Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2253 Raw 2360 : Storm Temporarily Stopped

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Chapter 2253 Raw 2360 : Storm Temporarily Stopped

According to rumor, the Misty Rain Pavilion had nearly one hundred beautiful headliners wielding Soul Tool instruments, known as the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden.

However, no one had ever seen the group. The Misty Rain Pavilion had not put on any public performances of it either. There were only rumors.

Everyone knew that the Azure Lotus Fairy—also known as the Azure Lotus Sword Fairy—established the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

Since the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s establishment, it had passed down an unparalleled sword dance. However, the Azure Lotus Sword Fairy’s consummate work, the Azure Lotus Sword Dance, rarely appeared.

This was because the Azure Lotus Sword Dance required one hundred talented women to perform it at the same time in order to create the scene of the azure lotus blooming and the moon breaking out of the lake.

Today, these two legendary performances suddenly appeared, even facing off each other.

This development simply caught everyone off guard. They had never expected or imagined such a scene. To think that this would appear before them by chance.

Although half of Yan City would end up destroyed if these two groups truly fought, several people wished that the commotion would be bigger, hoping that the two groups would quickly start fighting each other.

The atmosphere turned tense, with neither side willing to give in to the other. A battle could ignite at a touch.

The Black and White Eggs protected Xiao Chen on both sides. Lu Benwei stood in front with a Fiendish light flickering on his saber’s edge.

The Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden held their Soul Tool instruments upraised, looking lovely. All of them were gorgeous women, looking very graceful.

Yuan Zhen stood in the center. Ling Yu supported his beggar friend, moving far away and watching with a heavy frown.

The other side appeared even more horrifying. There were the three princes, the four Noble Clans’ Elders, the many Smiling Daughter Pavilion guards, and the many white-clad women that descended amid flowers.

The First Prince Wang Fei, the Eighth Prince Wang Feng, and the Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi all showed distraught expressions.

The three princes could no longer back down. Initially, they thought that they had it in the bag, able to deal with Xiao Chen easily.

In the end, this kicked up such a huge commotion. Now, not to mention killing Xiao Chen, the three princes might not be able to retreat safely.

Xiao Chen’s saber strike startled the entire Yan City. It definitely startled the patriarchs of the imperial ancestral temple as well.

If the three princes could not kill Xiao Chen before the imperial ancestral temple patriarchs arrived, they would make a huge loss.

At this moment, the veiled woman completely ignored Xiao Chen. Staring at Su Ye, she said coldly, “Bunch of sluts, quickly scram out of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion. Otherwise, suffer the consequences.”

Su Ye mocked, “Suffer the consequences? By all means, give it a try. Let’s see who will suffer more severe consequences.”

This situation was originally meant to force Xiao Chen into a corner. When Su Ye appeared, it became a clash between these two women.

Yuan Zhen, who was the center of attention earlier, suddenly got sidelined. The speed at which the situation changed felt flabbergasting.

The three princes exchanged looks. They could see the others’ frustration and anxiety in the others’ eyes.

As Su Ye locked gazes with the veiled woman, everyone could clearly feel the enmity between the two, as well as the two’s intractable auras.

“Very well. Since you are not leaving, then all of you can forget about leaving!”

The murderous intent in the veiled woman’s eyes intensified as she spoke. The one hundred white-clad women behind her thrust their swords forward at the same time.


The Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden spread out. They all held up their flutes, pipes, pipas, and various instruments, playing them simultaneously.

The battle destined not to end peacefully commenced.

The hundred Soul Tool instruments rang out in unison. The Fairy Basket made flowers bloom, and the white-clad women danced with their swords.


In just an instant, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion, which had stood for countless years, started shuddering. The shock waves spread out, shaking half of Yan City.

Many powerful experts hidden in closed-door cultivation in the imperial capital opened their eyes at the same time.

Confusion flashed in their eyes as they looked towards the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.


However, both parties clashed for only an instant before they were forcibly suppressed.

A sword entered through the hole in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s roof and landed like a meteor.

When the sword stabbed into the ground, the Hundred Fairies of the Pear Garden and the white-clad women were all shocked into stepping back at the same time.

“The Yan Imperial Sword!”

The three princes instantly paled upon seeing this sword. Without thinking, they plopped down to their knees.

Only one person in Yan City could use this sword—the current emperor of the Yanwu Dynasty.

This sword had flown straight from the palace. While the Yan Emperor did not appear, it was as though he had.

The flames lingering around the Yan Imperial Sword trembled slightly as a vast sword intent spread out.

Everyone in the Smiling Daughter Pavilion felt a vast pressure that awoke the desire to kneel and prostrate themself.

The prestige and might contained in the sword intent came from not just the sword but also the dynasty’s accumulations.

“Plop! Plop!”

More and more people fell to their knees, not daring to raise their heads. It was quite difficult to face a Superior Grade Soul Tool that contained the dynasty’s Luck in Yan City.

Even a Sovereign Emperor might not be able to endure the dynasty’s might and pressure.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just as the sword intent was about to reach its peak and make everyone submit, the sword suddenly buzzed and turned silent.

Confusion flashed in the three princes’ eyes at the same time. However, they did not have time to think.

A group of stern-looking old men appeared on the roof of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion. The leader had white hair and a white beard. He looked dignified and exuded an imperial might that deterred everyone from looking at him directly.

“Greetings, Imperial Ancestor!” the princes saluted respectfully in unison.

This group of old men was the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs. The leader was the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor, a patriarch who ranked higher in seniority than the Yan Emperor.


The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor snorted coldly before saying, “Lock them up and whip them in the imperial ancestral temple. None of you can escape. How embarrassing!”

Right after the Imperial Ancestor spoke, he looked around and fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen. Then, he walked over directly.

“Lord Xiao, how would you like to deal with this matter?”

While the Imperial Ancestor spoke, the patriarchs used special chains to tie up the three princes. When the chains bound the three, electric light burst out, and the three princes cried out in misery.

No matter what, Xiao Chen was the Heavenly Alliance’s envoy inspector. He represented the Heavenly Alliance in the Yanwu Dynasty.

No matter how weak the Heavenly Alliance was in Yan City, it was still a bona fide super faction. Against the backdrop of the entire Great Thousand Realms, it stood above the Yanwu Dynasty.

If Xiao Chen died silently, it would not be a big problem.

However, killing the Heavenly Alliance’s envoy inspector in public would be akin to slapping the Heavenly Alliance’s face. This would place the Yanwu Dynasty in an extremely unfavorable position.

Hence, when the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs appeared, they immediately arrested the three princes, not giving them any face.

They also behaved very politely to Xiao Chen.

Although the imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor was polite, he also laced his words with deep politics. The moment he spoke, he handed the matter to Xiao Chen to handle.

As long as Xiao Chen was willing to settle this matter, it would not disturb the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters and become a major matter.

Xiao Chen thought very quickly. He knew that the situation had turned around.

He now had full control of the situation, at least ostensibly.

“It’s fine. I was just drinking and chatting with the three princes when the conversation got a little intense. However, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion slandered me, claiming that I stole the imitation of their holy relic and damaging my reputation. They even attacked me. This saddens this Xiao.”

Xiao Chen knew that while the patriarchs appeared strict with the three princes, they would not do anything too severe. It was just for show.

The only one that Xiao Chen could suppress was the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

“Alright, I understand. I will help you get justice in this matter.”

The imperial ancestral temple’s Imperial Ancestor turned his head and looked at the veiled woman. “Pavilion Master Yang, you are the one responsible here, so you need to make compensation. If you are not satisfied with that, you can tell me now.”

The white-haired old man clearly wanted to keep the peace. Since Xiao Chen placed the blame on her, she had no way to argue under the circumstances, even if she was unwilling.

It was not like Pavilion Master Yang could say that the three princes planned this.

While the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs seemed strict with the princes, appearances were deceiving. They were the ones who protected the princes the most.

Xiao Chen himself said that the three princes were not to blame. Even if she did not want to shoulder the blame, she had to.

Pavilion Master Yang gritted her teeth behind the veil, so frustrated that her complexion seemed to turn black.

After taking a long time calming herself, the veiled woman said sullenly, “This Pavilion Master is not dissatisfied. Lord Xiao is right; this humble lady did slander Lord Xiao. I will make compensation to him. For startling and scaring Lord Xiao today, I am willing to compensate Lord Xiao with thirty percent of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s monthly profits.”

Before Xiao Chen could speak, Su Ye laughed softly and said, “In that case, I will reluctantly forgive you on behalf of Lord Xiao. Pavilion Master Yang, do be careful of what you say in the future. Hahahaha!”

This storm temporarily ended with Su Ye’s tinkling laughter.

However, from how the veiled woman gritted her teeth, this matter clearly was not truly settled here.