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Chapter 2244 Raw 2351 : New Contracts

The past is reset, and new financial records will be made.

The first half represented Xiao Chen’s sincerity. He would not pursue the past of the fake financial records. The second half showed his ambitions. He hoped to make a new start and establish his own system.

In truth, Xiao Chen’s new contract was quite attractive. However, resetting to zero was not something that one could accomplish in many situations.

“This old man will not sign this new contract. I would rather leave the Heavenly Alliance than sign it.”

The Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s Liu Zhang scanned the contract coldly and immediately realized its purpose, so he calmly issued a threat.

Xiao Chen extended his hand in invitation. Then, he said, “Leave a written statement that you voluntarily leave the Heavenly Alliance, then you may go.”

A cold smile appeared on Liu Zhang’s face as he said indifferently, “Men! Bring me ink and brush.”

After a while, a written statement with the Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s seal and Liu Zhang’s handprint, which contained a drop of his essence blood and Soul Energy, reached Xiao Chen’s hand.

“Xiao Chen, keep it well.”

After executing the statement of leaving the Heavenly Alliance, Liu Zhang was no longer polite to Xiao Chen, directly addressing him by name.

“One day, you will beg this old man to take back this written statement. Let’s go.”

Liu Zhang looked straight at Xiao Chen with disdain in his eyes, then turned to leave.

Maintaining a calm expression, Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Does anyone else want to leave? You can just execute a written statement as Liu Zhang did, and you may go.”

Leaving the Heavenly Alliance, only someone like the Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s Liu Zhang, who possessed deep accumulations and plenty of connections, would not fear that. The other Association Chiefs had to consider this carefully; they did not have such confidence.

“Lord Xiao, will you permit this old man to return and discuss this before making a decision? After all, this matter is of grave importance and affects many things. This old man cannot make such a decision easily,” the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Association Chief said while trembling as he held the new contract.

“There’s no rush. Take your time considering it. The same goes for you all. It is difficult to make a decision, but you eventually need to. I’ll give you thirty minutes. I’m not afraid to say this: in my life, I hate people who live off one party but help another party instead. You can forget about doing things like taking the Heavenly Alliance’s resources and secretly working with outsiders to split the profits.

“Either leave the Heavenly Alliance or sign the new contract. Everyone will be in the same boat. As long as I am alive, I will not let you suffer. Consider the pros and cons well. I believe you can come to a decision.”

After saying that, Xiao Chen ignored the Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Association Chief. Then, he swept his gaze around and looked at the Golden Essence Merchant Association’s Jin Bao.

Jin Bao continued fiddling with the three pearls in his hand. Looking straight at Xiao Chen without showing a smile, he asked indifferently, “Lord Xiao, do you need this Jin to make a decision now?”

Xiao Chen shook his head and replied, “There’s no need. You can leave.”

“Many thanks.”

Jin Bao smiled faintly. Admiration flashed in his heart. This fellow appears like he did not leave any room for negotiation, behaving overbearingly. However, he is not stupid and does not dare to offend Liu Zhang and me simultaneously.

“I’ll take back the new contract and carefully think it over. I will definitely give Lord Xiao a satisfactory answer soon.”

Jin Bao picked up the new contract and prepared to leave.

“Please wait a moment.”

Xiao Chen stood up and walked over, catching up calmly.

Confusion flashed in Jin Bao’s eyes. Then, he turned around and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“I’ll send you off.”


Without any warning, Xiao Chen’s royal Azure Dragon bloodline erupted, and his eyes turned golden.

Supreme Dragon Fist, Only I Am Supreme!

What is supreme? In the entire world, only I am honored.

An Azure Dragon image coalesced, materializing countless dragon images and forming the ancient Ten Thousand Dragons Picture with the Azure Dragon as the supreme being.

Even a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor might not be able to block the might of the Supreme Dragon Fist’s strongest move driven by the royal Azure Dragon bloodline.

Caught off guard, Jin Bao could not react before Xiao Chen’s punch sent him flying.

“Boom!” Jin Bao crashed into the restrictions on the ground. The restrictions, which were reinforced by many formations, cracked.

The entire courtyard shook intensely as the might of the royal Azure Dragon bloodline lingered.

The oppressive air coming from Xiao Chen deterred others from looking straight at him. This was not the air or aura of a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

“Pu ci!”

Jin Bao vomited a mouthful of blood. This punch nearly killed him, sending him to the border of life and death.

If Xiao Chen wanted, he could punch again and kill Jin Bao.

The many Association Chiefs in the pavilion inhaled sharply, a chill running down their backs.

Compared to Liu Zhang, this Jin Bao was even more unfathomable among the ten Association Chiefs.

Jin Bao hid essential information and was like a venomous snake. This inspired fear in others; they did not dare offend him.

No one had ever put Jin Bao in such a state before.

“Association Chief!”

Jin Bao’s two guards held Jin Bao up. Seeing his injuries enraged them.

Murderous intent appeared in the two guards’ eyes as they glared at Xiao Chen. Jin Bao used what strength he had left to grab the two guards. Then, he said with bloodshot eyes, “Stop. Do not be rude to Lord Xiao. Jin Bao greatly thanks Lord Xiao for sending me off. Let’s go.”

Jin Bao felt utterly crushed and confused. No matter what, he had not expected Xiao Chen to attack him when Xiao Chen had not attacked Liu Zhang. Furthermore, Xiao Chen caught him off guard.

Although Jin Bao was furious enough to kill, he did not let his feelings overwhelm his rationality. He knew that if his guards dared to attack Xiao Chen, he would die. Hence, he endured the pain and thanked Xiao Chen for the punch.

Xiao Chen watched coldly as the guards carried Jin Bao away before the golden light in his eyes faded away. He remained calm, not showing much emotion on his face.

How ruthless!

Shock flashed in Su Ye’s eyes. Previously, Xiao Chen secretly asked her how Wu Meng got injured.

Not thinking much of the question, she told Xiao Chen how Jin Bao had suddenly attacked Wu Meng.

Su Ye did not expect Xiao Chen to retaliate against Jin Bao.

Xiao Chen used the same method to injure Jin Bao, with added interest, as Jin Bao used to injure Wu Meng.

Seeing Xiao Chen injure Jin Bao, many Association Chiefs felt shocked and came to a decision in their hearts.

Now that Xiao Chen had offended both Jin Bao and Liu Zhang, he probably would not continue being the envoy inspector.

No matter how strong Xiao Chen’s stance was, he should not have offended those two simultaneously.

If Xiao Chen could not even protect himself, how could he protect the people in the same boat as him?

However, some thought differently, as well. If Xiao Chen dared to offend both Jin Bao and Liu Zhang, perhaps he really had powerful backing.

“Lord Xiao, this is this old man’s written statement. Please hold on to it for now.”

The Heavenly Treasure Pavilion’s Association Chief made his decision and handed over a written statement to Xiao Chen.

“Alright, I will keep it safe. Association Chief Li, take care.”

“Lord Xiao, this is my written statement.”

With someone initiating, others immediately followed suit. Soon, most of them had left, with only three Association Chiefs remaining.

“Lord Xiao, this fatty decided to hang out with you. However, can I not change this new contract to sixty percent? Hehehe!” Wei Dexin said cheerfully as he held the new contract.

“I like loyal people the most. Heaven and earth can prove Association Chief Wei’s loyalty, and the sun and moon will bear witness. If you voluntarily give an extra twenty percent of profits, I will not betray your loyalty. Just drop this matter,” Xiao Chen said calmly. He still found this fatty’s bottom line somewhat unfathomable.

Xiao Chen would trust him only if Wei Dexin were really willing to sign the new contract for sixty percent. Otherwise, even if Wei Dexin approached him, he would have to think twice.

“Lord Xiao, here is my new contract. This old man has decided.”

The remaining Association Chiefs of the Linlang Pavilion and the Ancient Cloud Merchant Association signed two copies of the new contract, keeping one for themselves and giving one to Xiao Chen.

“Take care. I won’t send you off.”


Now, only Fatty Wei remained of the ten Association Chiefs. He still felt conflicted.

“Alright. Sixty percent, it is. I signed it. My life is really bitter. Sob…sob…sob…”

Fatty Wei put on a pretense of misery as he signed the new contract for sixty percent.

“I’m going. I’m going. My eighty-seventh concubine is still waiting for me. I hope that the baby is really mine.”

Now, all the Association Chiefs had left the room—even the owner Liu Zhang. Only Xiao Chen and Su Ye remained.

“Lord Xiao, are you now satisfied, having chased away seven of the top ten merchant associations?” Su Ye asked somewhat harshly with a smile.

Xiao Chen did not mind. He turned his head and countered, “Are you satisfied?”

“Haha! I’m just an insignificant Pavilion Master. Who would care if I am satisfied or not?” Su Ye laughed. Her laughter sounded pleasant, like tinkling wind chimes. This person was born with a great voice. It would be a pity if she was not a songstress.

Xiao Chen could hear the resentment in Su Ye’s voice. She had helped Xiao Chen today, but he chased away seven of the merchant associations, even offending Liu Zhang and Jin Bao. He had completely changed the situation without even consulting her. How could she be satisfied?

“Have you heard of the adage ‘reaching a compromise by putting on a strong front The more people appear overbearing and fierce, displaying a willingness for both parties to go down, the more they lack a sense of security. Often, they are just doing that to force a compromise, trying to gain some maneuvering space for themselves.”

When Su Ye heard that, her eyes lit up. She smiled and said, “So, you are actually very kind deep in your heart. You were just forced to make such a decision. So, you still want to reach a compromise. If that is your intent, I can help you.”

“Wrong. I’m a bad person. After gaining the advantage, I will not spare them. Now that these people stepped back, they can forget about turning the situation around before me.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly, immediately frustrating Su Ye and making her want to ignore him.

“I still have not explored the imperial capital. Pavilion Master Su, if you are available, will you play host for me?” Xiao Chen asked softly as he handed the three new contracts—including Fatty Jin’s—to Su Ye.

Su Ye hesitated for a moment before receiving the new contracts. Then, she replied somewhat helplessly, “I’m not free! However, bringing you around to familiarize yourself with the imperial capital is part of my duties.”