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Chapter 2274 Raw 2381 : Choice

“How awe-inspiring! Su Hanshan, come. Try attacking me, then!”

The seemingly incredibly unkempt beggar appeared out of nowhere among the ruins in front of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion. He stood on a piece of rubble and raised his head to the sky.

No matter how one looked at it, such a person could not be associated with an expert.

However, the beggar boldly stood out like that, laughing at the Sword God in the air.

Furthermore, the beggar addressed the Sword God by name, Su Hanshan.

Who was Su Hanshan? Practically every cultivator in Yan City had heard of his name.

When these cultivators were young, there would be seniors who would tell them his story.

The Sword God was the pride of the Yanwu Dynasty. He was a living legend, a well-known person. However, people rarely saw him.

The moment the Sword God appeared, he hugged his sword and raised his eyebrows, scaring off the Blood Eagle Army with a look.

There was no need to guess his identity. Aside from Sword God Su Hanshan, no one else in Yan City had such strength.

Furthermore, many people had seen paintings of the Sword God before.

However, when everyone saw his face, no one dared to call out his name lest they profaned it.

This was especially so for the swordsmen present. All of them felt incredibly excited. With just one look, they felt a surging hot-bloodedness. Some people even knelt in worship, just because he was Sword God Su Hanshan.

Initially, everyone thought that the First Prince’s wedding would be assured once the Sword God appeared.

However, who knew, a beggar appeared out of nowhere and boldly addressed the Sword God by name, not showing any fear.

“Who…is this beggar? To think that he dares to address the Sword God by name. Is he tired of living?”

“Damn it! This is simply profaning the Sword God!”

Some people felt confused, and some people felt disdain. However, Su Hanshan did not do anything.

The Sword God had challenged people to take a step forward. In that instant, no one dared to move. He forced back the entire Blood Eagle Army with one look, but when the beggar appeared, Su Hanshan did not move at all.

This seemed very strange. Instantly, some people started guessing what the situation was.

Xiao Chen, who stood on the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s roof in some despair, felt a glimmer of hope when he saw the beggar.

However, he found this inconceivable and too shocking.

The other party was Su Hanshan, Sword God Su Hanshan. Why was the beggar so confident in stepping forward like that?

“Are you here to get involved in the excitement too?”

Something even more inconceivable happened. Su Hanshan actually did not make a move against the beggar, speaking to him instead. His attitude towards the beggar was that of equals. This immediately caused a huge commotion.

To think that this beggar and Su Hanshan knew each other!

“If you can get involved, why can’t I? Haha! Regarding relations, I am even more connected than you are. I did not want to interfere, but you showed up, disregarding your identity and status. If I did not show up, I would be too emotionless.”

Then, the beggar reached up and pressed his hand to his face. Then, he swept his messy hair back.

This revealed a dirty face. However, the smile on that face appeared clean and pure. It made people feel at ease, like the gentle, sweeping spring breeze. There was no way anyone could connect this to the beggar’s smile.

When Xiao Chen saw this, his heart immediately skipped a beat. Then, his expression changed slightly.

This smile!

The first time Xiao Chen saw this beggar, he found this beggar’s exceptionally clean smile somewhat familiar.

At that time, Xiao Chen did not think much of it. Now that he saw this smile under these circumstances, a name immediately appeared in his mind, greatly shocking him.

“Do you know who he is?” Chu Chaoyun asked when he noticed the strange expression on Xiao Chen’s face.

Xiao Chen nodded. “I think I know. If I am right, he comes from the same place as we do.”



A brilliant gleam flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes. As he looked at this beggar, he simply could not believe him to be the person Xiao Chen mentioned.

“I could not win one century ago. Now, I probably still cannot defeat you. What do you want? Just say it,” Su Hanshan said calmly, showing an indifferent expression.

“That might not be the case. I have not improved in the past century. You can draw your sword and try,” the beggar suggested softly, still showing a smile.


This exchange set off a commotion among the observers. Many people immediately felt stupefied by Su Hanshan’s words.

It turned out that the two not only knew each other, but they had even fought each other one century ago, and Su Hanshan did not win.

“It’s him!

“I know who he is! He is the Spring Snow Bladesman Pan Huang!”

A bladesman managed to make the connection from Su Hanshan’s words, guessing the beggar’s identity.

The Spring Snow Bladesman—Pan Huang!

This was another legend, another well-known person. However, this bladesman had faded from everyone’s attention long ago.

The stories about Pan Huang were no inferior to those about Su Hanshan. In fact, he was even more legendary.

Who could have thought that the First Prince’s wedding would initially result in the appearance of the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden and the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies?

Now, things were even more dramatic. Two legendary figures showed up at the same time.

It seemed like the clash between the sword and the saber that Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun presented earlier would repeat soon.

Su Hanshan, the strongest person of the Sword Dao, against Pan Huang, the strongest person of the Saber Dao. A battle between the two would be very exciting.

However, everyone clearly knew that Su Hanshan and Pan Huang would not fight.

Even if the two fought, they would not do so in front of everyone in Yan City.

However, Pan Huang’s suggestion of “you can draw your sword and try” still elicited some anticipation. What if the Sword God really drew his sword?

Su Hanshan looked straight at Pan Huang and said, “There’s no need. Either I don’t draw my sword, or I draw it to determine victory, even if it means death.”

Pan Huang smiled faintly and said, “Then, it looks like you really don’t need to draw your sword. Su Hanshan, did you not see the clash between the saber and the sword that the two little fellows displayed earlier? They did not fight for victory or glory but worked to bring out lofty aspirations and hot-bloodedness in this mundane life.”

Su Hanshan showed an indifferent expression as he retorted, “You have your path, and I have mine. In my heart, the sword is always supreme; that will never change, not for a thousand years, or even ten thousand years.”

The beggar stopped trying to convince Su Hanshan and said, “Alright. I will cut to the chase. Both of us will not decide anything for this wedding. Let her decide!”

Pan Huang pointed to headliner Ling Long, who stood on the rainbow bridge in the sky.

The First Prince Wang Fei’s expression changed slightly. He objected, “No. This is my wedding. No one else is permitted to decide for me!”

“Is it your place to speak? Even if your father were here, he would have no right to speak. Scram!” the beggar shouted. The beggar had always had a smile that showed disrespect for the world at all times. This was the first time Xiao Chen saw him angry.

It seemed like a saber light flashed in Pan Huang’s eyes. Then, he swept his gaze around, landing a strike on the Divine Writ Army and sending the soldiers flying fifty kilometers away.

In that instant, Wang Fei, who was previously surrounded by people, sat on his Fire Qilin mount, all alone.

The large army that surrounded him earlier was tossed out like trash.

Fear flashed in Wang Fei’s eyes. He felt startled, wanting to check to see if he suffered any injuries. However, as he looked at the beggar’s gaze, he did not dare to move at all.

Su Hanshan was expressionless as if he had not seen or heard anything. After a while, he looked at Ling Long and said, “You make the decision, then.”


After getting permission, Ling Long did not even spare Wang Fei a glance. She directly jumped off the rainbow bridge and landed in front of Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun.

Ling Long looked coldly at the veiled woman, then turned to Xiao Chen. Her voice trembled somewhat as she said, “Lord Xiao…that ice coffin in the sky…?”

Xiao Chen did not say anything. He only nodded silently.


Ling Long felt like lightning struck her, leaving her dazed. Indeed, it is the worst outcome.

“Ling Long, listen to me. He is already dead, so there’s no need to overthink. Since you can decide, you should just agree to the First Prince. In the future, when he ascends to be the Yan Emperor, you will be—”

The veiled woman tried to grab the chance to win Ling Long over, trying to get Ling Long to make the decision that was right for her.


However, before the veiled woman could finish speaking, a short sword flew out of Ling Long’s sleeve and stabbed the veiled woman in her open mouth.

“You promised me you would let him live.”

Ling Long showed a frosty expression as she glared at the veiled woman without any pity in her eyes.

Xiao Chen looked at the dead veiled woman. Then, he moved his saber away from her neck and said, “Headliner Ling Long, my little martial nephew is already dead. However, the beggar uncle brought him an ice coffin that can prevent his soul from scattering. It can extend his life, and one day, he might wake up.”

“I want to leave this place with him. Can you bring me away?” Ling Long sounded fatigued. There was no grief, sorrow, or pain in her eyes. However, the sight still inspired heartache.

“I can. I’ll get the Golden Crow to bring you away.”

Headliner Ling Long flew into the air before everyone’s gaze. Then, she mounted the Golden Crow in the sky and left with the ice coffin.

From the beginning to the end, Ling Long did not look at Wang Fei at all.

Wang Fei, who sat on the Fire Qilin, flushed a deep red, feeling like someone slapped him.

To think that he could not even win against a dead person. A dead person stole his bride on his wedding day.

This was definitely the biggest joke since the founding of the Yanwu Dynasty.