Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2241 Raw 2348 : The Instant the Flower Blooms, It Shows Three Lives

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Chapter 2241 Raw 2348 : The Instant the Flower Blooms, It Shows Three Lives

The formations started up, and the restrictions activated.

Logically speaking, an injured 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor could not possibly escape.

It did not even take a Sovereign Emperor to make a move. In Wu Meng’s current state, he would have difficulty charging out.

On the roof, that 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor gray-robed old man watched coldly as Wu Meng tried to break out of the formations.

The two people by the old man’s side, two 2-Vein Sovereign Emperors, were prepared to make a move at any time.

“Under the suppression of the formations, I can bring out my saber skills at only half strength.”

Under the mask, Wu Meng’s complexion was pale. An invisible pressure in the world prevented him from fully bringing out the might of his Divine Seal and Dao Domain. The pressure restrained him, limiting his movements.

If I activate the Alloy Battle Armor, it will be much easier to bear.

However, that will expose my identity. I do not want that.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

More than a hundred elite guards soared into the air. They wanted to capture Wu Meng by relying on the formations and restrictions.

“You are seeking death!” Wu Meng snorted coldly. Although he was injured, his dignity prevented him from accepting defeat at the hands of these random soldiers.

Becoming a demon through killing, turning crazy in a rage!


Wu Meng’s heart erupted in rage as he unleashed his Massacre Dao Domain. A saber light flashed, and the bright sky turned dark.

When the saber light passed, the sky turned bright again.

Ten miserable cries rang out in unison. Ten figures fell simultaneously, each split in half, their souls destroyed.

Wu Meng went into a frenzy. The sky alternated between dark and bright as his saber moved, mowing down the elite guards.

Wu Meng did not want to kill just one with each swing; he wanted to kill ten with each furious swing.

“How strong!”

The various Association Chiefs watching the battle from the main pavilion inhaled sharply. This was the result even when Jin Bao had severely injured the other party.

Jin Bao was a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor who became famous long ago. Despite being severely injured by a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, this person could bring out such strength. If Jin Bao had not taken action, how terrifying would this person’s strength be?

The Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s Liu Zhang showed a cold expression as he scolded furiously, “Bunch of good-for-nothings! I don’t care if he lives or dies. You must take him down today.”

When Wu Meng made his move, Liu Zhang immediately felt like he had lost face. His plan to capture Wu Meng alive might fail.

“Second Brother, Third Brother, you two go and help. Quickly end the battle. Don’t let Mister Liu continue to lose face,” the gray-robed old man instructed indifferently.

The two people beside him smiled sinisterly as they said, “Alright. We have been itching for a fight.”


The two soared into the air, and wind and clouds immediately gathered. Wu Meng, who was killing enemies in the formation, felt like an entire world loomed large behind him.

Cracks appeared in Wu Meng’s Dao Domain. Suddenly, he turned around and swung his saber.


Two sabers landed on Wu Meng’s saber. Then, he vomited blood, and the other party’s attacks knocked him back.

“Hehe! You use the saber too?”

“In that case, we brothers will play with you for a bit. We will show you what true saber skills are!”

The two brothers attacked simultaneously. As saber lights flashed, their figures moved. The clangor of sabers clashing rang out continuously. Saber intent soared into the clouds, filling the skies above the courtyard.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The clangor was incessant. Wu Meng gritted his teeth, fighting against the two 2-Vein Sovereign Emperors alone. In mere moments, more than a hundred saber wounds appeared on his body. Blood dyed his robes red, but the two brothers did not get off unscathed, either; they also had several saber wounds on them.

Wu Meng took the approach of landing a saber strike for each one that landed on him.

Even if Wu Meng had to suffer a saber strike, he would strike out with his saber without fear.

This was the source of Wu Meng’s nickname of Saber Demon, a result of the innate character of his Cultivation Technique. The more injured he got, the crazier he got, and the more ruthless he became.

“This…to think that the Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s Thunderbolt Twin Sabers cannot suppress this person.”

After knocking Wu Meng back at the start, the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers managed to suppress him firmly, forcing him back continuously, then trapping him between them, preventing him from advancing.

However, after a while, blood completely soaked Wu Meng, and the power of his Massacre Dao Domain increased.

Wu Meng gave off howling saber hums as he smiled like a powerful killing god. His berserk aura allowed him to counterattack when in danger.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Saber winds howled in the courtyard, sounding like malicious ghostly laughter.

No one knew whether it was the saber or Wu Meng laughing, but the laughter was bone-chilling. Wu Meng actually suppressed the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers in momentum.

“Playing with the saber against me? Let’s see whose saber is more ruthless!”

Wu Meng laughed sinisterly under the mask. He did not care how severe his injuries were; only the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers existed in his grave eyes. With the demonic saber in his hand singing like laughter, only massacring to his heart’s content remained.

The expressions of the Association Chiefs at the main pavilion changed slowly.

The Sovereign Emperor experts behind these Association Chiefs moved in front of their Association Chiefs silently, placing their hands on their weapons in fear that Wu Meng was crazy enough to decide to take them down with him.

“What a madman! Could this fellow be of the Demonic Dao?” one of the Association Chiefs quavered when he saw Wu Meng’s crazed attacks.

“No matter who he is, he has to die today!” the Bountiful Treasure Pavilion’s Liu Zhang said through gritted teeth, showing a frigid expression.

A brilliant light flashed in the eyes of the 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor old man on the roof.

Suddenly, the 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor old man let out an explosive shout that made everyone’s ears ring. They felt dizzy after their souls got shaken. When they looked around, they had double vision. The world around them shook; even their bodies shook, unable to stand firmly.

“Pu ci!”

The shock arrested Wu Meng’s momentum, and he vomited a mouthful of blood. A cold, ruthless light flashed in the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers’ eyes.

Then, two sabers stabbed Wu Meng’s chest at the same time.

The instant the sabers pierced Wu Meng’s chest, the two seemed to understand something tacitly, and they quickly retreated together.

However, it was still too late. Wu Meng let out a ferocious war cry, sounding like the furious roars of tens of thousands of heroic souls coming from the depths of the eighteen layers of hell.

The furious roars broke through the many layers of hell, erupting with an ancient aura and shattering the gray-robed old man’s Soul Energy attack.

Then, Wu Meng howled as he swung his saber, using the dregs of his strength.

Two afterimages shattered. However, a horrifying, bloody gash appeared on the retreating Thunderbolt Twin Sabers’ chests. If not for their armor, this saber strike would have chopped them in half.

This gave the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers a dreadful fright, causing them to tremble. Their hands and sabers shook continuously.

It’s over!

Everyone could tell that Wu Meng was drained after that last saber strike. Even if he was not a spent force, he was not far from it. He had been fighting with his life on the line. However, his final saber strike drained all his Divine Energy and Soul Energy.


Standing on the roof, the gray-robed old man, who had been watching coldly, now roared furiously and soared into the air at the critical moment. His figure flashed, and he arrived before Wu Meng.

Despair flared in Wu Meng’s heart. However, he smiled under the mask.

He had fought with his full power in this final battle, able to fight carefreely. He had not lived in vain.

Wu Meng was an outstanding talent who challenged the peak of the Martial Dao. If he did not come ready to die, he would not have reached the heights he had today.

However, just as the gray-robed old man was about to make his move, he suddenly felt like he had plunged into an icy cave. His hand hovered above Wu Meng’s head, but he did not dare to land his attack and smash Wu Meng’s head.

It felt like time froze. Everyone felt shocked. Why did the gray-robed old man, who charged over at lightning speed, suddenly stop?

Everyone quickly looked around and saw a white-clad person standing on a wall. This person had appeared at some point in time, looking at the gray-robed old man coldly. Just one glance was already unbearable for the gray-robed old man, feeling like thousands of sabers stabbing into him.

The gray-robed old man’s fingers twitched; he wanted to kill Wu Meng in one spurt.

“Do you believe that if you keep moving, you will die?”

The gray-robed old man had only made a small movement when a cold voice rang out by his ears.

The gray-robed raised his head and looked in the direction of the voice. The instant the two’s gazes met, the pressure from Xiao Chen’s royal Azure Dragon bloodline and the Soul Energy from Xiao Chen’s Azure Dragon Divine Seal surged over.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

An invisible aura barreled through many layers of defense.

The gray-robed old man felt a suffocating pressure that came from the depths of his soul.

“Thud! Thud!” The gray-robed old man took three steps back involuntarily.


However, before the gray-robed old man could finish his third step, a purple light flashed, and the white figure arrived before him.

Although the gray-robed old man kept his guard up, he did not expect that figure to punch upon arriving.

“How reckless!”

The gray-robed old man became enraged. This was merely a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor, yet this was never-ending.

The aura of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor erupted as the gray-robed old man threw a palm strike.


The two attacks collided. The old man used his Soul Energy to support his attack, wanting to knock Xiao Chen back. However, he discovered that Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy was not weaker than his. In fact, it was even stronger.

This flustered the gray-robed old man; he immediately brought out his 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor’s Divine Energy.

Every Divine Vein opened in the Divine Vein Realm equaled an increase in cultivation grade. The gray-robed old man did not believe that his Divine Energy cultivation could not knock the other party back.

However, the gray-robed old man suddenly discovered an Azure Dragon image appearing behind Xiao Chen. Then, many dragon images circled Xiao Chen.

When the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture formed, blood leaked out a corner of the gray-robed old man’s mouth. Then, Xiao Chen’s attack sent him flying.

The Ten Thousand Dragons Art! It’s the Ten Thousand Dragons Art!

This old man was very knowledgeable. Seeing this Cultivation Technique flabbergasted him. This was a long-lost Dragon Race Sovereign Emperor Cultivation Technique that had been passed down for countless epochs and was vastly superior to his own Cultivation Technique.

“Stop attacking my first brother!”

Upon seeing their first brother injured, the Thunderbolt Twin Sabers ignored their wounds and charged at Xiao Chen to help the gray-robed old man.


Fluster flashed in the gray-robed old man’s eyes as he shouted, trying to stop his younger brothers.

“Three Life Flower!”

Xiao Chen placed one hand at his chest and formed a hand seal. In the next moment, many saber lights burst out of his body, like the petals of a blooming flower, sparkling with bright lights. No one could tell whether the sparkles were because the flower was vibrant or the saber lights were resplendent.

The instant the flower blooms, three lives are illuminated!

The Thunderbolt Twin Sabers charging over were like moths to a flame before the Three Life Flower. Thousands of saber lights stabbed into them, giving them a miserable death, leaving no corpse behind.


The gray-robed old man’s voice trailed off into silence. His younger brothers, friends who had been through life and death with him, had already fallen.

Everything happened in the time it took for a spark to fly. The ten Association Chiefs in the main pavilion were all dumbstruck.