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Chapter 2227 Raw 2333 : Chance Meeting

Master Ku Yun was one of the Heavenly Alliance’s seven core Doyens. At the same time, he was also the Heavenly Alliance’s best blacksmith.

Ordinary members, even five-petal members, might not be able to meet him.

Xiao Chen had Mu Zifeng’s recommendation, and he had met Master Ku Yun before. Meeting this Heavenly Alliance powerhouse should not pose a big problem.

Even so, Xiao Chen managed to meet Master Ku Yun only two days later.

The meeting took place in the Heavenly Alliance headquarters’ blacksmith forge.

The blacksmith forge had many blacksmith cauldrons that were thirty kilometers tall. They looked like many mountain peaks standing tall, with the flames of stars burning fiercely in them.

More than one hundred thousand apprentices busied themselves among the blacksmith cauldrons. Many grandmasters oversaw the place, as it was incredibly busy.

Xiao Chen had someone to lead the way. As they weaved through the cauldrons, he saw Master Ku Yun on a tall mountain that overlooked the entire blacksmith forge.

Many stars flickered at the summit of the mountain. It felt like one could touch the vast starry skies by reaching out.

“Little Friend Xiao Chen, we meet again.”

Master Ku Yun revealed a faint smile on seeing Xiao Chen, showing an amiable attitude. He did not have the intentionally mysterious and unfathomable air that most major characters showed.

In reality, after one surpassed Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor, one could revert to nature, appearing no different from an ordinary person.

However, people in high positions often did not want others to see them in a fathomable light, so they purposely gave off an impenetrable pressure, deliberately acting unfathomable.

Master Ku Yun had escorted Xiao Chen and Lin Feng to the Abyssal Underworld in their previous mission. At that time, he had a good impression of the two.

“Master Ku Yun, this junior has a matter that I would like to trouble Senior about.”

Xiao Chen quite liked interacting with such people. They had humble attitudes and were respectful.

Master Ku Yun said after a while, “Mu Zifeng already spoke to me about it. I thought about it and decided that I will personally reforge your Alloy Battle Armor. You can tell me if you have any special requests now, so that I can prepare.”

Xiao Chen rejoiced upon hearing that. He immediately stood up and performed a cupped-fist salute. “Many thanks, Master Ku Yun. I am overwhelmed by your favor.”

Xiao Chen simply had not expected this. Who was Master Ku Yun? He was a grandmaster who could forge Superior Grade Soul Tools. Calling him the best blacksmith in the world would be no exaggeration.

Xiao Chen was startled that Master Ku Yun was willing to put down what he was doing to deal with his minor matter.

“You are too polite. You focus on the saber, are skilled with the Thunder Great Dao, and use the Ice Great Dao as a supplement. I know all this already. I will consider them when I reforge it. Do you have any thoughts about this?”

Master Ku Yun smiled faintly. He was rather pragmatic, not bothering with civilities.

Xiao Chen pondered this for a while before saying, “What does Senior recommend? My knowledge of the Blacksmithing Dao only skims the surface. I do not dare talk nonsense before Senior Ku Yun.”

Master Ku Yun did not stand on ceremony, directly saying, “In my opinion, it should focus on strengthening and amplifying the Thunder Dao. Right now, your Thunder Dao Domain has reached the fourth layer. We might as well bring this advantage out to the fullest. I was thinking of infusing the reverse scale of an ancient Thunder Dragon, one kiloton of a Thunder Dragon’s true blood, a Thunder Dragon’s spine, and a Great Desolate Eon dragon soul to alter this Alloy Battle Armor into Alloy Dragon Armor. This happens to be compatible with your bloodline, as well. The Alloy Dragon Armor would be like a part of your flesh; you would be able to control it freely.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned, somewhat unable to calm down at the prospect of Master Ku Yun’s generosity. This sounded like a fantasy to him; however, the other party spoke of it as though it was natural and not particularly impressive.

After a while, Xiao Chen suddenly came to his senses, feeling very stupid.

Who was the other party? No one would dare say he was not one of the best blacksmiths of the Martial Epoch.

Xiao Chen nearly got tricked by the other party’s easygoing nature. Just because Ku Yun did not give off a strong air, it did not mean he was weak.

Since he said that he would alter the Alloy Battle Armor, how could he do it casually? If he did and word spread, it would spoil his reputation.

He was just like Mu Zifeng. Xiao Chen clearly was only a five-petal member, but Mu Zifeng managed to make him a Rank 6 envoy inspector.

“What’s wrong? You think that it’s not good?” Master Ku Yun frowned slightly, thinking that Xiao Chen was somewhat dissatisfied. Then, he added seriously, “If this is not sufficient, then it will be problematic. I’m afraid I can’t complete it in five days.”

Xiao Chen said quickly, “There’s no need, there’s no need. This is good. I’ll leave my Alloy Battle Armor to Senior.”

This was a great opportunity. Lest there be changes, Xiao Chen quickly took off the black gloves and handed them over.

Master Ku Yun carefully put them away and said, “I’ll get someone to send them over in four days. With the Alloy Dragon Armor I altered, you will have something to fall back on in the Yanwu Dynasty.”

So, Senior Ku Yun knew that I would be overseeing a region and chose to handle the reforging personally because he was afraid that I could not handle the place.

Ku Yun’s kind intention warmed Xiao Chen’s heart, kindling more respect for this senior.

“I also have a Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool. I would like Senior to take a look to see if you can restore it.”

As Xiao Chen spoke, he took out the Eighth Prince Li Yun’s Scarlet Moon. This should be a treasure that could display the might of a peak Medial Grade Soul Tool at a critical moment.

“A Demonic Dao sacred tool. I do have a disciple skilled at restoring these. I will get a servant to bring you over in a while.”

Master Ku Yun took a look and immediately recognized the Scarlet Moon’s origin. He did not say much, taking a very straightforward approach.

The successive requests made Xiao Chen feel too embarrassed to raise borrowing a person from Master Ku Yun, one of his original objectives.

“In that case, there is nothing else.”

Master Ku Yun did not appear to be in any rush. He smiled and said, “Little friend, you get to oversee a region before reaching one hundred years old, becoming a Rank 6 envoy inspector. How do you feel about it?”

“It feels quite surprising, but it suits my intentions. Having remained in the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters, I find it somewhat suppressive.” Xiao Chen spoke honestly, not showing any fear.

Master Ku Yun nodded. “In this world, be it sects, Noble Clans, empires, or dynasties, they are all materialistic organizations. However, Noble Clans have bloodline connections. Clans have accumulations. Sects have seniors to provide guidance and hand out inheritances. All these can give one a sense of belonging. However, the Heavenly Alliance is a purely materialistic organization. Everyone is here due to common interests, believing in eternal benefits. Given your character, finding this suppressive is not strange. Mu Zifeng is really generous.”

The two chatted idly for a while. Although there was a difference in status and age, they hit it off quite well.

In the end, it was because Master Ku Yun did not pay too much attention to authority. He became a core Doyen by relying on his own strength. No matter who became the Alliance Chief, he was an indispensable existence.

With transcendent strength, one could transcend many things. Many of Master Ku Yun’s understandings came as a breath of fresh air to Xiao Chen.

“We will end here, then. I also need to make preparations for you.”

Master Ku Yun sent off his visitor after one final round of tea. Xiao Chen performed a cupped-fist salute before leaving. Then, a servant led Xiao Chen to the disciple skilled at restoring treasures.

Soon, Xiao Chen came to a vast forging pavilion with three blacksmith cauldrons standing tall. Ten thousand people were bustling around, carrying out their work in an orderly fashion.

Someone leaned against the railings on top of the pavilion, issuing orders.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Master Ku Yun’s disciple is genuinely incredible, able to direct more than ten thousand people in such a relaxed manner.

With Master Ku Yun’s servant leading the way, the two moved unhindered. Soon, they entered that pavilion.

“Please wait here for a while.”

The servant bowed slightly, then went forward, past several wooden screens, to make a report.

“Miss Mo, I brought an excellency of the Heavenly Alliance here to meet you under Master’s order.”

Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense was sharp. When he heard that servant’s words, he felt slightly startled. Miss Mo?

This made Xiao Chen think of someone, distracting him. Just as he felt bewildered, he heard a familiar voice.

“I wonder which excellency it is. To think you can move Master into action. Mo Chen acted discourteously by not receiving you earlier.”

“Clack! Clack!”

The many wooden screens with paintings of mountains and rivers opened up one by one, looking like many mountains and rivers moving aside. A beauty approached from afar, seemingly descending from the sky and traveling through mountains and rivers to meet Xiao Chen.

[TL Note: Traveling through mountains and rivers to meet also has another meaning: a chance meeting.]

When the beauty appeared, Xiao Chen saw her visage. With that grace, beauty, frown, and smile, if it was not the Dragon’s Gate’s Mo Chen, who else could it be?!