Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2215 Raw 2321 : Strange Situation Happening

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Chapter 2215 Raw 2321 : Strange Situation Happening

Lin Feng’s infatuation with his junior sister made Xiao Chen think of his own heartbreak, making him feel somewhat helpless.

It was easy to speak of others. However, it was difficult to see oneself clearly.

Xiao Chen shook his head and stopped bothering with these things that were none of his business. There was still a long way to travel, but he was not in a mood to travel now.

Xiao Chen rummaged in his storage ring until he found the pipa that the Scarlet Blood Pirate King left behind.

Xiao Chen had intended to give this Medial Grade Soul Tool pipa to his martial nephew as a token of love for the headliner Ling Long.

Xiao Chen recalled that his little martial nephew made a five-year agreement with the headliner Ling Long many years ago.

It had now been ten years in all since he parted with his little martial nephew.

Xiao Chen wondered whether his nephew made it and how it went.

Both Xiao Chen and Lin Feng had lost their love and were feeling helpless.

Their hearts were full of emotions that could not be vented. Xiao Chen casually plucked the pipa. The sound of his saber being drawn could be compared to the most wondrous zither music.

However, Xiao Chen was not good at music. While he had an excellent instrument, he could not play a complete piece.

He could only play random notes in this boundless darkness, letting the sound ring out.

However, the pipa in his hand was a Medial Grade Soul Tool. Even though Xiao Chen did not know any music, the pipa could connect to his heart. The melody that it played conveyed all of Xiao Chen’s thoughts, sounding exceptionally pleasing.

It was like the clear spring in the mountains, with the flowing water striking the rocks. It sounded moving and pleasing, with a trace of sorrow and a trace of helplessness.

There was also a touch of longing on Xiao Chen’s fingertips, turning into a clear sound ringing out and lingering.

In the eternal Final Blood Battlefield that showed boundless darkness, one comically played the pipa, clearly inexperienced. The other even more comically used his hand to force a smile on his face, trying to make the broken mirror stop dripping blood.

Suddenly, the pipa music stopped. Xiao Chen arched an eyebrow, and a sharp light seemed to flash on his face, lighting up the dark place.

Lin Feng put away the jewelry box, and his face turned cold, showing a stern expression.

“One each?” Xiao Chen said to Lin Feng, and Lin Feng nodded slightly.


The two turned into beams of light and moved very quickly. In the blink of an eye, they traversed fifty thousand kilometers.

Before the two Underworld God Guards that chased after the pipa music could react, Xiao Chen and Lin Feng suddenly appeared before them.

Xiao Chen and Lin Feng had to finish their battle quickly. In their current state, they could not last for long.

Xiao Chen’s opponent was a Rakshasa Underworld God Guard with one Divine Vein open. This person looked like a middle-aged man with white bones protruding from his left and right shoulders.

“Xiao Chen, your head is worth an Inferior Grade Soul Tool in the Rakshasa Race.”

The middle-aged Rakshasa cultivator smiled at Xiao Chen, his eyes flashing with greed.

Back when Xiao Chen first entered the Abyssal Underworld, he chopped down Rakshasa Tian’s clone in one strike.

That event shook up the entire first layer of the Abyssal Underworld, where Rakshasa Tian was like a supreme divine being with supreme prestige.

Such a person’s clone actually got chopped down by Xiao Chen, someone not even a Sovereign Personage. One could easily imagine the resulting commotion.

Xiao Chen retorted softly, “I am that valuable? However, you cannot get the reward.”

“Humph! Is that so?”

The middle-aged Rakshasa smiled coldly. He pulled hard on the bone spike on his left shoulder with his right hand and drew a white bone sword from his body.

The sword intent lingering on the bone sword was connected to that middle-aged Rakshasa’s thoughts and body.

Using one’s bone as a sword, using one’s body as a scabbard. The stronger the physical body, the stronger the sword. The Rakshasa Race’s Martial Techniques and Cultivation Techniques were bizarre.

Xiao Chen entered deep thought. The Rakshasa Race’s Sword Dao seemed to achieve the same effect as his Flawless saber Dao through different means.

However, the other party took it to an extreme. He directly refined his shoulder blade into a sword and nourished it with his blood, flesh, and soul.

All his cultivation, Dao Domain, Cultivation Techniques, Martial Techniques, even Divine Seal were contained within this bone sword.

“En garde!”

The middle-aged Asura cultivator thrust his sword out. His sword strike shook the world.


The sword move was like a Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast. When it arrived, it easily crushed the tall mountains around them, showing an unstoppable momentum.

“Interesting… Unfortunately, I don’t have time to exchange pointers with you.”

Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up. He felt very interested in the Asura Race’s Sword Dao. If he had time, he could compare his Flawless saber Dao with the other party. However, this was clearly not a suitable time.

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, In the Mortal Realm!”

When facing the overwhelming mysterious phenomenon materialized by this sword move, Xiao Chen countered with an even more berserk attack, drawing his Tyrant Saber.

An image of a supreme killing Buddha appeared. That tall killing Buddha looked down proudly from above, showing a cold and frosty expression, appearing emotionless. It released a shocking Buddhist Might into the surroundings.

My Buddha is merciful!


The killing Buddha held its palms together, and the middle-aged Asura cultivator’s attack instantly crumbled.

Xiao Chen roared, just as the Asura cultivator was about to attack. His Divine Seal supported his three Dao Domains. His Ice Dao Domain, Thunder Dao Domain, and Saber Dao Domain spread out, layering over one another.

“Three Dao Domains? Fourth-layer Thunder Dao Domain?”

Immediately, a strong pressure appeared, and the middle-aged Asura Cultivator’s expression turned grave. Then, the bone sword in his hand shot out.

Flashes of sword light turned into resplendent iridescent light. It actually managed to pierce thousands of holes in Xiao Chen’s Dao Domain instantly.

What a sharp sword!

Naturally, Xiao Chen would not let the Asura cultivator continue like this. With the flick of a finger, he sent out a raindrop.

What is a Fiend? Water Droplet Destroying the Firmament!

Xiao Chen executed the second move of the Fiendish Saber inheritance. This one raindrop instantly struck the Asura Sovereign Emperor.

“Boom!” Boundless saber light tore apart the Azura cultivator’s armor, clothes, and flesh, leaving only a skeleton behind.


Xiao Chen did not show any mercy. Using his triple-layered Dao Domain, he executed the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Entering Hell.

The saber light turned into a dragon, transforming into a howling World Destroying Evil Dragon from hell. “Boom!” The dragon struck the skeleton.

“Crack! Crack!”

The skeleton immediately shattered. A flash of white light engulfed the cracked bone sword, which then flew far away.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and sheathed it, not giving chase. It is very difficult to truly kill a Sovereign Emperor.

Just as he thought this, he heard a blood-curdling, miserable shriek. It was the other Underworld God Guard.

Lin Feng used his Death Dao Domain to corrode his opponent’s lifeforce, making him die helplessly.

Xiao Chen felt flabbergasted and thought to himself, Even a Sovereign Emperor would find it hard to survive a madman who grasps the Death Dao Domain.


After the two dealt with their opponents, they soared into the sky, landed on the Demon Blood Vulture’s back, and quickly flew away in the dark.

In the succeeding days, the two spent their time hiding from the Underworld God Guards’ pursuit. For Sovereign Emperors, the Final Blood Battlefield was not considered overly huge. The two could not break out of the perimeter.

They would get into intense fights nearly every day, but they did not dare to linger in battle.

If the two delayed and got surrounded by the Underworld God Guards, they would definitely end up dead.

This was how miserable it was to be in another person’s territory.

If the two were in the Central Great Realm, given the Heavenly Alliance’s influence, they would not be in such a sorry state.

Unfortunately, the ninth layer of the Abyssal Underworld was the Underworld God Hall’s main base. It was extremely difficult to shake off the Underworld God Guards’ attention.

Xiao Chen was still fine; he could use the Divine Universe Stele to return to the Azure Dragons’ old lands to escape pursuit.

Unfortunately, if Xiao Chen did that, he would have to abandon Lin Feng.

After thinking about it, he decided that he would not use the Divine Universe Stele unless his situation was desperate.

However, it was not all bad news. After half a month, the two had recovered from eighty percent of their injuries.

While they still had not reached their peak states, they were not far from it. As long as they did not get surrounded by more than ten Underworld God Guards, they were unlikely to get pinned down.

“Touch of Death!”

“Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, In the Mortal Realm!”

When Xiao Chen and Lin Feng ran into another group of pursuing Underworld God Guards, they showed strange expressions on their faces.

“Xiao Chen, did you discover that aside from the beginning, where the Underworld God Guards searched for us with all their might, they only appear to be trapping us in the Final Blood Battlefield, not rushing to surround and kill us? Something must have happened afterward.” Lin Feng voiced his suspicions as he looked at Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen nodded slightly but did not understand what happened. The two could feel a difference from the initial seven days. At that time, the Underworld God Guards seemed to be everywhere, not giving the two any time to catch their breath.

The Underworld God Guards acted as if they had to kill Xiao Chen and Lin Feng at all costs, not resting until they did so.

However, something changed. The intensity of the Underworld God Guards’ pursuit decreased significantly. They only chased but did not fight, merely keeping the two in the Final Blood Battlefield. They probably wanted to deal with something else first before coming to kill Xiao Chen and Lin Feng.

“Do you think it is possible that the Underworld God Guards never targeted us in the first place? In fact, they might not be targeting the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse? Just think about it; if they were after the Demonic Sovereign corpse, why did they not appear when Luohou Wang made his move?”

With this thought, Xiao Chen found this scenario increasingly plausible. He continued, “That must be so. Back then, I saw Li Yun cursing, saying that someone betrayed him. In hindsight, he must have had an arrangement with the Underworld God Guards, but they did not show up.”

Lin Feng said after some thought, “The Underworld God Guards rarely interfere in these matters. When they make a move, it is against Righteous Dao cultivators and Righteous Dao super factions.”

Xiao Chen thought about this. The Righteous Dao factions…would that be the Profound Heaven Holy Son, Wenren Yu, and his group?

Could it be that Wenren Yu’s group was not targeting the ancient Demonic Sovereign corpse, either? It makes sense. The Righteous Dao factions did not have a strong desire for the Demonic Sovereign corpse. They might have just gone with the flow.

“Hahaha! The two of us have turned silly. What are we doing, trying to figure this out? We just need to know that we are not the Underworld God Guards’ primary targets for now.” A bright light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he laughed softly.

“If that is the case, we no longer need to try to leave. We should use this opportunity to push our strength back to the peak in one go. If I refine that divine nature flame, I might be able to break through to 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor.”

It would be possible for the two to break through the lockdown and charge out of the Final Blood Battlefield if Xiao Chen became a 1-Vein Sovereign Emperor and Lin Feng recovered to his peak.

Lin Feng said softly, “If I refine the lifeforce of the Grade 9 Femme Fatale Peony, I might be able to break through as well.”

“Your Death Great Dao can refine lifeforce as well?” Xiao Chen asked, finding it strange.

Lin Feng nodded. “The most potent poison is the best nourishment. As long as one can overcome the fear and pain from wandering between life and death, you can refine Death Energy as well. If you are willing, I can teach you the method to grasp the Death Dao.”

Xiao Chen felt slightly tempted for a while. However, he soon gave up on that thought. From Lin Feng’s appearance when suffering from a rebound, appearing like neither human nor ghost, he could readily imagine the pain involved. The process was not as easy as it sounded.

Furthermore, Xiao Chen had the Cycle Dao, something stronger than the Death Dao—and even harder to cultivate.

“We can speak about that again later. Right now, we need to find an isolated place for our breakthrough. We can get the Demon Blood Vulture to protect us.”