Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2229 Raw 2335 : Alloy Dragon Armor

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Chapter 2229 Raw 2335 : Alloy Dragon Armor

“This is a Demonic Dao sacred tool. It is severely damaged, so I need at least three days to restore it.” Mo Chen gave an estimate after checking the Scarlet Moon.

“Three days it is, then. I’ll take my leave first. I have to think about how to ask Master Ku Yun.”

After bidding Mo Chen goodbye, Xiao Chen returned to his residence. He saw that Bao`er had been waiting for a long time for him.

Seeing Bao`er, Xiao Chen felt somewhat helpless. Who knew how many spies there were among the servants in his residence?

Right now, he anxiously wanted to make a trip to the Azure Dragons’ old lands. Unfortunately, there were too many people watching. He did not dare to act rashly.

Xiao Chen could only wait. As long as he was not in the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters, even if there were spies by his side, there should not be much risk in activating the Divine Universe Stele.

“Young Master, you’ve returned. Do you have any instructions?” Bao`er asked softly, appearing as lovely as before.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying, “Help me prepare a list. I need treasures and Medicinal Pills for nourishing the soul. See if there are any such resources in the Heavenly Alliance and how to exchange for them. Help me search for such types of Cultivation Techniques as well. Sorry for the trouble.”

“Young Master is too polite.”

After Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy soared to the level of a 3-Vein Sovereign Emperor, he felt uneasy about it. He had long thought of stabilizing and tempering his Soul Energy.

Soon, Bao`er brought a list to Xiao Chen.

“Young Master, I have completed my task. The primary treasures for nourishing Soul Energy are incense burners. Of which, the Buddhist sect’s incense burners are the most effective. As for Medicinal Pills, the Soul Accumulating Pill that the Heavenly Alliance refines should have the best effects. However, it is very costly.”

After listening to Bao`er’s explanation, Xiao Chen studied the list, then asked softly, “How many contribution points do I have?”

“Right now, Young Master has twenty-eight thousand contribution points.”

Xiao Chen said directly, “Use all of them to exchange for these, then. Choose the best incense burner. As for the Soul Accumulating Pills, I need at least one hundred. If my contribution points are insufficient, use my Origin Liquid.”


Bao`er did not feel surprised as she knew that Xiao Chen would be going to oversee a region. So, he would definitely use up his contribution points before leaving.

“Don’t go yet.”

Xiao Chen called out to Bao`er just as she was about to leave. She turned back and asked, “Young Master, do you have more instructions?”

Xiao Chen looked straight at Bao`er and said calmly, “There are no further instructions. I just want to ask if you will be coming with me to the Yanwu Dynasty?”

“This servant is Young Master’s personal maidservant. Naturally, I will go with you. If Young Master is dissatisfied with Bao`er, you can ask Lord Mu to replace me.”

Bao`er lowered her head slightly, and her eyes turned somewhat moist. This made her look pitiful. “Young Master, are you firing Bao`er?”

Xiao Chen sighed in his heart. Firing her is pointless. Mu Zifeng would still find other spies.

He could understand why Mu Zifeng did this. However, there would always be some worry when one had a spy following them.

“There’s nothing else. You may withdraw first.”


Seeing Bao`er leave, Xiao Chen thought to himself, Should I speak to Mu Zifeng about this?

He pondered for a while, then figured that it would be useless. As a Rank 6 envoy inspector, he oversaw a region. Even if Mu Zifeng felt assured about not having a spy beside him, others in the Heavenly Alliance upper echelon would not.

There should be Heavenly Alliance spies beside the other envoy inspectors too. This was an open secret.

Never mind. I won’t have to be too concerned when I do certain things after leaving the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.

Having a spy by my side is beneficial for both sides.


Xiao Chen visited the blacksmith forge four days later to retrieve his Alloy Dragon Armor.

The reverse scale of an ancient Thunder Dragon, a Thunder Dragon’s spine, five tons of Thunder Dragon true blood, and a Great Desolate Eon dragon soul. With such materials, Xiao Chen looked forward to how strong his Alloy Dragon Armor would be.

“I was preparing to have someone send it to you. Unexpectedly, you showed up.” Master Ku Yun smiled when he saw Xiao Chen. Then, he handed the Alloy gloves over. “Give it a try.”

Xiao Chen received the Alloy gloves. The black gloves exposed half his fingers after he put them on.

The golden talisman scripts on the back of the gloves formed an ancient divine character. Four of the stars around the divine characters were lit.

Master Ku Yun really used a lot of resources, directly upgrading his Alloy Battle Armor from two stars to four stars.


Once Xiao Chen had donned the two gloves properly, he felt an electric shock that touched his Divine Seal and soul.

The harmony with his bloodline and soul was like a fish in water; delight filled his heart.

The roars of an ancient Thunder Dragon rang out by his ears, and a purple Thunder Dragon image flew across in his eyes.

“It’s really strong.”

Even before Xiao Chen activated his Alloy Dragon Armor, he already felt that it was significantly different from three days ago; there was no comparison.

Master Ku Yun beamed, clearly satisfied with his handiwork. After a while, he said indifferently, “Recheck it after activating it.”

“Very well, Senior.”

Xiao Chen activated the Alloy Dragon Armor with a thought. The power of the Azure Dragon deep in his bloodline seemed to ignite in an instant, becoming a fierce, blazing, roiling dragon flame.

Dragon Might burst out from Xiao Chen’s body, spreading into the surroundings. Everyone in the vast blacksmithing forge could sense the surging Dragon Might.

A dragon image came out from each of the two gloves and coiled around Xiao Chen’s arms as they flickered with electric light. Then, they spread throughout his body.

As the electric light flickered, the dragons soon covered Xiao Chen’s entire body. When the two dragon images merged, the brand-new Alloy Dragon Armor appeared on Xiao Chen’s body. The originally silver armor now had many deep-purple dragon motifs on it. It looked like two dragon images coiled around the armor, baring fangs and claws, a very tyrannical sight.

With the purple dragon motifs on the bright silver armor, the original heroic air disappeared, replaced by an absolutely tyrannical air.

A pendant dangled on Xiao Chen’s forehead, like the finishing stroke, bringing the armor to life.

Xiao Chen’s bloodline surged. When the armor appeared, his physical body, bloodline, and soul all responded. The dragon blood and dragon soul in the armor merged perfectly with his Dragon Race bloodline, feeling seamless. There was nothing more suitable than this armor for him.

He stretched out his hand and tightly clenched his fist. The purple dragon motifs on the armor flickered with electric light. In the next moment, resplendent electric light appeared on his palm.

Xiao Chen’s fourth-layer Thunder Dao Domain silently and invisibly spread out.

The brilliant light did not feel a clump of electricity in his palm but a sea of electricity. With the armor’s support, his fourth-layer Thunder Dao Domain managed to achieve the horrifying might of a fifth-layer Thunder Dao Domain.


Xiao Chen’s shock was indescribable. He felt some disbelief.

It was very strong, simply too strong. This was just a set of armor, but it managed to increase his strength by more than fifty percent.

Master Ku Yun remained rather calm. He laughed softly and asked, “How is it? Are you satisfied with it?”

“Satisfied, extremely satisfied. Senior Ku Yun, you have given me a really great gift!”

Gratification flashed in Master Ku Yun’s eyes. Anyone would feel happy when someone praised their work. “The pendant on your head is that ancient Thunder Dragon’s reverse scale. That is also the part I spent the most effort on. Not only can it help you block your opponent’s attack and weapons, but it also has a strong resistance to soul attacks and illusions. It can even counterattack your opponent.”

Getting stabbed in the forehead was still relatively dangerous for a Sovereign Emperor. Even if one did not die, one would be severely injured.

Master Ku Yun’s pendant was indeed the finishing touch that completed a masterpiece, showing great expertise.

This Alloy Dragon Armor was unique in the entire Heavenly Alliance. Xiao Chen felt very satisfied with it.

“I practically reforged the entire Alloy Battle Armor for you. Furthermore, this is just the foundation. In the future, if you have enough resources and can find more dragon souls and dragon blood, this Alloy Dragon Armor can become stronger. It is not this old man bragging, but I stand above the rest in the entire Heavenly Alliance. Even in the entire Martial Epoch, few can surpass me,” Master Ku Yun said with some pride.

If others said this, there would definitely be some degree of bragging. However, since it was Master Ku Yun, this was entirely true.

However, right now, Xiao Chen’s time was limited. He could not properly experience the full might of the Alloy Dragon Armor. Thoroughly exploring it would have to wait until he returned to his residence.

However, while the armor was great, he could not forget about his objective in coming here.

Xiao Chen somewhat reluctantly retracted the armor into the Alloy gloves. Then, he said, “Actually, this junior has another purpose in coming here aside from the Alloy Dragon Armor.”

“I know, you are talking about that Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool, right? Just go over to Mo Chen’s place to get it. She can be considered the student I’m proudest of; this minor matter should not be a problem for her.”

When speaking of Mo Chen, Master Ku Yun appeared very satisfied, as though he wanted to make her his final disciple.

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he could not help but complain about this tough job in his heart. However, he still steeled himself and said, “Senior, this junior is thinking of temporarily borrowing Mo Chen, bringing her to the Yanwu Dynasty with me.”

“What did you say?”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, Master Ku Yun’s smile disappeared. Then, he said seriously, “Repeat yourself; I did not hear clearly.”

Xiao Chen had to repeat himself. After he finished speaking, Master Ku Yun’s expression immediately turned inscrutable.

“You can forget about this. This old man finds your temperament agreeable. Furthermore, this is also a favor to Mu Zifeng. That’s why I made an exception for you. However, if you want to take away my star disciple, furthermore to a place like the Yanwu Dynasty…just go. I’ll pretend that I did not hear it.”

Master Ku Yun’s reaction surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations. Furthermore, there seemed to be more to his words.

What did he mean by a place like the Yanwu Dynasty?

Could it be that the Yanwu Dynasty is a bad place?

When Master Ku Yun saw Xiao Chen’s somewhat confused expression, his own expression turned much warmer. Then, he sighed, “Little friend, this old man is sincerely telling you that you should not have chosen to oversee the Yanwu Dynasty. However, even if it were another place, I would not let you take Mo Chen away, what more to the Yanwu Dynasty.”

Xiao Chen calmed down and said, “Let’s not mention the Yanwu Dynasty for now. Senior, would you hear me out? I am not a wastrel lusting after her beauty. The two of us have known each other for twenty-odd years and come from the same abandoned land.”

When Master Ku Yun heard this, he stared at Xiao Chen in shock. “You are the person that Mo Chen spoke about? This old man really could not tell. To think that you came from an abandoned land!”