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Chapter 2230 Raw 2336 : Journey Begins

Master Ku Yun found what Xiao Chen said hard to believe. To think that Xiao Chen came from an abandoned land.

It was already difficult to come out of an abandoned land. Being able to get as far as Xiao Chen had was simply inconceivable.

Whether Master Ku Yun believed it or not, Xiao Chen did indeed come from an abandoned land. Xiao Chen spoke in detail about his experiences in the Kunlun Realm and his relationship with Mo Chen.

After Master Ku Yun finished listening, he sighed softly and said, “Previously, Mo Chen had mentioned a person that came from the same place as she did. I wanted to ask further, but she did not say much out of caution. Now that I understand that it is you, I have to think about this matter carefully.”

Master Ku Yun’s tone turned much warmer. His initial absolute refusal now turned into careful consideration.

Xiao Chen did not push the matter. He said after some thought, “There seemed to be more to Senior’s earlier words. Could the Yanwu Dynasty be a problematic place?”

After a moment’s thought, Master Ku Yun answered honestly, “Mu Zifeng should have told you not to choose the Yanwu Dynasty, right?”

Xiao Chen nodded. “Lord Mu indeed had. However, he agreed after I persisted.”

“If that is the case, I will not speak more on this matter. Since he agreed to let you go, he naturally has his reasons.”

After hearing that Mu Zifeng already advised Xiao Chen, Master Ku Yun did not dwell on this topic. He waved his hand and said, “You can go first. As for Mo Chen’s matter, we’ll speak about it later.”

Xiao Chen sighed in his heart as he took his leave.

As a core Doyen, Master Ku Yun held equal status to Mu Zifeng.

Even Alliance Chief Hua Tianyang might not be able to change his decision.

If Master Ku Yun refused to let Mo Chen go, Xiao Chen could not do anything about it. However, on further thought, he concluded that if the Yanwu Dynasty was a problematic place, it might not be bad for Mo Chen to remain in the Heavenly Alliance.

When Xiao Chen returned to his residence, Bao`er had already exchanged for the treasures and Medicinal Pills he wanted.

There was a silver incense burner with three layers of lotus petals, the corresponding Heaven Grade incense, and one hundred Soul Accumulating Pills. This used all of his contribution points.

The silver lotus incense burner and the Heavenly Grade incense aside, the Soul Accumulating Pills were what distressed Xiao Chen.

Not only did this drain all his contribution points, but it even used up tens of tons of his Origin Liquid.

“It is really expensive,” Xiao Chen sighed after putting the things away, feeling heartache.

Bao`er smiled and said, “Naturally, it is expensive. This Soul Accumulating Pill is exclusive to the Heavenly Alliance; there is no way to buy it outside. Furthermore, its supply is limited. Five-petal members and below can buy only five a month. If not for Lord Mu’s care, Young Master would obtain only twenty at most. As for the effects, Young Master will know after consuming it.”

Mu Zifeng’s connections are very vast in the Heavenly Alliance. It is like everyone gives him face.

He truly is a person fighting to be the next Alliance Chief.

“Sorry to trouble you with this. You can leave first. I am going to try out the effects of this Soul Accumulating Pill.”


After Bao`er left, Xiao Chen took out a Soul Accumulating Pill. The black Medicinal Pill appeared smooth and pleasant to touch. It had a pleasant aroma. Someone had carved a complicated symbol on the back of the Medicinal Pill. If the symbol were enlarged, one would see that it depicted an ancient deity.

Medicinal Pills for Sovereign Emperors tend to come from ancient Alchemic Recipes inherited through the ages. Some could even date from several epochs ago.

This ancient deity’s identity was unknown. However, based on this carving, it seemed to have the effect of nourishing the soul. After the Soul Accumulating Pill was formed, the deity carving would automatically appear.

In fact, the quality of the Soul Accumulating Pill was determined by how lifelike the carving was.

After Xiao Chen swallowed one Soul Accumulating Pill, he used his Divine Energy to refine it. When the medicinal effects activated, that ancient deity’s image appeared in his vast Soul Pool. Then, it formed mystical hand seals and emitted waves of light, nourishing his soul.

Under the light, the Azure Dragon Divine Seal fell into a deep sleep, like a baby. Then, it slowly breathed in the same rhythm as the changing hand seals.

In reality, Xiao Chen mirrored the ancient deity’s hand seals. As his hands moved, he further drove the Medicinal Energy.

Time crawled. When Xiao Chen next opened his eyes, a night had passed without him realizing it.

“What a miraculous feeling! The Soul Accumulating Pill lives up to its reputation.”

Xiao Chen consumed only one pill, yet he already felt his restless Soul Energy settling down. The Soul Energy that leaked out, due to his Divine Seal’s lack of control, slowly returned to his Divine Seal.

It looks like Bao`er told the truth. This Soul Accumulating Pill is indeed worth its price. If I refine all one hundred pills, my Soul Energy could be compressed and purified nine times. At that time, my Azure Dragon Divine Seal would probably show a qualitative change.

Xiao Chen thought, Looking at the time, the certificate of appointment from Mu Zifeng should be arriving soon.

Xiao Chen did not have to wait long. After half a day, Mu Zifeng arrived with the certificate of appointment for a Rank 6 envoy inspector overseeing the Yanwu Dynasty.

“Pass me your medallion.”

After Xiao Chen put away the certificate of appointment, he took out his Heavenly Alliance medallion and handed it to the other party.

Mu Zifeng sent a seal mark into Xiao Chen’s Heavenly Alliance medallion. The background changed slightly but still showed the vast snowy scene and the five eye-catching lit plum blossoms.

On the medallion’s obverse, sword hilts appeared in the four corners, surrounding the Heavenly Alliance’s holy relic, the Snow God Whip.

“It’s done. At the crucial moment, you can activate the four sword images. Each sword image can severely injure a Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor. If the four sword images were layered over each other, even a Faux God would have to flee. This can save your life at a critical moment.”

Mu Zifeng handed the medallion back to Xiao Chen. Then, he said gravely, “As an envoy inspector, you oversee a region. You represent the Heavenly Alliance’s will. If the Heavenly Alliance’s interests in the Yanwu Dynasty suffer losses, you will be impeached, possibly punished. At that time, I will not be able to save you.”

Xiao Chen put away his medallion and asked, “Is the Yanwu Dynasty really that horrifying?”

Mu Zifeng replied calmly, “It can’t really be called horrifying. However, the Heavenly Alliance has never managed to expand there. Just protecting the interests there is already difficult. Serving as an envoy inspector in the Yanwu Dynasty is destined to be hard work. However, even if you regret it now and want to back out, I can no longer help you.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly. Mu Zifeng seemed to have more to say.

“I’ll go first. You will have to set off tomorrow, so take care.” Mu Zifeng smiled faintly. “I still think very highly of you, so do your best.”

It looks like Xiao Chen came to know some information about the Yanwu Dynasty. However, he chose this himself. It would be good if he suffers a little. It would be best if he can back off after understanding the difficulty.

Mu Zifeng knew that the Yanwu Dynasty was a problematic place. He had told Xiao Chen at the start, but Xiao Chen did not listen. Hence, he just went with the flow and did not say anything more.

Mu Zifeng has his own plans. If Xiao Chen failed to expand the Heavenly Alliance’s influence there, Xiao Chen would definitely come back to ask for help.

If Xiao Chen owed Mu Zifeng too many favors, he would be bound by them, unable to act freely. At that time, it would be difficult for him to leave.

“As the places where Luck gathers in the Martial Epoch, the three dynasties might be more problematic than I imagined.”

Xiao Chen was no fool. Now, he more or less understood Mu Zifeng’s intentions. However, he chose this path himself. Thus, he had to persevere.

Remaining in the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters felt discomforting. One had to pay the price for freedom.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen never feared a challenge. He had long wanted to go to the three dynasties and try out the Great Thousand Realms’ true talents.


Early the next morning, Xiao Chen, Wu Meng, Nangong Feng, Bao`er, and the rest gathered at the Dao Platform of the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

The group would head to Desolate City, then cross the sea to reach the Yanwu Dynasty’s capital.

“Lin Feng, there is no need to send us any farther. This will do.”

On the last day, Lin Feng risked some pressure and came to send Xiao Chen off.

Be careful when you go there. I heard that the Heavenly Alliance branch in the Yanwu Dynasty affects the benefits of many others. Before you, three envoy inspectors have died already. There are too many undercurrents, and it turned into an unresolved situation. Lin Feng sent Xiao Chen a voice projection in secret after hesitating for a long time. This was information he obtained from Suiren Ji.

In reality, Suiren Ji’s original words were very harsh. He said that Xiao Chen was simply seeking death. Xiao Chen was just a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor but dared to oversee the Yanwu Dynasty. That was simply reckless.

Xiao Chen felt stunned upon hearing that. Clearly, he had not expected such secrets behind the scenes.

To think that three envoy inspectors already died, yet even with the Heavenly Alliance’s influence and threat, the situation remained unresolved.

“You take care too.”

The reward Suiren Ji obtained for Lin Feng was a superior-quality Cultivation Technique for Sovereign Emperors. After this, Lin Feng still had to remain in the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters for a long time.

The danger he faced in his missions would also increase.

After Lin Feng left, Xiao Chen waited for another hour. Then, he sighed in his heart, It looks like Master Ku Yun is unwilling to let her go in the end.

This is good, as well. Just as Xiao Chen prepared to enter the Dao Platform, he heard a voice ring out behind him.

“Big Brother Xiao!”

When Xiao Chen looked back, he saw Mo Chen rushing over, her face flushed slightly red, clearly in a hurry.

Xiao Chen revealed a smile on his face. With Mo Chen by his side, he felt more assured.

He silently swore in his heart, Regardless of how dangerous the Yanwu Dynasty is, I will protect Mo Chen even at the cost of my life.

Xiao Chen looked over his shoulder at a distant place and saw Master Ku Yun watching from the summit of the tall mountain at the blacksmithing forge.

Master Ku Yun nodded slightly, indicating for Xiao Chen to take care. Then, his figure faded from Xiao Chen’s sight.