Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2287 Raw 2394 : Various Movements

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Chapter 2287 Raw 2394 : Various Movements

“Thunder Pattern Grass, Thunder Spirit Blood Ganoderma, Demonic Cloud Flower, Black Thunder Fruit…”

Xiao Chen took out the demonic fruits that he obtained in the black peak from his storage ring. These demonic fruits could not increase his cultivation, so he had not refined them on the spot that day. Nevertheless, they still held great value, so he had casually stored them in his storage ring when he saw them.

Every one of these fruits contained a pure Thunder Dao’s Great Dao Energy. However, they had a demonic nature.

To Demonic Dao cultivators, these were supreme treasures with boundless value.

Righteous Dao cultivators would need to wash off the demonic nature in Lunar Water before they could refine it.

Xiao Chen did not need to worry too much. He could directly consume the natural treasures that no one cared about on the black peak.

If a Demonic Dao cultivator were here, they would definitely let out startled cries at Xiao Chen’s prodigal usage.

Naturally, these incredibly precious herbs should be refined into Heavenly Pills before being consumed to prevent any of the medicinal nature from scattering.

However, Xiao Chen did not mind, as all these cost him nothing.

As Xiao Chen consumed the various demonic fruits, a black thunder flame erupted from his body. The Thunder Great Dao’s aura he radiated continuously strengthened as his fifth-layer Dao Domain slowly advanced.

The Thunder Dao was now Xiao Chen’s strongest and vastest foundational power. He wanted to enhance it further.

If his Thunder Dao Domain broke through to the sixth layer, it would be even more horrifying when he supported it with the Alloy Dragon Armor.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes seven days later. Electric light flickered in them while his body exuded a terrifying Thunder Dao Might.

“How unfortunate, I am still a little short. However, I managed to consolidate my Thunder Dao Domain at peak fifth layer. I only need an opportunity to make a breakthrough.”

Xiao Chen spat out a breath of turbid air. Then, he muttered to himself, “I should give it a try, to see how mighty my peak fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain is.

A secret realm was a small world. Even if Xiao Chen caused a huge commotion here, there would not be any commotion outside.


Xiao Chen stood up, and his figure flashed, arriving at the center of this small world. This was a vast place with desolate mountains.

“Bang! Bang!” Electric dragon images erupted from the black gloves on Xiao Chen’s hands. Then they wound around his arms and spread all over his body before meeting.

Purple dragon motifs appeared on the silver battle armor. A pendant made of a dragon’s reverse scale hung on his forehead. Xiao Chen’s aura changed drastically.

This was the Alloy Dragon Armor that was unique to him.

With a thought, Xiao Chen brought out his peak fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain. The horrifying Dao Domain made thunderclouds fill the sky.


The dragon motifs on the battle armor flickered, activating the formations that contained a dragon soul. The peak fifth-layer Dao Domain suddenly advanced a layer, reaching peak sixth-layer Dao Might.

“Ice Dao Domain!” Xiao Chen shouted, and his second-layer Ice Dao Domain appeared. Snow started flying about, bringing endless cold winds.

Xiao Chen’s Dao Might soared again, reaching the seventh layer.

“Saber Dao Domain!”


The three Dao Domains layered over each other. Xiao Chen became like a powerful treasure saber standing in the world. The Dao Might that his body gave off broke through the layers. Eighth layer, ninth layer!

The Dao Might reached the ninth layer.

“That’s not enough!”

Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning! Reveal yourself!

The Azure Dragon Divine Seal gave off a bright light in Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool. Undercurrents immediately surged in the vast Soul Pool, feeling like a True Dragon swimming around. The talisman made of the Immortal Epoch’s Ten Thousand Tribulation Divine Lightning revealed a small corner of itself, looking like a dragon breaking out of the sea.

In that instant, golden electric light filled every corner of the Soul Pool.

A golden talisman rose slowly from Xiao Chen’s palm. “Rumble…!” As the golden talisman moved, the entire secret realm trembled. It felt like a horrifying force brewed within his body.


Once the golden talisman had emerged, Xiao Chen’s Dao Domain underwent a radical transformation, showing a qualitative change. It now gave off a might and pressure that only a tenth-layer Dao Domain could.

When drawn out by the golden talisman in his palm, it might even be mightier, feeling incredibly horrifying.

At this moment, Xiao Chen felt in control of a surging power. Even this small world seemed weak.

He felt that he could rip the sky of this secret realm to pieces with a gentle strike.


The small corner of the talisman peeking out of the Soul Pool submerged silently. The golden talisman sank back into Xiao Chen’s palm. Then, the three Dao Domains returned to his body, and the Alloy Dragon Armor withdrew to the gloves.

In that instant, Xiao Chen turned from an incredibly terrifying thunder god to a harmless, ordinary-looking, 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“I can bring it out and withdraw it at will. It looks like those demonic nature fruits were of great help. If my Thunder Dao Domain had not reached the peak of the fifth layer, it would be impossible to control this tenth-layer Dao Might,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. At the same time, he felt that the various aspects of his strength had all reached a bottleneck.

His cultivation was stuck at peak 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

His Thunder Dao Domain was stuck at peak fifth layer, unable to progress any further.

His Ten Thousand Dragons Art was stuck at peak second layer, unable to break through to the third layer and achieve the effect of ten thousand dragons soaring.

His Saber Technique remained stuck at Merciless Killing, unable to reach Consummation. It was also difficult for him to make breakthroughs in his Saber Dao Domain.

“Perhaps the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb is an opportunity for me to make a breakthrough in all aspects.”

A brilliant light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. If he could break through these bottlenecks, his strength would experience a true qualitative change, reaching a level even he could not imagine.

“I’ll not think about this for now. That is all for the Thunder Dao Domain. The next step is to improve my Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram.”

Xiao Chen collected his thoughts, focusing his gaze on the painting in his hand. Anticipation filled him.

Before leaving the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters, he had exchanged his contribution points for flame seeds. It was time to use them.


If one looked down at the imperial capital from the sky at this moment, one would see strands of dragon Qi soaring up from the various princes’ residences, looking towards the palace with ambition in their eyes.

[TL Note: The dragon Qi mentioned here is not energy from a dragon. In China, the dragon is associated with the emperor, so this dragon Qi refers to an aura of royalty, more akin to Luck than energy.]

The True Dragon sword formed by the imperial capital’s Dragon Veins, the Yan Imperial Sword, lay at the palace.

If one could grasp this sword, the sword that represented the supreme authority of the Yanwu Dynasty, one would be a True Dragon, the son of heaven. One would be able to ascend to the Yanwu Dynasty’s throne.


At this moment, the auras of Great Desolate Eon bloodlines permeated every corner of the secret realm in the Thirteenth Prince’s residence.

Many pairs of golden Great Desolate Divine Eyes lit up the sky, golden and glittering. The golden sky looked shocking.

The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi stood at the highest point in the secret realm, smiling as he looked at the golden sky, immersed in grand aspirations.

Two old men stood beside the Thirteenth Prince.

One of them wore a straw raincoat and hoisted a fishing rod on his back, looking like a fisherman. This was the White Marsh Beast Empire’s imperial teacher, Sikong Shu.

The other person wore silver dragon robes, radiating might without any anger. He showed the indifferent look of a ruler. This was the Divine Dragon Empire’s Silver Dragon King.

Wang Yi said faintly, “Seniors, we can begin.”

The Silver Dragon King nodded slightly. Then, he shouted a single word, “Fight!”

This shout seemed to ignite the Great Desolate Eon auras in the air.

A startling battle hunger erupted from the vast world below. Many hidden figures suddenly charged out, all of them possessing a Divine Vein Realm cultivation and a pure Great Desolate Eon bloodline.

A shocking battle royal started.

The Silver Dragon King smiled and said, “Thirteenth Prince, aside from the Golden Crow Empire, all the Sovereign Emperors under five hundred years old from the eight great empires are gathered here. The ten survivors of this battle royal will accompany you to the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb. Sovereign Emperors with Great Desolate Eon bloodlines have immense strength and can fight above their cultivation in the first place. Now, we are choosing the top ten elites. This old man cannot think of any reason for the Thirteenth Prince to fail in becoming the crown prince.”

Wang Yi rejoiced upon hearing that; he could not help guffawing. “Senior Silver Dragon King is right. This is marvelous. The Martial God Palace lives up to being the super faction with the deepest accumulations. Such combat prowess is shocking. I initially wanted to keep three slots for Brother Qin Ming, Brother Bai Yunfei, and Brother Xiahou. Unexpectedly, the three of them joined the fight as well.”

Sikong Shu said indifferently, “The three of them are the strongest outstanding talents of the Martial God Palace. Even if they fight against older-generation outstanding talents who are several centuries old, they will not be disadvantaged. Thirteenth Prince, rest assured. They will be among the final ten.”

A bright gleam flashed in Wang Yi’s eyes. He muttered to himself, “Is that so? Then, I have to take a good look.”

At least four hundred Sovereign Emperors gathered in the secret realm. This battle royal looked very shocking. The vast accumulations of the Martial God Palace, which led the eight great empires, seemed terrifying.

As the Silver Dragon King said, every Sovereign Emperor here possessed incredibly terrifying strength. With the top ten elites, there was no reason Wang Yi would lose in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

However, the things of the world were hard to predict.

The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb contained many variables. No one would dare guarantee having the last laugh.


Now, the various princes anxiously recruited guests, picking out extraordinary outstanding talents.

However, the scene inside the First Prince’s secret realm seemed somewhat strange.

Wang Fei appeared bored and disinterested as he sat on a throne in the secret realm, drinking cup after cup of wine.

A 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor holding a saber stood by Wang Fei’s side, looking to the front gravely.

This person’s name was Zuo Yu. He was a peak expert secretly nurtured by the imperial ancestral temple. The imperial ancestral temple had been planning for this succession race long ago. This 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor Zuo Yu was the trump card they prepared for the First Prince.

A fortress ship flying a blood moon flag stopped at the top of the mountains before the First Prince.

The blood moon was the symbol of the Xuewu Dynasty.

There was an unfathomable black-clad man in a cabin of the ship. He wore an eyepatch on the left that still showed his eye. When looking carefully, one would see that the revealed left eye seemed to have a row of round crimson dots on the pupil. These dots manifested intermittently, appearing incredibly strange.

A male and a female sat behind this black-clad man. Everyone else sat behind these three.

The male sat on the left. He looked handsome and had a lotus-like air. As he smiled, his exquisite facial features nearly made others overlook his bald head, forgetting that he was a monk.

This was the previous Black Lotus Church’s Holy Son, the current Black Lotus Sect Venerate Ming Xuan.

If Xiao Chen were here, he would be startled by the female on the right. He would think that Yang Qing came back to life.

Anyone who paid attention would find guessing her identity easy. This was the Azure Lotus Holy Daughter.

Right now, the focus was not on the three but on the person standing in front, showing a helpless expression, who had his cultivation restrained.

“My Lord, we already searched his soul. There is indeed no memory of the inheritance key in his mind.”

The black-clad man with the mysterious left eye appeared dissatisfied. He looked at that person in front and muttered to himself, “Jiang He…the only son of the Heavenly Dragon. If he does not know the location of the inheritance key, then no one else in this world does.”