Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2214 Raw 2320 Repeat : The Mundane World Is Filled with Infatuation

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Chapter 2214 Raw 2320 Repeat : The Mundane World Is Filled with Infatuation

When the blood moon set, the entire Final Blood Battlefield plunged into absolute darkness.

This appeared strange. The Abyssal Underworld was only somewhat bright at night, when the blood moon appeared.

However, the day was always dark and hazy.

In the Final Blood Battlefield, the day was pitch-black. Even the complicated environment of the battlefield affected Xiao Chen’s Spiritual Sense, limiting it.

The Demon Blood Vulture carried Xiao Chen and Lin Feng. After flying for half a day, it had to stop.

The group needed to stop. Xiao Chen and Lin Feng could not hold on any longer; they had to treat their wounds.

The two of them lacked time. Even at their peak strength, they could not deal with being surrounded and attacked by the Underworld God Guards. However, if they did not recover from their injuries, they would not even have a chance to leave; only death awaited.


The Demon Blood Vulture landed, and the two dismounted one after another. Xiao Chen glanced at Lin Feng and passed the Ice Fire Lotus Platform to him.

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “Keep it for yourself. You forcibly executed a killing move, and your injuries are no lesser than mine.”

Xiao Chen retorted softly, “You are overthinking. My Dao Domain might not be comparable to yours. However, my physical body is much stronger than yours; I can recover from my injuries much faster than you can.”

Lin Feng thought for a while, then stopped refusing. He sat down cross-legged on the Ice Fire Lotus Platform and treated his injuries.

The Final Blood Battlefield was not peaceful in the darkness.

Demonic things wandered around; zombies filled the place. The Demon Blood Vulture patrolled the surroundings, protecting the two.

Circulating the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art in the Final Blood Battlefield to absorb the ambient Demonic Qi to treat injuries would definitely be faster than the Ten Thousand Dragons Art.

With a thought, Xiao Chen drove the Demonic Cloud Heaven Swallowing Art. His body immediately became like a sinkhole, frantically absorbing the Demonic Qi in the surroundings.

As Xiao Chen circulated his Cultivation Technique, a huge Demonic Cloud Bird image slowly appeared and covered his entire body.

This Great Desolate Eon ferocious beast opened its huge beak and inhaled, looking like it would breathe in the entire world.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Energy quickly recovered. Now that he had merged righteous and demonic, regardless of whether he absorbed Demonic Qi or Spiritual Energy, it would eventually turn into Primal Chaos Divine Energy.

After that, Xiao Chen could turn the Primal Chaos Divine Energy into Spiritual Energy Divine Energy or Demonic Qi Divine Energy, using them as he pleased. There was no distinction between righteous or demonic.

Simply put, however much Demonic Qi Divine Energy Xiao Chen had was how much Spiritual Energy Divine Energy he had. With the two merged, they functioned as each other’s shadow.

After four hours, Xiao Chen opened his eyes, half recovered from his injuries.

Xiao Chen’s internal injuries were already completely healed. However, his soul and Divine Seal were still somewhat dim. Unfortunately, this was not a peaceful place. Continuing to refine that ancient Demonic Sovereign’s divine nature flame was not a bad idea. However, if he got interrupted midway, it would not be worth it.

Not everyone would give Xiao Chen the chance to fight fairly as Lin Feng had.

On the Ice Fire Lotus Platform, Lin Feng opened his eyes at the same time. With the help of the Ice Fire Lotus Platform, his complexion had improved significantly after four hours.

Of course, this was just relative; his face still looked drained of blood. However, the spiderweb-like black lines were gone.

The two were not men of many words. They looked at each other in silence and nodded slightly, not saying anything.

Then, the two started to do their own thing. Xiao Chen took out a bottle of Waning Moon and started drinking alone.

After he finished the bottle, it would be time to go. Every additional minute they stayed in the Final Blood Battlefield would be an extra minute of danger.

Lin Feng lay on the ground casually, fiddling with an exquisite jewelry box, repeatedly caressing it while showing a gentle expression. Xiao Chen glanced over and nearly spat out the wine in his mouth.

Lin Feng’s current expression looked too different from his usual cold and stern expression.

There was a strong contrast, and Lin Feng’s caressing the jewelry box was as if he was caressing a young lady’s hand.

Honestly speaking, Xiao Chen felt that this looked somewhat perverted.

He took only one glance, then stopped looking. If he caught a few more glimpses, he might really spit out his wine.

Xiao Chen took out the Snow God Whip. Cracks riddled the Seven Color Stone dart head.

He removed the dart head, and the divine nature immediately disappeared. He shook his head and sighed softly.

No wonder Luohou Wang only used it as decoration. With the passage of time, this Heavenly Alliance holy relic had already lost most of its divine nature.

Furthermore, Hua Tianyang probably used it too much back then and overdrawn on its power.

Otherwise, the dart head would not have fallen out.

When Xiao Chen used it, he had probably used up whatever it had left. Now, it might be useless.

Hua Tianyang probably would not be too happy after Xiao Chen brought it back. Now, the Seven Color Stone was in no way comparable to how it was back then.

After finishing the wine in the bottle, Xiao Chen shook it to verify it was empty. Then, he stood up, wanting to leave.

However, Xiao Chen discovered that Lin Feng was still performing his previous actions. Finding it strange, he walked over and asked, “What is in the box?”

Lin Feng startled awake and sat up. Then, he replied softly, “This is a token of love that my junior sister gave me back then.”

“What is it?”

“Junior Sister said that it was her most precious item. She handed it to me, telling me to take good care of it, forever…”

“You still have not told me what is inside.”

Lin Feng shook his head and said, “I do not know what is inside. Since Junior Sister said it is her most precious item, then it definitely is the most precious. I cannot bear to open it. Now that she is gone, I am even more unwilling to do so. What if it disappears after I open it?”

Xiao Chen felt somewhat exasperated. After all that, he does not even know what it is, yet he caressed it for so long.

I did not misunderstand you. You are indeed a pervert.

However, this piqued Xiao Chen’s curiosity; he wanted to see what was inside. “Open it and take a look, then.”

Lin Feng said seriously, “There’s no need. Since Junior Sister said it was the most precious, it definitely is the most precious item. I do not need to open it to know.”

This fellow is genuinely infatuated. Although Xiao Chen thought that, he could not help feeling some admiration.

Flying into a rage for a beautiful woman, betraying the Underworld God Hall, then after crippling his Demonic Dao Cultivation Technique, he cultivated using a Righteous Dao Cultivation Technique.

All this so that he could charge back and take revenge for her.

Yan Cangming might be right. His first senior brother was already dead. After Lin Feng’s most beloved died, his first senior brother no longer existed.

Such a person lived for only one reason. After he fulfilled it, he might not have any more reason to live.

After taking revenge, Lin Feng might choose to commit suicide, to accompany his junior sister. He would no longer care for anything in the world.

Seeing that Lin Feng was unwilling to open it, Xiao Chen entered deep thought. Then, he suggested softly, “Perhaps she left some words for you in the jewelry box? Just think about it; your junior sister’s words are definitely very important. She would want you to know. By being unwilling to open it all these years, isn’t it as good as being unwilling to hear the words that your junior sister wants to say to you?”

Lin Feng felt slightly stunned. After thinking about it, he felt that Xiao Chen’s words made some sense.

His expression changed somewhat, but he still hesitated.

Xiao Chen continued, “Just open it. We might not be able to leave this Final Blood Battlefield alive. At that time, you will regret it.”

Xiao Chen was right. No matter what, this was the Abyssal Underworld.

The two of them were Heavenly Alliance members and had grudges with Yan Cangming. The longer they delayed, the harder it would be to leave.

Initially, they had not expected to reveal their identities in the mission and suffer from so many setbacks.

Mu Zifeng and Suiren Ji probably did not expect all that. All the more, they would not expect Xiao Chen and Lin Feng to work together to flee.

Xiao Chen’s words thoroughly convinced Lin Feng. This was a critical moment of survival; the Underworld God Hall might catch up at any moment.

If they died, it would be as Xiao Chen said; there would be eternal regrets.


After opening the jewelry box, both Xiao Chen and Lin Feng felt stunned. This was especially so for Lin Feng. After staring at the jewelry box for a long time, he said, “A mirror. Why is it a mirror?”

This surpassed the two’s expectations. After opening the jewelry box, it was empty, aside from the mirror.

A confused Lin Feng appeared in the mirror, the reflection revealing his pale complexion, the sorrow in his eyes, and the deep-seated hatred in their depths. He was like a walking corpse, living while feeling helpless. All the pain from the past years clearly showed on his face.

Lin Feng felt somewhat shocked. This is me?


As Lin Feng felt confused, a crackle came from the mirror. The surface of the mirror broke, and a drop of blood seeped out. The blood looked like tears slowly seeping out, appearing extremely strange.

“What’s going on?” Lin Feng felt stupefied. Then, he glared at Xiao Chen and said, “I said I did not want to open it, right? Yet, you made me open it. This is great; it’s really gone now.”

Xiao Chen felt it was somewhat strange as well. He looked at Lin Feng and said calmly, “From your expression, it looks like you want to kill me? Forget about it. Right now, my injuries are lighter than yours. You would be the one dying.”


Although these words were harsh, they were true. Lin Feng snorted coldly, not wanting to bother with Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen murmured, “This mirror is somewhat strange. Let me take a look.”

Before Lin Feng could say anything, Xiao Chen directly grabbed the mirror. He used one hand to block Lin Feng, who tried to snatch it back, and held the jewelry box with the other hand to examine it.

So, that is what’s going on. This mirror made Xiao Chen think of the Smiling Daughter Pavilion’s Fairy Basket; they achieved similar results using different means.

However, this mirror did not hold many special tricks. Its mystery lay in being able to sense the emotions of the person it reflected and respond based on that.

Just as Lin Feng was about to erupt in anger, Xiao Chen returned the jewelry box. Then, he said, “I understand now. This mirror is indeed somewhat strange. It can sense your emotions and react accordingly.”

Lin Feng arched an eyebrow and asked, “What did you say?”

Xiao Chen replied indifferently, “If you don’t believe me, you can try smiling at the mirror. If I guess right, the mirror should slowly mend.”

Feeling doubtful, Lin Feng looked at the bleeding mirror in silence.

After a while, he said, “I can’t smile.”

Xiao Chen felt that it made sense. Getting him to smile now was simply harder than ascending to heaven.

“I got it. Leave it to me. Just look at the mirror and don’t move. Right, just like that.”

Xiao Chen moved to Lin Feng’s side. Then, he pressed his right hand to Lin Feng’s lips and pushed up, forcefully forming a smile.

This smile looked even uglier than crying.

However, something strange happened. As Xiao Chen guessed, the mirror slowly mended. The dripping blood also disappeared.

Xiao Chen relaxed his hand and withdrew it. Lin Feng’s face turned sullen and cold again. The mirror immediately stopped mending, and the cracks started spreading again.

“Do you understand it now? This is your junior sister’s most precious thing. What is the most precious to her? It is the person in the mirror. Didn’t you once swear to lead the Flood Dragon Humans in a charge back to the Divine Dragon Empire? Even without you saying, your junior sister knew that you would end up sending yourself to death, so she gave you this mirror. She hoped that you would understand that she cared only about you. As long as you are alive, as long as you are happy, as long as you are joyful, she would be like this mirror, forever looking at you…”

Xiao Chen felt that he could not continue speaking.

Perhaps back then, Lin Feng’s junior sister knew that she would be killed by the Underworld God Hall’s Vice Hall Master, to be used as a cultivation cauldron. She also knew that Lin Feng could definitely fall out with the Underworld God Hall without care for anything else, for her sake.

Thus, while she was alive, she gave Lin Feng this mirror, so that he would understand her intentions.

She did not want Lin Feng to become the hero of the Flood Dragon Humans or be infatuated with her. She only hoped for Lin Feng to live, to smile when he had nothing else to do.

That was all…that was all…

However, of all things, Lin Feng was destined to be a hero, destined never to be able to smile genuinely.

The mundane world is filled with infatuation. Xiao Chen thought of himself. What about me? Am I infatuated?