Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2262 Raw 2368 : Divine Energy Boos

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Chapter 2262 Raw 2368 : Divine Energy Boos

How to kill ten enemies with one move.

Many thoughts flashed in Xiao Chen’s head. Countless ideas appeared in the time it took for a spark to fly.

He watched as the Candle Dragon’s flame on the ten Hou-blood clones slowly extinguished.

Once the flames went out and the clones regained their mobility, the ten Hou-blood clones would grow even stronger.

This was just the beginning, and the test was already so difficult.

No wonder the dragon spirit said that Xiao Chen needed to be a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor to pass it. The tests of the inheritance hall should not be underestimated.

Fortunately, Xiao Chen realized this early and had not ended up in big trouble.

One move, it is, then.

Xiao Chen’s right hand reached above his shoulder and grasped the Tyrant Saber’s handle. Then, he closed his eyes.

He calmed his heart and entered the state of Martial and Soul as One, emptying his mind.

Martial and Soul as One perfectly merged Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy and Divine Energy, allowing him to bring out double—even two hundred fifty percent—of his horrifying combat prowess.

Xiao Chen aimed to surpass his limits in this extraordinary situation.

He suddenly opened his eyes, and the ten Hou-blood clones entered his view. When suppressed by that berserk aura from such proximity, he found standing stably somewhat difficult.

Who knew what this corridor was made of? Despite the pressure from ten 3-Vein Sovereign Emperors, not a single crack appeared. It remained perfectly intact, giving off an ancient air.


Xiao Chen drew his saber, and the world immediately plunged into darkness. Only the eternal saber light remained resplendent.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, In the Mortal Realm!”

In that instant, a supreme killing Buddha crossed time and space to arrive here from ancient times, coming to this ancient corridor.

As it descended together with the saber light, the entire corridor started shaking.

When the ancient Buddha made its move, it knocked back the ten Hou-blood clones simultaneously.

The Hou-blood clones were clearly severely injured as they flew back. However, their strength soared.

The clones’ strength increased rapidly, threatening to advance to 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor soon. At that time, their injuries would recover.


Like a lotus flower never retaining water or the sun and moon never remaining high above in the sky.

The Buddhist sect’s Seven Kill Seal, light up my immortal heart. A flower illuminating three lives. Kill!

Xiao Chen used the Seven Kill Seal to increase his killing intent sevenfold as he executed the Three Life Flower. When he swung his saber, lotus flowers bloomed. Light and shadow twisted as the scene turned blurry. Flowers filled the air.

“Chop! Chop! Chop!”

Xiao Chen’s figure flickered amid the blue lotus flowers, appearing like he teleported as he sent out ten saber strikes.


The instant Xiao Chen landed, he casually released his Tyrant Saber, sheathing it in its scabbard.

Blood splattered everywhere on the ground. The ten Hou-blood clones already vanished.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes once more. When he next opened his eyes, he had left the state of Martial and Soul as One.

He did not turn his head to look, just continued forward in silence.

Along the way, Hou-blood clones continuously appeared. After his first experience, Xiao Chen unhurriedly circled them. He did not attack unless he could deal them a sure-kill blow.

He did not give the Hou-blood clones a chance to grow stronger.

Xiao Chen proceeded unobstructed as he continued this somewhat dry killing. Then, he arrived expressionlessly at an empty hall.

“This should be a small world,” he muttered to himself. He sensed the fluctuations of formations around the hall.

After Xiao Chen stepped into the hall, he was suddenly in the middle of a vast and endless sea of sand. It was as he expected.

The blazing sun shone bright in the vast blue sky.

Xiao Chen looked around and saw nothing but yellow sand.

“Once you clear my stage, you can enter the second floor.”

Yellow sand erupted five thousand kilometers away, and dust flew about like snow as a person emerged from below.

Xiao Chen looked into the distance and saw a person wearing black with a saber slung on his back, looking at him from across the desert.

A peak 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor with a peak fourth-layer Saber Dao Domain, just like mine.

However, if that is all, he will not be hard to deal with.

Only one Divine Vein separated 3-Vein Sovereign Emperors and 4-Vein Sovereign Emperors. However, that was the difference between Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor and Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor.

That difference was a world’s difference in strength.

Xiao Chen pondered this, unable to see the other party’s bottom line.


That black-clad bladesman traveled five thousand kilometers in an instant, appearing before Xiao Chen and throwing a punch.

A Ten Thousand Dragons Picture materialized behind the black-clad bladesman. A brown dragon image appeared the most eye-catching in that Ten Thousand Dragons Picture.

Xiao Chen did not dare to be careless. He materialized his Ten Thousand Dragons Picture and executed the Supreme Dragon Fist.


The two fist lights clashed, feeling like two worlds colliding. Then, Xiao Chen grunted.

A trickle of blood leaked out of Xiao Chen’s mouth as the attack sent him flying back. He showed intense confusion in his eyes.

What’s going on? He is clearly not much stronger than me, but I have the Supreme Dragon Fist to support me. How did I lose in one move?

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

The black-clad bladesman did not give Xiao Chen any time to think. He pressed forward and punched repeatedly.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Xiao Chen pushed his Divine Firmament Nine Variations Movement Technique to its limits, making his figure flicker. In an instant, he created thousands upon thousands of afterimages.

However, that black-clad person’s fist lights rained out endlessly. Afterimages repeatedly shattered like glass.

These attacks pressed Xiao Chen to the point of breathlessness. Finally, he failed to dodge; a punch landed on his Alloy Dragon Armor.


At the critical moment, electric light flashed, and the two dragon images in the armor formed an electric shield.

Despite the electric shield blocking most of the force, Xiao Chen still found the blow unbearable as it blew him away.

When Xiao Chen landed, the impact kicked up boundless yellow sand, forming a terrifying sandstorm.


That black-clad bladesman spread his arms wide and flew towards Xiao Chen like a meteor. He stored up power in his right fist, waiting to launch it. This resulted in a resplendent star-like light coming from his fist. His figure seemed to merge with the sun, appearing extremely dazzling.

Divine Lightning Eye!

Xiao Chen ignored the blood at his lips as he lay on the ground. Several dozen purple flowers spun in his right eye.

Then, several dozen tribulation clouds appeared in the sky. However, just as the tribulations clouds were about to gather, they faced resistance, unable to gather.


The resplendent fist light landed. Xiao Chen did his best to dodge, but the shock waves still got him. He vomited a mouthful of blood as he tumbled in the air. Then, he landed and bounced, rolling for quite a distance.

“How could it be like that?”

To think that the tribulation clouds could not gather. Xiao Chen was shocked and bewildered.

“It looks like you are not prepared? Did not the Lord Dragon Spirit explain to you?” the black-clad bladesman asked as he hovered in the air and looked at Xiao Chen, stopping his attacks.

“Would you please explain?” Xiao Chen requested as he struggled to his feet.

“Earth Dao Domain, peak tenth layer,” the black-clad bladesman said calmly.

These words stunned Xiao Chen for a while when he heard them. Then, he smiled bitterly. “So, that is why.”

When Dao Domains reached the tenth layer, they could evolve into small worlds. This desert was the other party’s small world.

Unless Xiao Chen’s cultivation suppressed the other party or he also had a peak tenth layer Dao Domain, there was no way for him to win while in the other party’s small world.

At first, Xiao Chen thought that the formations formed this small world. Now, it looked like the other party made this small world with his peak Dao Domain.

This explained why the tribulation clouds could not gather.

Naturally, the lightning tribulations from the outside faced resistance in the other party’s small world.

“Thank you for the lesson. I lost.”

Xiao Chen sighed. Even though he still had not used the Heavenly Slayer Saber, he had no choice but to admit defeat.

A Soul Tool could not make up for such a suppressive advantage.

“Haha…are you thinking that you will pass only if you kill me?”

The black-clad bladesman laughed hoarsely when he saw the situation. Then, he said softly, “You’ve already passed. You are considered to have passed if you can last ten moves against me.”


This information stunned Xiao Chen; this bit of fortune came too suddenly. “Isn’t this too easy?”

The black-clad bladesman said calmly, “On the contrary, the usual examinees would waste a lot of effort and energy fighting the Hou-blood clones in the corridors to this place. It would already be very good if they could last three moves against me. It is not that it is easy; it is that you are too strong. The Hou-blood clones were not of much threat to you.”

Xiao Chen nodded. “I’m already used to them. With my royal Azure Dragon bloodline activated and my cultivation not too far from theirs, I no longer feel much fear.”

“No wonder. Let me send you to the second floor.”

The black-clad bladesman waved his hand, and a door of light heading to the inheritance hall’s second floor emerged from the yellow sand.

After performing a cupped-fist salute and bowing, Xiao Chen walked over.

Xiao Chen cleared this stage somewhat cluelessly. Regardless, he had still cleared it.

The instant Xiao Chen entered the inheritance hall’s second floor, beams of light encased him.

“Congratulations, Azure Dragon disciple. The inheritance you obtain on this floor is a boost to your Divine Energy.”

While staring blankly, Xiao Chen saw the figures of many Dragon Race powerhouses, seemingly coming from ancient times.

Then, his Divine Energy cultivation suddenly soared wildly before he could react.

“Crack!” He successfully broke through 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor to 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Xiao Chen startled awake only after a while. Then, he showed a helpless smile.

The inheritance hall’s inheritance appeared randomly. Given a choice, he would not choose a Divine Energy boost.

He needed a Secret Technique, a Cultivation Technique, or a natural treasure that could improve his Dao Domain.

After fighting with the black-clad bladesman, Xiao Chen already understood that cultivation was merely a reference.

How was cultivation not suitable for a Sovereign Emperor? Many sought a boost to their Divine Energy, but Xiao Chen saw it as something with little value. He was somewhat greedy.

Aside from the Divine Energy boost, there was nothing on the second floor; no other treasure appeared.

Xiao Chen could not hide his disappointment.

After collecting the Ten Thousand Dragons Art’s second layer, he left in a rush and met the dragon spirit again.

“I’ve thought about it carefully. I need the Forbidden Art that Senior mentioned,” Xiao Chen said calmly without hesitation, showing a serious expression.

The dragon spirit remained silent, in no rush to answer.