Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2258 Raw 2365 : Leaving Silently

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Chapter 2258 Raw 2365 : Leaving Silently

The Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s top floor was tightly guarded; any strange movements would immediately draw many experts. Soon, Xiao Chen’s group was surrounded.

Even through the veil, Pavilion Master Yang’s expression was still visible, appearing incredibly sour.

Normally, she was an aloof existence. However, she ended up getting played by a beggar today, placed in an embarrassing state.

“Capture them! Don’t let any of them escape!”

The veiled woman showed no patience at all. Her first words upon getting up after falling already blazed with fury.

At the same time, various formations activated and pressed on the group.

Xiao Chen immediately felt a heavy pressure on his shoulders as a ferocious beast image appeared in the air.

This ferocious beast gave off an aura from the Great Desolate Eon. It was completely red, and its eyes looked terrifying, like huge, red lanterns. It had eight heads and eight tails. Green moss and withered trees grew all over it. Its belly appeared rotten and decaying.

The moment the ferocious beast appeared, chains appeared in Xiao Chen’s Soul Pool and bound his Azure Dragon Divine Seal.

A total of eight chains appeared, made up of the eight snake-like necks of the strange ferocious beast.

The eight heads opened their jaws and looked like they would bite the azure-colored Divine Seal to death.

However, the Divine Seal gave off a vast Dragon Might, preventing the eight heads from biting it. They could only howl.

Xiao Chen’s soul instantly got restricted. No matter how his Azure Dragon Divine Seal with its three Divine Vein rings struggled, it could not break free.

Oh no! Xiao Chen thought to himself, feeling that something was wrong. Did he get careless and underestimate the Smiling Daughter Pavilion?

Unless Xiao Chen completely refined all his Soul Energy that formed the three Divine Vein rings, it would be hard for him to escape this soul lock.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

At the same time, six figures appeared from the shadows. These were Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors; the weakest was a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor, and the strongest was a 6-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

However, that mysterious and unfathomable Peak Sovereign Emperor did not appear.

Nonetheless, even without that Peak Sovereign Emperor around, Xiao Chen would have difficulty escaping.

Xiao Chen could activate his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. Together with his Alloy Dragon Armor and Heavenly Slayer Soul Tool, he could break out.

However, it would be hard to say for Su Ye, Ling Yu, and the beggar.

“The Eight Branch Soul Locking Formation!”

Su Ye showed an unsightly expression. Shock flashed in her eyes as she looked at the veiled woman.

The veiled woman said indifferently, “That’s right. It is the Eight Branch Soul Locking Formation. I completed the Eight Branch Soul Locking Formation that your cheap mother failed to lay. Even a Peak Sovereign Emperor will have to kneel before me in this Eight Branch Soul Locking Formation.”

“A bitch like you? You are not permitted to mention my mother!”

Su Ye’s eyes immediately turned bloodshot. Her beautiful face appeared somewhat crazed.

Su Ye wanted to rush over. However, she could not move any further after two steps. She showed an extremely pained look; it felt like an invisible snake tail had wrapped around her neck, cutting off her breath.

Upon seeing this scene, the veiled woman revealed a disdainful smile. “Why not? You keep calling me a bitch; your mother is the real bitch. She was the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, but she shamelessly chased after some nonsensical love, marrying someone from the Sword God’s Noble Clan. Haha! In the end, they did not even give her a concubine title after chasing her away. Tell me, is your mother not a bitch?!”

As the veiled woman spoke, she walked over to the struggling Su Ye. Then, she mocked softly, “This is especially so for you. Back then, you suffered from a terminal illness. For your sake, your mother knelt before the Su Clan’s residence for an entire month. In the end, the Su Clan’s residence’s gates remained shut. Your mother ended up frustrated to death… Tell me, was she wretched or not? Right now, you are alive because—”

“That’s enough,” Xiao Chen suddenly said, showing no expression on his face.

The veiled woman swept her gaze around and smiled. “Right now, you are not qualified to interrupt. You will die with just one word from me.”

“I said, enough! Did you hear me?!”

Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline. An azure-colored light spread out in his Soul Pool, together with a dragon roar. Then, eight chains instantly snapped.


After that, Xiao Chen stepped forward and slapped the veiled woman, sending her flying.

Blood flowed on her face, seeping out from an eye-catching, fiery-red handprint. The veiled woman screamed shrilly, “Kill him!”


Six figures charged towards Xiao Chen like lightning bolts.

These were the six Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors who had arrived silently. Xiao Chen’s heart sank. It’s over now.

Even just one Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor would already be hard to handle. With six, calling this a desperate situation would be no exaggeration.

This was the price of rashness. However, even if the price was his life, Xiao Chen would not regret that slap.

A bitch should be ruthlessly slapped.

However, just at this moment, a figure walked over from behind and placed his hands on Xiao Chen’s and Su Ye’s shoulders. With a gentle pat, the chains in Su Ye’s Soul Pool immediately shattered as if they had never been there.

The beggar gently pulled the two behind him.


The peak strike of six Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors overlapped, landing on the beggar.

“Pu ci!”

Blood spurted from the beggar’s mouth as the attacks sent him flying back.

“Uncle!” Xiao Chen let out a startled cry. Then, he quickly went to help the beggar up. With the peak strikes of six Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors, if the beggar did not die, he would at least be severely injured.

“Hehe! Just leave the job of getting beaten up to this uncle. The bodies of you youths are precious.”

Who could have imagined that the beggar would just cheerfully wipe the blood on his lips with his sleeve, smearing it all over his face?

Although the beggar looked severely injured, at the brink of death, he seemed extraordinarily spirited like nothing had happened to him.

“He’s still alive?”

The six Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors frowned heavily as they shielded the veiled woman.

The six exchanged looks and saw surprise in one another’s eyes.


Headliner Ling Long’s door opened. When she saw the situation, she said, “Pavilion Master Yang, can you let them go?”

The veiled woman turned around when she heard that. She raised her eyebrows at the sight of Ling Yu standing beside Ling Long.

“I am getting married on the fifteenth of the next month. I do not wish for any conflicts. Will Pavilion Master Yang grant my wish?” Ling Long asked softly as she bowed.

The veiled woman had fallen silent after hearing Ling Long’s voice. After the silence, she said, “Since Ling Long asked, I will not pursue this.”

“Big Brother, are you alright?”

When Ling Yu saw the beggar’s miserable state, he felt startled. Then, he quickly walked over.

The beggar laughed, “Hahaha! I won’t die.”


The veiled woman tossed a jade bottle to Xiao Chen. He snatched it out of the air and noticed its heft when he caught it.

“This is the compensation the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor promised you, a total of fifty tons of Origin Liquid. Young Master Xiao, I hope that you will behave appropriately,” the veiled woman said through clenched teeth. The red handprint on her face had yet to fade, but she still had to give Xiao Chen the Origin Liquid.

Pavilion Master Yang felt aggrieved at this thought. However, she had to endure everything. She had to prioritize the First Prince’s wedding. This wedding was too important, connected to too many things.

Nothing could go wrong with the wedding. No matter how humiliated or dissatisfied Pavilion Master Yang was, she had to endure it.

Xiao Chen looked at Su Ye’s state. Then, he looked at the beggar, whose exact condition was unknown.

There was no longer any need to remain in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

Ling Yu already met Ling Long, achieving his objective. There was no reason to stay.

Xiao Chen no longer wanted to remain, so he turned around and led the group away.

The veiled woman turned around and smiled. “Ling Long, go back in first. There is no need to worry about the wedding. I promise that your wedding will be glorious. At that time, all the Azure Lotus Fairies will perform the Azure Lotus Sword Dance for you. Your wedding will not only shake up Yan City but also be the envy of the world.”

Ling Long did not show any joy on her face. She just forced out a smile and returned to her room.

After Ling Long left, the veiled woman’s expression changed radically. She turned around and scolded, “Bunch of trash, what are you all doing? To think that you let people slip into the top floor unawares. Do you think we have not been embarrassed enough? What is the point of me grooming all of you?!”

“Your subordinates realize their mistake. Please punish us!”

“Useless things!” The veiled woman fell speechless with anger. After a while, she looked at the six Great Perfection Sovereign Emperors and said, “I’ll leave this matter to you for the next one and a half months. Please stay here and guard this door. I do not want any more accidents.”

“Pavilion Master, rest assured. With us here, nothing will go wrong.”

Pavilion Master Yang nodded slightly. A frosty look flashed in her eyes, and she said softly, “If they come again, you can teach Xiao Chen and Su Ye a lesson, but you cannot kill them. However, you must kill Ling Long’s little lover!”