Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2238 Raw 2345, Raw 2344 Nonexistent : The Misty Rain Pavilion Cannot Be Touched; Even More So, Xiao Chen Cannot Be Touched

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Chapter 2238 Raw 2345, Raw 2344 Nonexistent : The Misty Rain Pavilion Cannot Be Touched; Even More So, Xiao Chen Cannot Be Touched

After sending Su Ye off with her eyes, Mo Chen smiled and murmured, “Speaking in riddles, Big Brother Xiao?”

Xiao Chen replied softly, “I’m not used to speaking that way, but sometimes, I do not have much choice.”

There were hidden meanings within the casual words. If one were stupid, one would not only misunderstand the other party’s meaning but even fall for the other party’s trap, ending up a scapegoat.

Naturally, Xiao Chen was unused to this. However, it was as he said; it was unavoidable.

This was their first meeting. Neither trusted the other. Even if one spoke the truth, the other might not believe it. It might even send the wrong message.

A casual remark might end up arousing hostility in the other party.

For example, Xiao Chen had sensed the horrifying sword intent in the other party’s body and casually asked about the Sword God’s Noble Clan.

Although Su Ye did not change her expression, her tone clearly turned stiff. She even warned Xiao Chen off discreetly.

Fortunately, he made up for it in the end.

Xiao Chen’s line of hoping that the other party would pull him out if he fell into the river meant that he had no enmity for Su Ye. This made her expression warm.

Speaking of which, Xiao Chen seemed to recall that Fiendish Saber Xi Mu came from the Sword God’s Su Clan.

The Sword God’s Noble Clan possessed deep accumulations and had the Sword God to oversee them.

The Sword God’s existence in the Yanwu Dynasty was like the sun in the sky. The Su Clan had a hand in the establishment of the dynasty. As long as the dynasty did not fall, the Su Clan would never enter into decline.

Such a Noble Clan could not defeat the Heavenly Alliance with the entire Great Thousand Realms as a stage. However, any super faction had to be wary of them while within the Yanwu Dynasty.

Now, Xiao Chen somewhat understood why a pleasure quarter became the headquarters of the Heavenly Alliance in the Yanwu Dynasty. It was because the Pavilion Master was Su Ye.

“Nangong Feng, you all go and investigate the ten largest subordinate merchant associations. I want to know the real situation of these ten merchant associations.”

Sending Sovereign Emperors to do such work was making a mountain out of a molehill. However, this would guarantee that nothing went wrong and that the information was true.


Since Nangong Feng and the others were here, they had to listen to Xiao Chen’s instructions. They had already made the mental preparations for this.

“Wu Meng, please stay behind.”

“Do you have another task for me?”

Xiao Chen nodded and said, “If you were to tail Su Ye, how confident are you of not being discovered?”

Wu Meng thought for a while before answering, “About thirty percent. The sword intent in her body is extremely sensitive. I estimate that she can sense any slight movement within one kilometer of her. Given my saber intent, I am not confident of approaching her undetected.”

“You can borrow this for one night.”

Xiao Chen took out the Death God Mask and passed it to Wu Meng.

After hesitating for a while, Wu Meng put on the Death God Mask. Then, his aura immediately withdrew.

If not for Xiao Chen physically seeing Wu Meng, he would not sense the other party’s presence. The Death God Mask’s effect of isolating all aura remained effective for Sovereign Emperors.

“How confident are you now?”

“Fully confident.”

“Alright. I’ll trouble you with this, then. I need to know who she is meeting tonight and what she says.”


After Xiao Chen made all the arrangements, he left the private room with Mo Chen and Bao`er, going to the residence that Su Ye arranged for them.

The residence was not far away, a detached courtyard just behind the Misty Rain Pavilion.

The imperial capital Yan City was destined not to be peaceful tonight.

Someone had killed Duke Yun’s son in the Misty Rain Pavilion, and Monarch Yu’s group was tossed out instead. News of this matter spread throughout the capital within half a day.

All the top-ranking factions quickly sought information about this. They soon discovered that the youth was the Heavenly Alliance’s Xiao Chen.

These factions dug out the various events featuring Xiao Chen in the Faux God World and even his past in the Divine Dragon Empire.

However, few knew that Xiao Chen was the Rank 6 envoy inspector overseeing the Heavenly Alliance factions in the Yanwu Dynasty.

Only the factions with extremely vast accumulations could find out about this crucial information.

This matter was considered a secret of the Heavenly Alliance. Even within the Heavenly Alliance, only a few of the higher-ups knew about it.

It would be extremely challenging to uncover this detail quickly.


Flame Cloud County, one of the one hundred counties of Yan Province, was Duke Yun’s conferred land.

By the time Senior Feng rushed back to the Duke’s Residence with his group, the sky was already dark. Heavy clouds covered the sky, reflecting his sullen mood.

“What? Ling`er died?!”

Duke Yun was shocked upon hearing the news, feeling disbelief.

Who would not show some face to the Royal Clan disciples in the Yanwu Dynasty? Even if Wang Ling ignorantly and recklessly offended someone he should not offend, the other party would likely not kill him.

“Young Master…Young Master really died. He died in the Misty Rain Pavilion.”

Senior Feng could imagine Duke Yun’s rage. However, he still explained what happened at the Misty Rain Pavilion in detail.


Unable to contain his rage, Duke Yun slammed his palm on the thick wooden table, shattering it, as his killing Qi surged out.

Everyone in the huge Duke’s Residence sensed Duke Yun’s rage and murderous intent and trembled.

“Men! Bring my command token and gather the Divine Writ Army. I want to wash the Misty Rain Pavilion in blood!”

Duke Yun’s eyes seemed like they would spew fire. Even now, he still felt disbelief.

To think that Wang Ling died, my most precious son. I had him made Monarch Yu long ago in preparation for his succeeding my dukeship.

This son of mine gained glory for me, becoming the leader of the seven true inheritors of the Divine Sword Pavilion. He even managed to enter the tutelage of Sovereign Emperor Dao Yan.

Wang Ling became a heaven-defying Sovereign Personage at merely fifty. He would definitely have become a Sovereign Emperor before the age of one hundred.

However, someone actually killed the son that I dote on the most. Furthermore, the Misty Rain Pavilion even turned things around and wanted me to apologize.

How unbearable!

“Duke, you cannot do that. You cannot touch the Misty Rain Pavilion.”

The startled Senior Feng quickly advised against that course of action. He even paled somewhat.

Why are both father and son the same, going crazy in anger?

Had that Monarch Yu listened to me and left, Xiao Chen would not have remembered him. Then, he would not have died so miserably.

“Lord Duke, you cannot do that. You cannot touch the Misty Rain Pavilion,” the two Vice Generals advised from the side in unison.

Duke Yun showed a sullen expression, not speaking for a long time. After a while, he said, “Activate the emergency transportation formation. I want to meet the Eighth Prince.”


Senior Feng released his bated breath. As long as Duke Yun did not go to the Misty Rain Pavilion, anything else would be fine.

The emergency transportation formation was originally for the Eighth Prince to use when his life was threatened. If the Eighth Prince did not call, Duke Yun was not supposed to activate it.

However, Duke Yun could not care much today.

A light flashed at the transportation formation, and Duke Yun’s group disappeared. Then, they appeared at the Eighth Prince’s imperial residence in Yan City, radiating a strong, murderous intent.

“Duke Yun, the Eighth Prince has been waiting for some time already. I’ll bring you over.”

Someone was waiting outside the transportation formation of the imperial residence. When that person saw Duke Yun, he showed a strange expression but not one of surprise.


“Eighth Prince, today’s matter...” Duke Yun immediately said upon seeing the Eighth Prince, wanting the Eighth Prince to get justice for him.

Wang Feng, the Eighth Prince, showed a regal appearance, possessing dashing eyebrows and sharp eyes and exuding a heroic spirit. Despite his youth, he was experienced. His eyes were like deep pools of water, appearing unfathomable.

“Royal Uncle, there’s no need to say anything. I know about that matter. Before you came, the patriarchs of the imperial ancestral temple already punished me. Monarch Yu spoke rudely at the Misty Rain Pavilion, challenged a Sovereign Emperor, and attacked to kill. This resulted in his death. His actions shamed the royal family. Due to my connection to you, I got implicated and will be confined for seven days. As for your punishment, I asked the patriarchs for mercy, and they spared you.”


Duke Yun was stunned after he took in the Eighth Prince’s interruption. The revelation came like five peals of thunder roaring right above him. This was not the result that he wanted. Even if he could not do anything to the Misty Rain Pavilion, he wanted to kill Xiao Chen.

The Eighth Prince said calmly, “The punishments of the patriarchs have always been fair. Your son spoke arrogantly and rudely before thousands of people. He even daringly attacked a Sovereign Emperor. The evidence is ironclad; even I cannot overturn it. The Royal Clan disciples are not to be arrogant or egotistic, and should not kill casually. These are the ancestral precepts of the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs. Your son broke all of them. I cannot do anything about it.”

Aside from possessing a large portion of the Martial Epoch’s Luck, the Yanwu Dynasty flourished because the imperial ancestral temple’s patriarchs strictly upheld the ancestral precepts, rigorously disciplining the Royal Clan disciples.

No matter what one did in secret, everything would be fine if there were no evidence.

However, if one broke the ancestral precepts, one would be punished no matter what, even if one were a prince.

Duke Yun felt so angry that he wanted to vomit blood. He showed a pale complexion and breathed heavily, panting.

After a long time, he said with bloodshot eyes, “Alright, I’ll admit to all that. It is my son’s fault for implicating Your Highness. However, I have followed you for so many years. My most beloved son died, but you don’t even make any token actions. He is someone who grew up with you.”

Duke Yun’s meaning was very obvious. He did not care about the patriarchs. While it was acceptable to offer compensation and apologize openly, it should be fine to kill someone covertly.

Even if Xiao Chen were a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, if the Eighth Prince wanted to, the Eighth Prince had ten thousand ways to kill him in the imperial capital.

As long as the Eighth Prince did not get discovered, everything would be fine.

Duke Yun knelt on the ground and kowtowed heavily, the skin on his forehead breaking and bleeding. “Eighth Prince, please take revenge for my son!”

Wang Feng, the Eighth Prince, closed his eyes and said, “If it were someone else, even if he were a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor or 5-Vein Sovereign Emperor, I would take revenge for you at all costs. This matter impacts my prestige. I cannot possibly ignore it. However, Royal Uncle, you cannot touch this person.”


The kneeling Duke Yun raised his head and stared at the Eighth Prince in stupefaction. If he could not do it overtly or covertly, was he to just swallow this anger?

The Eighth Prince said sullenly, “You cannot touch the Misty Rain Pavilion or Xiao Chen. Even if you do, you have to plan for the long term. Wait for me to be proclaimed the crown prince first.”

Duke Yun immediately turned ashen. The Eighth Prince’s words were as good as a dismissal of this matter.

Not only that, but the Eighth Prince wanted Duke Yun not to do anything.

Duke Yun held back his anger. After a long time, he stood up and said, “This old man understands. This old man has disturbed the Eighth Prince and will leave now. However, this old man needs to understand. Why?!”

He asked the question “why” while practically spitting out blood.

Duke Yun refused to submit. His son had died, but he could not do anything. Furthermore, he had to swallow his anger obediently.

He had wanted the Eighth Prince to help him seek justice. However, he ended up crashing into a wall.

“Because there is a great power behind him!” the Eighth Prince replied, feeling somewhat fatigued. Then, he waved his hand and said, “Please leave. This matter ends here. I repeat myself: you cannot touch the Misty Rain Pavilion and, even more so, Xiao Chen.”

After Duke Yun left, the old man beside the Eighth Prince said, “Duke Yun is probably not resigned to this. Something unexpected might happen.”

The Eighth Prince said coldly, “Just leave him be. Let’s see which prince in the imperial capital dares to offend the Heavenly Alliance for him. What an absurd disaster! How could he have such a stupid son?!”


The Eighth Prince closed the book in his hand and flung it to the floor in frustration. A wind blew, and the flame in the lantern on the table flickered.

The imperial capital would not calm down tonight, just like this flickering lantern flame.