Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2223 Raw 2329 : An Arrow from the Hear

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Chapter 2223 Raw 2329 : An Arrow from the Hear

There was only one chance, one chance to shoot the arrow.

If Xiao Chen struck his target, the three would have a chance to survive.

If Xiao Chen missed, they would die.

Xiao Chen did not fear death. However, he did not like this feeling. He did not want his friends to die because of his mistake.

If possible, he would rather sacrifice himself so his friends could get a chance to survive.

However, Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng placed their hopes on Xiao Chen because of trust, putting the greatest pressure on Xiao Chen.

Old Eccentric Qiao fought an intense battle with Lin Feng and Chu Chaoyun above the Underworld River. His aura turned illusory, and his figure flickered with many illusions layered over it.

After suffering once, how could Old Eccentric Qiao let Xiao Chen shoot him again? The moment he sensed anything, he immediately moved.

Locking down on a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor was extremely challenging. The other party’s Soul Energy was stronger than Xiao Chen’s. The sharpness of the other party’s perception went without saying.

Old Eccentric Qiao’s Divine Energy went without a doubt. With a thought, he could bring out vast Divine Energy like that of a sea.

Although Old Eccentric Qiao specialized in illusions and not Martial Techniques, with just his Divine Energy, he easily suppressed Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng.

This was what was meant by using force to break skill.

Even if one’s Martial Techniques were powerful or one’s Dao Domain was very strong, Old Eccentric Qiao needed only one palm strike to break the meticulously prepared peak strike.

Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng fought with their lives on the line.

If not for the two being powerful geniuses and Old Eccentric Qiao being significantly injured, they would not even get the chance to fight.

Damn it! Xiao Chen cursed in his heart. Not there. Not there. Not there. He continuously moved the God Shadow Bow but could not pull back on the bowstring.

Now that Old Eccentric Qiao had his guard up, the moment Xiao Chen drove any Soul Energy, even just slightly, the old man would sense it.

Soon, Xiao Chen did not even have to move his Soul Energy. Old Eccentric Qiao could sense Xiao Chen’s gaze and make changes in advance.

Xiao Chen had always been decisive in killing, never hesitating. However, he now found this very tiring; he could not shoot the arrow at all. The pressure felt as heavy as a mountain.

Beads of sweat rolled off Xiao Chen’s forehead, blurring his vision. However, he did not dare to rub his eyes.

Xiao Chen’s heart slowly became anxious. The invisible torture tested his mental state.

A heart demon appeared silently. A voice rang out in the depths of his mind.

Because of your fetters, your connections, you fear that this arrow will miss and harm Lin Feng and Chu Chaoyun.

It is because you are not a demon!

It is because you are a weakling!

If you become a demon, you will have no emotions or love. You will not have any fetters in your heart. You will not have fear, worry, or cowardice.

If you become a demon, this arrow will hit that Underworld God Protector!

If you become a demon, what is there to fear from that Underworld God Protector? This world would be yours for the taking!

Xiao Chen subconsciously leaked out formless black Demonic Qi that emitted an evil light as it wriggled.

Black Demonic Qi slowly gathered in his eyes, turning them into a dark, unfathomable sea, consuming all the remaining spiritual light.

This Demonic Qi even inspired dread in his surroundings. All of the cultivators on the underworld boat trembled in fear.

Demonic Qi infiltrated the God Shadow Bow, turning it cold. The cold aura startled even the distant Old Eccentric Qiao.

Xiao Chen, fall into the Demonic Dao!

The heart demon sounded its final call, wanting to erode the last remaining shreds of Xiao Chen’s true character to make him fall completely into the Demonic Dao.

Should I become a demon?


When Xiao Chen’s heart said “no,” spiritual light erupted in his eyes, sweeping away the overwhelming Demonic Qi and boundless black sea.

Demon or not, I have always been me. Obediently stay down!

Xiao Chen snorted coldly in his heart. Then, he looked at Old Eccentric Qiao, who was still fighting Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng.

The two fought with their lives on the line, in mortal danger at every moment. They might die at any second.

However, the two kept fighting with all their might, not giving up.

Xiao Chen felt enlightened. Even he did not fear death, so why would Lin Feng and Chu Chaoyun fear death?

Whether he hit his target or not, it did not matter.

The most important thing was the connection that linked the three to each other above this Underworld River.

They were not willing to admit death and were fighting it out with a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor.

Xiao Chen’s left hand, which held the bow, stopped trembling. Then, he felt peace in his heart. This arrow is aligned with my heart.


Just as Xiao Chen was about to shoot the arrow, a black-clad, shadowy figure suddenly appeared and shattered Old Eccentric Qiao’s Demonic Might. Holes riddled the four layers of Demonic Might covering the sky.

The moment that black figure appeared, the pressure on Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng immediately lessened.


The black figure’s palm met Old Eccentric Qiao’s; he knocked Old Eccentric Qiao back five thousand kilometers, causing Old Eccentric Qiao to vomit a mouthful of blood.

“You are…”

Old Eccentric Qiao was shocked, appearing to recognize this person. However, just as he was about to speak, the black figure pressed forward and attacked again.

The black figure’s attack cut Old Eccentric Qiao’s words short and forced him into constant retreat, helplessly receiving the move.

Xiao Chen felt slightly stunned. Then, he put away his God Shadow Bow and entered deep thought.


Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, and he arrived by Lin Feng and Chu Chaoyun’s side. The two were incredibly fatigued, with wounds covering their bodies. However, they still felt spirited, and their battle hunger had not subsided. This allowed Xiao Chen to relax a little.

“Xiao Chen, that person is…? I find him somewhat familiar,” Lin Feng said, finding the situation a bit strange. To think that someone helped them force back Old Eccentric Qiao in the Abyssal Underworld. This was inconceivable.

Lin Feng vaguely sensed that this person was some powerful being. However, he could not be sure.

“That person is from the Asura Race’s Luohou Clan. I will explain it to you when we return.”

The cultivators below were dumbfounded when the three left, flying over the Underworld River, leaving afterimages behind.

When the three landed on the shore, Xiao Chen said somewhat apologetically, “Sorry, I showed some weakness during that arrow shot.”

Chu Chaoyun smiled and said, “You are overthinking. Xiao Chen, you don’t need to apologize. In reality, Lin Feng and I could sense that your presence deterred that old fellow and made him keep his guard up against you. Otherwise, we would not have lasted for so long.”

Lin Feng nodded and said, “He could have killed us several times. However, he gave up on finishing us off. I could not understand it at that time. Now, I understand that you scared him away. Hahaha! In Old Eccentric Qiao’s life in the Abyssal Underworld, you are the first to break the Illusion Dao that he is proudest of. Then, you scared him into not daring to kill two 1-Vein Sovereign Emperors. He will be completely embarrassed after this.”

Lin Feng laughed extremely delightedly, slightly stunning Xiao Chen. It seemed that ever since their acquaintance, Xiao Chen had never seen him laugh before, not to mention as delightedly as today.

Although Xiao Chen did not shoot that arrow, he had already shot that arrow in his heart. This allowed him to understand many things. There are some things that he could not get rid of. Even if he obtained the world, he could not exchange it for friendship.

“Let’s leave the Abyssal Underworld first.”


Xiao Chen called out the Demon Blood Vulture, and it carried the three far away. There were no more scares in the remaining journey, which proceeded smoothly. Xiao Chen gave Lin Feng and Chu Chaoyun a simple description of the deal he made with Luohou Wang in the Final Blood Battlefield.

The two felt enlightened. They directly said that this Luohou Wang was indeed a man of passion.

In the very end, Luohou Wang actually got an older-generation Sovereign Emperor of his clan to come and save Xiao Chen.

It had been worth Xiao Chen facing ten-odd Sovereign Emperors for Luohou Wang and helping him accomplish his wish.

The three had a good idea what kind of pressure Luohou Wang could face after this. They felt somewhat helpless and did not speak about it anymore.

The Underworld God Hall absolutely would not let off Luohou Wang. While they would not kill him since he was from an Asura Race Royal Clan, they would still mete out heavy punishment.

Two days later, the three traveled through the deep crack and returned to the Central Great Realm.

The sun that they had not seen for a long time appeared piercing but comforting at the same time.

This swept away all their depressed mood.

The three thought back to the various incidents in the Abyssal Underworld. They had been through great danger and suffered plenty of setbacks. However, they managed to return alive.

The group could not be happy for long before the time of parting arrived.

Xiao Chen and Lin Feng had to return to the Heavenly Alliance, and Chu Chaoyun had to return to the Universe Origin Sect. Since their destinations differed, their paths differed as well.

“Xiao Chen, if you need help in the future, you can come to the Universe Origin Sect to seek me out. If it is not convenient to come, you can get someone to send a message,” Chu Chaoyun said softly with his signature smile as they parted.

Xiao Chen nodded. “You too.”


Chu Chaoyun performed a cupped-fist salute while looking at Xiao Chen and Lin Feng. Then, he left. Xiao Chen and Lin Feng watched until he vanished from their sight before withdrawing their gazes.

“Let’s go, then. We should turn in our mission,” Lin Feng said as he reluctantly returned the Qiongqi Beast Ghost Pennant to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen raised his hand to reject it. “Keep it first and get by with it. When you no longer need it, return it to me. Oh, right, this is for you as well.”

Lin Feng looked at the thing that Xiao Chen held out on his palm. It startled him so much that he struggled for words. “You…this is not right.”

Xiao Chen smiled. “It does not matter. It is useless in any case. Come, let’s return to the Heavenly Alliance.”

Lin Feng shook his head as he looked at the item in his hand. Xiao Chen’s thoughts are genuinely unfathomable. Then, he cautiously put the item away and quickly caught up to Xiao Chen.

Under the blazing sun, the two slowly went into the distance, moving side by side.

[Author Note: This brings an end to the trip to the Abyssal Underworld. Everyone probably feels some regret at Xiao Chen not shooting the arrow at the end. However, I feel that it is still fine. At times, we put too much pressure on ourselves and forget our initial intentions. Perhaps the pressure might not really be that great. The people you care about might not blame you for doing your best. Hence, the title of this chapter is An Arrow from the Heart. The people you care about can feel your efforts and perseverance.]