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Chapter 2273 Raw 2380 : Who Is It?

Everyone held lofty aspirations, desiring to soar into the sky and strike down the fairies.

The instant Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun crossed blades and broke the original Fairy Basket’s strike, they both turned into a beam of rainbow light and headed straight for the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s roof with their sword and saber.

The veiled woman showed a slightly unsightly expression above the Smiling Daughter Pavilion. She had not expected Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun to break the original Fairy Basket’s peak strike.

However, Pavilion Master Yang did not have much time for sorrow as Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun nearly instantaneously arrived before her.

“Peony blooms, filling the sky with spring!” the veiled woman shouted again. Then, the sea of flowers covering Yan City eddied around the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

The white-clad women continuously danced around the veiled woman with their swords, immediately bringing out the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies’ consummate sword dance again. It looked like an immortal flower quickly spinning.

“Dang! Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The sword dance obstructed Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, preventing them from approaching.

Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen turned into two beams of rainbow light, continuously attacking this group of Azure Lotus Sword Fairies.

In that instant, clangor filled the air, endlessly ringing in the ears and echoing in the clouds.

It seemed like a beautiful peony bloomed on the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s roof, stirring up the sea of flowers, when seen from outside. The two beams of rainbow light surrounded the peony, continuously materializing mysterious phenomena. However, they could not enter.

After stably defending, the veiled woman let out another furious shout, using the original Fairy Basket again.

A tornado of flower petals swept over, forcing Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun back.

When Su Ye saw the situation from below, her expression changed slightly.

Su Ye’s ten fingers moved swiftly, changing the zither music again. The melody immediately became like a clear spring in the mountains, flowing down and striking rocks. As the babble spread out, it sounded very gentle.

This gave Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun a boost, explosively increasing their Divine Energy and Soul Energy.

Others could even see the music materializing spiritual lights that entered the two’s bodies.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun showed somewhat grave expressions when they faced the tornado formed by the sea of flowers in the sky.

The Azure Lotus Sword Fairies led by the veiled woman hid within the petal tornado. They used their sword dance to drive the tornado and attack berserkly.

While Chu Chaoyun and Xiao Chen appeared to deal with this easily, they actually faced tremendous pressure that others did not know about.

Even with the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden endlessly sending Spiritual Energy to support them, they could only keep moving back when facing the petal tornado from the sea of flowers.

If they were regular Sovereign Emperors, the storm would have crushed them to death in an instant, grinding their bodies into powder.

“Xiao Chen, with our strength, we cannot break this sea of flowers alone.”

Xiao Chen heard Chu Chaoyun’s voice as he danced about with his saber, fighting against the petal tornado.

Chu Chaoyun referred to the sea of flowers and not the petal tornado before them.

Indeed, this appeared to be just a petal tornado. However, its source was the sea of flowers covering Yan City, the original Fairy Basket’s power, which stood at the peak of Superior Grade Soul Tools.

Furthermore, many Azure Lotus Sword Fairies worked together, nearly bringing the Fairy Basket’s might to the limits.

If the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden did not support the two, they would not last an instant against the petal tornado.

The Azure Lotus Sword Fairies now took the initiative to attack, stirring up the sea of flowers to drive the materialized petal tornado forward, pushing the original Fairy Basket’s might to the limits.

As the petal tornado swept over, the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden relied on Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun to block it.

If Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun failed, the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden would find fleeing and avoiding destruction difficult.

This was because the Soul Tools in the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden’s hands were inferior to the original Fairy Basket, which had been passed down for a long time.

“What’s your idea?”

“We dance again, but this time, we need to bring out more of the Laughing Sword and Saber’s might to break this petal tornado. Then, we take down that veiled woman in one move. Otherwise, we do not stand much of a chance of victory.”


Xiao Chen did not hesitate, choosing to trust Chu Chaoyun unconditionally. The two only needed to exchange glances, tacitly understanding each other’s intentions.

The clash between the sword and saber required extremely high coordination before it could be perfectly performed. Such tacit understanding between two parties could be achieved only by going through life and death together, able to give each other unconditional trust.

It looked like the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies had effortlessly forced Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun into a continual retreat when the two suddenly did something that shocked everyone.

The two stopped using the weapons in their hands to block the petal tornado.

Just as everyone felt shocked, and the petal tornado was about to swallow up Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun, the two turned into two beams of rainbow light again and started exchanging moves before the petal tornado.

The two then brought out their Saber Great Dao and Sword Great Dao to their limits.

The two’s auras flourished before the petal tornado. The two’s exchange gave the impression that they had a great grudge against each other.

Such a scene was extremely shocking.

If either truly had a murderous intent or the coordination was slightly flawed, one would either die to the other party or be swept up in the petal tornado.


However, when the saber and the sword came into contact, combined with the music from the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden, the two, who looked like they were engaged in a battle to the death, erupted up with a shocking and boundless aura.

The two fully brought out the ancient conflict between the saber and the sword.

At this moment, the two forgot about everything else, only having eyes for each other.

The clash between the sword and the saber perfectly presented their decades of gratitude and grudges and the entanglement of fate.

Furthermore, the two possessed extraordinary talent in the Saber Dao and the Sword Dao.

When combined with the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden’s Laughing Sword and Saber, the two entered a profound state.

Everything in the world seemed relegated to supporting roles. This was merely the stage for the two’s contest between the sword and the saber.

“It succeeded.”

Among the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden, Su Ye’s eyes turned wet. The zither in her hand gave off a weak light. It no longer required Su Ye to play it; it automatically played itself with the shock waves from the clashes between the saber and sword.

The other women also discovered this phenomenon to their amazement, so they released their instruments.

Everyone just let the shock waves materialized by the clashes between the sword and saber freely perform the Laughing Sword and Saber.


The instant the mysterious phenomenon formed, the sea of flowers covering Yan City ebbed continuously.

The sea of flowers formed a funnel, going back into the Fairy Basket at a speed faster than the human eye could capture.

When the sea of flowers vanished, the tornado disappeared. The many Azure Lotus Sword Fairies appeared and vomited a mouthful of blood after being knocked back.

“How could it be like that?”

The veiled woman paled, and blood leaked out of her mouth. She did not expect this development at all.

To think that the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies would lose to the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden. Furthermore, they lost in such a miserable fashion before everyone.


Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun separated, both turning into a beam of rainbow light as they charged through the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies.

“Three Life Flower! The instant the flower blooms, three lives are illuminated!”

“Eternal Primal Chaos, Universe Sword Dance!”

The two took advantage of the strongest aura materialized from the saber-and-sword clash to execute their killing moves.

Saber light and sword light immediately flickered. Then, the Azure Lotus Sword Fairies continuously fell, their fate unknown.

After a while, only three people remained on the roof of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun pressed their weapons against the veiled woman, who knelt on the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s roof.

Snowflakes reappeared in the sky that was previously blocked by the sea of flowers.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!

Just at this moment, applause suddenly rang out. Mounted on the dynasty’s divine horse protector, the Fire Qilin, the First Prince Wang Fei rode through the rubble alone, clapping.

“Lord Xiao! Thank you for delivering such a huge wedding present to me at my wedding. I am indebted to you. However, it won’t be good if people die. Please withdraw,” Wang Fei said calmly.


After Wang Fei spoke, footsteps rumbled, setting the entire place shaking and trembling. Countless armored figures rushed in from all directions, forming three circles around the Smiling Daughter Pavilion and the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden.

The encirclement was tight without any place to flee, even above and below. When Xiao Chen looked at his surroundings, people rushed about, waving war banners. Wang Fei had used the time when the Smiling Daughter Pavilion fought Xiao Chen’s party to bring over the entire Divine Writ Army.

“I wonder if the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden can still fight to break out of my Divine Writ Army’s encirclement?” the First Prince Wang Fei said calmly, coldly eyeing the fatigued Su Ye and the others.

“It’s over… The First Prince’s move is genuinely undefeatable. He brought over the entire Divine Writ Army.”

“No wonder he did not move earlier. It turned out that he was preparing this trump card.”

“This trump card is probably the First Prince’s true killing move. Previously, there were only a few peak experts. While they provided strong deterrence, it was not a trap; Xiao Chen and the others there could still have escaped.

“Now, the most elite troops of the Yanwu Dynasty have surrounded Xiao Chen and the others. There is no longer a chance to escape. Furthermore, there would be Noble Clan experts waiting outside for an easy capture or kill. This is simply seamless.”

No one expected the situation to turn around so quickly. Now, Xiao Chen and the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden could not even flee if they grew wings.

However, this made sense after some thought.

After all, this was the imperial capital Yan City. If no other princes got involved and got the Yan Emperor to make an appearance, this commotion would probably end before it even started.

Now that the First Prince brought out his killing move, it was time for everything to end.


However, just at this moment, something strange happened. A terrifying killing Qi suddenly appeared outside the city—the horrifying killing Qi manifested by veteran soldiers, who had experienced hundreds of battles and killed countless people, gathering together.

The killing Qi felt like a violent snowstorm. The instant it arrived, the place instantly turned into a cruel battlefield.

A scarlet cloud flew over, tearing through the sky like a sharp knife and instantly arriving.

The leader of the group wore armor and rode a Phoenix Blood Eagle King. This person said sullenly, “First Brother, it is best not to go overboard on some things.”

There were more than ten thousand people behind him, all of them riding Phoenix Blood Eagles. They all showed no expressions, looking like malevolent spirits from hell.

“It’s the Blood Eagle Army!”

“Why is the Ninth Prince’s Blood Eagle Army suddenly here?”

With the Blood Eagle Army’s arrival and its horrifying killing Qi, the Divine Writ Army had no other choice but to change their formation and converge around the First Prince like the receding tide.

Now, the two armies sandwiched Xiao Chen, Chu Chaoyun, and the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden.

The killing move that the First Prince was proud of instantly crumbled, no longer viable.

Wang Fei’s previously indifferent expression now showed great rage. “Ninth Brother, do you know what you are doing? Are you going to go against me as well?”

Wang Yan said calmly, “First Brother, I should be the one saying that. Do you know what you are doing? Even an outsider dares to come and stop this wedding. All the more I should step in. It is time for this wedding to end.”

Wang Fei showed an uncertain expression. As he looked at the Blood Eagle Army, he breathed heavily in anger.

Previously, Wang Fei showed no fear, no matter what Xiao Chen did, as he had the Divine Writ Army, an army made up of Holy Venerates clad in armor and forming battle arrays, as a trump card. Furthermore, the dynasty’s might supported them.

When this army charged, even a Peak Sovereign Emperor had to flee.

However, now that Wang Yan led the Blood Eagle Army over, the situation instantly turned disadvantageous to Wang Fei.

Wang Fei knew that many princes were waiting to see the First Prince make a joke of himself, hoping that the wedding would fail.

If this dragged on, those other princes would probably step in like the Ninth Prince. By then, the wedding would truly be over.

However, Wang Fei could not think of any ideas to deal with this.

Wang Fei still had several trump cards. However, they involved the Xuewu Dynasty, the Black Lotus Church, and the Azure Lotus Church, so he could not openly use them.

“First Brother, how long are you going to persist obstinately in going about things the wrong way? Just give up,” Wang Yan advised once again from the Phoenix Blood Eagle King’s back. Then, the entire Blood Eagle Army moved another step closer.

“Who dares to take another step forward? Just give it a try?” A voice suddenly rang out just at this moment, sounding cold and indifferent.

When that voice rang out, a sword intent appeared as well. Before the sword intent, the Blood Eagle Army that just stepped forward was forced back. Several Phoenix Blood Eagles shrilled as well.

One person with one sword forced back one army.

A figure slowly descended from the sky, hovering in the air. This person raised his eyebrows and stared at the Blood Eagle Army.

In that instant, several of the warriors on the Phoenix Blood Eagles’ backs felt a sword intent arrive. Then, a trace of blood leaked out of their mouths. They recoiled, soaring into the air pell-mell. The Ninth Prince Wang Yan was no exception.

Just one look managed to force back the entire Blood Eagle Army, nearly defeating them miserably.

Who was this strong?

Such horrifying combat prowess completely surpassed everyone’s understanding, so they quickly looked over.

When they saw the face of the new arrival, everyone fell silent, unable to say anything.

It was that person, the fabled person of the imperial capital Yan City who had rocketed into legend. To think that he appeared at this wedding, standing on the First Prince’s side.

Just when the cultivators in Yan City were about to cry out in startlement, a beggar walked out of the snowstorm, looked at the sky, and laughed cheerfully, “Hahahaha! How awe-inspiring! Su Hanshan, come. Try attacking me, then!”

The name Su Hanshan scared many people. To think that someone dared to address him by name and even mocked him.