Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2236 Raw 2342 : Killing in the Misty Rain Pavilion

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Chapter 2236 Raw 2342 : Killing in the Misty Rain Pavilion


Someone forced the private room’s door open. Then, a youth sauntered in.

The people that followed behind all gave off an unconcealable sword intent from their bodies. These people should be students of the same master. Otherwise, their sword intent would not be this distinct.

Zhang Ping just stood at the side, not daring to block the group, but he complained endlessly in his heart, You clearly come extremely rarely and do not put a deposit on a private room, only saying you want the room. Why should we not give it to others?

Zhang Ping only dared to think this. In the open, he kept apologizing and offering compensation.

Among the newcomers, only an old man caught the attention of Xiao Chen’s group.

This was because the old man was a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor. The rest were Sovereign Personages. Before one became a Sovereign Emperor, one would not be worth mentioning to Xiao Chen’s group, no matter how heaven-defying one was. One would not even be worth taking a glance.

Seeing the situation, Xiao Chen’s group relaxed. Everyone’s expression remained calm as they looked at the arriving group.

Only Xiao Chen showed a contemplative look when he saw the youth leading the other group. He found that youth somewhat familiar but could not recall where he saw him before.

“Xiao Chen!”

That youth showed a noble and extraordinary demeanor, with a faint aura of the Luck of the dynasty on his body. Clearly, this person was a relative of the emperor, possessing the royal bloodline.


In that instant, the youth’s aura burst out of his body in defiance of Misty Rain Pavilion’s rule of not attacking anyone.

The youth did not hold back. His startling killing Qi spread out, instantly spoiling the harmonious atmosphere.

On the dance stage, the headliner Zi Yun stopped playing her pipa.

All the honored guests cast over curious gazes.

Although Misty Rain Pavilion was not the top pleasure quarter of Yan City, it possessed a terrifying background. Even the princes would think carefully before causing trouble here.

Sometimes, conflicts were unavoidable. However, it would just be at the level of forming grudges. Most people would not really dare to make a move.

This was because everyone understood the rules.

For this youth to unleash his aura without holding back or showing any fear, how great a grudge did this youth have against Xiao Chen? This killing Qi felt terrifyingly cold.

Such a strange thing made the many guests look over to this place, wanting to see what happened.


However, just as that person was about to soar into the air and attack Xiao Chen, the Sovereign Emperor old man rushed forward in a fluster and firmly held back his clan’s young master.

“Senior Feng, let go. I am going to kill him. I have to kill him at all costs. I want him to burn to ashes, dying a horrible death!”

The youth in embroidered clothes felt very upset when his clan’s expert restrained him. His eyes became bloodshot as he went crazy.

Senior Feng felt very bitter and even wanted to curse. How can you kill him? You are utterly unremarkable compared to the people at this table. Most of the people seated there are Sovereign Emperors. That white-clad person is especially notable. Just one look from him inspires incredible fear in me.

Wu Meng and the others showed calm expressions as they coldly watched this scene. Their expressions did not change at all.

Xiao Chen picked up his wine cup and discovered it was already empty. Before he could move, Bao`er smiled faintly and filled his cup.

Xiao Chen poured the wine into his mouth and slowly put down the cup. Then, he looked at the newcomer with some confusion. “I seem to recognize you, but I can’t recall who you are.”

“I am Monarch Yu, the Monarch Yu Wang Ling. Senior Feng, let go of me. Let me kill him.”

Upon hearing that Xiao Chen could not even remember his name, Wang Ling could not help roaring, feeling utterly humiliated.

The atmosphere became somewhat awkward. Monarch Yu was incensed, but Senior Feng firmly held him down.

Monarch Yu’s fellow disciples exchanged glances, not knowing what to do.

“It’s Monarch Yu. I recognize him. His father is the current Duke Yun.”

“Strange. Why is the old man beside him pressing him down, not letting him attack?”

“Isn’t that simple? He must have broken the Misty Rain Pavilion’s rules.”

“That might not be so. I feel that the strangeness of this matter mostly lies with that white-clad person. This person clearly is not that simple.”

“I find it strange too. He does not even know Monarch Yu, but Monarch Yu went crazy on seeing him.

The strange scene in the private room confused everyone; they could not guess what happened.

“Monarch Yu?”

Confused, Xiao Chen asked seriously, “Which Monarch Yu? I do not know any Monarch Yu.”

“Damn it! Xiao Chen, do you think you can escape death by feigning ignorance? Back then, when we parted at the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s residence, I swore not to be human unless I killed you. I made all sorts of plans, but I could not find you. To think that you so recklessly delivered yourself to me. Senior Feng, let me go. If you still do not let me go, I will get my father to kill you when we return.”

Monarch Yu glared furiously at Xiao Chen. If looks could kill, Xiao Chen would have died hundreds—thousands, tens of thousands—of times.

Senior Feng acted like he did not hear Wang Ling. He smiled and said, “This young master, my clan’s young lord is just babbling nonsense. We have embarrassed ourselves. Since you do not know him, then we will leave first. Goodbye, goodbye.”

Seeing that Xiao Chen seemed not to remember Monarch Yu, Senior Feng considered himself lucky and wanted to bring Monarch Yu away quickly.

Xiao Chen toyed with the wine cup in his hand and entered deep thought. Then, he remembered. He said, “Wait a moment. I recall who he is now.”

Monarch Yu…that is really a grudge from many years ago. Back when I first entered the Central Great Realm, Lan Luo’s father, the Soaring Dragon Marquis, invited him and me over. Then, we had an archery competition at the drill grounds.

We both shot three arrows. Each of my arrows defeated his.

However, he was still unwilling to submit, so he took out his own treasure. Finally, my God Shadow Bow exploded a star, defeating him again.

In the end, he continued acting shamelessly, wanting to use his sword skills to kill me. After being defeated, he ordered others to attack me in a group.

Such a person appeared graceful and elegant. Furthermore, he was from the Royal Clan. However, he was just pretending to be what he was not. After that façade was stripped away, he was disgustingly shameless. He has no awareness of himself yet was as difficult to settle as a mad dog.

No wonder I did not remember him. It has been almost eight years. How could I make an effort to keep in mind someone who is not even comparable to trash?

If not for him reminding me a few times, I really would not have remembered.

Senior Feng immediately became frightened silly. He said awkwardly, “Sir, my clan’s young master is the son of Duke Yun and already holds a noble rank. His name is already entered into the royal genealogical record—”

Xiao Chen interrupted, “Let go of him.”

Senior Feng felt that the situation turned somewhat grave. He wanted to say something more, but Wu Meng, beside Xiao Chen, said, “He said let go. Did you hear him?”

Monarch Yu remained utterly ignorant. The anger and hatred suppressed in his heart for eight years rushed to his head, and he shouted, “Senior Feng, how can you lose in resolve? Let go of me! I want to see what makes him so confident, daring to walk into Yan City to deliver himself to death after eight years!”

Turning a deaf ear to Monarch Yu, Senior Feng looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Sorry, this old man cannot let go of him.”

Senior Feng sensed a trace of murderous intent. If he let go, Monarch Yu might die a miserable death here.

Senior Feng’s thoughts were somewhat exaggerated. Would there really be someone who dared to kill in the Misty Rain Pavilion?

Furthermore, the target was Duke Yun’s son. Although this person’s bloodline was thin, it was still a royal bloodline. He was a relative of the Emperor.

However, for some reason, Senior Feng felt that Monarch Yu would immediately die as long as he let go.

This instinct inspired fear in Senior Feng, preventing him from letting go. Now, he was waiting for the Misty Rain Pavilion’s experts to make an appearance.

Although the Misty Rain Pavilion was huge, experts would definitely arrive within ten seconds when something happened.

However, these ten seconds seemed as long as a year to Senior Feng, making him extremely nervous. Sweat beaded his forehead.

Xiao Chen swept his gaze around and met Senior Feng’s.


Immediately, the strong Soul Energy of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor and the royal Azure Dragon bloodline placed massive pressure on Senior Feng. Senior Feng tried to endure, but before this pressure, he was like an ant trying to shake a huge tree, unable to do anything.

Senior Feng lost with one look.

When Senior Feng’s grip weakened, Monarch Yu immediately roared and leaped up, thrusting his sword at Xiao Chen.


How terrifying was this sword strike? Even the dullest blade would become incredibly sharp after being honed for eight years.

For the past eight years, Monarch Yu could not forget that humiliating scene at the Soaring Dragon Marquis’s residence, dwelling on it day and night. That was the humiliation of his life. The huge pressure turned into motivation. He trained hard for so many years, just for this day.

Monarch Yu felt like this sword strike surpassed his limitations. It felt like he could break through the bottleneck of heaven-defying Sovereign Personage. After this sword strike, he would definitely succeed in forming his Divine Seal.

Monarch Yu’s body trembled in excitement and anxiety.

Xiao Chen was indeed his mental block. After killing Xiao Chen, he could look forward to breaking through to Sovereign Emperor.

What a terrifying sword strike!

The killing intent and Dao in the sword sent a chill through the other cultivators in the Misty Rain Pavilion, even from far away.


Monarch Yu had just leaped up. Before he could rise into the air, he suddenly exploded.

Yes, Monarch Yu exploded.

Thousands upon thousands of saber lights burst out of Monarch Yu’s body, looking resplendent. In the next moment, not even a corpse remained, only some bone shards and a pool of blood scattered in the private room.

Before that terrifying sword strike could be unleashed, it dissipated silently.

“There’s a murder!”

Someone killed in the Misty Rain Pavilion. Furthermore, the one who died was Monarch Yu.

After a while, the entire Misty Rain Pavilion turned chaotic. Everyone suddenly startled awake, wondering what had happened.

Some people panicked, quickly scrambling to leave and crashing into many tables and chairs.

Some people exclaimed loudly in disbelief.

The huge Misty Rain Pavilion immediately plunged into chaos, no longer as calm and as peaceful as before.

While Yan City had been at peace for countless years, perhaps people were dying in secret every day.

Perhaps the struggle for benefits never stopped.

However, it had been centuries since anyone heard of someone daring to kill someone openly in a pleasure quarter.

Furthermore, the one who died possessed the royal bloodline.

Was the situation in the capital going to change?