon, the various princes entered using the many passages in the imperial palace and arrived grandly in the drill ground.

There were many pavilions on royal platforms stretching out from the drill ground.

The various princes entered the pavilions corresponding to their status.

The royal platforms around were about one hundred meters tall. The railings around the pavilions had banners flapping noisily in the wind.

The princes sat in the middle, and their guests either sat or stood at the sides, sizing up the surroundings.

The Ninth Prince Wang Yan climbed onto his royal platform together with Xiao Chen and the others.

Right now, clouds and winds converged; various extraordinary talents, demonic geniuses, and proud heroes appeared. Although there were many people at the drill ground, it remained silent. No one made any noise.

Intense sparks appeared as various gazes met in the air.

Those that could come here were dragons among men. They had been through rounds of selections and eliminations before finally being able to stand here.

Practically all the Sovereign Emperors under five hundred years old in the entire Martial Epoch gathered here.

Some people knew each other. There might be old grudges as well as new ones.

Many people felt anticipation for the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb in the first place. However, they felt even more anticipation for the grand show that would ensue as a result.

Besides these, all the Sovereign Emperors here knew a greater thing was at play in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, aside from the succession race.

The Ethereal Immortal Palace!

Who knew how many of the guests came for the Ethereal Immortal Palace? If not eighty percent, at least seventy percent of the guests had come after hearing rumors that the Ethereal Immortal Palace would appear.

However, no one mentioned this matter.

Xiao Chen looked around, trying to find familiar people and see how strong the other princes were.

Naturally, the leading one was Wang Fei.

Even if Xiao Chen wanted to ignore the First Prince Wang Fei, he could not.

The First Prince’s aura was the most flourishing among the many royal platforms outside the drill grounds. More than twenty people accompanied him. He had formally chosen eighteen people. If he won all three fights for slots, he would have a horrifying twenty-one slots.

It was hard to imagine how much stronger his team would have been had Xiao Chen not wrecked his wedding.

Xiao Chen looked around casually and discovered a familiar person, Ming Xuan.

Ming Xuan stood behind the First Prince. He possessed exquisite facial features and gave off a lotus-like aura. He looked very handsome but unfortunately was a monk.

“That is…” Xiao Chen murmured when he saw the woman not far from the monk. A strange look flashed in his eyes.

It’s Yang Qing!

The Yang Qing that I once had a friendship with in the Grave Sea Cluster. Wait, that’s not right…

She is not Yang Qing. Yang Qing already died. This woman is the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter. The Yang Qing that I knew was merely this woman’s emanation body. An emanation body is a completely different person and cannot be confused with the original.

Just as Xiao Chen felt doubts, that Yang Qing seemed to have noticed Xiao Chen’s gaze and gave him a meaningful smile.

Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze, not wanting to meet her eyes.

Since Xiao Chen withdrew his gaze, he did not notice another person on the First Prince’s royal platform. This person was clad in black robes. His entire body shone with a scarlet light, and electricity arced within the scarlet light. His eyes stared straight at Xiao Chen, looking like those of a venomous snake.

Without any doubt, most people paid attention to the First Prince’s royal platform.

However, the First Prince maintained an extremely low profile, just sitting on the throne with his eyes closed. The setback of the wedding seemed to have made him more reserved, shrewder.

Aside from the First Prince, the princes who received the most attention were the Eighth Prince and the Thirteenth Prince.

These two princes had sixteen spots each, second after Wang Fei. Their lineups of guests were extremely strong as well.

One of them represented all the sects in the Yanwu Dynasty. The Eighth Prince Wang Feng’s platform had all the sect demonic geniuses under five hundred years old. None of them was weaker than 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor; all of them were Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors.

Among them, Dao Yan was the most eye-catching. His black eyes gave off a faint, icy light, looking as pure as stars or gems; this inspired shock. However, no one knew that he had already formed an ice small world.

After gathering all of the sects’ outstanding talents, the Eighth Prince’s lineup was flabbergastingly strong.

The obstacle of having to choose guests was too advantageous to the Eighth Prince. He could recruit many strong experts without much effort.

The even stranger thing was that the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son Wenren Yu and outstanding talents like Mu Yunzhu and Gu Yuhan were on the Eighth Prince’s side as well, despite the Profound Heaven Holy Land supporting the Shenwu Dynasty.

The Thirteenth Prince’s lineup of guests was equally shocking. All of them were demonic geniuses with Great Desolate Eon bloodlines.

Those near that platform felt intense pressure from the auras of the gathered Great Desolate Eon bloodlines.

This was an innate advantage of bloodlines. Furthermore, these people were from seven of the eight great empires under the Martial God Palace. They were absolute elites under the age of five hundred years old, chosen after fighting each other.

Xiao Chen glanced over and noticed many familiar people. There was Bai Yunfei, Xiahou Wu, and the Dragon God Crown Prince Qin Ming.

There were also princes Xiao Chen did not pay attention to that had equally terrifying strength.

There was a hooded and cloaked person standing behind the Fourth Prince Wang Yun. That person was completely covered up; it was the undercover Hidden Spirit Temple’s Yuan Zhen. He lowered his head, not looking at anyone. Who knew what he was thinking?

Even more horrifying was the Sixth Prince Wang Ming. Underworld God Hall experts filled his royal platform. There was the Flood Dragon Human Yan Cangming, the Old Eccentric Qiao from the battle at the Underworld River, the Buddhist sect traitor Zhen Yuan, and Asura Race and Rakshasa Race experts.

These people from the Abyssal Underworld disguised themselves and stood behind Wang Ming, maintaining a low profile and not revealing anything. It was challenging for outsiders to notice anything in this place where many experts gathered. No one knew what kind of trump cards Wang Ming hid.

There were too many outstanding talents attracting attention. There was no way to check out everyone.

Even Xiao Chen did not dare to guarantee that he noticed everything. He vaguely sensed that all eight super factions had sent people in secret, including the low-profile Pirate Alliance and the underground Underworld God Hall.

Xiao Chen even saw Grim Reaper Lin Feng. The other party nodded at Xiao Chen, not saying anything. It looked like the Heavenly Alliance placed two bets. They let Mu Zifeng choose Xiao Chen and support the Ninth Prince. On the other hand, Suiren Ji sent Lin Feng and other experts to support the Seventh Prince. Then, they would see who between the two would triumph.

However, Xiao Chen felt somewhat disappointed that he did not see Chu Chaoyun.

Xiao Chen did notice the Universe Origin Sect’s people but did not see Chu Chaoyun among them. Perhaps Chaoyun hid by the other princes’ side or gave away the Ethereal Immortal Palace key he obtained, not getting involved in this matter.

Where heroes gathered, people from all walks of life mixed together.

The many powerhouses above the clouds clearly did not expect this succession race to attract so many outstanding talents. Among them were Demonic Dao cultivators.

Suddenly, a vast Imperial Might broke through the clouds and awed the entire place.

The Yan Emperor appeared, hovering in the air and looking down at his land. When he swept his gaze around, his attention inspired fear. No one dared to look into his eyes.

When wielding the Yan Imperial Sword in the Yanwu Dynasty’s imperial palace, the Yan Emperor was practically unrivaled.

The corners of the Yan Emperor’s mouth rose in a stern smile as he looked at the many princes below. He clearly knew about the guests that came from various walks of life.

“Thank you to all the outstanding talents who came from afar to help my princes during the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb’s opening. This is especially so for the Demonic Dao Hall, the Underworld God Hall, and the Pirate Alliance…you are all really bold!”

The Yan Emperor’s words caused a huge commotion. Everyone felt like lightning struck them.

A strange look flashed in the eyes of the many Demonic Dao loose cultivators and the outstanding talents of the Underworld God Hall and the Xuewu Dynasty.

These people all felt that they had hidden well, using powerful treasures to cover up their demonic aura. When mixing among the princes’ guests, they looked no different from ordinary loose cultivators.

Unexpectedly, they were just like children putting on plays before the Yan Emperor.

Just as everyone felt uncertain, the Yan Emperor’s grave expression eased up. Then, he said with a soft laugh, “Don’t worry. This emperor will not make things difficult for you. The Ethereal Immortal Palace may or may not appear in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. If I don’t let you in, there will be bigger trouble.

“However, since you are here in my Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb, then you will have to follow the rules of my Yanwu Dynasty. If anyone dares to cause trouble, I will guarantee that even if the Underworld God or the Demonic Lord appears, they will not be able to save you!”