Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2225 Raw 2331 : Overseeing a Region

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Chapter 2225 Raw 2331 : Overseeing a Region

Mu Zifeng arrived after a while. Bao`er served tea, then withdrew cutely.

As Mu Zifeng picked up the teacup, he watched Bao`er leave without mentioning anything about the tea. Then, he smiled and said, “How is the maidservant I arranged for you? Are you satisfied with her?”

Xiao Chen knew from the start that Bao`er might be Mu Zifeng’s follower. However, he did not touch on that, merely saying softly, “Bao`er is a fine young woman.”

“It’s good that you like her. If you want, I can make arrangements for a few more. Take it as a reward for this mission.”


Xiao Chen spat out some of his tea. After putting down the teacup and clearing his throat, he said, “Lord Mu really likes to joke.”

“Haha! You did a good job with this mission. However, it is unfortunate that the Seven Color Stone completely lost all its divine nature.”

Xiao Chen followed up smoothly, “Indeed, it is unfortunate.”

Smiling faintly, Mu Zifeng pursued the topic. “However, I seemed to have heard that someone used the Snow God Whip to fight ten-odd Sovereign Emperors, appearing very awe-inspiring. Word of this spread throughout the Abyssal Underworld. Several 1-Vein Sovereign Emperors got chopped down on the spot, not even left with a corpse.”

Xiao Chen blathered calmly, “This person is really incredible and remarkable. It looks like Lin Feng is much stronger than I thought.”

“Haha! Let’s not think about that for now. In any case, even if the Seven Color Stone still had its divine nature, there would not be much left of it. Everyone understands that. However, not leaving any divine nature at all is somewhat overboard. Hence, the reward will definitely be reduced. You can forget about requesting something from the Alliance Chief.”

Mu Zifeng laughed at Xiao Chen’s nonsense. Then, he went on to pertinent matters.

Xiao Chen did not mind. In any case, this was how the Heavenly Alliance was; this was neither good nor bad.

If Xiao Chen had managed to bring back the Seven Color Stone with most of its divine nature intact, Hua Tianyang probably would have fulfilled his promise. With it returned in pieces, he would be a fool if he let Xiao Chen and Lin Feng ask something from him.

“However, no matter what, the Snow God Whip is my Heavenly Alliance’s holy relic. You and Lin Feng made significant contributions by bringing the holy relic back, so there will be a reward.”

Here comes the critical part. Xiao Chen listened attentively, wanting to see what the reward was.

Mu Zifeng said, “What I managed to get for you is an additional increase to your rank, making you a five-petal member.”

Xiao Chen felt stunned. He had not expected Mu Zifeng to bring such a great reward.

A five-petal member would already be part of the upper echelon in the Heavenly Alliance. Xiao Chen had not been in the Heavenly Alliance for even two years. Such a speed of promotion was terrifying.

“Lord Mu, I…”

Mu Zifeng waved his hand as he said, “I know, you don’t want to get too deep into the organization. After this matter, I roughly know how you think. You are probably the one who smashed the Heavenly Alliance’s holy relic… Everyone has their own ambitions. I will not force anything on you.”

The disappointment in Mu Zifeng’s words made Xiao Chen feel apologetic.

After all, Xiao Chen could have brought the holy relic back intact. However, he had not done so in the end.

“You are rather similar to Peach Blossom. I did not get you promoted to a five-petal member to make you continue climbing the ranks. I am prepared to send you out. As a five-petal member, you can oversee a region as an envoy inspector.”

As Mu Zifeng spoke, he stretched out his hand and waved it from side to side. Then, a light screen of the Great Thousand Realms appeared before the two.

Marks densely covered the light screen, indicating all the territories of the Heavenly Alliance. Using seven different colors, the marks indicated the territories’ ranks. The different ranks indicated the difference in accumulations.

This was a shocking scene, presenting the super faction in its entirety to Xiao Chen.

The vast Great Thousand Realms served as a backdrop. The Heavenly Alliance’s reach stretched practically everywhere—even into the empty cosmos and distant lands—appearing shocking.

The highest was Rank 7, and the lowest was Rank 1. Xiao Chen took a look; the Heavenly Alliance classified the Grave Sea Cluster where he had been as only Rank 3.

“As a five-petal member, you can choose a Rank 5 region to oversee as an envoy inspector, responsible for managing all the Heavenly Alliance subordinate factions in that region. However, to others, you are still my follower. To give me face, they will allow you to take up a region of one rank higher. So, you may choose a Rank 6 region to oversee.”

Overseeing a region as an envoy inspector would give Xiao Chen immense authority with boundless benefits. It was like being a governor of a border province. He could use any of the resources within his authority, and no one could gainsay him.

[TL Note: The management of border provinces was very important to countries, as these areas bordering other countries would be the first place to be invaded. Due to the risk, such places would have a strong military. The emperor would hand control of such strategic military locations only to trusted people. At the same time, due to the immense military authority that the governors held, there was also the risk that they would rebel against the emperor, hence the need for trustworthy governors.]

Typically, one had to serve the Heavenly Alliance for one hundred years to attain such glory. Some veteran members even took more than one hundred years.

Many people worked hard on missions, getting endlessly squeezed by the Heavenly Alliance for this moment.

However, Mu Zifeng helped Xiao Chen obtain such a position so that Xiao Chen could stay away from the political battles for the Heavenly Alliance’s core authority, as Xiao Chen wished.

Feeling somewhat stunned, Xiao Chen said, “Lord Mu, your favor is so huge that I am unable to reject it.”

Xiao Chen simply could not reject overseeing a region. Without affecting his cultivation, it would provide him with ample freedom, countless resources, and also ridiculous levels of authority.

Mu Zifeng smiled faintly. “This is how my character has always been. Since I cannot force you to be my follower, I would rather sell you a favor, one so big that you cannot refuse. Who knows, I might need your help in the future.”

Xiao Chen thought for a while, weighing the pros and cons. Then, he said, “Good. I will accept this favor, then.”

Mu Zifeng smiled faintly, not feeling surprised. “Choose a place, then. You can freely choose from any of the Rank 6 regions. Do consider your strength and whether you can manage the people under you. However, the choice is up to you.”

Xiao Chen nodded and started looking. First, there were the outer region clusters.

There were many special outer region clusters with rich resources and exceptional Spiritual Energy, in no way inferior to the Central Great Realm. After going there, one would be like the local tyrant there. Such places were suitable for the aged.

There were some outer region clusters with strong natives. Those would be very helpful for tempering one’s Martial Techniques.

However, when considering the overall picture, the Central Great Realm was the best. Everyone gathered there, and talents fought each other. The resources were plentiful as well.

So, Xiao Chen eliminated the outer region clusters. Then, he fixed his gaze on the three dynasties of the Righteous Dao—the Tianwu Dynasty, the Shenwu Dynasty, and the Yanwu Dynasty.

The dynasties were where the Luck of the Martial Epoch gathered. Every super faction gathered there. There were countless Noble Clans with rising geniuses. This place gathered all the outstanding talents in the world. There were some Demonic Dao factions hiding there as well.

These places had the greatest competition and the greatest benefits. However, the danger and pressure were also the greatest.

Nevertheless, Xiao Chen naturally preferred to choose the three dynasties. Given his ken and strength, he would have to go there sooner or later.

Now, it was just a matter of which.

Firstly, Xiao Chen could eliminate the Shenwu Dynasty. He had a huge grudge with the Profound Heaven Holy Land. If he went there, there would be all sorts of trouble.

Next was the Tianwu Dynasty. Although he had a friendship with Chu Chaoyun, he did not have a good relationship with the others.

After thinking about it, there was only one choice left.

“The Yanwu Dynasty?”

Mu Zifeng felt slightly surprised. He said directly, “I thought you could choose a region in the eight great empires. I fear that you might not be able to handle the Yanwu Dynasty. The Heavenly Alliance’s factions there are actually weaker than in other places.”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and asked, “Do you suggest that I don’t go?”

“Yes. The Heavenly Alliance’s factions have not expanded much in the Yanwu Dynasty. Although it is a dynasty, the benefits might not be better than some of the outer region clusters—for example, the Ink Sea Cluster, eighty percent of which is in the Heavenly Alliance’s factions’ hands, has sufficient resources, as well as a direct passage to the Bitter Sea, where you can cultivate at any time.”

Mu Zifeng smiled and added, “Since you are overseeing a region, you naturally have to choose a place that is suitable for yourself. However, if you can help the Heavenly Alliance expand in the Yanwu Dynasty, you would make considerable contributions to the Heavenly Alliance, much more than the missions that you completed in your first year.”

Of course, Mu Zifeng did not believe that Xiao Chen could do it.

He still suggested that Xiao Chen choose a stabler region and gild the lily. After all, it would be difficult to suppress the people in the dynasty.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying softly, “I’ll go to the Yanwu Dynasty, then. If there is no challenge at all, it would be pointless.”

Mu Zifeng found this slightly strange. He said after some thought, “As you wish. I will issue the certificate of appointment seven days later. I will explain the details then. By the way, as a five-petal member, you have the privilege of upgrading your Alloy Battle Armor once for free. You should go to Master Ku Yun for this. Otherwise, you might not be given the best blacksmith. I’ll let him know about it.”

Xiao Chen thought to himself, This is pretty good. I happen to have the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool to repair, as well. I can get it done at the same time.

“You should make your preparations during these seven days. You have five nominations you can use for bringing five people from the Heavenly Alliance to oversee the region with you. If you cannot find anyone suitable, then the Heavenly Alliance will assign them to you.” Mu Zifeng gave Xiao Chen another instruction before leaving.

Xiao Chen calmed down only after a long time. This fortune came too suddenly.

I somewhat cannot understand Mu Zifeng. Did I underestimate him? To think that he possesses such breadth of spirit.

Knowing that he cannot force me to stay, he gave me such a big gift.

Even though Xiao Chen knew that the other party wanted to cage him, he still could not reject the offer.

He had to admit he was still a little green when it came to dealing with such people, people who could climb to the position of core Doyen.