Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2221 Raw 2327 : Battle of Wits and Courage

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Chapter 2221 Raw 2327 : Battle of Wits and Courage


Just at this moment, someone sighed softly on the underworld boat.

Xiao Chen arched an eyebrow and saw a black-haired, old man on the bow of the sinking underworld boat.

This old man looked ugly and had two horns on his head. This was the mark of a Yaksha Race cultivator.

When Lin Feng saw this person, he was startled. “Indeed, it is him, Old Eccentric Qiao. Among the Underworld God Protectors, he is the 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor best at illusions.”

Old Eccentric Qiao held a scepter with an aquamarine inlaid on the top. The aquamarine had an eye inside, looking very scary.

The three struggled, trying to break free of the ghostly hands from the Underworld River. However, they failed.

If they could not break away, they could only sink into the Underworld River with the underworld boat.

“This old man discovered you three days ago. However, I did not make a move then. Since I already made my move, how can I give you the chance to struggle free? These ghostly hands of the Underworld River are made up of resentful spirits from countless epochs. They cannot be broken. Lin Feng, you should be very clear about that.”

Old Eccentric Qiao appeared calm. His lips curled up in a cocky expression.

Old Eccentric Qiao effortlessly captured the three alive. He would receive great credit when he returned to the Underworld God Hall.

The value of a dead person and that of a live person differed greatly. This was especially so for Lin Feng, whom the Vice Hall Master wanted captured alive.

“Damn it!”

After a while, the river water already reached the three’s knees. The ghostly hands took this opportunity to climb up, and the pull became even more horrifying.

It was not just the physical body. The three felt like the ghostly hands were slowly pulling their souls out.

“Stop struggling. Only this old man can save you. Just obediently hand over the Medial Grade Soul Tool on you, and I can spare you from death,” Old Eccentric Qiao said, revealing a sinister smile.

“Xiao Chen, what should we do? I have heard about the Underworld River’s ghostly hands before. A Righteous Dao Great Perfection Sovereign Emperor once died after falling in.”

Chu Chaoyun’s expression sank slightly. Clearly, he could not think of any ideas for now. If he had comprehended the Primal Chaos Dao Domain, it could have corroded all these ghostly hands.

Unfortunately, Chu Chaoyun was still a step away from the Dao Domain. Any other method seemed pointless.

Lin Feng released dense Death Energy, trying to consume these ghostly hands. However, the Death Energy’s consumption rate could not keep up with the ghostly hands’ speed.

“Damn it! This Underworld River flows through the nine layers of the Abyssal Underworld and has been refined by Old Eccentric Qiao. Normally, the Underworld River’s ghostly hands are not this horrifying. This Old Eccentric Qiao must have done something,” Lin Feng said coldly. He was once part of the Underworld God Hall and knew some secrets.

Old Eccentric Qiao laughed wordlessly. The eye in the aquamarine on the top of his scepter flickered with a strange light, seemingly agreeing with Lin Feng’s words.

Although the three’s chances against a 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor were not high in the first place, arguably nonexistent, if they died like that, they would find it hard to accept.

This was especially when Old Eccentric Qiao did not attack them at all, and they ended up in such sorry states. They simply could not accept this.

Xiao Chen remained silent. He entered deep thought as he stared at the eye on the scepter.

Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng thought about how to deal with the trouble before them. However, Xiao Chen had other thoughts.

When did the three of us fall for the illusion?

Could everything before us still be an illusion?

Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng had not undergone a Heart Tribulation before. However, Xiao Chen had.

Xiao Chen knew about layered illusions. Some skilled illusionists were particularly adept at that.

There would be an illusion under the illusion, like dreaming within a dream. One might think one was awake, but in reality, one was still in a dream.

However, if this is not an illusion, I cannot bet that it is real.

The crux of this problem is when the three of us fell for the other party’s illusion.

Did we fall for the illusion when we entered the harbor? Or when we boarded the underworld boat?

Xiao Chen felt that the three of them could not possibly fall for the other party’s trick unawares, given their strength.

We must have come in contact with an intermediary. Damn it! Was it when we relaxed upon seeing the Underworld River?

Xiao Chen could not remember the many fine details now.

“Very well, I agree. I can give you the Soul Tool. However, you have to save our lives,” Xiao Chen suddenly said as he looked at Old Eccentric Qiao.

“Xiao Chen!”

Chu Chaoyun and Lin Feng felt slightly startled. They did not know why Xiao Chen suddenly gave up and begged for mercy.

Shock immediately flashed in Old Eccentric Qiao’s eyes. Then, greed immediately replaced the shock. “Good! This old man was wondering how you killed ten-odd Underworld God Guards. My guess was right. You do indeed have a Medial Grade Soul Tool!

“As long as you hand over your Medial Grade Soul Tool, this old man will spare your life now. If you do not believe me, I can swear it by the Underworld God. Lin Feng knows about this. For Protectors like us who serve the Underworld God, we cannot go back on an oath made on his name.”

Xiao Chen looked at Lin Feng, and Lin Feng nodded. “He is right.”

“I don’t want you just to spare us now. If you spare us now and still bring us to the Underworld God Guard, what is the point? I want you to send us out of the Abyssal Underworld. If you are willing, then make the oath now,” Xiao Chen said indifferently, slowly gaining confidence.

Old Eccentric Qiao’s expression immediately turned cold as he said, “Brat, to think that you dare to try and negotiate! In that case, just wait for death. When this old man fishes your corpses up, I still can hand them in.”

Xiao Chen smiled confidently. “Senior, have you clearly thought it through? That way, you will lose two Medial Grade Soul Tools. I can detonate the Soul Tools with a thought at any time.”

“What?! Two?!”

Old Eccentric Qiao’s heart immediately pounded. Just one Medial Grade Soul Tool was nearly enough to make him give in. Two Soul Tools were somewhat shocking.

Xiao Chen continued, “Just think about it. Two Medial Grade Soul Tools for our lives. As for the Underworld God Hall, you would just have failed your mission. How much punishment could you receive? No matter how you look at it, this deal is profitable for you. Extremely profitable at that!”

Old Eccentric Qiao muttered to himself, appearing uncertain. The flickering of the eye in the staff’s aquamarine obviously increased.

“Very well, this old man will promise you that. I swear by the Underworld God that as long as you hand over the two Medial Grade Soul Tools, I will let you all out of the Abyssal Underworld. If I break this oath, may I be tortured by the underworld flames forever!”

Old Eccentric Qiao finally made up his mind, making an oath to the Underworld God. He decided to take the offer of the two Medial Grade Soul Tools and let them go.

No matter who it was, they would make the same decision as Old Eccentric Qiao.

Even if it were just one Medial Grade Soul Tool, they would let Xiao Chen and the others off.

This was because the cost was too little. As long as Old Eccentric Qiao was not discovered, he would have just failed his mission.

However, Lin Feng still found this somewhat strange. He kept feeling something was off, but he did not know what.

A bright light flashed in Chu Chaoyun’s eyes, and he entered deep thought, as though he understood something.

“I’ve already sworn the oath. Toss over the Soul Tools, and I will let you go,” Old Eccentric Qiao shouted as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen took out the God Shadow Bow but did not throw it over. He said, “Senior, come over and get it.”

“I told you to toss it over, not hold on to it.”

Xiao Chen mocked, “What’s wrong? Senior is a bona fide 4-Vein Sovereign Emperor. Do you not have the courage to come and take a Soul Tool?”

Old Eccentric Qiao saw the derision in Xiao Chen’s eyes and could not help feeling slightly stunned. Then, a trace of ridicule appeared in his heart.

This brat is playing tricks with me. He really does not know who he is dealing with.

I have fooled him from start to end. To think he still wants to make a final struggle. How laughable!

Some pity appeared in Old Eccentric Qiao’s heart. Being weak was really laughable, genuinely tragic.

“Very well, this old man will come and take it. I know what you are thinking. You think that this old man’s physical body is weak because I am skilled at illusions. You think that if you can reach me, you might stand a chance. Haha! That’s right. This old man’s physical body cannot handle heavy blows. However, I will now walk over with large strides. You can try attacking me if you want. Let’s see who dies first. Remember, if you attack me, I no longer have to honor my oath.”

Old Eccentric Qiao walked over step by step in the air while guffawing, his laughter filled with confidence and arrogance.

As Old Eccentric Qiao approached, the atmosphere immediately turned somewhat tense. Lin Feng showed a grave expression, feeling somewhat worried. However, he did not know what he was worried about.

Xiao Chen appeared calm, and Chu Chaoyun showed a smile at the side.

Old Eccentric Qiao walked over to Xiao Chen. When he was three steps away, he said indifferently, “Hand it over, then.”

Xiao Chen proffered the God Shadow Bow and smiled. “Senior, hold it properly.”

Old Eccentric Qiao let out a cold snort as he clasped the God Shadow Bow. However, when he tried to take it away, he found that Xiao Chen did not let go.

Old Eccentric Qiao’s expression changed as he demanded, “What do you mean by this? Do you really want to die?”

Before Old Eccentric Qiao could finish speaking, something strange happened.

Chu Chaoyun suddenly attacked, piercing the aquamarine on Old Eccentric Qiao’s scepter with his sword.