Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2213 Raw 2320 Repeat : The Past No Longer Mattered

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Chapter 2213 Raw 2320 Repeat : The Past No Longer Mattered

“First Senior Brother, I thought that you already died?!”

Yan Cangming’s words stunned Xiao Chen as Xiao Chen looked at Lin Feng, whom he was supporting.

What’s going on?

To think that these two were senior and junior brothers. Based on Yan Cangming’s expression, it seemed like they previously had deep ties.

Yan Cangming’s typically cold and emotionless face appeared somewhat dazed, like he fell into reminiscence, unable to awaken.

“What are you blanking out for? I called you over to kill this fellow. My Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool is still in his hand. Yan Cangming, why are you still not attacking?” the Eighth Prince Li Yun demanded impatiently when he saw Yan Cangming in a daze. He already felt angry just from seeing Xiao Chen.

Yan Cangming seemed like he did not hear Li Yun’s words. He still did not move, only staring at Lin Feng and the Alloy Battle Armor Lin Feng wore.

Lin Feng’s eyes were similarly fixed on Yan Cangming. He saw the Underworld God Guard uniform and appeared slightly stunned as well.

“Congratulations. You always wanted to enter the Underworld God Guards. Now, you have fulfilled your wish.” The pale Lin Feng sighed softly. His words seemed somewhat sarcastic.

Yan Cangming said indifferently, “Indeed. Back then, I wanted to join the Underworld God Hall and become an Underworld God Guard as First Senior Brother did. My first senior brother is a hero of the Flood Dragon Humans; he is the disciple that Master is the proudest of; he is the first Flood Dragon Human to become an Underworld God Guard; he is the person I idolized the most back then.”

After he reached this point, his complicated expression slowly faded, and he turned cold again.

“You are not my first senior brother; my first senior brother is already dead. He absolutely would not wear the Heavenly Alliance’s Alloy Battle Armor. All the more, he would not be supported by a mixed-blood dragon. Back then, he swore to lead the Flood Dragon Humans to charge back into the Divine Dragon Empire, a hero…”

Yan Cangming’s voice grew softer. With every word he spoke, the killing intent coming from him grew heavier.

He turned back into the cold, unfeeling person with a clear goal, someone who could endure humiliation, bear burdens, and never give up.

Compared to Lin Feng, Yan Cangming appeared to be more suitable for the title “Grim Reaper.”

Lin Feng, no matter what method you use, delay him for another minute. I only need one minute. Otherwise, we will die here.

Xiao Chen was not interested in the relationship or grudges between this senior and junior brother pair. Right now, he only wanted to live.

With the current situation, not to mention Yan Cangming, just Zhen Yuan alone would be more than sufficient to finish off the two.

Furthermore, there were several other Underworld God Guards and Li Yun here. Saying Xiao Chen was in desperate straits was no exaggeration.

Lin Feng thought for a while before he nodded. He looked at Yan Cangming and said, “I went to Junior Sister’s grave two months ago. Thank you for taking care of it all these years and making offerings there. Her spirit in heaven will be happy to see her little junior brother growing into a man.”

Yan Cangming felt slightly stunned. His killing intent scattered as he revealed an expression of pain and longing.

Just then, Xiao Chen roared and drew the Tyrant Saber behind him. Then, he executed All Things Rejoicing Together, the Fiendish Saber’s first move.

In that instant, the Final Blood Battlefield for five hundred kilometers around seemed to come to life.

The mountains and rivers shook; the ancient dead spirits howled. Every piece of land, every flash of light and shadow, they all turned into Fiends, becoming the saber intent in Xiao Chen’s heart. The instant he drew the Tyrant Saber, the entire world came to life.

The instant the saber light appeared, it turned into a saber hum sounding like excellent zither music. It echoed in the boundless battlefield, singing loudly amid the howling wind. Amid the vast demonic place, all things rejoiced together in this ancient, immortal Final Blood Battlefield.

As lush mountains for the lush mountains, the white clouds for the white clouds. All things have spirits; all things are Fiends.

What is a Fiend? All Things Rejoicing Together

The world fell silent. In the next moment, the vast battlefield, five hundred kilometers of desolate plains, rejoiced together with Xiao Chen. Boundless saber light burst forth from the dark clouds in the sky and the vast, desolate plains.

The endless saber lights charged at Yan Cangming and the others, ignoring Xiao Chen and Lin Feng.

It seemed like the sky shattered and the ground cracked. Resplendent saber lights illuminated the entire battlefield.

This shocked Yan Cangming and the other Underworld God Guards. They all made their moves to block the endless saber lights.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Amid the chaos, everyone could only focus on themself. Xiao Chen carried Lin Feng and leaped high.

At the peak of his leap, when he started to descend, a vibrant beam of red light shot over, catching him and Lin Feng, then quickly left.

The red beam was the Demon Blood Vulture, which had returned and arrived at a crucial moment.

“Pu ci!”

After landing on the Demon Blood Vulture, Xiao Chen vomited a mouthful of blood. Executing All Things Rejoicing Together while severely injured was very reckless.

However, Xiao Chen had no other choice in the earlier situation. He needed to seize this chance to survive.

The saber Qi materialized by the All Things Rejoicing Together flustered the Underworld God Guards. The saber Qi even pierced through the weaker ones, putting them in a sorry state.

When everything calmed down, the surroundings had changed completely.

The terrain had transformed; this All Things Rejoicing Together left the entire place in a mess.

“Damn it! Yan Cangming, why did you not make a move earlier? Why were you in a freaking daze?!” the Eighth Prince Li Yun scolded furiously as he pointed at Yan Cangming.

Li Yun simply could not take it. This had been an excellent chance, yet Yan Cangming wasted it.

How could Li Yun bear this frustration? Furthermore, the saber Qi severely injured him earlier, making him even angrier.


Before Li Yun could scold to his heart’s content, a figure suddenly appeared beside him. Before he could react, that figure kicked him into the air.

After Li Yun landed, that figure stomped on his face.

The person who attacked was the Demonic Saber, Zhen Yuan.

Yan Cangming looked over indifferently and said calmly, “Let him go.”


Zhen Yuan rudely kicked Li Yun into the air again.

Li Yun bounced on the ground a few times before vomiting a mouthful of blood. Then, he looked at Yan Cangming and the other Underworld God Guards in a somewhat sorry state.

The Eighth Prince discovered that these people looked at him expressionlessly. They appeared so calm that he felt somewhat afraid.

“You…what do you all want? Yan Cangming, don’t forget our deal. Previously, you already reneged on our deal, not helping me deal with Luohou Wang. That was already too much. Are you rebelling now?” Li Yun asked with a somewhat tremorous voice, feeling afraid for some reason.

“Deal? What deal? However, I did have a deal with your first brother. He told me to take care of you and not let you die in this Final Blood Battlefield and embarrass the Xuewu Dynasty,” Yan Cangming taunted with a smile.

“What?!” Li Yun felt stunned. It was like lightning struck him on a clear day; he could not say anything else.

Li Yun came to the Final Blood Battlefield for the sake of obtaining the ancient Demonic Sovereign’s True God Flame to rise again, to vie for the throne with his first brother.

When Li Yun heard that Yan Cangming said, the shock in his heart was obvious.

It turned out that his first brother had anticipated his every move and was even one step ahead, getting Yan Cangming to keep an eye on him.

Yan Cangming said softly, “So, don’t overthink. The Underworld God Guards did not come to this Final Blood Battlefield to be your subordinates. If not for instructions from your first brother, I would not even bother with you. Now, scram. Scram as far as you can. Don’t appear before me again.”

Li Yun was at a loss. However, when he met Yan Cangming’s cold gaze, he suddenly felt that Yan Cangming’s emotions were somewhat unstable.

The other party was not joking. If Li Yun still did not leave now, he might be unable to anymore.

Li Yun pushed himself up with his hands, in a flurry, and fled in disarray. However, after only a few steps, a loud sound rang out behind him, like a roar from hell.

When Li Yun looked back, the entire world immediately turned black. The mysteries of the black Death Dao Domain swirled in the air, looking like a ferocious beast from hell. It opened its ferocious jaws and directly bit down on him.

Amid miserable shrieks, Li Yun yelled furiously, “Yan Cangming! Yan Cangming…you…you broke your word!”

Li Yun’s voice faded and weakened until the Death Qi consumed all his lifeforce, turning him into a dry corpse.

“When did I say that I would not kill you? Fool!” Yan Cangming snorted coldly. However, the cold Qi coming from his body did not diminish by much.

Zhen Yuan, who was at the side, could tell that Yan Cangming purposely let Xiao Chen and Lin Feng go.

In the end, Yan Cangming could not bear to kill his first senior brother.

However, Yan Cangming had reverted to the Yan Cangming that Zhen Yuan knew. There would not be any more concerns from here on.

The earlier benevolence meant that he was cutting off all ties, no longer letting them hold him back anymore.

From today on, the past no longer mattered.

As for Li Yun, Yan Cangming just had nowhere to vent his bitterness and sadness. Furthermore, Li Yun sought trouble for himself. So, Yan Cangming vented everything on Li Yun.

Since Li Yun was dead, that would be it. Zhen Yuan would just treat it as a present to Li Yun’s first brother.

“Senior Brother Yan, should we continue looking for the Ethereal Immortal Palace, or should we chase the traitor Lin Feng?” an Underworld God Guard asked softly.

Yan Cangming said sullenly, “We have to kill the traitor Lin Feng. Both of them are injured and can’t go far. Summon the Underworld God Guards keeping an eye on the people from the Profound Heaven Holy Land and the Universe Origin Sect. We have to find the two of them even if we have to search the entire Final Blood Battlefield.”