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Chapter 2226 Raw 2332 : Brothers Unite

Five nominations…who should I choose?

Naturally, the first people that Xiao Chen thought of were the Saber Demon Wu Meng, the Spear Sovereign Mo Yu, Yun Fei, who entered under the Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor like Xiao Chen, and Nangong Feng, who also came from the Desolate City testing zone.

Xiao Chen occasionally met with these people over the past two years. However, as they were new to the Heavenly Alliance, they were all laden with work and missions, so they could not have a proper gathering.

Being laden with work was just another way of saying being worked like dogs.

Take Xiao Chen, for example. He practically never got to rest. After one or two days off, the next mission would arrive.

This was especially so for the first year, when he did not have any choice in the matter at all. Whatever missions the Heavenly Alliance issued, he had to complete them obediently.

The Heavenly Alliance was an extremely materialistic organization; calling it fair was fine too. Every Heavenly Alliance member got to cultivate in the Faux God World for ten years. That was already the greatest resource the Heavenly Alliance gave them. The exploitation of the members was just the members paying their dues.

If these people had another chance, they would still choose to join the Heavenly Alliance. There were simply too many benefits to entering the Faux God World.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Alliance had a strict hierarchy. This gave the members some hope for the future, helping them endure the workload.

If Xiao Chen said that he could bring them away from the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters but continue to use the Heavenly Alliance’s resources, that would bring them great joy.

As long as everything goes smoothly, recruiting these people should not be a problem.

I should go and find Yun Fei first!

The new Heavenly Alliance members stayed at the foot of Heavenly Divine Mountain, so they were not far from each other.

In less than fifteen minutes, Xiao Chen arrived at Yun Fei’s residence. The distance was somewhat startling close.

The two were so close, but they could count their meetups on their fingers.

In the end, the Heavenly Alliance’s system was somewhat unfeeling and overly suppressive.

Xiao Chen was pretty lucky; Yun Fei had just completed his mission and returned. When he saw Xiao Chen, he felt pleasantly surprised.

“Xiao Chen! Haha! It has been a long time. What made you decide to come and visit me?”

Yun Fei felt quite surprised. Since leaving the Faux God World, they had only met a few times. Furthermore, all those meetings were upon Yun Fei’s initiative.

“One does not visit a temple without cause. Naturally, I came for a reason. I have been promoted to a five-petal member.”

Xiao Chen took out his Heavenly Alliance medallion and showed the five lit plum blossom petals amid the background of the vast snowy scene. The petals looked vibrant and beautiful, displaying long-lasting pride.


Yun Fei jumped in startlement. He grabbed the medallion and poked it several times, then rubbed it for a while before finally believing that it was real.

“Not long ago, Wu Meng lit up his third plum blossom. Nangong Feng and I felt that he was very incredible already. To think that you lit five up. However, I did hear that you recently completed an extremely high-level mission. Does this have something to do with that?”

Yun Fei could not be blamed for being shocked. Getting promoted in the Heavenly Alliance was extremely difficult.

One gained contribution points from completing missions. However, points would be deducted when one exchanged them for resources. This was a very conflicting matter.

Under such a situation, saving up contribution points was challenging.

Yun Fei’s shock when Xiao Chen suddenly told him that he was already a five-petal member was natural.

“That’s right. However, I cannot leak the details of the mission.”

Xiao Chen nodded his head slightly, verifying Yun Fei’s guess. Going by the original reward, it might even have been possible to ask Yun Tianyang to promote him directly to a six-petal member.

However, Mu Zifeng helped Xiao Chen get this reward to oversee a region. In reality, this was even better than becoming a six-petal member.

“Congratulations. In name, you are now one level higher than Master Peach Blossom,” Yun Fei said with a smile. The Peach Blossom Sovereign Emperor left the Heavenly Alliance as a four-petal member. Now, Xiao Chen was indeed one level higher than the other party.

“Many thanks. However, that is not what I came here for. I will speak about it later. I have already informed Wu Meng and Nangong Feng to come here. I will explain then.”

Xiao Chen suspected that there might be too many spies in his residence. Hence, he did not call those he wanted to meet over to his residence.

Instead, he chose Yun Fei’s residence. Although this matter would be exposed sooner or later, it would be best to hide it as long as possible.

“How mysterious! However, I have not met you for a long time already. It’s good to have time to chat.”

Yun Fei smiled and chatted with Xiao Chen while they waited for the others to arrive.

Time flew by. Wu Meng, Nangong Feng, and Mo Yu rushed over one after another. When they heard that Xiao Chen was now a five-petal member, they felt incredibly shocked and quickly offered congratulations.

“Xiao Chen, everyone is here already. You can now speak about what you came here for, right?” Yun Fei prompted with some anticipation, smiling.

Xiao Chen looked around at Yun Fei, Wu Meng, Nangong Feng, and Mo Yu. These were friends who had fought together with him in the past.

Although they did not possess horrifying strength, they were absolutely trustworthy. They were all one-in-ten-thousand geniuses with unlimited potential.

They would be of great help if they accompanied him to the Yanwu Dynasty.

“This matter is very important; that’s why I had to wait for everyone to gather first before speaking about it. Lord Mu made me a Rank 6 envoy inspector. Barring any surprises, the certificate of appointment should arrive in seven days. I can nominate five people to go with me.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, the four showed stupefied expressions.

Nangong Feng put down his teacup and said, “Xiao Chen, just to be sure I heard right, you became an envoy inspector, furthermore, a Rank 6 one at that?”

The others startled to their senses. Like Nangong Feng, they looked at Xiao Chen with expressions that said, Xiao Chen, you aren’t lying to us, right?

A Rank 6 envoy inspector.

These were simple words, but everyone in the Heavenly Alliance understood the great authority that came with it.

This was like being a governor of a border province, ruling over an area. The phrase “achieving meteoric success” could not even begin to describe this. This meant that Xiao Chen was practically a powerhouse of the Heavenly Alliance.

Xiao Chen nodded slowly, then smiled. “Do you think I would joke about this?”

The four calmed down and looked at Xiao Chen with complicated gazes. If it was just his promotion to five-petal member, they could be happy and congratulate him.

Now that they heard that Xiao Chen became a Rank 6 envoy inspector, they simply could not believe it.

Xiao Chen had put a great distance between himself and them.

After a long time, Wu Meng sighed, “Back then, on the Faux God World’s God Conferring Platform, you heroically said that those who were not from the Heavenly Alliance could not enter. At that point, I knew that there would be such a day. However, I did not expect it to come so quickly.”

The other three sighed wordlessly. They recalled the matters in the Faux God World as clearly as if they had happened yesterday.

They thought about how a bedsheet-covered Xiao Chen charged into Paradise while riding on the wind.

Xiao Chen had dominated the place despite countless mocking gazes. By fortune, he had obtained a one-hundred-thousand-year-old Herb King before taking the lead in climbing the Heaven Bridging Peak.

Then, Xiao Chen monopolized the God Conferring Platform, fighting off the other four super factions’ outstanding talents. Such boldness and heroism left an inextinguishable mark in the four’s hearts.

In hindsight, Xiao Chen already displayed a powerful hegemon’s demeanor in the Faux God World.

Everything Xiao Chen accomplished in the Heavenly Alliance was just the result of fulfilling all the conditions, bringing success. If they were the ones who climbed to the God Conferring Platform back then, Mu Zifeng probably would support them, as well.

“I have no objections. Xiao Chen, just say the word, and I will immediately follow you. I am tired of doing missions every day; I’ve already had enough of it.

Yun Fei was the first to agree to Xiao Chen. The initial period of being a Heavenly Alliance member as a two-petal member was the most challenging period to endure.

The large number of missions was not only tiring but also left one with insufficient time for cultivation.

The chance to leave this tiresome period was very welcome to Yun Fei.

Furthermore, the one who invited him was Xiao Chen. Given that, there was nothing to worry about.

“I have no objections.”

Nangong Feng and Mo Yu agreed one after another. Of the four, only the three-petal member Wu Meng remained undecided.

Without a doubt, Wu Meng was the strongest among the four. Moreover, he had just become a three-petal member.

Wu Meng managed to endure the most arduous period in the Heavenly Alliance. In the future, he might have the same chance as Xiao Chen to become an envoy inspector.

Seeing the fervent gazes of the others, Wu Meng smiled and said, “My brothers are going already; there is no point in my remaining here alone. Good, let’s do something great together. Xiao Chen, I’ll follow you.”

The group laughed together as the flames of hot-bloodedness flared in their hearts.

“Everyone, many thanks for thinking highly of me, Xiao Chen. As long as I am around, you will not be mistreated.”

Xiao Chen rejoiced in his heart, revealing a sincere smile on his face. No matter how strong he was, it would be almost impossible to oversee a region without messing up if he did not have assistance.

Furthermore, as an envoy inspector, in charge of a region, Xiao Chen could be considered a powerhouse and an overlord.

Given such a status, Xiao Chen could not possibly deal with everything himself. He needed trustworthy helpers.

“Nangong Feng, Yun Fei, and Mo Yu, by coming with me, you will automatically get promoted to three-petal members. As for Brother Wu, that would be difficult.”

One could not leave the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters freely before becoming a four-petal member. However, Xiao Chen had the authority to bring them out now. Furthermore, the people he nominated would automatically get promoted to three-petal members.

Wu Meng was already a three-petal member, so Xiao Chen could not help him light up another petal.

Wu Meng smiled casually and said, “It’s fine. It’s just a minor matter; I do not care.”

“In that case, everyone should make your preparations during these few days. We should exchange for all the resources we can in the Heavenly Alliance’s headquarters.”

“Alright, we will take our leave first.”

Xiao Chen successfully recruited the four, uniting the brothers. While he still had one more nomination, he did not want to recruit another cultivator.

It would be better to recruit a blacksmith, an Alchemist, or a person with business acumen. Xiao Chen wondered if he could borrow someone from Master Ku Yun.