Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2285 Raw 2392 : What Is Your Value to Me?

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Chapter 2285 Raw 2392 : What Is Your Value to Me?

“What a coincidence! It is the Eighth Prince.”

When Xiao Chen saw who came, he showed an indifferent expression. Then, his gaze shifted and fixed on the gray-clad man at the side.

That old man was a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor. However, he still tried to avoid Xiao Chen’s gaze.

The Eighth Prince Wang Feng sized up Xiao Chen. He found the other party increasingly unfathomable. Xiao Chen was now much stronger than when he first arrived at the imperial capital.

Although Xiao Chen was a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor, anyone recruited as a guest in the succession race would definitely be a sharp weapon.

Not to mention Xiao Chen’s strength, just the Misty Rain Pavilion that he led already made the First Prince’s wedding go haywire.

Xiao Chen held great recruitment value. Unfortunately, he had killed Duke Yun’s beloved son. Hence, the Eighth Prince could not recruit him. However, he already formed an irreconcilable conflict with the First Prince.

In the end, the Eighth Prince still could make use of Xiao Chen. It would be best if they did not become enemies now.

The Eighth Prince Wang Feng immediately smiled. “Lord Xiao, when you have time, do come and visit my residence. My residence is not that far from Ninth Brother’s. We welcome you at any time.”

Xiao Chen knew what the Eighth Prince was thinking, but did not expose it. He looked at the old man at the side and asked, “Are you not going to introduce this senior?”

“He is the Divine Sword Pavilion’s Vice Pavilion Master Dao Yan. He happened to be exactly five hundred years old this year and is my strongest guest. If Lord Xiao is interested in the Sword Dao, you can discuss it with Senior Dao Yan,” the Eighth Prince introduced calmly, without hesitation.

Dao Yan said indifferently, “I have long heard of Lord Xiao’s great name. I welcome your advice at any time.”

Just at this moment, the Ninth Prince and the Heavenly Book Scholar walked out of the Ninth Prince’s residence together.

“Eighth Elder Brother,” the Ninth Prince greeted when he saw Wang Feng.

The Ninth Prince was still quite polite with Wang Feng. In reality, as long as the First Prince did not work with the Azure Lotus Church, he would not bother with the First Prince.

“Ninth Younger Brother, congratulations on recruiting Lord Xiao as your guest.” The Eighth Prince smiled, being polite out of formality.

Wang Feng did not pay much heed to the Ninth Prince, as he did not feel threatened. Even if the Ninth Prince recruited Xiao Chen, it should not affect the overall situation.

The Eighth Prince’s greatest opponents were still the First Prince and the Thirteenth Prince.

Even after them, the Ninth Prince would not be next, as he had practically no factions in Yan City. He could not recruit many strong guests, so his overall strength was ranked at the bottom.

There were many such princes. They entered the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb to seek fortuitous encounters to raise their strength or improve their standing in the Royal Court.

After some polite exchanges, the Eighth Prince left with Dao Yan.

“Senior Dao Yan?” the Eighth Prince prompted Dao Yan. He had sensed something strange going on between Xiao Chen and Dao Yan.

“Truth be told…The Divine Sword Pavilion expert who tried to assassinate Xiao Chen at the Smiling Daughter Pavilion back then is this old man. He might have noticed something earlier, but I’m not sure about it,” Dao Yan confessed after some thought.

The Eighth Prince smiled and said, “I thought it was something worse. There’s no need to worry. Even if he knows, he will not care too much, as he has a stronger enemy waiting for him. As long as we do not take the initiative to offend him, it will be fine. This person’s bottom line is obvious. However, I do not know what his limits are.”

“Don’t worry. This old man does not lack tact. Just wait for my Ice Dao Domain to improve and form an ice small world. At that time, no one in the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb will be a match for me. It is just a mere Xiao Chen; I do not care about him. The Eighth Prince’s ascension takes priority.”

Dao Yan’s eyes released a cold light, appearing as resplendent and dazzling as stars. A horrifying battle hunger surged out.

Dao Yan was now a 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor. If he could form an ice small world, he would be undefeatable.

An excited gleam flashed in the Eighth Prince’s eyes. He asked, “Are you confident?”

The Eighth Prince knew that Dao Yan had extraordinary talent in the Ice Great Dao. He reached the Ice Dao Domain’s ninth layer one century ago. However, Wang Feng had not expected Dao Yan to comprehend and form an ice small world before entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.

The Eighth Prince vaguely felt that Luck had shifted from his First Brother to him.

My time has come!

“I am eighty percent confident,” Dao Yan said softly.

Wang Feng immediately rejoiced. He smiled and asked, “What resources do you need? I will arrange for them; you will definitely be satisfied.”

“The Divine Sword Pavilion does not lack resources. Your Highness, just wait for good news.”

“No. It is still just eighty percent. I have to push it to fully confident. In the end, the Divine Sword Pavilion’s resources are still slightly inferior to the Royal Court’s. I still have one opportunity to enter the Heavenly Palace Treasure Trove that I have not used. I’ll use it for Senior Dao.”

The Eighth Prince did not permit rejection, taking agreement as a matter of course.

Dao Yan felt excited. He had heard of the Heavenly Palace Treasure Trove before. That was where the Royal Clan stored their treasures. All the treasures that went in there were worth cities, incomparably precious. He could not refuse.

“In that case, many thanks, Eighth Prince.”

“It’s not a problem. You flatter me. Come, let’s go over.”

The Eighth Prince felt incredibly excited. They immediately changed course for the palace.


In front of the Ninth Prince’s residence, Wang Yan and the Heavenly Book Scholar entered deep thought as they watched Wang Feng and Dao Yan leave.

Since Xiao Chen seemed somewhat interested in Dao Yan, Wang Yan said, “That is Dao Yan. He was a Divine Sword Pavilion true inheritor four centuries ago. Before reaching five hundred years old, he became the Divine Sword Pavilion’s Vice Pavilion Master. Back then, he was a demonic genius that shook up the entire Yanwu Dynasty. He remained silent and hidden during the past few centuries. People only recalled that he had just reached five hundred years old when he suddenly reappeared recently.”

Xiao Chen asked, “Is he strong?”

“Yes, very strong. Among all the princes’ guests this time, Dao Yan’s strength would rank in the top three, at least. What’s even more terrifying is that sect outstanding talents fill Eighth Elder Brother’s side. All the sects in the Yanwu Dynasty support him, so he does not need to spend many resources to recruit guests.”

When discussing Wang Feng, the Ninth Prince had to acknowledge his overall strength.

The sects had at least ten thousand years of inheritance; they would not lack in resources. Not only could Wang Feng save on resources, but the sects would even support him, sending extraordinary talents to him.

After the First Prince’s wedding was wrecked, he could no longer suppress the Eighth Prince with his overt forces and fell back to the same starting line.

The Heavenly Book Scholar smiled and said, “Let’s not talk about this for now. Pavilion Master Su and Lord Xiao, please come in first.”

After entering the residence and discussing some important matters, Xiao Chen said softly, “Ninth Prince, aside from the final competition for slots taking place one month later, I still have something to discuss.”

“What is it?” Wang Feng let out a sound of surprise, somewhat baffled.

Xiao Chen said straightforwardly, “This Xiao would like for the Ninth Prince to fight for the crown prince position.”

Wang Yan smiled and said, “Naturally, I am fighting to become crown prince. Otherwise, why would I recruit guests and ask Lord Xiao to help me fight for an extra slot? Wouldn’t that just be a waste of time?”

“You still do not understand what I mean. I want you to fight wholeheartedly to become crown prince, to ascend to the Yan Emperor’s throne. Not like now, going through the motions just because of the Ethereal Immortal Palace, reluctantly entering the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb to snipe at the First Prince.”

Xiao Chen directly tore down Wang Yan’s self-deception.

The Ninth Prince never truly thought of becoming crown prince. When he spoke about Dao Yan at the entrance earlier, it was clear that he had no ambition.

The Eighth Prince was a strong competitor, but the Ninth Prince did not care at all, showing no sense of urgency.

Wang Yan’s expression changed. As he looked at Xiao Chen, he said, “Haha! It looks like I misjudged you. Xiao Chen, you are just a materialistic person. You agreed to my request only because you are trying to fight for benefits—”

Xiao Chen interrupted him, sneering, “Misjudged me? What? Did you previously feel I was indifferent to worldly rewards, a person of loyalty? Although I dual cultivate righteous and demonic, I would not have much ambition? That I would not cause any damage to the dynasty if you let me into the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb?”

The atmosphere suddenly changed, taking the Heavenly Book Scholar by surprise. He quickly said, “Xiao Chen, that’s not what the Ninth Prince meant.”

“Don’t speak for him. Back when I met you, I did not truly leave. I heard everything that you and the Ninth Prince said, that I am not his ideal choice. He simply could not find anyone else, settling for me out of a lack of choice. If possible, he would choose a person purely of the Righteous Dao, am I right?”

Xiao Chen looked straight at the Ninth Prince calmly.

The expressions of the Heavenly Book Scholar and the Ninth Prince immediately changed; they did not know how to answer.

“You have nothing to say? Then, let me speak. I knew from the start why you sought me out. I do not mind your suspicions. As long as you are of sufficient help to me, that is enough. I don’t care who becomes the Yan Emperor, either; what does that have to do with me?”

Xiao Chen continued without pause, “However, I have formed a grudge with the First Prince, one where we will fight to the death. If you are still going to take a cowardly attitude, what is your value to me? Why should I side with you? If the First Prince ascends to the throne, I will find escaping death difficult. I would have to flee far away from the Yanwu Dynasty. I would not mind if I were alone. However, I still have friends. Pavilion Master Su definitely cannot leave. My subordinate merchant association chiefs cannot leave, either. What are they going to do? I, Xiao Chen, cannot accept it if even one of them dies!”

When Xiao Chen said the word “dies,” he somewhat lost control of his emotions. He looked at the Ninth Prince and said sullenly, “I’ll say something unpleasant. If you had the status of the Eighth Prince or the Thirteenth Prince, would Wang Fei have dared to touch my martial nephew? Would my martial nephew have died such a wronged death?

“Well, I, Xiao Chen, am that materialistic. Are you satisfied?”

Seeing that Xiao Chen seemed to lose control of his emotions somewhat, Su Ye quickly reached out and held his hand, quietly pacifying him.

Back then, it was Su Ye and Xiao Chen who rushed out of the city. She was the clearest that Xiao Chen never let go of Ling Yu’s death. Back then, Ling Yu’s death dealt a huge psychological blow to him, much larger than most imagined.

Xiao Chen just did not say anything, not wanting to worry anyone. However, his helplessness and sullenness never disappeared. With every passing day, it multiplied by a hundred.


The Ninth Prince felt somewhat frightened when he saw Xiao Chen’s expression. In the time he had known Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen had rarely erupted in anger.

No matter how angry Xiao Chen was, he normally would not show it on his face. He would always appear unaffected, unfathomable.

However, when Xiao Chen showed his anger, the air he gave off seemed ridiculously intimidating.