Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2261 Raw 2367 : Only Forbidden Arts

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Chapter 2261 Raw 2367 : Only Forbidden Arts

The blood moon hung high in the Azure Dragons’ old lands.

Diffused moonlight covered this desolate world, making even the air somewhat sorrowful.

A figure suddenly appeared on the moon. It was Xiao Chen, who arrived at this land of the blood moon through his Divine Universe Stele.

Not long after Xiao Chen appeared, he felt an immense pressure behind him. When he turned his head, he saw a wall, a colossal, mountain-like wall. When he looked further up, he saw that it was the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper. What a coincidence.

Soul Reaper held a chain in its hands. Several bodies were skewered on the metal hook at the end of the chain, all of them Sovereign Emperors.

This was not the first time Xiao Chen saw this scene. However, he still felt startled and curious.

Where exactly did Soul Reaper kill all these Sovereign Emperors?

There seemed to be many ancient Dragon Race graves in the Desolate Sea. Aside from staying at the ancient Azure Dragon city, Soul Reaper was probably also responsible for guarding those ancient graves.

However, Xiao Chen did not know where those ancient Dragon Race graves were.

He recalled that he saw Soul Reaper for the first time because he ran into Geomaster Qin Zhuolin, who had just come out of an ancient Dragon Race grave.

Xiao Chen obtained the recipe for Heart Burn, the Dragon Race’s best spirit, because Qin Zhuolin found it in that ancient grave.

As Xiao Chen’s thoughts wandered, the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper passed him with a ‘whoosh, arriving at the gates of the ancient city first.

Then, Soul Reaper turned around and looked at Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen could not understand what Soul Reaper wanted.

Just as Xiao Chen felt uncertain, the Desolate Slave Soul Reaper suddenly reached into the sky and grabbed hold of Xiao Chen. Then, it turned around and gently placed Xiao Chen on the Dao Platform.

“Thank you.”

Regardless of whether Soul Reaper could understand him or not, Xiao Chen still thanked it.


The Azure Dragon statue appeared before the mountain of the Dao Platform amid rumbling, winding around the mountain like a massive snake and appearing before Xiao Chen.

Then, the Azure Dragon statue opened its mouth, and Xiao Chen entered.

After many turns inside the statue, Xiao Chen again saw the mysterious dragon spirit guarding the inheritance.

“It has only been three months, and you are here again? Are you here to attempt the inheritance hall?”

The dragon spirit looked at Xiao Chen and said, “With your current strength, you cannot clear the second floor. You need to be at least a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not say anything.

Although he was only a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor, he had already completely refined the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s divine nature flame.

Now, his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor Soul Energy truly belonged to him, and it even contained the power of a True God.

In terms of combat prowess, Xiao Chen would only be stronger than a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, not weaker.

“Cultivation is just superficial. Senior Dragon Spirit, do not be tricked by what’s on the surface.”

The dragon spirit smiled and said, “Is that so? You seem confident. The stronger you are, the happier I am. It looks like you have trump cards that I do not know about; I look forward to your attempt.”

Xiao Chen waved his hand and said, “There’s no rush.

“I would like to ask, since the Azure Dragon’s inheritance is vast and ancient, is there any Secret Technique that can allow me, a Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor, to injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor severely?”

When the dragon spirit heard that, it revealed a cautious expression. Then, it said after some thought, “You cannot think this way. In the end, the cultivation of the Martial Dao is about steady and incremental progression. You have excellent talent and strong comprehension ability; surely, you understand this principle. A Peak Sovereign Emperor is a great leap from a Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor. Having a target is a good thing. However, if you aim too high, you are likely to go to extremes.”

Naturally, Xiao Chen understood this principle.

For Sovereign Emperors, each Divine Vein opened equaled one cultivation grade. Right now, Xiao Chen could fight above his cultivation grade because of his many trump cards—the Supreme Dragon Fist, the Firmament’s Rage, the royal Azure Dragon bloodline, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, the Heavenly Slayer Saber Soul Tool, and the Divine Dragon Body Tempering Art he inherited from the Blood-Soaked Dragon Emperor, among others.

With so many trump cards, Xiao Chen could fight Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors as a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor. That was already very shocking and outrageous.

To think that Xiao Chen wanted to fight against Peak Sovereign Emperors. Indeed, the hearts of men could never be satisfied. If he were careless, he might suffer from a rebound.

“I understand. However, my enemy is already a Peak Sovereign Emperor. When facing that Peak Sovereign Emperor, even my soul suffers from immense pressure, making breathing difficult. Such a helpless feeling inspires despair,” Xiao Chen said as he looked at the dragon spirit.

The dragon spirit thought for a while before sighing softly, “I know what you are after, a Forbidden Art.”

“A Forbidden Art?”

“It is impossible for a Secret Technique or Martial Technique to injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor severely as you are now. Even with a strong Martial Technique, your cultivation limits you. Even if you can execute it, you can’t severely injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor. In fact, the Firmament’s Rage and the Supreme Dragon Fist you practice can severely injure Peak Sovereign Emperors. It is just that your cultivation is too low.”

The dragon spirit paused for a moment before continuing, “If you want to injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor severely with your current cultivation, you can only use a Forbidden Art.”

However, while Forbidden Arts unleashed incredibly horrifying might, their side effects and consequences were incredibly terrifying.

Indeed, Xiao Chen had somewhat taken this for granted.

This made sense. An insignificant Small Perfection Sovereign Emperor could only make use of a shortcut to injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor severely.

Aside from a Forbidden Art, there was simply no other way.

“Naturally, I don’t have to explain the cost of using a Forbidden Art. It is something that ends up dealing one thousand points of damage to the enemy at the cost of dealing eight hundred points of damage to yourself. In the case of a Forbidden Art that can severely injure a Peak Sovereign Emperor, it might be something like one thousand points of damage to the enemy at the cost of two thousand points of damage to yourself,” the dragon spirit explained seriously with a grave expression.

Xiao Chen remained silent. He had used Forbidden Arts in the Kunlun Realm before.

Forbidden Arts could not be casually used. There would be a price to pay.

Sometimes, one could not afford it.

“Don’t think about this for now. I can tell that the first layer of your Ten Thousand Dragons Art has already reached the peak. Go and attempt the inheritance hall first. It is more important to obtain the second layer of the Cultivation Technique.”

The dragon spirit turned around and led Xiao Chen to the inheritance hall.

Soon, the five-story inheritance hall appeared before Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate to walk in, entering the first floor.

The first floor was empty, containing nothing.

Xiao Chen looked around and headed for the entrance to the second floor.

He did not know what he would be tested on and felt some anticipation as he moved swiftly, entering a door of light.

As the light flickered, time and space shifted. The surroundings turned blurry, giving Xiao Chen double vision.

When the double images merged back together, he discovered himself in a corridor.

“Plop! Plop!”

Blood dripped from the ceiling, and Xiao Chen sensed a horrifying aura.


This is the nemesis of the Dragon Race. The blood is the essence blood of the Hou. Xiao Chen’s expression automatically turned grave.

The blood stopped dripping, and the pool of blood on the ground squirmed. After a while, the blood formed a row of human figures, all 3-Vein Sovereign Emperors.

These figures were identical to Xiao Chen.

It looked like ten of his clones were charging at him.

Candle Dragon Eyes!

Candle flames appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The flames swayed as a Candle Dragon image appeared behind him. Then, it opened its eyes.

He immediately infused his Ice Dao’s Great Dao Energy into the Candle Dragon image.

A cold flame burned on the ten Hou-blood clones’ bodies. Their movements stiffened distinctly.

“To think that they were not sealed in ice,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself. Nowadays, he rarely saw a ferocious beast that would not get sealed in ice when he executed the Candle Dragon Eyes. However, this was fine.

He activated the Alloy Dragon Armor and instantly charged over, leaving behind purple marks.

Xiao Chen clenched his fist and circulated his energy for the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. An Azure Dragon image immediately appeared in his Divine Energy Sea. Sooner after, thousands of dragon images gathered around the Azure Dragon image.

A Ten Thousand Dragons Picture with the Azure Dragon in the center materialized behind Xiao Chen in the next moment.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen instantly executed his Supreme Dragon Fist, fighting alone against ten. He easily dealt with the ten stiff Hou-blood clones.

Although these Hou-blood clones gave off the aura of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, Xiao Chen dealt with them easily.

He did not even have to draw the Tyrant Saber on his back.

Xiao Chen had plenty of breathing space, just using the Supreme Dragon Fist, able to suppress ten Hou-blood clones by himself.


Xiao Chen punched again. However, he was shocked to discover that he could not send the Hou-blood clone before him flying.

As he felt bewildered, the other nine Hou-blood clones charged over.

“Leaderless Dragons!”

At the critical moment, Xiao Chen used Leaderless Dragons to clash with his opponents. His fist light flickered amid a multitude of dragon images.

He moved very quickly. However, several sword strikes landed on him. Fortunately, he had the Alloy Dragon Armor to protect him.

The attacks only sent Xiao Chen flying, not dealing any severe damage.

Xiao Chen wiped away the blood at his lips, a bright light flashing in his eyes. Is the Candle Dragon Eyes’s effect weakening?

That’s not right. The effect is still there. Otherwise, it would not be as simple as getting struck by four sword strikes.

That is?

Xiao Chen looked carefully and discovered that the ten Hou-blood clones were now at the peak of 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

The clones gave off scarlet lights that merged together, suppressing Xiao Chen’s Dragon Might.

Since when did they become so strong? To think that I did not notice.

The earlier scene quickly flashed through Xiao Chen’s mind as he recalled all the fine details of his clash with the Hou-blood clones.

So, that is why!

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. These Hou-blood clones can absorb my Soul Energy and Divine Energy. If I do not defeat them in one strike, they will only grow more horrifying the longer the fight drags out. They will keep growing stronger.

The Hou-blood clones, which Xiao Chen initially thought he could handle easily, immediately turned somewhat horrifying.

I have no chance to test this theory and verify my thoughts.

I can only kill them with one strike now. Otherwise, if they become 4-Vein Sovereign Emperors, my chances of victory will be slim.