Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2278 Raw 2385 : The Hidden Spirit Temple’s Aim

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Chapter 2278 Raw 2385 : The Hidden Spirit Temple’s Aim

The worst draw?

The expression on the Yan Emperor’s refined face flickered. He said softly, “Venerable, you are not joking, right? The worst draw? Right now, my Yanwu Dynasty’s Luck is flourishing. In the past five hundred years, I made plenty of political and military achievements. I worked hard day and night, expanding my territory. After I ascended the throne, I have never lost any land. I even managed to subdue some of the outer region great realms that the Xuewu Dynasty previously controlled. Due to my efforts, the dynasty’s Luck moved from rock bottom back to its peak. Right now, we enjoy peace. How could it be the worst draw?”

Since the Yan Emperor came to the temple to draw lots, he wanted to read the dynasty’s Luck. From the moment he ascended the throne, his fate became tied to the Yanwu Dynasty’s.

The Yan Emperor’s tone contained heavy discontentment and some suspicion.

Abbot Xu Ye responded calmly, “May the Lord Buddha preserve us. Monks do not lie. Benefactor Wang, you made time in your busy schedule to come here to offer incense and draw a lot. I believe you must have sensed something. Right now, you are the Yan Emperor. You have already vaguely come in touch with the supreme Heavenly Dao. Your instincts are right.”

Yan Emperor’s expression turned grave. After some thought, he asked, “How severe is this worst draw?”

“Look away, and everything disappears…” Abbot Xu Ye replied softly while pressing his palms together.

“Look away, and everything disappears?” the Yan Emperor muttered to himself. Then, his expression changed drastically. Look away, and everything disappears. Does this mean that the entire dynasty will be destroyed?

However, that does not seem possible. Right now, the dynasty is flourishing, possessing deep accumulations.

Even if there were a major disaster, and the dynasty’s Luck got damaged, the dynasty still should not fall.

However, I have been feeling restless this past year. I have not been able to erase this shadow in my heart.

At my level, I shoulder the dynasty’s Luck, so my instinct concerning fate and the Heavenly Dao is relatively sensitive.

I cannot possibly end up in such a state for no reason. However, I cannot accept that the dynasty might be destroyed.

The Yan Emperor’s expression fluctuated as he struggled with himself.

“Venerable, is there any way to resolve this?”

The Yan Emperor’s eyes gleamed with hope.

Abbot Xu Ye shook his head and said, “Fate raises, and fate destroys. The cycle never ends. All things in the world are numbered. This is not a result of your actions. The cause was sown one hundred thousand years ago, and someone forcibly prevented it fifty thousand years ago. However, it is impossible to stop it again.”

The Yan Emperor felt stunned upon hearing that, freezing in disbelief. He suspected that the other party was just posturing.

One hundred thousand years was too far away. When was that? That was the era when the Black Dragon King ran rampant. How could someone fix the Yanwu Dynasty’s fate one hundred thousand years ago?

The Yan Emperor looked straight at the abbot. He asked after some thought, “Venerable, are you feeling dissatisfied with some of the older-generation members of the Royal Clan and are unwilling to explain? Actually, I also have a different opinion from some of the older generations. Previously, I was restricted by the emperor’s position and could not do many things. Now that I am about to abdicate, I can do something before stepping down.”

Many older-generation experts in the Royal Clan were dissatisfied with the Hidden Spirit Temple. They felt like they had no control.

The Hidden Spirit Temple possessed deep accumulations and strength. However, the Royal Clan could not control it. They had tried to infiltrate the Hidden Spirit Temple several times but failed.

Hence, these older-generation experts settled for the next best thing. They let the Pleasure Quarter Alliance grow and used that to counterbalance the Hidden Spirit Temple.

This strategy proved to be quite effective.

In the past few millennia, the Hidden Spirit Temple and the Buddhist sects held much less influence than before.

Previously, when Buddhism flourished, even the throne’s successors had to be believers and needed the Hidden Spirit Temple’s recommendation.

While the Hidden Spirit Temple still held significant influence now, its influence was far from comparable to when it was in its golden age.

The Yanwu Dynasty’s Royal Court was already practically independent, unlike the Tianwu Dynasty and the Shenwu Dynasty controlled by the Universe Origin Sect and the Profound Heaven Holy Land, respectively.

The Yan Emperor’s words hinted at Abbot Xu Ye that as long as Abbot Xu Ye was willing to help the Yanwu Dynasty clear this tribulation, the Yan Emperor could allow the Buddhist factions to return to their peak. This was a great temptation.

Abbot Xu Ye shook his head and said, “The cause and effect were set in place one hundred thousand years ago. Benefactor, there is no need to feel entangled about this. There is no way to avoid this calamity. The Yanwu Dynasty cannot avoid it; the Hidden Spirit Temple cannot avoid it; everyone in the world cannot avoid it. Fate raises, and fate destroys. The cycle never ends. Compared to everyone, what does the Yanwu Dynasty count for? Just face it with your usual mentality.”

The Yan Emperor was stunned, feeling like lightning had struck him. He now understood what Abbot Xu Ye meant.

Now, the Yan Emperor knew the cause sowed one hundred thousand years ago and what was forcefully prevented fifty thousand years ago. He knew what was going on with this matter that no one could prevent again.

“I understand. Goodbye.”

The Yan Emperor performed a cupped-fist salute and took his leave. As he walked off, he looked at the worst draw in his hand. He had not returned it, still holding it.

Watching the Yan Emperor leave, the Venerable Abbot sighed softly and withdrew silently.

Inside the hall, the Kāśyapa Buddha’s golden statue had eyes as bright as lamps. The smile on its face made it seem as though it has seen through everything, transcending them.


Naturally, Xiao Chen did not know anything about what just happened.

Xiao Chen had arrived by invitation. After sampling tea with Venerable Xu Yun, he saw that Pan Huang remained under the tree.

Pan Huang still held a chess piece, yet to make his move. However, Sword God Su Hanshan had disappeared somewhere.

Su Hanshan probably could no longer stand Pan Huang’s scoundrelly behavior and did not feel like staying.

With the Sword God gone, Xiao Chen found facing Pan Huang much easier.

Hence, Xiao Chen did not hesitate to walk over.

“Little Brother Xiao Chen, you came at a good time. Help me to take a look; see if this match can be continued.” Pan Huang cheerfully invited Xiao Chen to sit when he saw Xiao Chen. However, this form of address scared Xiao Chen half-dead.

Previously, Xiao Chen did not find this address weird when he took Pan Huang for a beggar.

Now that Xiao Chen knew that the other party was Pan Huang, how could he dare accept such an address?

Xiao Chen had received the Saber Sovereign Medallion in the Kunlun Realm. He also only managed to comprehend the Saber Dao because of it.

Without this Saber Sovereign Medallion, he could not have surpassed Prime and left the Kunlun Realm.

Pan Huang was like an ancestor to Xiao Chen. Letting such a person call him little brother felt horrifying.

“Senior, please don’t address me like that. I’m undeserving of it. Actually, I also came from the Kunlun Realm. Senior Pan Huang probably recognizes this Saber Sovereign Medallion.”

After Xiao Chen finished speaking, he took out the Saber Sovereign Medallion.

When Pan Huang saw the Saber Sovereign Medallion, he did not seem surprised. He smiled faintly. “Anything goes. I don’t like others calling me senior. However, given your character, you probably feel uncomfortable with addressing me as Big Brother. I sensed the Saber Sovereign Medallion in your hands long ago. I had almost forgotten about this thing.”

After receiving the Saber Sovereign Medallion, Pan Huang showed a reminiscing expression, muttering to himself, “It was really a time of surging hot-bloodedness back then. After so many years, practically all my friends from the Kunlun Realm have died already. It seems like you are the only one who managed to leave the Kunlun Realm after obtaining the opportunity I left behind.”

“Senior, how exactly are you connected with my martial nephew?” Xiao Chen asked out of curiosity.

At the mention of Ling Yu, some regret appeared in Pan Huang’s eyes. He explained in a low voice, “I have been wandering the world, and a few years ago, I happened to save him in a forbidden land. When I heard that he was Ye Zifeng’s disciple, I traveled to Yan City with him, intending to protect him. Unexpectedly, I just left for a short while, and such a thing happened. This child is really unfortunate.”

It turned out that things were not that complicated; the reason was very simple.

When mentioning Ling Yu, Xiao Chen also could not help feeling sorrowful.

However, headliner Ling Long’s final choice consoled him somewhat. At least it proved that he was not wrong to bring Ling Yu to the Soaring Dragon Great Realm back then and that Ling Yu did not fall in love with the wrong person.

“Do you know the people of the Hidden Spirit Temple? Why did they seek you out?”

The topic of Ling Yu was too sorrowful, so Pan Huang changed topics as he returned the Saber Sovereign Medallion to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I sense that Venerable Xu Yun has more to say. However, I do not know what it is.”

Pan Huang smiled and said, “I believe it was probably that old fogey abbot’s idea. They sought you out because of the Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb.”

“The Ancient Yan Emperor Tomb? However, I already made a promise to the Ninth Prince. Unless they are also prepared to support the Ninth Prince to ascend the throne?” Xiao Chen said as doubts flashed in his eyes.

“They won’t. The Hidden Spirit Temple does not care about who will become the next Yan Emperor. They only care about the Ethereal Immortal Palace. In reality, the Hidden Spirit Temple would not care too much even if the Yanwu Dynasty is destroyed,” Pan Huang explained.

“However, they have to pay attention this time. To think that the First Prince allied with the Azure Lotus Church. If the Ethereal Immortal Palace really appears, and the Wings of Time falls into the Azure Lotus Church’s hands, the Hidden Spirit Temple will be on tenterhooks.”

A bright gleam flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes. After some thought, he said, “So they want to work with me to prevent the Wings of Time from falling into the Azure Lotus Church’s hands?”

“Very smart,” Pan Huang praised softly with a faint smile.