Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2269 Raw 2375 : Let Me Die Contented

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Chapter 2269 Raw 2375 : Let Me Die Contented

On the streets of the imperial capital Yan City:

Ling Yu appeared reinvigorated, a trace of a smile lifting the corners of his mouth as he dashed through the crowd.

Occasionally, he bumped into some people. After apologizing, he continued barreling ahead.

Wait for me! Wait for me! I will not disappoint you this time, Ling Yu repeated in his heart. He showed a grave expression as determination filled his eyes.

Ten years ago, Ling Yu let down his most beloved, deeply hurting that person.

Ten years later, that person’s wedding approached; she was going to marry the most popular prince in the dynasty.

Ling Yu’s days passed like years as he suffered from painful torment every day. The cause ten years ago resulted in the effects of today.

He was in so much pain that he wanted to die. He spent every day and night in agony and regret.

Today, Ling Long finally gave Ling Yu a chance. No matter what, he had to grasp this opportunity this time.

After leaving the city, Ling Yu did not stop at all, rushing straight to the appointed place with Ling Long.

The silhouette of Yan City behind slowly turned blurry as he ran endlessly alongside Yan River. Then, he finally saw a pretty figure.

That pretty figure wore a red dress that showed a slim figure. As she looked at the river, she remained silent.

Ling Long!

The setting sun cast a golden-red glow on her figure, looking like a coat. When Ling Yu saw this figure from fifty kilometers away, he immediately felt stunned.

Then, he could no longer be bothered with anything else. He ran at full speed and soon arrived before this figure.

When Ling Yu approached that figure, he felt extremely guilty. “Elder Sister Ling Long, I’ve let you down,” he said with a choked voice.

“I should not have let you go ten years ago… Come with me. I absolutely will not let you down this time!” Ling Yu said with a resolute tone at the end, not hesitating anymore.

However, when the woman in front turned around, Ling Yu felt greatly startled. “Headliner Qiu Yue!”

The one who came was the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s Qiu Yue. Ling Yu had met her more than once before, so he immediately recognized her.

“Why is it you? What about Elder Sister Ling Long? Where’s Elder Sister Ling Long? What did you all do to Elder Sister Ling Long?”

Ling Yu immediately felt flustered, showing an anxious expression. When he looked around, he could not see headliner Ling Long at all.

“You are genuinely naive. Headliner Ling Long is someone who will become the dynasty’s empress. Why would she come to see an insignificant person like you? You are just an insignificant Sovereign Personage in the imperial capital Yan City; what do you count for? To think that you want to target headliner Ling Long.”

Qiu Yue showed a mocking expression on her face as she sneered, “Headliner Ling Long wanted me to give this sword to you. The First Prince already knows about you and Ling Long. If you do not want her to suffer in the future, commit suicide.”


Ling Yu felt like he fell from heaven to the deepest abyss, completely stupefied. As he held the sword that Qiu Yue handed over, he was at a loss.

“This…is this really Elder Sister Ling Long’s…wish?”

Ling Yu’s hand trembled. Although he still held the sword in his hand, it felt like the sword already stabbed into his heart. His heart bled, but he did not feel any pain.

“Is that important?” Qiu Yue asked indifferently with a cold laugh.

Ling Yu’s heart skipped a beat. That’s right. Is that important?

If the First Prince knows that Elder Sister Ling Long has a past with me, how can Elder Sister Ling Long have good days later?

If that is the case, I might as well take this love to the grave with me.

However, this feels very unbearable. All those good times, the good memories, the past, all of it withering like flowers.

“Elder Sister Ling Long definitely did not send this sword. She cannot even bear for me to shed tears. Why would she want me to shed my blood and die?”

Suddenly, the vacant look on Ling Yu’s face disappeared. Then, he looked straight at headliner Qiu Yue, giving her a sharp look.

This gaze felt purely sharp and bright, showing the stubbornness, pride, and sharpness of a youth.

For some reason, Qiu Yue felt afraid, which made her back off a few steps.

Ling Yu’s air grew enormously. As he pressed forward, he smiled self-mockingly. “It looks like an insignificant person like me managed to have some presence, making some people feel threatened. Let me guess, is it the First Prince or your Pavilion Master Yang?”

Qiu Yue’s expression changed slightly. Then, she said sullenly, “Ling Yu, are you still laboring under a delusion? Your mistake is loving a person that you should not love. Today, you have to die. Letting you commit suicide is just letting you experience less pain.”

“Hahahaha! Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!”

Ling Yu reared his head back, letting out mad laughter towards the sky. He appeared crazed as he said, “I have done many wrong things in my life. However, meeting Elder Sister Ling Long is the rightest thing in my life. Yes, I, Ling Yu, hold a low position in the imperial capital Yan City, possessing a low status. However, what does liking a person have to do with identity and status? My mistake was paying too much attention to these, resulting in today’s situation.”

“You madman! Stay away from me!”

Seeing Ling Yu’s somewhat crazed state, Qiu Yue threw a palm strike at him in a panic.

The Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s headliners possessed strong cultivation. Furthermore, Qiu Yue was a Sovereign Personage. In her panic, she used her full strength in this palm strike.

“Scram!” Ling Yu snorted coldly. Golden light flickered in his eyes as he activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. His aura immediately flourished and erupted with a might and pressure comparable to a Sovereign Emperor’s.

“Pu ci!”

Qiu Yue vomited a mouthful of blood as she went flying back. Heavy shock flashed in her eyes.

All along, when Ling Yu repeatedly went to the Smiling Daughter Pavilion and got chased away by the guards, he never retaliated.

This gave Qiu Yue the impression of cowardice and weakness. She never expected that Ling Yu could have such strength and air.

Now, Qiu Yue somewhat understood why Ling Long thought highly of this youth back then.

“Don’t worry. I will commit suicide with the sword that you gave me. I, Ling Yu, am not a person who fears death. However, I am not dying for you. I just don’t want Martial Uncle to take risks for me. I did not want everyone to suffer for the mistake I made back then.”

As Ling Yu looked at Qiu Yue, heavy disdain flashed in his eyes. Although he was of humble origin, he never resigned himself to his fate in this world.

During this period, he never left the Misty Rain Pavilion.

However, Ling Yu was not stupid. He could sense that his Martial Uncle Xiao Chen was working hard for his sake. The Misty Rain Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Su was also making careful preparations. While he might not know the situation, he could sense what was going on.

Ling Yu once cried in the middle of the night, silently looking at the moon. It was not because he felt guilty or helpless. He just felt silently touched, unable to bear this feeling.

Being able to meet Ling Long, Martial Uncle, Uncle Beggar, and the others…I, Ling Yu, have already lived a worthy life.

“Ka ca!”

Ling Yu stabbed the sword in his hand into his chest. At the same time, he used his Veritable Essence Energy to shatter his heart veins. Then, he collapsed, his lifeforce ebbing visibly.

Qiu Yue stood up in some confusion. She wiped away the blood at her lips, feeling dazed as she looked at Ling Yu, who was already sprawled on the ground.

Qiu Yue had been shocked by Ling Yu’s initial high-and-mighty appearance and the mockery in his eyes.

Ling Yu’s consciousness blurred. He seemed to see headliner Ling Long as she was in the Soaring Dragon Great Realm, smiling and scolding him for being stupid, saying that he could not learn no matter how she taught.

Then, Ling Yu saw Xiao Chen. He thought of the past in the Purple Flame Sect, recalling how absurd the situation was when they first met and that unbelievable line of “I am your martial uncle.”

Ling Yu wished he could be like his martial uncle. If he were his martial uncle, perhaps he would have brought Ling Long away ten years ago.

Goodbye, Elder Sister Ling Long. Goodbye, Martial Uncle. Little Ling Yu will repay everything in my next life.

“Good job. He died committing suicide. No matter what, the First Prince cannot be blamed for this. It will not implicate the Smiling Daughter Pavilion, either. This fellow has some backbone. We can rejoice at such a result.”

Many Bloodsucking Vines came out of the ground, giving off a crackling electric light.

Then, the Bloodsucking Vines gathered into the figure of an old man. This old man was the mysterious man shrouded in blood and shadow who tried to snatch the Five Element Divine Lightning from Xiao Chen.

Due to a chance encounter, he had obtained another opportunity from the Bloodsucking Vines.

“I thought that he would run. Unexpectedly, I overthought it. Let’s go, then.”

The Bloodsucking Vine old man picked up headliner Qiu Yue and soared into the sky, then leaped again after he landed. Eventually, he landed on a fortress ship in the middle of the river.

Several people had been waiting on the fortress ship for a long time already. Xiao Chen would definitely recognize one of them: the Black Lotus Church’s Holy Son Ming Xuan.

The Bloodsucking Vine old man nodded slightly, indicating that it was done. Then, he exchanged voice projections with Holy Son Ming Xuan. A mysterious person sitting in the ship stood up and walked to the bow to look coldly at the body in the distance; the blood on that body had not turned cold yet.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen and Su Ye rushed over anxiously. When they saw Ling Yu lying on the ground, their expressions changed drastically.

Almost nothing remained of Ling Yu’s lifeforce. His breath was faint as he looked weakly at the sky.

Su Ye checked Ling Yu’s pulse as she held his wrist. After a while, she shook her head at Xiao Chen, appearing somewhat dispirited.

Xiao Chen looked up and saw a fortress ship in the middle of the river, heading quickly for the imperial capital Yan City.

A person stood at the bow of the ship, expressionlessly looking at this place.

The First Prince Wang Fei!

Xiao Chen’s murderous intent suddenly flared spontaneously. He made to leap into the air, wanting to give chase.

“Martial Uncle, don’t chase them. Don’t chase anymore. Stop taking risks for Ling Yu…Ling Yu cannot bear it. Just let me die contented. I will be your martial nephew again in my next life and properly wait on you.”

Ling Yu tightly gripped the corner of Xiao Chen’s clothes. It was like a dying flash. His voice was soft and feeble, inspiring unbearable feelings.

Ling Yu gripped tightly, not daring to let go.

Xiao Chen felt a pang in his heart. He reared his head back and looked at the sky. He could not bear to look at Ling Yu for one last time, fearing that his tears would flow out uncontrollably.

“You can let go. Martial Uncle promises not to give chase.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, Ling Yu closed his eyes and released Xiao Chen’s clothes.