Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2248 Raw 2355 : A Monk, a Beggar, a Fool, and a Martial Uncle

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Chapter 2248 Raw 2355 : A Monk, a Beggar, a Fool, and a Martial Uncle

“As long as we are not going to a pleasure quarter, this humble monk will follow you anywhere.”

When Xiao Chen heard this, he felt slightly apologetic. Sorry…the place we are going to happens to be a pleasure quarter.

However, Xiao Chen could not be blamed. Even a fool would know that the Smiling Daughter Pavilion seeking him out was nothing good.

According to the information Xiao Chen received, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion walked very closely with the First Prince. Furthermore, the First Prince happened to be the Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s backer.

This invitation for no apparent reason, could it have something to do with the First Prince? Perhaps having Yuan Zhen around might have some unexpected effects.

“Benefactor Xiao, when are we departing?” Yuan Zhen said, feeling somewhat impatient. He had been looking forward to getting the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s key for a long time already.

Since Xiao Chen made an oath, there was a guarantee. Naturally, Yuan Zhen would want it dealt with as soon as possible.

“There’s no rush. The appointed time is tonight.”

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression as he asked softly, “Speaking of which, how much do you know about the Yanwu Dynasty’s princes?”

When Yuan Zhen heard that question, he looked at Xiao Chen warily and countered, “Why are you asking that? Do you intend to get involved in the fight to become the crown prince?”

Yuan Zhen sized up Xiao Chen for a moment before entering deep thought. “Well, with your strength and status, you barely qualify to get involved in the crown prince race. However, you have to think this through carefully. Right now, no one is touching you, mostly because you have not taken a side.

“Once you take a side, you will cross the bottom line of the other princes. You had better consider the consequences you will have to face at that time.”

Xiao Chen raised an eyebrow and said with some surprise, “Unexpectedly, you understand my current situation quite well.”

“Haha! When you arrived, you killed Duke Yun’s son. Before I came to the Misty Rain Pavilion, I heard that you chased away seven of the top ten merchant associations, cutting off their flow of resources from the Heavenly Alliance. Each move is bigger than the ones before it. There’s no way I could be unaware.”

Yuan Zhen smiled faintly, not hiding the information that he discovered about Xiao Chen.

“It looks like the Hidden Spirit Temple is not as detached from the mundane world as imagined. The Hidden Spirit Temple is probably aware of all the major and minor matters in the entire dynasty. In that case, tell me which princes have the highest chances in this crown prince race.”

Yuan Zhen thought for a while and said calmly, “Who can be detached from the world when one lives in the mundane world and possesses a body of flesh? Right now, the ones with the highest chances are naturally the First Prince, Wang Fei; the Eighth Prince, Wang Feng; and the Thirteenth Prince, Wang Yi.”

“The First Prince is the oldest. He is steady and grasps propriety and etiquette well. The ancestral shrine’s patriarchs normally prefer the oldest. That is his greatest advantage. The Eighth Prince Wang Feng’s talent is the most outstanding, and he has the Divine Sword Pavilion and many other Rank 7 sects supporting him. The Thirteenth Prince Wang Yi’s mother is the current empress. He has been a favorite since young and is loved by the emperor. If it were the emperor’s decision, he would definitely hand his position straight to the Thirteenth Prince. Unfortunately, that is not possible.

“As for the other princes, there are also some ambitious princes. However, their accumulations and underlings are weaker, incomparable to these three favorites.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “According to what you say, the next emperor will likely be one of those three princes?”

“Yes. That is what the Hidden Spirit Temple thinks.”

The two chatted for a long time. After Yuan Zhen introduced the situation, Xiao Chen gained a fresh understanding of the Yanwu Dynasty’s Royal Court.

“The competition to become the crown prince has already reached the final preparatory stages. When it happens, all the princes will be required to participate. They will enter the Yan Emperor’s secret realm and take the test passed down by the ancestors. The final victor will be the Yan Crown Prince.”

Yuan Zhen thought for a while and added, “You had best not get involved. With every selection of the crown prince, all the Great Thousand Realms’ factions get involved. The Martial God Palace, the Profound Heavenly Holy Land, and the Universe Origin Sect will pay attention to it and even take a hand in it.

“The Hidden Spirit Temple’s connection to the Royal Court is rather special. It is not like that of the Universe Origin Sect and the Profound Heaven Holy Land, which directly manage their respective dynasties. That is why the competition to become the crown prince in the Yanwu Dynasty attracts the attention of the entire Great Thousand Realms and results in the various factions’ involvement.”

Yuan Zhen’s words meant that it is not realistic for Xiao Chen to get involved with the competition to become the crown prince with his strength alone.

However, Xiao Chen smiled faintly. He did not argue. After all, he did not intend to get involved.

However, the situation forced Xiao Chen’s hand, so he needed to understand this.

When looking at the sky, Xiao Chen saw that it already started to turn dark. The Misty Rain Pavilion also slowly became more bustling.

Xiao Chen stood up and said, “Let’s go, then. It is time to keep the appointment.”

Before the two left, Yuan Zhen hid his entire head under the conical bamboo hat lest someone recognize him.

The Hidden Spirit Temple held a transcendent position in the Yanwu Dynasty, even deified by the ordinary people.

If someone recognized Yuan Zhen, it would cause a huge commotion that would shake the entire Yanwu Dynasty. A monk going to a pleasure quarter, furthermore, an esteemed monk of the Hidden Spirit Temple…

Yuan Zhen felt much more at ease after leaving the Misty Rain Pavilion.

“The outside is better. I was very uncomfortable in there.” Yuan Zhen let out a long sigh.

Xiao Chen could not bear to tell him that they were going to the Smiling Daughter Pavilion, a place even more famous than the Misty Rain Pavilion.

He did not say anything, leading the way forward.

Compared to Xiao Chen’s solemn silence, Yuan Zhen seemed at ease, showing a carefree smile.

Soon, Yuan Zhen would obtain the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s key. How could he not be happy?

However, no matter how long the journey, it would eventually come to an end.

The Smiling Daughter Pavilion was well lit with lanterns, appearing vibrant and magnificent, like a bright, resplendent pearl in the night.

The Smiling Daughter Pavilion occupied the most bustling location in the imperial capital, a place with endless traffic.

“Benefactor Xiao, why are we stopping?”

Seeing a pleasure quarter, Yuan Zhen started to appear nervous. He showed a somewhat unsightly expression and said, “Don’t tell me that we are going to the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.”

“Truthfully, it is that place.”

“Xiao Chen, you bastard, you are tricking me again, right?”

Yuan Zhen felt incredibly frustrated. His face twisted as he cursed. Regardless of how scheming Yuan Zhen was, he was still a monk. Given his upbringing and cultivation of mind, he rarely showed joy or rage on his face.

This was especially so for rage.

However, Yuan Zhen could not help cursing this time.

“Alright, it’s my fault for not making it clear from the start. Just wait here first. I will give you the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s key after I come out.”

Upon seeing Yuan Zhen’s expression, Xiao Chen felt that he had made things very difficult for the monk.

It was wrong of him to force a monk to enter a pleasure quarter.

“May the Lord Buddha preserve us, may the Lord Buddha preserve us. I have sinned. I have sinned. To think I broke the monastic discipline on anger. Oh, my heart for Buddha…”

Yuan Zhen chanted for a while. When he saw Xiao Chen turn to leave, he struggled with himself before calling out to Xiao Chen, “Wait a moment. I’ll accompany you. However, let me make this clear first. I will not help you at all, just accompany you. Do not ask me to do anything.”

Xiao Chen smiled when he heard that. “That’s fine. You decide for yourself.”

“Let’s go, then.”

Even though Yuan Zhen said that, his expression still appeared unsightly. He shrank his head into his body slightly, letting the conical bamboo hat cover him better.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen looked around and noticed that dirty beggar from the other time.

The beggar sat leisurely at the side of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion, eating a roast chicken and drinking wine. As he did so, he grinned widely at the customers entering and leaving.

A thought appeared in Xiao Chen’s mind. Then, he walked over and took out a bottle of wine, handing it to the beggar.

This was the best spirit of the Dragon Race, Heart Burn. The dirty beggar did not care about anything else, immediately opening the bottle and wanting to drink it.

Xiao Chen quickly stopped the beggar, saying, “This spirit is too strong. You should wait until you become a Sovereign Emperor before drinking it. You will enjoy boundless benefits, then.”

“Heehee! So, this lousy wine can only be drunk if one is a Sovereign Emperor?”

The beggar snickered before saying loudly, “In that case, you can have it back. This beggar does not want it.”

When Yuan Zhen heard that, he thought to himself, This beggar does not laugh like an ordinary person. However, it is too bad that he does not understand the situation.

Since this is a spirit, it should be the best spirit of the Dragon Race, Heart Burn, if I guess right. Back then, Xiao Chen used this wine to gain fame at the Peach Blossom Banquet.

This is something that many Sovereign Emperors seek. To think that Xiao Chen gave it to a beggar. Even so, that beggar so boldly rejects it, boasting shamelessly.

Xiao Chen did not take back the Heart Burn. He said, “Even if you cannot drink it, it would be useful to you if you keep it. I would like to ask you about someone. Three days ago, you brought someone away. I would like to know where that person is now?”

Xiao Chen had found the person that the beggar brought away familiar. However, he did not get a clear look.

“Are you talking about that foolish brother of mine? Hahaha! There is no need to look for him. Just stand here, and you will see him soon.”


Right after the beggar spoke, someone tossed out a person from above. This falling figure was in a sorry state, covered in wounds from punches.

The nearby cultivators did not find this strange. They only coldly mocked this person before walking into the Smiling Daughter Pavilion.

“It is that fool again. The Smiling Daughter Pavilion just chased him out two or three days ago, and he is at it again. How pitiful!”

“Speaking of which, this is really strange. If it were another person messing around like this, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion would have killed him long ago. It is a miracle that this person is still alive.”

“Just leave him alone. Quickly go in and reserve a place. The headliner Ling Long is performing tonight!”

The beggar guffawed as he pointed to the person lying in the middle of the road. “Speak of the devil. Heehee! We were just speaking about my foolish little brother, and ‘bang! He fell down.”

Xiao Chen slowly walked over with an expression of increasing suspicion. When he got close, he felt greatly startled.

That person in a sorry state turned his head and looked at Xiao Chen, then showed an equally shocked expression.

“Martial Uncle!”

This person in a sorry state, covered in wounds, with a swollen face was Ling Yu, Xiao Chen’s martial nephew from the Grave Sea Cluster’s Purple Flame Sect.

As the adage went, it is a small world. Xiao Chen did not expect to meet Ling Yu again in such a manner.

“Martial Uncle, Martial Nephew embarrassed you…”

Perhaps Ling Yu felt too excited, or perhaps he had been oppressed for too long, but his eyes immediately turned wet.

His voice even quivered somewhat, sounding pitiful.

“How did you end up in such a state? Quickly get up,” Xiao Chen asked as he helped Ling Yu to his feet.

“I want to meet Elder Sister Ling Long, but they prevent me from doing so. Every time I enter, they beat me up. Martial Nephew feels very bitter.”

Ling Yu did not have many people close to him. To him, Xiao Chen was even closer than his master or seniors.

When seeing Xiao Chen, Ling Yu felt all sorts of emotions.

Xiao Chen snorted coldly and said, “I’ll bring you in. Let’s see who dares to stop you.”


“Since when has your martial uncle boasted? There are many places in this world that I cannot bring you to. However, the Smiling Daughter Pavilion is not one of them.”

Xiao Chen felt some anger in his heart. No matter how deep the accumulations of your Smiling Daughter Pavilion, you are still a pleasure quarter in the end. Since when can a pleasure quarter bully someone like that?

“Martial Uncle! Martial Uncle! Bring me in too. Even a beggar wants to enter a pleasure quarter.”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt like a pair of fire tongs clamped down on his legs. When he looked, he saw that it was the beggar. The beggar had drunk most of the Heart Burn and appeared flushed, giving off heat from his body.

The beggar appeared intoxicated, smiling like a flower. Gripping Xiao Chen’s leg, he refused to let go.

“Big Brother, you are drunk. This is my martial uncle,” Ling Yu said quickly when he saw the situation.

“I’m…not…drunk… I’m your big brother. So, your martial uncle is my martial uncle. The seniority is right. Martial Uncle, bring me in too. Even a beggar wants to enter a pleasure quarter. Hahahaha!”

Xiao Chen felt a slight headache. Then, he looked at Ling Yu and asked, “How did you get to know this beggar?”

“Martial Uncle, he saved me. Then, he insisted on being my big brother. Since then, he has been following me.” Ling Yu gave a simple explanation.

Never mind. Since he saved Ling Yu’s life before, there’s no need to harp on his rudeness.

“Yuan Zhen, please help him up. Let’s go in together.”

Yuan Zhen looked at the empty bottle in the beggar’s hand, feeling it was a pity. It is a bottle of Heart Burn. Gone, just like that…

“You brat, you have been sneaking looks at my wine. Are you trying to steal my wine? Never mind, let this beggar treat you to wine.”

As Yuan Zhen helped the beggar up, the beggar suddenly moved and emptied the wine bottle into his mouth.

Yuan Zhen immediately panicked, feeling at a loss. I drank wine…why did I not even react? I…I…I really drank wine?!

I broke another monastic discipline!

“Hey, why is it smooth?” the beggar said, finding the peculiar scene under the conical bamboo hat strange. While Yuan Zhen was distracted, the beggar extended his hand.

The beggar rubbed Yuan Zhen’s bald head, then chuckled, “Hehe! It really is a baldy. Hahahaha! This beggar understands now. You are a perverted monk. Hahahaha! A perverted monk! A perverted monk is entering a pleasure quarter! Everyone, come take a look!”

Fortunately, the beggar was already drunk and did not speak clearly.

However, this scared Yuan Zhen half-dead. He immediately startled to his senses and quickly covered the beggar’s mouth.

Seeing Xiao Chen and Ling Yu already walking in, Yuan Zhen felt like crying but could not do so.

Yuan Zhen had broken two monastic disciplines in one day: first, the rule on anger; then, the rule on drinking. Had he known, he would rather Xiao Chen not return the Ethereal Immortal Palace’s key.

“You are not to say that. If you continue that, I will leave you here. Do you hear me?”

Yuan Zhen took his hand back after the beggar nodded a few times. Then, he helped the beggar up and followed Xiao Chen.

The beggar was dead drunk, with a constant smile on his face. Although he stopped saying perverted monk, he occasionally reached out to rub Yuan Zhen’s bald head.

An internally weeping monk, a dead-drunk beggar, an aggrieved, infatuated fool, and Xiao Chen.

The Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s master definitely would not expect such a grouping.

Just like this, they headed into the Smiling Daughter Pavilion—the brightly lit pearl shining in Yan City—with large strides, not looking back.