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Chapter 2281 Raw 2388 : A Sea

Xu Ye’s actions greatly dissatisfied Xu Ming, prompting Xu Ming to leave.

When the two saw the situation, they felt somewhat helpless. However, they did not say anything.

Venerable Xu Yun consoled Xiao Chen, “Benefactor Xiao, please do not take offense. Junior Brother Xu Ming believes strongly in a clear distinction between good and evil. He once announced a major great ambition, wanting to sweep away all evil and bring the Buddhist sect back to glory. Hence, it is hard for him to avoid hostility to you. In reality, my senior brother and I have no strong attachments to the distinction between good and evil. Whether Buddha is in one’s heart or not, you just need to follow your heart. As long as you do not worship the evil Buddhas, all those with an affinity for my Buddha are friends.”

Abbot Xu Ye added, “That’s right. Faith cannot be forced. The Kāśyapa Buddha never promoted such principles, either. Before he became a Buddha, he also cultivated a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique. However, he put it down and became a Buddha in the end, shouldering the great undertaking of the Buddhist sects.”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate his agreement.

Just because one was a Buddha, it did not mean that one would not make mistakes. They did not represent the supreme truth, and there was no need to force others to accept the faith.

As for Xu Ming, Xiao Chen was not surprised at his major great ambition. Since ancient times, there had been no lack of such fanatics. It was not just the Buddhist sect; there were many people of other religions with similar ambitions.

Under Abbot Xu Ye’s lead, Xiao Chen arrived at a small path that led upwards.

Without realizing it, Xiao Chen arrived at the summit of Spirit Vulture Mountain.

That was a cold, humid, dark, and empty piece of land. An atmosphere that inspired restlessness hung in the air. It felt like all the evil in the world gathered here.

Xiao Chen looked to the front, somewhat astonished at the wildness of the sins that seemed to be buried deep in this boundlessly dark land.

“Where is this place? Buddhist sects represent purity. How could there be a place with such filth?” Xiao Chen blurted out. He felt like he had arrived in the Abyssal Underworld.

Venerable Xu Yun asked after some thought, “Did you see the golden Kāśyapa Buddha statue on the mountain’s summit?”

Xiao Chen nodded and replied, “Naturally, I did.”

It would be impossible not to. One could see that towering, golden body at the summit just by looking up. Buddhist light shone, and Auspicious Signs filled the sky. That place looked as dreamy as heaven. It was like the paradise mentioned in Buddhist scriptures, making everyone feel reverence for it when they looked at it.

Previously, Xiao Chen even wondered whether the Hidden Spirit Temple was hidden in a small world behind the golden Kāśyapa Buddha statue.

“This is…the world behind the Kāśyapa Buddha statue. It gathers the sins of the Great Thousand Realms. The Lord Buddha shows supreme compassion, helping the people of the world shoulder all the sins, showing mercy to the entire mortal world. The paradise that the mortal world seeks is actually the mortal world, existing within the mundane. The Lord Buddha forged a paradise world for them. Despite living in it, they do not know.”

Venerable Xu Yun’s words caused Xiao Chen to enter deep thought.

The mortal realm is the pure land; paradise is by their side. This is an interesting viewpoint. However, the Buddhist sect did not spread this information out. Or perhaps, the people of the mortal world are not willing to see this reality. They do not require heaven; what they want is just the fantasy.

Xiao Chen did not delve too deeply into this principle. He mused casually as he looked at the dark, empty land before him.

It looked like a boundless, desolate plain where even grass could not grow. The smell of rot and decay hung in the air.

Extremely vicious and ferocious wild beasts lived on this barren plain. Many of them even still preserved the aura of the Great Desolate Eon Savage Beasts.

Even farther away were seven black peaks barely visible at the limits of Xiao Chen’s vision.

Aside from these beasts, he could see several Hidden Spirit Temple disciples training. They came to kill Savage Beasts, temper their Buddhist hearts, or practice their skills.

It looked like this place was not a secret to the Hidden Spirit Temple disciples.

“Do you see those seven black peaks? The saber manual for the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s seventh move is on that black peak. The black peaks are the Buddhist sect’s forbidden lands. You have only half a month. If Benefactor Xiao still cannot find the saber manual, then you can only leave without it.”

Xiao Chen looked at the mountain Venerable Xu Yun indicated. It was the third peak from the left. As it was too far away, he could not see anything strange from it.

“I understand. Seniors, thank you for giving me this opportunity. No matter what, I have to give it a try.”

Even though Xiao Chen knew that the Hidden Spirit Temple would not give him the saber manual for the last two moves, he would still properly cherish this opportunity to obtain the seventh move’s saber manual.

Right now, he grasped six moves of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique. He obtained the first three moves—Breaking the Mundane, Resolving the Mundane, and Entering Hell—by himself. Then, he gained the middle three moves—In the Mortal Realm, Three Life Flower, and Merciless Killing—through an exchange with the little monk Yan Chen.

The final three moves were the taboo of taboos for the Buddhist sect, placed in lands of extreme environments.

If Xiao Chen found it and succeeded in practicing it, he would be one of the rare people since ancient times who managed to do so.


Xiao Chen turned to perform a cupped-fist salute before leaving. The moment he turned, he saw a Buddha image that stunned him.

This Buddha image was incredibly huge. It did not show any expression and was pitch-black all over, looking cold and emotionless. It gave off a strong might and pressure, not feeling peaceful or merciful. However, it still appeared stern and dignified, feeling somewhat strange.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. This should be the golden Kāśyapa Buddha statue. However, everyone only saw its front, its glittering golden side that showed a smile amid Auspicious Signs.

So which one is its true self?

Or perhaps, both are its true self. Given that, I can understand why sects like the Azure Lotus Church and the Black Lotus Church broke off from the orthodox Buddhist sects.

Xiao Chen shook his head, dismissing those thoughts. Then, he turned around and went on his way.


At the same time, Xu Ming showed an extremely unsightly expression in the Hidden Spirit Temple. He felt extremely dissatisfied with his senior brother abbot’s decision.

Yuan Zhen sat quietly at the left side, listening to Xu Ming’s angry ramblings.

“Master, there is no need to worry too much. Even if he went to the Dark World, he might not be able to cross that sea. Even if he crossed that sea, he might not be able to ascend the black peak. It would be even more difficult for him to find the saber manual,” Yuan Zhen said softly after a long silence.

Xi Ming shook his head and said, “We cannot underestimate this person. Previously, I looked down on him too much. I now have to admit that his strength is terrifying. Even if we undo your seal, you might not be able to suppress him completely.”

Yuan Zhen nodded. “Master is right.”

Xu Ming said seriously, “I’m not angry about giving him the saber manual. I’m angry about Senior Brother Abbot’s attitude, behaving like a yes-man. Is that the prestige of a Buddhist sect leader? No wonder the prestige of our Buddhist sect has faded during these years. To think that they are so polite to a person clad in sins. The evil sects will end up destroying them sooner or later.”

Yuan Zhen quickly said, “Master, you can’t say that—”

Xu Ming interrupted forcefully, “There is no need to worry. If the Ethereal Immortal Palace appears when you enter the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb incognito, you have to snatch the Wings of Time. Only the Wings of Time can allow the Buddha King to break through the epoch’s limits and descend to this world. We need to start the next epoch… These people are overly conservative and inflexible. The Buddhist sect can truly rise if only we rule.”

A brilliant light gleamed in Yuan Zhen’s eyes. He said seriously, “Master, rest assured. Disciple will do his best to let the Buddha King descend to the world.”

Xu Ming looked at Yuan Zhen with a satisfied smile. “It looks like I was right in choosing you.”


Xiao Chen once stayed at the Abyssal Underworld for several months, so he was already very familiar with dark and foul environments.

Furthermore, he practiced a Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique. Right now, he could switch his Divine Energy Sea as he pleased.

Hence, he did not feel any discomfort in this environment.

However, while the peak could be seen, a horse would be exhausted if it rushed all the way there. Although the seven black peaks looked close, Xiao Chen still had not arrived after walking for seven days. Furthermore, the peak still looked to be a distance away.

The journey was not arduous. However, the Savage Beasts that Xiao Chen occasionally ran into gave him a headache.

The farther Xiao Chen went, the stronger the Savage Beasts.

In the meantime, Xiao Chen ran into several Hidden Spirit Temple disciples. When he tried communicating with them, he gained a surprising harvest. These disciples did not see Xiao Chen as an outsider, telling him about the situation of this place.

For example, the seven black peaks were taboo.

Even the strongest of them could make it only to the sea of bitterness and look at the seven black peaks from afar. They could not go any farther.

Moreover, no one could say how far that sea stretched.

Some said fifty thousand kilometers, some said five hundred thousand kilometers, some said five million kilometers, and some said one had to walk for a year to cross.

Regardless of the answer, Xiao Chen had not even seen that sea, so the black peaks would be even farther.

This place had an extremely strong suppression on Dao Domains. The laws of space and time were different here.

Simply jumping around drained a lot of Divine Energy, so Xiao Chen could only continue his dry walk.

Fortunately, he had a good mental state. He could endure such dryness and harsh environments.

On a certain day, Xiao Chen looked up and saw a flash of light.

He looked over and discovered that a bright sea had appeared before him at some point.

The sea looked exceptionally bright and clear in this dark and gloomy environment. All it took was one look for one to discover it.

Xiao Chen rejoiced in his heart, and his pace sped up significantly.