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Chapter 2211 Raw 2318 : One Move

“What whip is this?”

The group of Sovereign Emperors was frightened. Just the whip crack knocked them back and injured their souls.

Boundless white snow covered the ground. The Final Blood Battlefield became an icy and snowy world. White covered the entire world. Even the resentment and baleful aura that forever lingered in the battlefield vanished without a trace.

The Snow God Whip’s might scared the group of Sovereign Emperors. Even Xiao Chen felt incredibly shocked.

Xiao Chen felt like this strike had taken a small part of his soul, and the Soul Energy in his Divine Seal had drained significantly.

It looks like I can just barely use this Snow God Whip. However, I don’t know how long my Soul Energy can last. Even so, it should be sufficient to deal with these people.

“Let’s see what you are up to!” the Eighth Prince Li Yun shouted furiously, unwilling to submit. He took out the Scarlet Moon and charged at Xiao Chen once more.

Beside Li Yun, Old Tang also charged over, anticipating that the Xuewu Dynasty’s sacred tool would shock Xiao Chen to a standstill.

“We have to kill him today at all costs.”

Some shock flashed in the Profound Heaven Holy Son’s eyes. Back in Peach Blossom City, he had not thought much of Xiao Chen.

However, the power that Xiao Chen showed today awoke in Wenren Yu a sense of foreboding.

If Xiao Chen obtained the True God Flame, he would only become even more incredible.

As the Profound Heaven’s Holy Son spoke, an astrological chart appeared in his hand, which he pointed at the sky. As the astrological chart spun around, it turned into a vast star chart covering the entire sky. Many stars flickered immediately, manifesting a long, starry river. Finally, he charged over again, this time, clad in bright starlight.

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. When he saw that astrological chart, he recalled something and could not help exclaiming, “Wenren Yu! So, you were the one who came to try and steal my Ethereal Immortal Palace key back then!”

With the mystery finally cleared up, Xiao Chen was shocked. This fellow hid very deeply.

Wenren Yu said coldly, “So what if I am? From today on, you are a dead man. Would you still be able to tell on me to the Heavenly Fragrance’s Holy Daughter?”

“Xiao Chen, we will settle our grudges today!”

Gu Yuhan and Mu Yunzhu felt a bone-deep hatred for Xiao Chen. At the Faux God World’s God Conferring Platform, Xiao Chen had chopped Mu Yunzhu and the others in half. If not for his master begging the Divine Master to help, they would have died there.

After the Rakshasa experts and the Yaksha experts recovered from the damage to their souls, they charged over as well.

After getting knocked back by the whip crack, these Sovereign Emperor experts no longer dared to hold anything back the second time they charged over. They either took out Soul Tools or executed Secret Techniques.

Many Dao Domains immediately layered over each other and pressed down on Xiao Chen.

It seemed that they wanted to suppress Xiao Chen’s aura. Then, they continuously executed all sorts of killing moves.

Xiao Chen did not panic as he brought out his fourth-layer Thunder Dao Domain and brandished the Snow God Whip in his hand to deal with the various Secret Techniques.

[TL Note: The last mention of Xiao Chen’s Thunder Dao Domain said that it was at peak third layer after he consumed the one-hundred-thousand-year-old Thunder Cliff Tree. However, there was a one-year time skip after Xiao Chen formally entered the Heavenly Alliance, living in Heaven Outside of Heaven. He could have made an unmentioned breakthrough during this time. My theory is that the remnant Medicinal Energy of the Thunder Cliff Tree allowed him to push through to the fourth layer after the Medicinal Energy settled.]

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

A heavy snowstorm raged as thunderous whip cracks rang out. Xiao Chen’s figure danced while he held the whip, continuously changing his position and dazzling everyone.

Thousands upon thousands of plum blossom petals surrounded Xiao Chen. With the snow as a backdrop, the plum blossom flowers looked very beautiful, as vibrant as fresh blood.

Using the Snow God Whip’s might with the Supreme Dragon Fist, Xiao Chen did not appear disadvantaged when fighting against these ten-odd Sovereign Emperors.

However, Xiao Chen knew that this was just temporary. Once he drained his Soul Energy and could no longer use the Snow God Whip, he would definitely die.

Hence, Xiao Chen needed to end the battle quickly. He looked around, and his gaze fell on the Eighth Prince Li Yun.

Li Yun cursed, “Insignificant mixed-blood dragon, what’s there to look at? When your Soul Energy runs out, this prince will definitely tear you into pieces and pull out your soul.”

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. Of this group, Li Yun was the weakest.

Furthermore, Li Yun had fought an intense battle with Luohou Wang earlier. He was no longer at his peak. Xiao Chen wondered where he got his confidence.

“You overestimate yourself. I’ll start with you.”

Xiao Chen’s figure flashed, preventing Wenren Yu and Mu Yunzhu from surrounding him. Then, his hand twitched. The soft and gentle Snow God Whip that showed many variations suddenly became like a venomous snake charging straight at Li Yun.

Plum blossoms exploded, and the Seven Color Stone dart head turned into a beam of light shooting forward. The dart head infinitely grew larger to Li Yun’s eyes, breaking through all the crescent moons that he sent out.

Just as the dart head was about to pierce through Li Yun’s forehead, a figure charged over.

“Your Highness, be careful!”

Old Tang flew forward to block this sure-kill strike.

“Pu ci!”

The instant the dart head entered Old Tang’s forehead, his head exploded with a ‘bang, turning into powder. Old Tang was now as dead as he could be.


The dart head did not lose any momentum, flying on and striking Li Yun. He vomited a mouthful of blood, and the Scarlet Moon above him dropped to the ground.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and beckoned, then directly tucked the Scarlet Moon into his storage ring.


This moment of distraction gave the other Sovereign Emperors the best opportunity. They locked on to Xiao Chen and attacked at the same time, sending out all sorts of killing moves.

“Breaking Vast Armies!” Xiao Chen roared as he poured his Soul Energy into the Snow God Whip. The Snow God Whip swept out like a long spear.

This instantly broke the various killing moves, shattering the mysterious phenomena in the air as shock waves swept out.

Xiao Chen felt that if he kept using the Snow God Whip so cautiously, it would eventually drain him to death.

I’ll fight it out!

Clenching his teeth, Xiao Chen activated his Great Desolate Eon bloodline and the state of Martial and Soul as One. Then, he wielded the Snow God Whip without any reservations about the drain on his Soul Energy.


A thunderous crack shook the sky. The Snow God Whip split a Demonic Dao loose cultivator who had not opened any Divine Veins yet in half.

“Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!”

Xiao Chen’s Soul Energy drained like a gushing river. However, he managed to bring out the horror of the Snow God Whip as he seemed to enter a frenzy.

With every lash, a crack opened in the ground, causing terrifying Demonic Qi to leak out.

As Xiao Chen danced around chaotically, the Snow God Whip seemed to shake the world. It actually looked like the sky was crumbling and the ground was splitting apart. No one dared to block these attacks.

“Pu ci!”

Cracks appeared in Wenren Yu’s astrological chart. Even though he managed to avoid critical damage from the whip, the shock waves from the whiplash split his skin and flesh. He shrieked in agony.

The Snow God Whip in Xiao Chen’s hand became like a demon god incarnate.

In mere moments, the lashes laid waste to this vast area. The ground shook, and the mountains swayed.

Without exception, the many Sovereign Emperors became covered in wounds. The Sovereign Emperors who had not yet opened a single Divine Vein could not endure even a single lash. The attack instantly killed them, destroying their souls as well.

“Run! Run! Run! This fellow is amok!”

The Demonic Dao loose cultivators were all frightened silly. They no longer dared to remain; all of them fled.

Everyone knew what the consequences would be if the lashes struck them. No one could guarantee their survival.

Let’s go. We did not come to the Final Blood Battlefield for the Demonic Sovereign corpse. It is not worth losing our lives here. We can deal with this in the future.

When Wenren Yu saw the cracks in his astrological chart and his sorry figure after being lashed by the whip, he did not dare to linger.

After communicating with Gu Yuhan and Mu Yunzhu, Wenren Yu quickly retreated. Gu Yunhan and Mu Yunzhu could not hold out any longer. When the two received the voice projection, they quickly left as well.

As the sky crumbled and the ground cracked, Xiao Chen gave chase while wildly wielding the Snow God Whip.

Xiao Chen did not know how long he could last. He needed to deal more severe injuries to these people, killing as many as he could. Otherwise, he would be the one dying.

This was retreating by attacking.

After chasing for two million five hundred thousand kilometers, Xiao Chen finally stopped as he no longer saw anyone.

He had overdrawn on his Soul Energy and started to suffer a rebound. Black marks appeared on his face, as though his soul would scatter soon.

Xiao Chen gritted his teeth and snorted coldly. Then, he took out the Ice Fire Lotus Platform and sat down cross-legged on it.

After the intense battle, he did not hesitate to push that black divine nature flame in his tightly clenched left hand into his forehead.


Xiao Chen’s Divine Seal, which was crying for nourishment, frantically absorbed and refined the divine nature flame.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with anything else. He just remained there, refining the divine nature flame with his eyes closed, and started circulating his energy.

A scene of ten thousand dragons wandering around, moving up and down, appeared behind him.

The ancient Demonic Sovereign’s divine nature flame surpassed Xiao Chen’s expectations. After the entire night, he had refined only ten percent of it.

However, this ten percent allowed his Soul Energy to return to its peak and even improve further.

If Xiao Chen completely refined it, who knew how great an opportunity it would be for him?

However, he had to stop for now. Someone had appeared in front of the Ice Fire Lotus Platform.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and saw Grim Reaper Lin Feng walking over to him slowly. The other party had a calm expression, not showing any emotions on his face.

Xiao Chen knew that Lin Feng had always been around. When he fought against the ten-odd Sovereign Emperors, Lin Feng had had many chances to kill him.

However, Lin Feng did not make a move. Clearly, the other party’s character was not treacherous and vile, not liking to kill people from behind.

That was why Lin Feng appeared only now. He wanted to wait for Xiao Chen to recover before openly making a move.

When Lin Feng reached within fifty kilometers of Xiao Chen, he stopped. As he was walking over, Xiao Chen could not feel any killing intent or aura from him whatsoever.

However, the moment Lin Feng stopped, the aura formed by his Death Dao Domain turned into overwhelming killing intent, sweeping towards Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen’s Divine Seal flickered. His Ice Dao Domain, Thunder Dao Domain, and Saber Dao Domain instantly appeared and overlapped, blocking that Death Dao Domain from twenty-five kilometers away.


The two terrifying auras clashed, then silently merged with the surroundings, continuing to contend against each other.

“I know you will not hand over the holy relic. Let us gamble it all on one move. The winner takes the holy relic,” Lin Feng suggested slowly as he looked at Xiao Chen, clearly enunciating every word.

As Lin Feng spoke, a green arrow coiled around his right arm like a snake, flickering with a dim light.

Xiao Chen reacted, holding up the seed from Mu Zifeng between two fingers. Then, he nodded and said, “Sure.”