Immortal and Martial Dual Cultivation - Chapter 2212 Raw 2319 : Senior and Junior Brothers

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Chapter 2212 Raw 2319 : Senior and Junior Brothers

One move!

In the end, Grim Reaper Lin Feng was a hot-blooded man. Previously, he had the opportunity to make a move on Xiao Chen before he entered the Final Blood Battlefield.

Yesterday, there were plenty more chances while Xiao Chen fought a huge battle.

Even so, Lin Feng chose not to make a move. He waited until Xiao Chen returned to his peak state before appearing before him.

Actually, this made sense if one thought about it.

This person betrayed the Underworld God Hall for a woman. He destroyed his cultivation and then cultivated from scratch.

It was hard to say what kind of person he was, but he was absolutely not a despicable person who liked to sneak-attack others.

The two of them each had a powerful killing move. Xiao Chen had the Femme Fatale Peony seed, and Lin Feng had a Dragon Killing Arrow made from a ghost Hou.

Deciding the victor in one move could lead to deciding life and death in one move.

Xiao Chen slowly stood up on the Ice Fire Lotus Platform and slowly activated the Alloy Battle Armor. Lin Feng activated his Alloy Battle Armor as well. The silver battle armor combined with the black Death Qi appeared somewhat strange.

The two did not dare to be careless. Xiao Chen had experienced before how horrifying the Death Dao Domain was when he fought the Flood Dragon Human Yan Cangming; it was challenging to deal with.

Lin Feng did not dare to underestimate Xiao Chen, especially when the other party had a powerful weapon like the Snow God Whip.

Actually, Xiao Chen did not hold much hope for the Snow God Whip, as cracks already appeared in the Seven Color Stone.

It was unlikely to bring out the same level of might as it did the previous day.

However, it was still Xiao Chen’s most reliable tool at the moment. It was an excellent counter to the Death Dao Domain.

The two’s eyes met from fifty kilometers apart. Before they fought, their auras already started clashing.

Xiao Chen’s three Dao Domains layered over each other. Lightning, ice, and saber intent seeped into every corner of space.

The area within fifty kilometers appeared calm, yet the auras of the two were fighting everywhere, even in the air.

However, the two auras negated each other, creating the calm and silent scene.

When the two truly attacked, the Dao Domains with the Divine Seals infused in them would definitely shake the sky, ground, and mountains.

“Si! Si!”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. He saw strands of black fog seeping out of the ground behind Lin Feng. With one look, he knew that it was materialized from the Death Dao Domain.

As the fog spread, it blotted out everything behind Lin Feng. Not even light could penetrate.

A huge, black hole appeared, inspiring fear and trembling.

It is coming!

Xiao Chen understood that this was the precursor to Lin Feng’s attack, so he tightly grasped the Snow God Whip with his right hand.

Suddenly, the two attacked without any warning. Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and infused most of his Divine Energy into the Divine Grade Femme Fatale Peony seed in his left hand.

Lin Feng stretched out his right hand and formed a bow with his Divine Energy. The black fog behind him coalesced into a gigantic humanoid figure.

That humanoid figure appeared like the grim reaper. It exuded a strong might and pressure as it also manifested and held a bow.

“Touch of Death!”

“Femme Fatale Peony, fallen flowers scattering and flying around like snowflakes!”

After Xiao Chen shouted, the Femme Fatale Peony seed in his hand suddenly bloomed. In that instant, countless petals danced in the surroundings. A boundless lifeforce swept out in all directions like a flash flood or a ferocious beast.

The instant the flowers bloomed, the Snow God Whip gave off a thunderous crack and turned into a long dragon. The dragon traveled through the petals filling the air and shot straight at Lin Feng.

The instant Xiao Chen attacked, his heart skipped a beat. Fear that came from his bloodline spread throughout his body, making him tremble slightly.

That fluster appeared in his Great Desolate Eon bloodline, bringing out a familiar fear.

Xiao Chen immediately startled awake. It was a Hou, a ghost Hou. However, this was not an ordinary ghost Hou. It was a ten-thousand-year-old ghost Hou that a Faux God expert altered with a Demonic Dao Secret Technique. Then, Lin Feng infused in his Death Dao Domain. What he nocked on the bow was a Dragon Killing Arrow.


That Dragon Killing Arrow shot out at precisely the same time Xiao Chen attacked with the Snow God Whip.

Shock flashed in the two’s eyes. They both underestimated the other’s trump card. The Hou was the nemesis of the Dragon Race. Xiao Chen did not fear a regular ghost Hou. However, this Dragon Killing Arrow had a ten-thousand-year-old ghost Hou as its foundation, and Suiren Ji personally used a Demonic Dao Secret Technique to refine it. Then, Lin Feng drove it with his Death Dao Domain.

The Dragon Killing Arrow’s might far surpassed Suiren Ji’s expectations. Even Suiren Ji would not expect the Dragon Killing Arrow to show such a horrifying aura when driven with the Death Dao Domain.

Lin Feng also did not expect Xiao Chen to use a Divine Grade Femme Fatale Peony seed the moment he attacked.

When Lin Feng’s Death Dao Domain consumed the boundless lifeforce, the force field he generated instantly weakened, and his defense plummeted.

“Pu ci!”

The two could not react to each other’s attacks. In the next instant after they attacked, the other side’s attack struck them.

The Snow God Whip pierced Lin Feng’s Alloy Battle Armor. The Seven Color Stone entered his chest and shattered his internal organs. The Divine Seal in his Soul Pool also suffered severe damage, turning dark and lightless. This also shook his soul. The horrifying saber intent contained in the attack raged through his body, charging at the Divine Energy Sea in his dantian.

Xiao Chen’s condition was no better. That Dragon Killing Arrow pierced his chest and turned back into a ghost Hou, rampaging in his body before finally entering his Soul Pool to try and swallow up his Divine Seal.

“Plop!” The two collapsed to the ground at the same time. Blood leaked out from between their lips, and they appeared extremely pale.

After this one move, neither could continue attacking. They had to focus entirely on dealing with the troubles in their bodies.

Xiao Chen needed to deal with the ghost Hou in his Soul Pool and eliminate the Death Qi in his body. Lin Feng needed to get rid of the sweeping saber Qi in his Soul Pool and the lifeforce from the Seven Color Stone. The boundless lifeforce was like a flood of ferocious beasts to Lin Feng.

The two coughed continuously, vomiting mouthful after mouthful of blood, looking incredibly miserable.

After a while, Xiao Chen was the first to open his eyes. He had a 2-Star Alloy Battle Armor and possessed the Azure Dragon Divine Body. His recovery ability and resilience of body were superior.


Xiao Chen pulled hard, yanking the Snow God Whip out of Lin Feng’s body. The force he used made the half-kneeling Lin Feng fly up and crash back on the ground.

“Bang! Bang!” Lin Feng’s body bounced a few times before he remained prone on the ground, completely sapped of strength and unable to move at all.

When the two fought, it was more of a competition between the trump cards that Mu Zifeng and Suiren Ji gave them. No matter how horrifying the ghost Hou was or how it was changed, it was just a ghost Hou in the end.

Xiao Chen happened to be different from the other Dragon Race cultivators. He possessed extreme resistance to the ghost Hou.

Any other Dragon Race cultivator could not have blocked this Dragon Killing Arrow. Their soul would have been consumed already and their physical body corroded by Death Qi. Their soul would be destroyed, their body rotten, and they would die.

However, Xiao Chen had fought ghost Hous several times before; he even killed more than one. After the initial fear, he quickly calmed down.

However, he was still in bad condition. These injuries were even worse than what he suffered from fighting the ten-odd Sovereign Personages yesterday.

Xiao Chen took a look at the still Lin Feng, whose breathing was weak. He frowned slightly and asked, “You won’t die, right?”

After Xiao Chen spoke, Lin Feng coughed intensely before struggling weakly to his feet.

With one look, it was clear that Xiao Chen was in a better condition.

“You win.”

Lin Feng was pale. However, even more terrifyingly, his pale face showed black lines like a spider web covered it. His face looked like it would explode at any moment, presenting a horrifying visage.

Xiao Chen knew that this was the price of cultivating the Death Dao Domain. Once one suffered from a rebound, the pain would be indescribable.


Lin Feng gritted his teeth with much effort. He looked at Xiao Chen and then waved his hand. The Death Qi in Xiao Chen’s body came out and got sucked into his palm.

Xiao Chen immediately felt better.

This Lin Feng was a person willing to admit defeat. He said one move, and he stuck to it. After losing in one move, there were no grudges.

Unfortunately, Xiao Chen could not help him. The Divine Grade Femme Fatale Peony materialized the lifeforce contained in the Snow God Whip. He did not have any way to withdraw it.

“Whoosh! Whoosh!”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to speak, several figures suddenly appeared in the air. His expression changed slightly when he looked over. The new arrivals seemed to be a group of Abyssal Underworld cultivators wearing the uniform of the Underworld God Guards.

When Xiao Chen saw the two people leading the group, his expression changed again. They were Yan Cangming and the demonized Zhen Yuan.

Back then, Xiao Chen had chopped Yan Cangming into pieces. To think that he was still alive. Furthermore, it seemed like he even obtained an opportunity, becoming an Underworld God Guard.

Is that bastard Li Yun the one who called him over?

A murderous intent immediately awoke in Xiao Chen’s heart. Given Lin Feng and his current state, they could not fight.

“Someone is coming. Let’s go.”

Xiao Chen had always been decisive. He did not overthink as he landed beside Lin Feng with a flash, preparing to flee with him in tow.

“Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!”

However, it was too late. With a few flashes, Yan Cangming and the others blocked Xiao Chen and Lin Feng.

Yan Cangming was about to speak when he saw Lin Feng. Shock flashed in his eyes. After a while, he muttered, “First Senior Brother, I thought you had already died.”