Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2233 Raw 2339 : Soul Tool Heavenly Slayer

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Chapter 2233 Raw 2339 : Soul Tool Heavenly Slayer

Heavenly Slayer!

“This is a pretty good name,” Xiao Chen muttered to himself as he grabbed the hilt.

He felt a familiar sensation. The handle seemed to be made from the wood of a Thunder Cliff Tree like the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King that he once obtained.

Suddenly, rumbling sounds rang out. A resplendent electric light burst forth from the exposed half of the saber, and the entire first floor of the inheritance hall trembled slightly.

Xiao Chen tried to pull the saber out by force but found it incredibly taxing. Electricity from the saber continuously attacked his body.

Interesting, this saber has a temper.

Xiao Chen snorted coldly as he silently spread his Thunder Dao Domain. “Chi! Chi!” He managed to pull the saber out by one centimeter.

However, a stronger counterattack came after that. Strands of electricity gathered in the hall and turned into lightning knives shooting at him.

Xiao Chen strengthened his Thunder Dao Domain to the second layer and destroyed the lightning knives flying at him.

“You have a temper, but I have no time to play with you.”

Xiao Chen smiled, and his Thunder Dao Domain suddenly soared to the third layer, then the fourth layer. After that, a saber light flashed on his forehead as he also brought out the Saber Dao Domain.

The instant the two Dao Domains layered over each other, Xiao Chen yanked the saber and managed to pull it out in one breath.


The instant the saber was clear of the stele, he seemed to hear something shattering. Was it the heart breaking?

No, it was not the heart breaking but heaven shattering.

If Xiao Chen could look through the inheritance hall, he would have seen cracks spreading out in the sky above the land of the blood moon the moment he pulled out the Heavenly Slayer Saber, looking like wounds.

The saber was about two-and-a-half fingers wide and one hundred thirty centimeters long. It was as straight as a tall peak stabbing into the clouds, with a tip at a thirty-degree angle.

Lightning motifs covered the black saber, looking like ripples and showing a bleak coldness.

After Xiao Chen pulled out the Heavenly Slayer, a jade strip slowly floated out.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and grabbed the jade strip. Immediately, the introduction to the Heavenly Slayer appeared in his mind.

Heavenly Slayer, a Medial Grade Soul Tool weapon. The blade is forged of Demonic Tribulation Thunder Gold, the handle is made from an ancient Thunder Cliff Tree, and an ancient Thunder Dragon’s true soul was infused into it. Demonic Tribulation Thunder Gold is a Transcendent Grade divine material formed when an ancient Demonic Sovereign underwent his True God tribulation. It can only be found and not sought. This saber is firm, ferocious, and domineering. It contains the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent. Its sharp edge can ignite a Demonic Tribulation Divine Lightning to function as a heavenly punishment. If driven at full power, it can shatter the sky, make the sun and moon lightless, and pull down the stars. After its forging, it steeped in the Primal Chaos space’s Lightning Sea for ten thousand years, which left its Heavenly Dao’s killing intent withdrawn, waiting to be unleashed. As a Medial Grade Soul Tool, it is practically a Superior Grade Soul Tool. Using it requires extremely high accumulations of the Thunder Dao. If there is no need, do not brandish the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent. Once you do, you will only injure yourself if you do not kill.


Just at this moment, the stele suddenly shattered, and a saber scabbard appeared.

After Xiao Chen bound the saber and sheathed it, he felt very satisfied. However, the final line made him somewhat cautious. Once the Heavenly Dao’s killing intent is brought out, you will only injure yourself if you do not kill.

Very good. Xiao Chen felt very satisfied with the Heavenly Slayer as the Tyrant Saber’s replacement.

For regular times, using the Tyrant Saber would be sufficient. After all, when one used a Soul Tool, it would feel like a fight to the death.

When Xiao Chen looked around and failed to discover anything else of value, he was slightly disappointed.

Although a Medial Grade Soul Tool was already extremely precious—especially when it was a suitable weapon for Xiao Chen—this was still the Azure Dragon’s inheritance hall, after all. He held high hopes for it. Not feeling resigned, he continued looking around.

After a while, a wall attracted Xiao Chen’s attention. There was another Ten Thousand Dragons Picture on that wall.

However, this Ten Thousand Dragons Picture seemed somewhat different. While it was also a Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, the Azure Dragon was in the center with the other dragons serving as foils.

“So, this is the case!”

Xiao Chen’s face lit up in joy as he gradually understood the meaning of this picture. There were some words hidden in the painting. It turned out that this was the next stage of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

Forming the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture was only the first step in cultivating the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. The latter parts were the vital parts.

Xiao Chen had to follow his bloodline and advance the Ten Thousand Dragons Art step by step before the Ten Thousand Dragons Art eventually turned into the Ancestor Dragon Art.

The entire inheritance hall had a total of seven floors. Each floor contained a circulation method for the next stage. After seven stages, the Ten Thousand Dragons Art would evolve into the Ancestor Dragon Art.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before sitting cross-legged. Then, he started cultivating this advanced circulation method.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy surged and materialized many dragon images, forming the Ten Thousand Dragons Picture. As he implemented the circulation method, the luminous dragon images changed continuously.

The dragon images circled Xiao Chen’s body overhead, the ten thousand dragons switching unpredictably.

Then, most of the ten thousand dragon images disappeared, leaving only an Azure Dragon image. Soon after that, the many dragon images reformed with the Azure Dragon as the center.

Two days later, Xiao Chen opened his eyes again, with a new Ten Thousand Dragons Picture behind him.

He had formally succeeded in the first stage of the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. With the Azure Dragon as the star and the rest of the ten thousand dragons as supporters, the entire Ten Thousand Dragons Picture improved.

Xiao Chen hesitated for a while before deciding against continuing. It was not time to enter the second floor yet.

After Xiao Chen came out of the inheritance hall, the dragon spirit said softly, “It looks like you have already comprehended the circulation method for advancing the Ten Thousand Dragons Art. Not bad. With your current cultivation, you are close to opening your second Divine Vein. At that time, you can enter the second floor.”

“What? I need to open two Divine Veins to enter the second floor?”

The dragon spirit smiled and said, “That is not necessarily so. However, there is no way for you to pass the test as a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor. You can give it a try, though.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “Never mind. When my saber skills improve further, I’ll come and challenge it. I have to go now.”

The dragon spirit nodded and said, “I look forward to your next visit.”

Xiao Chen had accepted the Azure Dragon’s inheritance, bound a Medial Grade Soul Tool, the Heavenly Slayer Saber, formally become the Azure Dragon King, obtained the royal Azure Dragon bloodline, and advanced his Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

He had reaped a huge harvest the first time he entered the land of the blood moon after advancing to Sovereign Emperor. This surpassed his expectations.

Be it the Heavenly Slayer Saber, the royal Azure Dragon bloodline, or the new Ten Thousand Dragons Picture, they all allowed his strength to soar.

Now, those Sovereign Emperors who had not formed their Divine Veins yet would not last even one move against him.

No matter how heaven-defying a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor was, Xiao Chen could easily kill them.

If a 2-Vein Sovereign Emperor was not an outstanding talent or did not have some great fortuitous encounter, Xiao Chen could suppress them as well.

Even against 3-Vein Sovereign Emperors, Xiao Chen stood a high chance of winning if he brought out his trump cards.

Only a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor could put some pressure on him. However, if the other party underestimated him, it would be hard to predict the final victor.

After Xiao Chen exited the ancient Azure Dragon city, he turned into a lightning bolt and landed in front of the Black and White Eggs as though he teleported.

“It has been a long time,” Xiao Chen said softly.

The Black and White Eggs smiled and retorted, “Cut the crap. Fight with us first. The two of us are itching for a fight. We have not humiliated you for many years already. If we still do not do so, nothing will change.”

“Right, right, right. Your growth in strength is really horrifying.”

These two puppets reached the level of a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Furthermore, they had the accumulations of a Faux God and were combat puppets. Naturally, Xiao Chen would not seek trouble when he did not have to.

“If you want to have an exchange, we can. However, it has to be one on one. If you two go together, then forget about it,” Xiao Chen said after thinking this through.

“Yeah, right. Who wants to go one-on-one? We are here to humiliate you. If we cannot do that, what is the point of fighting with you?”

“Egg Egg, you are really shameless!”

The Black and White Eggs immediately felt displeased upon hearing Xiao Chen’s terms, so they started chitter-chattering and complaining.

“Never mind, then. Actually, I came here this time to bring you out. What is the point of you two remaining here and bickering with each other the whole day? If you are that capable, come out and make it big with me. Come see the true experts.”

Xiao Chen ignored the two’s prattle and started tempting them to leave.

Black Egg shook its head and said, “The two of us also want to leave. However, we have Master’s order to follow.”

Xiao Chen said honestly, “Actually…Dragon Egg emptied the inheritance palace back then. The two of you have been guarding an empty place.”


“You don’t believe me? Just go in and take a look.”

The two puppets were greatly startled and incredulous. When they entered the palace and saw the empty hall, they were stupefied.

“Dragon Egg, you bastard. To think that you are so ruthless, taking away all of Master’s inheritance and monopolizing it.”

“He did not even leave any scraps. To think that we stood guard here for so many years.”

“Damn that Dragon Egg. After we go out, we have to find him and beat him to a pulp.”

After a while, the Black and White Eggs appeared before Xiao Chen and said, “Let’s go. We will follow you. Hehe! With us three Eggs working together, we will be unrivaled. No one will be a match for us.”

“Go, go, go! Let’s go quickly.”

The two combat puppets were tired of this land of the blood moon already.

In reality, the two of them had wanted to leave long ago.

Things went as Xiao Chen expected. He smiled faintly and collected the Black and White Eggs into the Divine Universe Stele.