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Chapter 2256 Raw 2363 : A Meeting

After hearing the Heavenly Book Scholar’s conversation with the Ninth Prince from the shadows, Xiao Chen left silently.

As it was currently daytime, the Death God Mask’s effects were significantly weaker.

Xiao Chen only used a trick to make the Heavenly Book Scholar and the Ninth Prince think he already left. That was why he did not get discovered. If he remained, it would be hard to avoid accidents.

To think that the Ninth Prince is backing the Heavenly Book Scholar. However, I know nothing about the Ninth Prince. Xiao Chen thought about this matter on the way back to the Misty Rain Pavilion. He felt like he had gained some clues.

The First Prince’s bride price was an Ethereal Immortal Palace key. The Ninth Prince is also looking for an Ethereal Immortal Palace key. Could the predicted location be under the Royal Court’s control?

If that is the case, the two conditions may be having an Ethereal Immortal Palace key and obtaining a prince’s support.

One can know the location of the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s appearance and gain a chance to enter only if the two conditions are fulfilled.

If that is really the case, then I have no choice but to get involved in the succession race.

“In an age of great conflict, one must strive even if one does not need to.”

Xiao Chen concluded that it was time for him to make a choice. The Ninth Prince looked down on him, but there was more than just the Ninth Prince in the imperial capital Yan City; there were others that Xiao Chen could work with.

After returning to the Misty Rain Pavilion, Xiao Chen saw Su Ye trying to console and persuade Ling Yu. However, based on Ling Yu’s expression, it did not seem to be going well.

The beggar lay on the bed, asleep. Mo Chen, Bao`er, and the others waited at the side.

“Big Brother Xiao, you finally returned.”

Mo Chen stood up and greeted Xiao Chen. Clearly, she knew about what happened to Xiao Chen in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

“I met an old friend and got delayed. However, I happened to learn of some things. Ling Yu, would you like to hear about it?” Xiao Chen asked softly as he looked at Ling Yu.

“Martial Uncle, does it have something to do with me?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “Indeed, it does have something to do with you. I just heard that the Smiling Daughter Pavilion is marrying headliner Ling Long to First Prince Wang Fei because of an Ethereal Immortal Palace key.”

“An Ethereal Immortal Palace key?”

Su Ye’s eyes immediately lit up. Feeling enlightened, she said, “No wonder, no wonder. Although the First Prince has always been close to the Pleasure Quarter Alliance, the Pleasure Quarter Alliance’s support for his bid to become the crown prince is far from wholehearted. Their relationships with the other princes are on similar levels. It looks like they need this wedding to happen. Even if headliner Ling Long does not want to marry the First Prince, she has to. She is part of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion, representing them.”

Ling Yu smiled bitterly, remaining silent. This news seemed to be making matters worse to him.

However, Mo Chen’s eyes lit up. She smiled and said, “Ling Yu, do you not understand what Big Brother Xiao is saying?”

Somewhat confused, Ling Yu asked, “What is he saying?”

Mo Chen explained softly with a smile, “Big Brother Xiao is saying that headliner Ling Long did not agree to the marriage because she wanted the power and authority that came with marrying the First Prince. She did not have a choice, due to the arrangement between the Smiling Daughter Pavilion and the First Prince. Since the First Prince handed over the Ethereal Immortal Palace key, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion needed to show its stance, letting the world know that the Pleasure Quarter Alliance supports the First Prince.

“Hence, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion is marrying away headliner Ling Long. This marriage is a formality of the two parties’ alliance.”

Ling Yu showed some joy on his face when he heard that. However, his eyes dimmed soon after. “Even so, what can I do?”

“Let’s not talk about that first. Let me ask you one question: what exactly is your relationship with headliner Ling Long?”

Xiao Chen’s question piqued everyone’s curiosity. Everyone immediately looked towards Ling Yu.

This was especially so for Su Ye. She seemed somewhat interested in this matter. She rested her chin on her two hands, staring straight at Ling Yu.

“Back then, when Martial Uncle brought me to the Soaring Dragon Great Realm, I saw headliner Ling Long and fell in love with her. After that, I remained behind and learned the pipa from Elder Sister Ling Long for three months. It was just a short three months, but it felt like three lives passed. I was very happy during that time. However, I had to return to my sect eventually. The night before I left, she promised herself to me. I told her that I would come to Yan City to look for her five years later.”

As Ling Yu spoke about this past, he blushed slightly, appearing somewhat embarrassed. However, he showed joy over these memories.

Those times were indeed great times for him, something hard to forget.

“Then? Then?” Su Ye asked in anticipation, smiling with bright eyes.

“Five years later, I became the youngest Star Venerate of the Grave Sea Cluster. Martial Uncle Sect Master asked me to stay, promising that the Purple Flame Sect would make me the next Sect Master. However, I only had Elder Sister Ling Long in my heart, so I rejected Martial Uncle. At that time, I was proud and cocky. Many of the older-generation experts could not last more than ten moves against me.

“I wanted to give Elder Sister Ling Long a surprise, so I came to Yan City alone without telling her.”

When Ling Yu reached this point, his smile slowly faded. Then, some regret and intense bitterness appeared on his serious face.

Xiao Chen and the others exchanged looks, more or less guessing some things.

In hindsight, Ling Yu was indeed a once-in-a-thousand-years genius in the Grave Sea Cluster. He also possessed a rare Great Desolate Eon bloodline. He managed to become a Star Venerate at such a young age; naturally, he would be filled with confidence.

So, Ling Yu had come to Yan City, wanting to gain fame and make his debut and, at the same time, claim his beloved.

However, Yan City was a famous city in the world. Calling it the most bustling city in the Great Thousand Realms was no exaggeration.

With Ling Yu’s original talent and strength in the Grave Sea Cluster, he immediately became ordinary in Yan City. Even Sovereign Personages did not dare to shout in Yan City, what more an insignificant Star Venerate?

The immensity of Ling Yu’s disappointment was obvious.

“I quietly entered the Smiling Daughter Pavilion and saw Ling Long. She stood at the top of the clouds, playing consummate music. Applause endlessly rang out for her. Countless Primeval Heavenly Pills flew over like rainbow ribbons. There was no shortage of royals, nobles, Holy Venerates, Sovereign Personages, and even Sovereign Emperors. At that time, I cowered. I could only pay for the seat in the very corner, looking up at her. Then, I left behind a letter for her and left. I thought of coming back in another five years, feeling that a mere Star Venerate could not match her.”

Ling Yu choked up a little at this point. He must have felt extremely dispirited at that time.

When in the Soaring Dragon Great Realm, Ling Yu could not get a sense of a Smiling Daughter Pavilion headliner’s status. He only realized how much higher his Elder Sister Ling Long, whom he made a promise with, stood after coming to Yan City.

“Unexpectedly, Elder Sister Ling Long found me outside the city… I was so stupid! I was a fool back then. She said that she was willing to go with me. However, I felt that I could not match her. I told her to wait for five years. However, when I returned after five years, she refused to even meet with me.”

At this point, Ling Yu’s face filled with pain. His eyes turned wet long ago.

“You are really stupid! Hah! I don’t even know what to say to you. You deserve the regret you feel.” Su Ye gave Ling Yu the scolding of his life, frowning after hearing what Ling Yu said.

Xiao Chen remained silent. He understood how Ling Yu felt. When coming to the imperial capital Yan City from the Grave Sea Cluster, Ling Yu felt like a villager entering the city for the first time. Su Ye, who had not experienced that kind of shock and disappointment, could not understand. The pain Ling Yu felt was indescribable.

Mo Chen said calmly, “In my opinion, headliner Ling Long still remembers Ling Yu. Otherwise, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s people would have beaten him to death long ago.”

Su Ye nodded and said softly, “That’s right. You repeatedly went to the Smiling Daughter Pavilion and caused trouble. If it were any other person, he would have died several times over. Headliner Ling Long must have left instructions not to kill you. You are rather fortunate.

“Back then, headliner Ling Long put down everything and was willing to go with you. This required a lot of courage. To think that you did not agree… She must be angry with you, given that she is not willing to meet with you.”

Ling Yu said seriously, “No! I need to meet her. I will give up only if she personally tells me to.”

When Ling Yu suddenly erupted, he startled Su Ye, Mo Chen, and the others.

“If you want to meet her, tonight is the best time. Right now, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion is a mess; they are all flustered. It will be easier to sneak in,” Su Ye analyzed calmly.

Xiao Chen stood up and said, “I’ll bring you there.”

“Martial Uncle…” Ling Yu immediately felt so touched, he was on the verge of tears. He did not know what to say.

Xiao Chen said softly, “Since you address me as Martial Uncle, I will be your matchmaker. Back then, I was preparing to give you a pipa for a token of love for her. I still hope that you can personally give it to her.”

[TL Note: A matchmaker is an essential part of a traditional Chinese wedding and is involved in the marriage ceremony.]

“I want to go as well.” Su Ye looked around; no one knew what she was thinking.

“Going to a pleasure quarter? I want to go too. Hahaha! You are all very bad. While this uncle is drunk, you want to sneak into a pleasure quarter. Hehehe! This uncle is awake now. Hahaha!” the beggar chortled as he quickly got up despite sleeping like a dead pig on the bed just moments before.

Xiao Chen did not find this strange. Then, he looked at Mo Chen.

Mo Chen said softly, “Bao`er and I will not be going. Elder Sister Su Ye already handed most of the merchant associations’ matters to us. We need to meet with the Association Chiefs of the Nine Cauldron Pavilion and the Linlang Pavilion later.”

Xiao Chen looked at Su Ye in surprise. He had not expected the other party to relinquish her authority so quickly.

“Don’t look at me. Why would I not be happy about having more free time?”

Su Ye smiled. This felt confusing. Who knew what she was thinking?

“Let’s go, then.”